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I Must Not Tell Lies by D Lee
Chapter 1 : The Dawning
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      Harry jolted awake breathing heavily. His eyes searched the room, straining his mind trying to remember what had happened the night before. He could here Ron's slow steady breathing and sighed with relief. He was safe at the Burrow and Voldemort was dead, this time he wouldn't return. Finally for the first time in his life Harry felt like he had a future, a chance to see where his life was heading. Before last night all his life had lead to Voldemort and for a painful half an hour he believed that's where his life was to end. However, now it was all bright, his stomach lifted and he smiled. He smiled more genuinely than he had in over a year. 

      As Harry relaxed in bed contemplating life, he couldn't resist the temptation to wake Ron. He picked up his wand,
     "Accio Glasses"
     His glasses zoomed towards him. He had come of age now and was permitted to use magic away from Hogwarts even though he never completed his 7th and final year. He shouted Ron to wake up but all he received was a grunt as Ron turned over.
     "Levicorpus!"  Harry thought over strongly in his head.
     Ron was dangling in the air by his ankles and Harry was bent double in laughter.
     "WHO'S THERE!?!" Ron was suddenly awake. "Ohhhhh.......Harry......What do you want at this time?" Ron muttered groggily as he glanced at his watch. “Let me down anyway!"
     "Sorry Ron" Harry said. Barely hiding a snigger as he was thinking Liberacorpus, so as to free Ron. "I was awake and realised how great things are going to be now. I really wanted to make sure it was all real"
     "Well unless that scar is suddenly connecting us instead and we had the same happy dream, then yeah it was definitely real" grunted Ron rubbing his neck. 
     Harry smiled. 

      "How did we get here anyway Ron?" Harry realised in all the excitement that he didn't even know how he arrived at the burrow.
     "Well after you defeated You-Know-Who, we went up to Dumble-....well the headteachers office..."
     "Yeah I know that" Harry cut across Ron.
     "Yeah....erm....and collapsed and Hermione used her patronus thing to contact McGonagall and she came up with everyone else. Then Kingsley created a portkey and we all came here. Kingsley and the teachers stayed behind to make sure the rest of the students were all right." said Ron rather nervously.
     "Well that makes sense now.....So who else is here?" asked Harry excitedly,
     "My family, Hermione and Luna"
     "Oh Luna's here as well."
     "Yeah she had to, just till they get her dad."

      Hearing muffled sobs from the kitchen, Ron and Harry reluctantly went for breakfast.
      "Oh....Harry dear.....Ron.....I'm sorry. I just.....I ca-.....I can't.....I can't believe they're gone." cried Mrs. Weasley. "Our Fred......he was so young. Remus and Tonks after only just having a baby, poor Teddy’s never going to know first hand how great they both were."
      That familiar stabbing pain returned as hot tears ran down Harry's face. Again he blamed himself; if he'd only given himself in earlier, and then none of these wonderful people would have lost their lives for him. He really wanted Dumbledore or Sirius right now; they were the only people he could really talk to.
     "I'm sorry Mrs. Weasley this is all my...”
     "Give it a rest Harry!" Ron said firmly, "You defeated You-Know-Who, they all died fighting him, and they would be pleased that they gave their life to help beat him."
     "Ron's right Harry I don’t blame you. We are just happy that it's over." Mrs. Weasley smiled weakly. "So what do you want for breakfast? Bacon? Sausages? Egg? Toast? Kippers?
     "Just some toast, please Mrs. Weasley."
     "I'll have a bit of everything, please Mum." said Ron greedily.
     Hermione and Ginny appeared suddenly looking rather solemn. Luna was looking quite far away.
     "Would you like any breakfast dears?"
     "No thanks." said Hermione and Ginny simultaneously.
     “Do you have any freshwater plimpie soup?” asked Luna dreamily.
     Mrs. Weasley frowned. Silence rang gloomily around the table. They were all still mourning those that they had lost.

      "Will someone fetch George please?" asked Mrs. Weasley.
     "I'll go!" said Ron quickly as he disapparated with the usual crack.     
      With a loud crack Ron apparated looking grave. "He's gone."
       Noises of shock rang around the room.
      "Come on lets go. We have to find him." said Harry determinedly. “Bye Mrs. Weasley. Thanks for everything.”
      “See you later Mum” said Ron and Ginny.
      “Bye Mrs. Weasley.” Hermione and Luna called.
      “Goodbye everyone.” Mrs. Weasley shouted.
      So they left The Burrow to go and find George, starting with the paddock where they enjoyed so many days playing quidditch. When they realised that he wasn't there they stopped to think of the most likely place that he would have gone. They decided the only place he could really be would be Weasley's Wizard Wheeze's in Diagon Alley. With three loud cracks the apparated to the Leaky Cauldron
      "Morning Tom" Harry called as they all passed through.
      Harry tapped a brick and the wall became an archway into the magical Diagon Alley once more. It was packed; there were wizards and witches of all sizes and shapes dressed in many different colours. In fact the only place not showing colour was Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. They forced their way through all the smiling faces ignoring repeated shouts of welcome and praise as they attempted to get to George. After 15 minutes of struggling the finally reached Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

      Ron tried the door, unfortunately it was locked.
      "What are we going to do now?" said Ron moodily.
      "Oh! Move out of the way Ron." Hermione sighed. "Alohamora
      The door sprung open and they entered cautiously. With Fred and George you never know what they might have planned for unwanted intruders, except Fred was dead and judging by the lack of protection George wasn't what he normally was without his twin brother. It seemed strange to imagine one without the other, yet they were going to have to come to terms with it quickly. They quickly scanned the shop and to their disappointment he was nowhere to be seen.
     “He’s here somewhere I know it keep looking”
     “Homenum revelio........YES! There’s definitely someone else here!”  Hermione proclaimed happily.
     They all split up searching the shop floor and the back rooms. For an hour and a half they searched and found nothing.
     “Look he’s not here we’ve looked everywhere. Let’s try somewhere else.” Ron said sounding defeated.         
     “Ok we’ll try somewhere else.” said Harry agreeing with Ron.

      “Am I not.” Said George, appearing in front of them with a ghost of a smile on his face.
      Ginny immediately ran and jumped towards George.
      “Oh George! I’m so glad we found you. We were so worried about you. Where were you anyway?”
      “Ah well! Our latest-…..My latest line....Anti gravity pills. I saw you coming and decided it would be a good time to try them out. Me and Fred never did get round to it. Now we never will. Still maybe you should look up once in a while. I don’t know why I’m here anyway, I’m nothing without Fred, and I might as well sell up.”
      “George you can’t sell this place. It’s a masterpiece, it’s magnificent!”
      “Ron’s right George, even if that doesn’t happen often. You both worked so hard for this, to sell it now would be ridiculous.” 
      “I know Hermione but I don’t think I can keep it going without Fred.”

      “George just come back home with us….Please.” Ron pleaded.
      “I don’t know if I can face mum right now, I really do want to be alone. I need time to myself, time to think about what I’m going to do. You know what I mean, don’t you Harry?”
      “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean but you’ve got to come back home mate. We all should be together right now; we need to arrange…well…you know…the funeral. You knew him best George, it wouldn’t be right to do this without you.”
      “I’m not sure. I really do miss him.”
      “I know but come home, and then if you still need time to think you can sit in your room. We won’t let you be disturbed. It’s just your Mum’s really worried.” said Luna. Who, judging by the sudden turn of everyone’s heads, was standing back forgotten.
      “Ok, I’ll come with you.” Said George, finally realising defeat. 

     “Oh my! Don’t just apparate in the house.” Mrs. Weasley said in a state of exasperation. “GEORGE! You found him, you found him. Oh! Where was he? Thank you…all of you.”
     “I was at the shop.” George said, dodging his Mum’s attempt at an embrace. “You really shouldn’t worry though, nothings going to happen now with You-Know-Who gone, I just wanted some time to think.”
     “Oh George.” Mrs. Weasley said smiling. “Well your Dad and Percy are in the front room. Go and sit down, dinner will be ready soon.”
      They all made their way through to the front room, where they were greeted pleasantly by Mr. Weasley and Percy.
      “Hi everyone.” Mr. Weasley.
      “Hi all. Dad and I where just discussing the ministry. I was wondering whether I would still get a job there again under the new Minister, when it’s decided of course.” said Percy in his usual pompous tone.
      “I wonder who will be the new Minister for Magic” Harry thought out loud.

      "Well most people believe it will be Kingsley at the ministry. He would be a good choice I think personally, I might finally get to where I deserve to be instead of being held back all my working life.” said Mr. Weasley.
    "Yeah, I agree. At least then we'd have a minister who knows what he's 
doing and will treat everybody with the same degree of respect, including house-elves. Personally, I don't see how he wouldn't get it." Hermione said matter-of-factly.
      "Why don't you just MARRY a bloody house-elf? They're more important to you than me," said an extremely sulky Ron.
      "Oh is ickle Ronniekins jealous."
      "Shurrup George."
      "Anyway" said Harry swiftly changing the subject. "I'm with Mr. Weasley, I hope Kingsley gets it."
      Nods and shouts of agreement filled the room. 
     "Hey, they're all at Hogwarts. Do you want to go and see everyone, the kids can side along apparate."
     "Yeah, that's a great idea."  beamed Ron.
     "So is everyone in agreement?" asked Mr. Weasley
     "Yeah sure." 
     Everyone agreed. A relaxed silence spread round the rather grubby living room
     "Dinner everyone." Called Mrs Weasley.




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