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Torn Between It All by Ille_Obscurus_Angelus
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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Devlin Davenport had apparted into the street of Diagon Alley, one afternoon. He had just left his office at the Ministry of Magic, Department of Transportation. Working with Madam Edgecombe was a bit stressful, especially since she never can get anything organized. Devlin arranged the collar of his navy blue robe and comb his dark brown mustache with his fingers and strolled along the street. He greeted a familiar face passing the streets, it was Author Weasley and his wife Molly Weasley. He tipped his hat and stopped for a brief conversation. Author was only accompanying his wife to a bit of grocery shopping, holding a brown paper bag of stacked oranges at the top. They said goodbye to each other and Devlin continued his way to a small remedy shop from the corner of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. It was a very small shop, smashed between  Quality Quidditch Supplies store and Obscurus Books. The shop was called, Stocked Remedies. A small ring was made as he opened the door to the shop and walked in. He took his hat off and looked around for the clerk. An old round woman appeared from a room behind the front desk. Small round framed glasses made her eyes seem unusually large and her hair was a mix of gray and white, wrapped in a bun.

    “My name is Martha Pinshow, Can I help you, sir?” The woman asked as she walked around the front counter to shake Devlin’s hand.

    “Ah, yes, I’m looking for Knockturn Alley, where would it be located?” Devlin asked, as he watched Martha’s pleasant smile turn into a disgusted frown.

    “Normally Dark Wizards don’t show their faces when they are hanging around Knockturn Alley. It’s a bunch of strange wizards whose mind’s are far gone from corruption,” Martha stopped, her lips were quivering, “it’s best to not get involved.”

    “M’am, I was just asking for simple directions, not to hear a lecture of something that I already know,” Devlin rolled his eyes and held in his annoyance, “please just tell me where it is, and I wont show my face here ever again.”

    “Why do you want to know where it is?” Martha asked curiously as her eyes seemed larger than normal through her glasses.

    “That’s none of your concern, but I will tell you this, it’s not what you’re thinking. Nothing that can harm the innocent,” Devlin said briefly.

    “I hope for your sake, you’re not involved with You Know Who,” Martha warned suspiciously as she slowly walked to around the back of the counter.

    Devlin knew who she spoke of and put his head down in shame. He didn’t want imagine Voldemort’s face or the crimes he committed, “I am not a perfect man, but I am not involved with such chaos.” Devlin assured to the woman as he put his hat back on.

    Martha Pinshow reached for a large leather black book from under the counter top and held it close to her, arms wrapped around it, “If you’re that curious on where it is, your instincts will guide you. Now leave my shop,” Martha said viciously, as she pointed to the door with her wand.

    Devlin quickly left the shop and stood in the middle of the street. So far he could see nothing but regular people passing by, going in and out of shops, and gathering together to have a conversation. Devlin hasn’t been in Diagon Alley in years and feels like a newcomer just passing by. He continued to follow the streets, looking for anything unusual, whether it was people covering their heads with hoods, or dark shadows.

    He finally came upon the end of Diagon Alley, a small corner covered by the roofs of shops, hidden away from the sun’s light, Devlin knew where he had came upon, Knockturn Alley. He hesitated, for a minute, sweat dripping from his forehead, he felt nervous to walk through. But Devlin gained his courage with a deep breath and crept his way in cautiously. Lanterns of green were dull and glowed throughout the small street. Three old wizards, dressed in dark green rages, which were once clean robes, sat against a small shop called, Borgin and Burkes. Their faces were hidden by the shadows of their hoods, as their beady yellow eyes stared at Devlin. They laughed like hissing snakes, speaking to each other is another language. Devlin ignored them and entered the shop, a smell of burning flesh traveled up his nose as he walked in. Shelves and shelves of dark magic potions covered the front of the shop, following along with dark art books, and mystifying trinkets, displayed in the center of the room.

    “What a surprise to see you here,” A familiar voice called from the corner of the shop.

    Devlin watched as Lucius lazily walked to him. A crooked smile, on his face, his pale blue eyes glowed with fascination. He set his silver snake cane down, using it as a light brace in front of him.

    “And it’s a surprise to see you here, Lucius. Now if you excuse me, I am looking for something,” Devlin said as he made his way around Lucius.

    “School is nothing but a memory, don’t you agree?” Lucius snarled, with his back turned to Devlin.

    Devlin ignored Lucius and scanned through the books, looking up at them which they had appeared to be alphabetical order. Lucius turned to face Devlin, who was still pretending that he wasn’t there. “You can’t ignore your past forever, Devlin,” Lucius said, “Does your daughter know?”

    “My daughter knows that you’re inconsiderate fool,” Devlin barked as he slammed a book shut and shoved it back into the shelf.

    Lucius felt insulted, his lip curved up as if he smelled something more foul than the burning the flesh in the shop. He stomped over to Devlin, coming face to face with him, “Listen to me, you can’t hide forever, from me, from the Dark Lord, no one!” Lucius warned in a strong manner voice.

    “I’m not hiding myself from no one -”

    “You’re hiding your family then?” Lucius smiled delightfully at the thought.

    Devlin was speechless, intimidated at the idea that Lucius could read his mind at that very moment. He stepped back waiting for Lucius move. “You will not touch them,” Devlin warned.

    “Touch? Nonsense, your daughter is safe in the heart of Hogwarts, is she?” Lucius said cleverly. “I figured thats where you would be sending your daughter, to protect her from any harm. Especially since the time is near.”

    “Get out of my sight Lucius Malfoy!” Devlin shouted in anger as he took out his wand and aimed it at Lucius’ throat. “I warn you now, leave my daughter alone, and out of the darkness, or I’ll hunt you down like the rotten animal you really are and mount your head over my fireplace. Now get out!”

    Another insult to Lucius, he stepped back, wondering if Devlin was serious. He wasn’t going to stay around to find out and dashed out of the shop, in fear of his identity. Lucius is known as a generous man with his money and a suck up to the Ministry of Magic. He couldn’t lose his cool with Devlin, not now, even though it was only Knockturn Alley. As Lucius stepped out of the door, he could hear the three old wizards hissing with laughter and saying together, “He’s got what’s coming to him, Davenport.”

    Strong winds and heavy rain slammed against Hogwarts’ windows the very next day. Students were complaining about the stormy weather, missing the sun’s rays that would warm the castle. Harry was still in bed, a rainy Sunday morning made him feel rather lazy and tired. Ron was playing wizard’s chess with Neville, an easy opponent to win by. “Check Mate,” Ron said cleverly as he watched his queen kick Neville’s king off the board. Neville frown, as he picked up what was left of his pieces.

    “Fair game I guess,” Neville said sadly.

    “Do you want to play again?” Ron asked happily, hoping he would say yes.

    “No, I’m just going to go read a book or something,” Neville got up from the small table and left Ron by himself.

    It was almost lunch time, and Harry was still in bed. His scar was still hurting him, and he hoped that the pain would go away by now. Last night he had a terrible dream of bats hovering over his head, pecking at him nervously. He sat up, his hair sticking up in every way possible, he reached for his glasses, that were on the shabby end table next to his bed. Harry put his glasses on, finally seeing everything coming together from a large blur. His feet touched the cold wooden floors as he got up from his bed. His pajama set was distorted, as he kneeled down, under his bed to reach for his suit case.

    “Harry?” Ron’s voiced called out.

    “I’m over here, just getting ready for lunch,” He said, in a tiring voice.

    “Oh good, you’re finally up. Hurry, because I’m starving already,” Ron said as he flopped himself on Harry’s messy bed. Harry, with sleepy eyes looked up at Ron, “go on then, hurry.”

    Harry took out a fresh pair of socks, his clean uniform and his robe. After getting dressed, and having Ron for company, Harry and Ron ran down the stairs from the dormitory, and into the common’s room to wait for Hermione. The common’s room was only filled with a small handful of first years, huddling around the fireplace, making a commotion. Harry and Ron were curious at what the fuss was about.

    “What’s going on here?” Ron asked as he looked over the first year’s heads. It was nothing but illuminating light coming from the fireplace. As Ron and Harry stood behind them, they tried hard to cover what they were doing at the fire.
    “If you don’t tell us, we’re going to Professor McGonagall!” Ron bluffed.

    Embarrassed to show his face, a small first year with brown hair turned to Ron and Harry. The others made their escape through the Fat Lady portrait, leaving the little boy to himself.

    “Well, what’s the matter?” Harry asked, noticing the boy’s frown.

    “They threw my poem into the fire,” the boy said depressingly as several tears fell down his smooth face. “I was going to give it to a girl, but they stole it, right from under me, and tossed it into the flames,” the boy was over come with tears.

    Harry kneeled down at the small boy, both on eye level, “I’m sorry to hear that, tell me, what is your name?” Harry asked him kindly.

    “It’s Leon, sir - wait, you’re Harry Potter?” The boy’s eyes lit up, reflecting the flames from the fire as he recognized the scar on Harry’s forehead.

    “Well, there’s nothing we can do about your poem,” Harry said as he got up on his feet. As quickly they could turn, they heard hasty footsteps coming from the girl’s dormitory. It was Odette who appeared in front of them.

    “Hello, fella’s! Did I miss something?” She asked, noticing their quiet expressions.
    “No, we’re talking to Leon here,” Harry said.

    “Oh, alright, have you two ate yet?” Odette asked.

    “We were about to but we forgot and started to talk to him,” Ron said.

    “Then lets go, I don’t want to miss lunch!” Odette said to the three quiet boys. “What’s the matter?!” Odette asked again, this time irritated with the fact that no one was following her out of the common’s room. “Is your day ruined by the rain or something?”

    “No, that’s not it, we’re coming -”

    “Wait, can I sit by you?” Leon desperately asked Harry.

    “Of course he can, now come on!” Odette answered for him without a second thought.

    The four entered into the Great Hall, just in time for lunch. They sat down, surprisingly next to Hermione who was intensely reading a book. Leon sat close to Harry, admiring him and watching every little thing he would do. This made Harry uncomfortable, having someone stalk him from a close range. Odette sat down next to Ron, waiting for a chance to see Draco. She waited, pretending to be in the conversation with Ron and Harry and Hermione, who were arguing about, now is not the time to be reading a book during lunch.

    Where is he? Odette asked herself, trying to see through the body’s of several Slytherin students at the table nearby. Just as she peaked through a distance, Crabbe and Goyle sat down in her direction, their faces screaming hunger from across the room. Draco followed behind, oddly, he would be the one jerking the chains of Crabbe and Goyle. He sat down, peering over Crabbe’s large head, and to see who was in the Great Hall. A number of students from every house was there.

    Losing his concentration, lunch had finally appeared on all four of the tables. The smell of sweetly Roast Ham, buttered down sweet potato pie with marsh mellow coating filled the air, mouth watering to many students. Crabbe dunk his spoon deep in the ghostly gray pudding in front of him and poured a mountain of it onto his plate. He will never learn will he? Draco thought to himself as he watched Crabbe swallow one spoon full after another. The rain continued throughout lunch, thunder claps, causing several students to jump, such as Neville Longbottom, who was already afraid of the sounds of thunder. Just as Draco took a bite into a slither of ham, its sweet meaty flavor coating his mouth, windows rattled as the lightning roared louder than before. The clouds were thick, forming an unwelcoming fog, blanketing itself over grounds around the castle. The candles, floating over the four tables were the only source of light. Dumbledore, sitting proper at his table, speaking with Professor McGonagall, he stopped himself from speaking to feel a strange aura rise. He quickly pulled himself up from the teacher’s table, grabbing the attention of several students.
    He clapped his hands, gathering more eyes on him, silencing the other students who hadn’t notice right away. “Please remain calm, and follow your House Headmaters out of the Great Hall,” he said.

    The teachers looked at him without a clue what he was referring to. Without question, each teacher got up from the table and walked over to the entrance of the Great Hall, except Madam Pikimhickle, who leaned over to Dumbledore, “And what are we doing exactly?” She asked him.

    “We have unwelcome visitors,” Dumbledore whispered to Madam Pikimhickle. He looked over at Harry Potter, who was getting in line with the other students in front of Professor McGonagall. He motioned to McGonagall, twirling his hand in the air, signally for her to keep her wand ready. Each house left the Great Hall, one after another following in a line, whispering among themselves, questioning each other. Draco, feeling rebellious left the other Slytherins to hide under the marble staircase, making sure that no one could see him. He watched the Gryffindors walk up the stairs, Odette was mesmerized by the dark clouds she could see through the huge window over the stairs.

    “Psssst!” Draco hissed to Odette. She didn’t hear him, “Odette,” he whispered, again, trying to reach for her attention. She looked around the stairs, still following, hearing her name called out once more, “Odette.” Odette turned around and walked back down the stairs, bumping into students who were walking up the line. She stepped down from the stairs, out of sight from the teacher and the students. Draco reached for her shoulder, startling her instantly.

    “Oh its you!” She whispered in annoyance. “What do you want?”

    Draco pulled Odette behind the staircase, hugging the floor with their knees. They heard Dumbledore’s and Madam Pikimhickle’s footsteps go up the marble staircase.

    “We have to make sure that the students don’t know about these visitors,” Dumbledore told Pikimhickle.

    “I agree, it might start a riot among them,” she said slyly.

    The coast was clear, Draco popped his head up from under the staircase and waited for Odette to crawl out behind him. He looked around to see if there was anyone else around them, “what did he mean, visitors?” he asked Odette.

    “I know as much as you do,” she said dusting her robe from dirt, obviously Filch forgets to clean under there. “Why didn’t you follow along with the rest your house, Draco?” Odette asked.

    “Because I was too curious on why we had to come back to our common’s room,” Draco said, spying along the entrance hall.
    Odette took out a folded sheet of parchment and opened up. It was the map of Hogwarts showing that every student was back in their common’s room, with the teachers, Dumbledore departing from Madam Pikimhickle deep within the corridors, - the strange corridor from before appeared on Odette’s map. It had finally drew itself on the map, colored in black.

    “What’s that you got there?” Draco snatched the map from Odette’s hands.

    “Give that back!” Odette barked.

    “Hush! You don’t want to get caught do you?” Draco snarled as he studied the map. He pointed at the black corridor, “whose that?”

    Odette pulled half of the map towards her, and watched small figure, highlighted in the black corridor smiled wickedly at the two. Startled, Draco handed the map back to Odette and backed away. Maybe what his father warned him about before was happening already?

    BANG BANG BANG! The long blunt doors of the castle rattled the windows, breaking the silence between the two. Odette jumped, feeling herself swallow her heart down to her stomach. Voices were coming from outside of the castle, voices coming from all sorts of directions.

    “Let’s go back to the towers,” Odette stuttered as she grabbed Draco’s cold trembling hands. She stuffed the map back in her robe, while pulling Draco up the stairs with her. The voices getting louder and louder, wicked as they seemed to be.

    Harry, Ron and Hermione noticed Odette’s absence. With Professor McGonagall keeping a hawk’s eye on every student, Harry, Ron and Hermione couldn’t go look for Odette alone. And if they were to tell McGonagall that she was missing, they might get Odette in trouble. But what if she was already in trouble? Dante gracefully jumped up onto the table that they were sitting by. He seemed to look worried, and was waiting for Odette to come through the portrait hole. 

    “Why did we have to come here?” Ron whispered to Hermione, who normally would know everything.

    “I honestly don’t know,” She said.

    Not again, Harry thought has his scar started to hurt once more. He placed his hand over his forehead and rubbed his scar, as it ache with a burning sensation. Hermione looked over at Harry, he was trying to not make a painful face expression.

    “Are you alright, Harry?” Hermione asked him.

    How long could Harry hide the fact that his scar was calling out to him? He quit rubbing his scar and made sure that Professor McGonagall wasn’t watching them.

    “I think,” Harry’s voice stuttered in a whisper, “I think he’s back.”

    Hermione’s and Ron’s face dropped.

    “Are you sure, Harry?” Hermione asked, hoping that he was just exaggerating.

    “I’m not sure, but my scar, its hurting,” Harry reassured.

    “For once, can we all just get through school without seeing his ugly face?” Ron groaned.

    Harry was speechless. He didn’t know what to say in a response to Ron, accept that he agreed with him. Dante was still waiting for Odette to come out from the portrait hole. Dante jumped down from the table and walked over to the portrait hole. With a please come here look, he stared at Harry for longest. McGonagall was too busy rushing the first years up to their dormitories, to even pay attention to Harry who was sneaking over to Dante.

    “Harry what are you doing?” Hermione whispered in concern as she followed him.

    “I think he is senses something,” Harry said as he opened the portrait, letting Dante out, “well, are you two coming?” Harry walked out, closing the portrait behind him.

    “Let’s go, we have to make sure he’s alright,” Ron sighed, hoping that everything that was going on, was nothing but a false alarm.

    Hermione and Ron went after Harry, side by side they looked over each other’s shoulders making sure that no one was there. Harry slid his hand in his robe to take out his wand, as did Hermione and Ron. They crept through the corridors, making sure that they were hidden from sight. The corridors echoed of strange banging sounds coming from outside of the castle’s walls. They peered over the end of the hall, looking to see if the coast was clear. Dante lead the way, sniffing along the walls, hoping to grab a strong sent of Odette.

    “Do you think this cat knows where he is going?” Ron asked.

    “Of course he does, he’s a cat,’ Hermione said reassuringly.

    Down the stairway they went, still following behind Dante’s small footsteps. The banging grew louder from the entrance hall as they stumbled upon the sound of voices. They crouched down, hiding themselves behind the brittle wooden railing. Dante’s eyes sparkled as he jetted down the stairs.

    “Dante,” Harry whispered to the cat who was already close to reaching the end of the second set of stairs.

    The cat stopped instantly, his fur was sticking straight up, and his blue eyes were now thin rings. It was as if he had seen a ghost. Harry, Ron and Hermione finally caught up with Dante, looking around their surroundings.

    “What is he looking at?” Ron asked, as he waited for the cat to move.

    “He’s not looking, he’s using his instincts to analyze the area,” Hermione explained.

    This was not the time to stop, for they were being watched ever so patiently.

    Draco and Odette had stopped in front of a dark misty corridor. Odette let go of Draco’s hand, straining her vision to see what was waiting for them at the end. “Lumos,” she said as she bravely walked towards the darkness.

    “Wait,” Draco jumped in front of her, “I thought you wanted to go back to the towers?”

    “I changed my mind,” Odette said as she looked over his shoulder. “Aren’t you curious?”
    “No, I leave all the unsolved mysteries to Potter and his friends,” Draco snarled.

    Odette held her wand under arm, and took out her map once more. She opened it and searched for the black corridor inked on the map. Draco looked over with her, and watched the highlighted figure smile wickedly at them.

    “Well? Are you going to let me go by myself?” Odette asked, “Don’t you want to be a hero incase something happens to me?”

    Draco didn’t know what to say. No words would fall out of his mouth properly to explain his feelings that were growing for her. He said, “Lumos,” and held on to Odette’s hand. Strange behavior for Draco, he was no hero, or the type to wander off. He took a deep breath, determined to prove what strength he does have. Odette’s smile didn’t show on the surface of her lips, as he held her hand.

Author’s Notes: Cliff hanger until later. Hopefully this chapter confused some of you lol.

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