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Stuck in Paradise with Hell by hermyemma
Chapter 2 : A Nasty Realization
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Sorry guys! But it is taking a really long time for the chappies to get validated! i have already written the next chappies so dont worry!

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Hermione woke up quite suddenly, considering that she had slept quite soundly. Almost immediately a dull pounding in her head came to her attention. A nasty shock hit her as she realized she had drunk a rather extensive amount of hard liquor the night before. She closed her eyes to the piercing sunlight.


She sat up and screamed loudly for what seemed like a long time. She was in a rather small dingy with blue water on all sides. As if to prove she wasn’t dreaming, two dolphins jumped up not far from the dingy and splashed her with water.

Ginny sat up rubbing her head.

‘Hermione, where are we? Are we- oh god, no! Don’t tell me we’re at sea!’

‘Ginny?’ said a voice behind them

‘Harry!’ exclaimed Ginny as a tousle haired Harry woke up with a start.

‘What are you doing here?’

‘What are you doing here?’

‘I was here since last night-’

‘Yeah, well, so were we. That’s how we come to be here. All the three of us-nicely stranded here-’

‘Three? No, no. Where’s Malfoy?’

‘MALFOY!’ yelled Hermione again

‘Yes, well, you see me and Malfoy were talking-’

‘That cowardly, snobbish, oh-so-pure-blooded Malfoy is here?’

‘Language Granger’ drawled the familiar voice of Malfoy as he sat up his platinum blonde hair lightly lining his face making it seem almost other worldly that he was here in such a sticky position and yet so calm.

‘Oh YOU are telling me that are you now?’ said Hermione

Hermione stood up so suddenly that the boat rocked and tipped over. Hermione’s mind had barely time to register anything as she realized that she was in the water. Thankful that her parents had given her swimming lessons, she swam upwards but her head collided with something rather hard. She looked up and saw a dark shadow above. She could’nt go up! Panic started to rise in her but she decided to swim the other way. Her oxygen was running out. Trying hard not to swallow water she swam upwards and broke through the surface. Gasping for breath, she began treading water but suddenly someone was pulling her ashore. She fell on the sand hard and looked up to see Draco in front of her squeezing his coat.

‘Thanks a lot Granger’ he spat at her

‘It’s all your fault anyway’ she said standing up

‘Chill guys’ said Harry ‘Listen, me and Draco were talking yesterday about things in the Ministry and such and we were drinking as well. We fell asleep right there and incidentally Hermione I heard you fall down and Ginny, sounds like you thought Voldemort’s death was something funny.

‘No!’ she said surprised. ‘Well I wont remember because I was drunk remember?’

Draco and Harry sat down and Ginny joined Harry. Grudgingly, Hermione sat down in between Ginny and Draco.

‘So what’s going to happen to your dad Mal- Draco?’ asked Ginny concerned

Draco looked up surprised she had used his first name.

‘He’s in Azkaban now’ he said quietly ‘He faces a trial sometime soon. Mum is at the Malfoy Manor because although she was on the Dark side, she never really was branded as a Death Eater. Mum’s with her Mum.’

He paused and looked out to the crystal clear water.

‘Rudolphus, my uncle, I last heard has been sentenced to a lifetime in Azkaban. I don’t know about Bellatrix. She wasn’t that bad before she became a Death Eater’

Harry didn’t say anything.

‘She used to play with me a lot and buy me stuff as well. That was when I was really small. Around 9 or 13 months old. After that Voldemort included her in his army and I still remember her really changing by the time I was 9 or 10. The Dark Arts were something that really got a grip on her. I also remember Sirius, Harry’

Harry smiled.

‘Yeah, he was fun. I saw him only once. He left my Mum’s house when they were at school. So…’ his voice trailed off.

‘Does anyone realize the depth of the situation we are in?’ squealed Ginny a short while later and everyone jumped at the sudden noise.

‘We are lost at sea!’ she said loudly ‘I am hungry, I want to change, I want to bathe!’

Draco laughed.

‘There, Ginny’ he said smiling ‘is water. Water is to bathing…two and two’

He jumped up and ran as Ginny let out a frustrated cry and chased him around the beach in circles. Hermione watched them beadily while Harry only laughed as Ginny picked small harmless shells that only bounded off Draco’s strong back as she flung them at him yelling incoherently.

Draco flopped down next to Harry and Ginny fell down next to Hermione both of them laughing hard.
Ginny rolled her eyes and turned to Hermione

‘Oh come on now ’Mione what are you so worried about? We are all having fun and you should befriend Malfoy. He’s changed sides, his Mum’s okay and justice will be done to his dad.’ She smiled at Draco

‘Oh no it’s not that’ said Hermione sweetly ‘I’ve got problems bigger than his huge ego. Ron and your family are probably worried sick about us and unless you haven’t realized, we don’t have our wands’

There was silence for a long time

‘Ha!’ said Malfoy ‘We can apparate!’

‘No’ said Harry suddenly and Hermione swallowed the praise she had been about to give Malfoy and Ginny’s smile slid off her face 

Harry looked at them and smiled. 'Don't look at me like that! We don't have our wands!" 

‘Great’ said Ginny doom dawning on her ‘We’re stuck on this lone island without magic!’

Guys! Please REVIEW!!!! It takes just a sec and if I dont know how you guys are feeling or that it is so bad you guys dont wanna review quality tends to go down. (read A day In the Weasley House) pleASE review. beginner kind of and i need the encouragement real bad!

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Stuck in Paradise with Hell: A Nasty Realization


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