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Your Life by dracolover4ever
Chapter 1 : Your Life
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Hermione rushed around her room. She was at Hogwarts in one of the professor's rooms. Dumbledore had been kind enough to let her and the twins stay there until school started up.

Hermione wasn't used to being a mother yet. Every time one of her babies cried she jump around trying to figure out what was wrong. Hermione was having trouble, with which child was which; she would have to check before dressing her son in pink and her daughter in blue.

Desirae started her crying again for the fourth time that morning. Hermione had noted that Desirae was the whinny one; Drake was quiet and more like Hermione. Hermione hadn't really gotten a chance to recover from her coma-like-state. She just hoped that this running around wasn't bad for her.

"Desirae dear, you will be just like you father. You'll want more than I can give and no less than the world. You should be more like poor little Drake, do you see how quiet he is?" Hermione talked to her five-month-old daughter.

All Hermione would get in response was another scream and maybe a kick or two. Then Desirae would crawl over to her toys and throw them around and gave a small ha. Hermione watched as her daughter tore apart the toys she had tried so hard to save for. One thing was for sure the less time Des spent around Draco the better things would be. Hermione still hadn't told Draco that he had two other children. He didn't know that there was a reason to leave Hill and marry her.

In only a few weeks Hermione would have to leave the comfort of Hogwarts and find a real place to live. She had checked around and couldn't find anything big enough in her price range. There were smaller things in her price range but Hermione was hoping for more space for her twins to grow in.

After looking at one smaller place for weeks Hermione decided to buy it. She hoped it would be okay for her kids. But after paying for the balance due Hermione didn't have much money.

"I'll allow you to keep all the things in your current room with you. Plus I will help out with a little more than half the bill till you get your first pay check." Dumbledore said during a meeting.

"Oh thank you Sir! I'll find a job right away I swear." Hermione jumped out of her seat and practically kissed him.

"Oh kids tomorrow we'll be out of here! You'll see just how grand a house of our own can be." Hermione said as she tucked her small twins into the twin size bed. She herself got into the full bed and then she waited, not sleeping, for morning to come.

Hermione called Harry and Ginny for help when she needed to move out. They came in a heartbeat. The three of them had formed their own little golden trio; once Ron saw her twins he knew whom the father was and he couldn't stand it. So Hermione spent most of her time with Harry and Ginny.

When they arrived at the two-room house with only one floor and no basement Harry worried for her.

"Hermione is this place safe?"

"Yes Harry it's fine!" Hermione defended herself for the last time since they got there. She unpacked more boxes and they talked about other things.

"Oh Hermione you must be so happy. You're out of Hogwarts; I can't imagine how terrible that place must have seemed to you. I mean that's where you and Draco were together and were you made those little kids, and…"

"Harry shh, just stop now!" Ginny yelled at him as his attempt to make Hermione feel better went down the drain.

Hermione walked up and down the halls of Hogwarts looking for Draco's new room. She was sure his wife would be there to answer the door. Hermione had never liked Hill but she would have to put up with her if she wanted to be in Draco's life at all.

"Hermione Granger. Why don't I save you some trouble huh, you had better stay away from my husband. I know what you two did the night before he became mine. And I won't refrain from hexing you to death if you try to wreck my marriage again. Get out and stay away."

Hermione walked away just as Hill told her to. She wasn't about to go up against her. Hermione wasn't nearly as strong or as scary as Hill was. So instead she walked away for good. She didn't talk to Draco again until she woke up from her coma.

End Flashback

"Hermione don't refrain from anything okay. If you bottle all those emotions inside then a whole lot of bad will come from it." Ginny reminded her before she left.

Hermione had to get used to having kids. She had been an only child and wasn't use to the crying. The babies never shut up. One would stop the other would start. It was the worst baby system ever made.

Hermione often had to remind herself "This is your life now." Hermione spent days just trying to set the house up. But once it was done it looked great. She could see so much in her future, it was magnificent.

With her small children growing Hermione had more time of peace. Once they were a year old they didn't cry at all times and they slept through the night. Hermione was only waking up every hour because she was paranoid. She had to check on them every few minutes during the day and every hour each night. She didn't let them go anywhere without Ginny, Harry, or herself.

Ginny and Harry seemed to like her kids so much. They were nice to them and handled them well. Once a week the married couple would take the kids out so Hermione could rest. They pitched in with money every holiday. Putting a twenty in everyone's card. They were so careless with money, especially when it came to 'D2' as they called Hermione's kids.

The kids had two birthday parties each a year. They celebrated their half birthday and their real birthday. Then any holiday like Valentines Day they'd get gifts. They even got stuff when they were celebrating someone else.


Hermione pulled the gifts away from the fireplace. Ginny squealed about this being hers. Hermione handed the present to one-year-old Desirae, who tore at the paper viciously until it ripped. Inside was a small box that contained many pink frilly outfits.

Next Drake opened a present; it was from 'the stranger.' They received gifts like this all the time throughout their first year of life. Always the card said 'The Stranger.' It was always the custom to open the gifts make note of how wonderful they were and throw them in a closet never to be seen again. This year Drake got a small blue truck and Desirae got a silver music box.

Hermione had considered selling the gifts before. If they did they'd have a lot of extra money. But the gifts weren't for her, they were for her kids. So she laid them aside like always and said she'd give them to her kids when they went to school.

They all got ready to sing 'Happy Birthday' twice and blow out candles on the two cakes. Hermione did this all the time. She would buy two of everything. That's part of why they had such little money.

"Happy Birthday dear Desirae, happy birthday to you." Everyone sang out of breath.

Hermione cut small pieces and gave everyone some. The kids shoved it in their face while everyone else stared at the blue home made cake. Hermione didn't even dare put it in her mouth. But the kids seemed to like it so it was okay.

End Flashback

Hermione had gotten a job that today she was extremely late for. She worked for a muggle newspaper. She wrote about strange happenings and disappearances. It was perfect because most of the things she wrote about had ties to magic. It was a good cover up for the ministry, who was paying her a small amount for her help.

Hermione tried to get the babies up but they didn't want to budge. So she flooed Harry's house and asked Ginny to rush over. Which of course she was glad to do. Ginny came over within the next five minutes dressed and with her hair done.

"Hey Hermione weren't you supposed to be in the office almost an hour ago?" she asked not knowing anything was wrong.

"Yes I was. I woke up late, and couldn't get the kids up! They're both asleep in their room. Ginny remind me why I do this everyday?" Hermione begged her for a reason.

"Because this is your life now. Plus you don't want to run to Draco for any money." Ginny said giving a smile that was almost a smirk.

"Just have them at the daycare by twelve okay. Bye." Hermione said closing the door to her flat behind her.

Hermione traveled by subway, taxi, bus, and walking to finally get to her office. She pulled open the doors and walked to the front desk. There was a young woman there that obviously didn't get the job because of smarts.

"I'm Hermione Granger and I need the late paperwork. Then I'll be heading up."

"Well Miss. Granger in our records it says this is your fifth time being late so you'll have to see Dr. Hardy after your hours end, he's free at four o'clock. Be there or don't come back at all tomorrow. Here's the late paperwork, fill it out and send it back down to me. Have a super day." The young girl said taking joy from Hermione's pain.

Throughout the entire day Hermione received looks of pity and sympathy. Her only friend in the office sat with her during lunch break.

"Mi I'm worried about you. Being late that many times is what got Johnny Ripple fired, and no offense but he was a better writer. I mean you're good but you don't seem to enjoy it he loved his work and it showed."

"I know Terry. But I can't help it if my kids won't get moving in the morning. I can't help it if I love my kids and family and friends more than I do this job either." Hermione told Terry sadly.

"Well let's hope you have talent no one has seen because you'll need it to keep you job!" Terry told her almost as a warning.

Her meeting didn't go well though. Her boss went over her work decline, her many late arrivals, her effort, or lack there of, and her attitude. They were all things that showed the bad side of Hermione.

They spent an hour talking about why she wasn't making progress. The only conclusion they could come to was her kids. They kept her up late, kept her in the house way after she should be in mornings; they made her tired, and gave her a different look on the world.

"Well it's not like I can ask you to give them up. But daycare will be necessary. A sleep over daycare if possible. You need to be here or not come back at all. This is your life to live not theirs. They have their own lives to mess up. You need to focus on your life Granger, don't screw this up!"

The thought traveled Hermione's head. It was her life. She could do what she wanted with it. She hated this job and she loved her kids.

"The choice comes down to family or work. I don't chose work Dr. Hardy! You think you are some amazing doctor don't you. All you are is a writer who needs to learn where priorities should lie! Goodbye Sheryl!"

Hermione walked out the door not so sure what she had just done. She had quit the job she needed so badly. Now she'd have to go and find some two-bite job so she could keep her house. She could have supported herself but adding on two little kids…

Maybe it wasn't her life anymore. When she got home the kids were waiting with a babysitter from daycare. She paid the girl and took the kids to bed.

"It's your life." She told them bitterly. 

A.N. I hope this was okay! I own only OC's and the plot!

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Your Life: Your Life


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