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A Journey In The Dark by Sirius Black Lady
Chapter 1 : -Prelude: The Black Rider-
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And so she went down through the endless spiral staircase, for her surprise she found that no light, being or presence was near. It was just she surrounded by the dark and cloudy night, she kept on going down wishing she could find the ending of the staircase that wrapped around the tower.

Suddenly a deafening scream made her stop on her tracks as she covered her ears with her hands, trying not to listen to the chilling and horrible noise. She looked up to the night sky as the clouds moved away, leaving a clear path, enough to see the moon and the shape of a strange winged creature with a black rider on it's back. She didn't know why but an horrible shiver ran through her spine and she felt the necessity of hiding from the creature, whatever it may be. The creature seemed to get closer and closer to the tower where she was and like frozen by the fear she stood there waiting for it.

Another scream could be heard as her eyes opened in surprise and fear, it was her time… Darkness took her and all she could see was a black stain in front of her eyes.

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A Journey In The Dark: -Prelude: The Black Rider-


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