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After Life by CuteKrazyKay
Chapter 33 : The Incredible Mollie Granger
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      The sun was just beginning to rise as Mollie walked along the pathway towards The Burrow. After everyone had gone to bed the night before, Mollie and Harry had stayed awake for a short while, cuddling up on the sofa in front of a roaring fire. It hadn’t been long before Harry had fallen asleep and Mollie took that opportunity to slip out of The Burrow. It had been dark when she had left, the stars had glittered in the sky above her and the bright almost completely full silvery moon brightened the sky once more. She was aware that she had been gone a long time, but as she edged closer to The Burrow her pace slowed considerably. Taking in long deep breaths of cool air as she walked she felt her mind clear for the first time since she had been at The Burrow. It was a wonderful sensation, but it didn’t last long and the feeling of dread that had been building inside of her for days heightened to its peak. As she approached the front door she stopped for a moment and looked at the radiant blue sky sadly and then opened the front door gently. Closing it as quietly as she could behind her Mollie jumped as someone’s arms pulled at her own and twisted her to face them. 

     “Where the hell have you been?!” exclaimed Harry looking a mixture of happy to see her and angry at her. 

     “I went for a walk,” Mollie said calmly. 

     “You could have told me!” Harry said annoyed. 

     “You would have tried to stop me,” Mollie said with an adoring smile to her husband. 

     Harry couldn’t help but smile back and he kissed her tenderly on the lips before saying “Well yes of course I would have tried to stop you” and he took her hand and guided her into the dining room. Mollie gasped. “Mainly because I had planned something,” he said coyly. On the dining room table were two tubs of chocolate ice-cream and two spoons. “I remembered you said that you loved to have chocolate ice-cream for breakfast and when you almost ate a whole tub when we visited your house I thought it would be nice for you to have something you…” But Harry stopped talking as Mollie pulled him towards her and kissed him passionately.


     “Thank you,” she said gratefully with a bright smile and the pair of them sat down together to enjoy there unusual breakfast. 


     The morning drew on quickly and soon the quiet Burrow had become full of chatter and chaos as Mrs Weasley prepared breakfast for everyone, except Mollie and Harry who had seated themselves out of the way in the living room, Mollie writing vigorously on a piece of parchment. Toast, bacon, sausages and eggs flew through the air and landed on plates upon the dining room table, the hungry hoard of people tucking in instantly.


     “What are you writing about?” Slytherin asked as he gazed at Mollie writing what looked like a letter.


     Mollie glanced up at him pulling the piece of parchment out of his gaze as she shifted awkwardly in her seat. “Nothing” she said shortly and returned to writing.


     “Has anyone seen Hermione or Draco?” Mrs Weasley called from the dining room. “Their breakfast will be going cold,” she said crossly.


     Mollie jumped to her feet and folded the piece of parchment in her hand before stuffing it in her jeans pocket. “I’ll go and wake them up” she shouted to Mrs Weasley and she darted up the stairs. Reaching the bedroom that Harry and herself had normally shared Mollie twisted the handle and opened the door. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed as her eyes met with a naked Draco who was standing in the middle of the room with a big smile on his face that faded as soon as he saw Mollie, and Hermione who was lying in bed barely covered by the sheet she was now clutching tightly to her naked body. Mollie looked away from Draco quickly, closing her eyes tightly. “Erm…Mrs Weasley said your erm…your breakfast is ready” Mollie stuttered awkwardly and slammed the door quickly.




     Once breakfast was over with (after Hermione and Draco had made there way downstairs) Mollie gathered everyone in the living room. “I’ll keep this brief,” she told everyone. “I know all of you are probably anxious about tonight and your probably expecting today to be filled with me talking at you about strategies and all the other boring stuff” she said light-heartedly and Fred, George, Ginny, Charlie and Harry all smirked. “I’m not going to do that, if you have any questions about what you are doing tonight then I will answer them, just try and enjoy today” she said kindly and she noted everyone’s smiles of appreciation. “We’ll meet back in here at eight sharp.” Mollie was met with many thank-yous and a smile and nod from Dumbledore. As everyone began to move from the living room Mollie watched Hermione link her hand through Draco’s and head for the stairs. “Hermione!” Mollie called out and Hermione spun round and headed towards Mollie without Draco, her cheeks growing redder the closer she got to Mollie. Grabbing hold of her arm Mollie pulled Hermione as far as the back door and headed outside letting her go once she had shut the back door behind them. Hermione’s whole face was a bright shade of scarlet now as Mollie looked at her knowingly. “So about this morning” Mollie began.


     “You don’t have to say anything I know you’re angry with me” Hermione said gazing at the ground glumly.


     Mollie shook her head. “I’m not angry Hermione,” she said calmly and Hermione glanced up at her sister in surprise. “I’m shocked sure…I had absolutely no idea that you and Draco were sleeping together,” she said with a nervous gulp.


     “Oh we weren’t” Hermione said hastily. “Not until last night anyway”


    Mollie nodded to herself. “So you decided that Draco is…”


     “Is the one I want to be with, yeah?” Hermione said cutting in on Mollie.


     “No more going back and forth?” Mollie asked and Hermione instantly shook her head. “Good, I was getting worried about you”


     “I’m so sorry” Hermione said sincerely. “After everything you did to bring me back…I never meant to seem ungrateful I just got so lost there for a while…it’s really weird still, being back” she said softly.


      “You still miss it?” Mollie asked curiously. “Heaven I mean?”


     Hermione shrugged. “At times yeah, I think it would be impossible to not miss it, when I was there I felt finished and then being ripped out of there and shoved back here you just lose…all sense of yourself” she explained awkwardly. “Memories flood back to you but there so mixed up, its hard to distinguish them and I think that’s why I got so confused, I had all these feelings towards Ron and Draco and I felt this weird pull towards both of them…looking back I know I shouldn’t have acted on these feelings” she said sadly. “I’ve hurt Ron so much” she said regretfully looking at Mollie who was gazing at her sympathetically. “But I’m not upset that you gave me my life back” she said earnestly.


      Mollie smiled. “Thank you” Hermione wrapped her arms around Mollie and embraced her tightly for a moment until Mollie pulled away and stuffed her hand in her pocket and pulled out a glowing orange stone that was threaded through a piece of thick black string. “I want you to wear this,” she said handing Hermione the necklace.


     “The resurrection stone?” Hermione gasped. “But why?”


     “Just wear it, please,” Mollie said calmly but Hermione noted the desperation in her eyes and she took it from Mollie and placed it around her neck. 


      The back door swung open and Harry stepped outside. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt” he said and went to go back inside The Burrow.


       Mollie grasped hold of Harry’s hand. “Don’t be stupid” Mollie said pulling him towards her. “There will never be a time when I don’t want to see you,” she said softly with a wide smile before kissing Harry passionately. Hermione grinned and hurried back inside The Burrow gazing down at the brightly glowing resurrection stone as she did. Hermione frowned at it worriedly before shutting the door behind her.



      The day seemed to turn to night unusually quickly and at eight sharp everyone was gathered in the living room of The Burrow. Slytherin, who had only just been untied, was rubbing his wrists that were slightly red from where Mollie’s magical ropes had bound him to a chair. Everyone except Mollie, Harry and Dumbledore was giving Slytherin a wide berth, gazing at him uneasily. Slytherin didn’t seem bothered by there glances, appearing much more interested in watching Mollie, his dark eyes lingering over her to Harry’s annoyance.


      “Okay everyone get in a line behind me and link hands” Mollie instructed. She pulled Slytherin to stand between her and Dumbledore as everyone got in line. Once Mollie had checked that everyone was ready she closed her eyes firmly, a concentrated look on her face. With a huge flash of green light everyone suddenly found themselves outside, lying on the ground in front of a tall hedge. Mollie clutched her head tightly. “Okay separate apparation might have been a good idea after all” she whispered as she clambered to her feet along with everyone else. Lupin stood up quickly and stared up at the full moon; it’s silvery shimmer illuminating his face. He gave a small smile and checked his hands and patted his body. Tonks smiled and linked her hand through his. Despite what may be behind the hedge waiting for them Lupin couldn’t help but smile widely as he stood basking in the moon’s glow. Mollie winked at him and smiled kindly before calling everyone towards her.  “Okay everyone knows where they need to be, go as quietly as you can, when you see me move into position start to attack the death eaters that are guarding the portal, we need to draw them as far away as possible, if you see Snape try to stay away from him, we don’t know what he will be capable of…good luck everyone” Mollie whispered and on her nod, in the pairs she had placed them in, everyone hurried off. Mollie headed towards the hedge and waved her hand over a small section of it. As she did a small section became transparent.


     “Are you crazy, they’ll see us!” hissed Slytherin.


     Mollie rolled her eyes. “I’m not as stupid as you think you know!” Mollie retorted. “We can see them, they can’t see us,” she said softly and Dumbledore and Harry joined Mollie and Slytherin’s side, who was now giving Mollie an admiring look. There were fires lit outside each green silk tent illuminating the ground that surrounded them in a slight orange glow. Death eaters had been placed outside each tent and around the carved circle of earth that would soon be the portals gateway. There was no sign of Voldermort.


     Draco, Ron and Hermione had reached the furthest edge of the tall hedge that separated them from the tent that Luna was being kept in. They peered carefully through the hedge and spotted two death eaters.


     “We don’t know if anyone is inside the tent guarding Luna” Ron whispered looking anxious. “Malfoy you’re coming with me”


     “What?” Hermione whispered rather confused.


     “You can stun them by yourself can’t you!” Ron whispered condescendingly. Hermione shot a nasty glance in Ron’s direction. Draco kissed Hermione tenderly on the lips to Ron’s absolute disgust, his ears flaring red.


     “I love you” Draco whispered in Hermione’s ear.


     Hermione smiled widely and pulled Draco into a tight embrace. “I…”


      “Come on” Ron whispered impatiently. Reluctantly Draco walked away from Hermione, looking back at her every few seconds before he and Ron disappeared around the side of the hedge out of sight.


     “How many do you think will be in there?” Draco asked curiously from behind Ron. “I can’t say I think there is anyone in there, it looks like it’s only those two death eaters outside the tent this far from the portal” Draco whispered. Ron shot around, his wand pointed at Draco’s chest glaring at him madly. Draco took a few steps back, reaching for his wand but Ron disarmed him. “Weasley what are you doing?”  He asked cautiously. Ron continued to glare at Draco; he looked like he was concentrating hard on something. “Seriously, what is going on?” Draco asked sounding a little scared continuing to back away from Ron nervously. Sweat began to pour down Ron’s face, his eyes narrowing slightly. “Come on Weasley, stop this, we’ve got to…” Suddenly blood spurted from Draco’s chest as though he had been slashed open with an invisible sword. Draco’s breath caught his throat as he staggered backwards and collapsed onto the ground. Ron moved towards him and stood over him. Draco’s chest was shining scarlet, his face pale and splattered with blood, his trembling hands scrabbling at his blood soaked chest. His breathing was heavy as he stared up at Ron in shock. 

     Ron looked back at him through menacing eyes, showing no sign of remorse. “I’ve been practising non-verbal spells,” Ron said calmly as Draco began to shake uncontrollably in a pool of his own blood. “This one was especially for you, I don’t trust you, never have, never will…and I’ll be damned if I let you ruin Hermione’s life” he said in a soft threatening voice. Draco’s breathing became shallower; his eyes flitted open and closed, his face a whiter shade of pale. Ron stood and waited for Draco’s body to stop trembling before he left his side and headed for the hedge. He pulled the leaves aside and clambered through, he could see a death eater lying on the ground and knew that Hermione had stunned them already. Quickly he ducked under the green silk tent and his eyes met with Luna. Ron hurried over to her and began to rip away the ropes that had her bound to the tall wooden pole in the centre of the tent. Her head was hanging low to her chest. She looked like she was in a deep sleep. “Luna” Ron whispered sharply, pulling the last of the green ropes away from her. Luna fell forwards and collapsed in a heap on the ground. Without another thought Ron grabbed hold of Luna and carried her out of the tent and back through the hedge.


     “Death eaters are behind me, Malfoy’s keeping them at bay, help me with Luna” Ron cried to Hermione as he ran towards her, clutching Luna in his arms. Hermione hurried towards him and they stopped as they met each other, Ron placing Luna on the ground. Hermione looked behind Ron for any sign of Draco or death eaters but couldn’t see them. “There behind the hedge Hermione” Ron said as he recognised her questioning look. Reluctantly Hermione wrapped Luna’s arm around her shoulder and helped Ron carry her.   




     “They should be out by now” Whispered Slytherin to Mollie as they waited for Voldermort to appear. Mollie frowned having also thought the same thing.


     Suddenly as though he had read there thoughts Voldermort swept out of the biggest silk green tent, his black robes flowing gracefully as he moved. Wormtail walked behind him clutching hold of a silver tray that had upon it the five elixirs that were required to open the portal. Around Voldermort’s neck hung the glistening amulet that as he drew nearer the portal it began to glow a shimmering bright white. Voldermort smiled smugly as the four gemstones that had been strategically placed around the carved circle also began to glow a shimmering bright white.


     “This is it, the rituals starting” Mollie whispered nervously.


     Voldermort took hold of the red elixir and poured it over the circle and placed the glass container back on the tray. Wormtail was visibly trembling as the tray and the elixirs shook in his hands. Voldermort pointed his wand at his hand with a slight flick, a small gash appeared diagonally across his palm. Placing his hand over the carved circle of grass Voldermort let a few drops of his blood drip from the palm of his hand. The amulet and the gemstones suddenly glowed bright red. Voldermort cackled happily and quickly took the yellow elixir from the tray and poured it out. Immediately the amulet and the gemstones changed to glow a bright luminous yellow. Voldermort repeated the pattern with the green, blue and white elixirs. Once the white elixir had been poured out a roaring cracking sound erupted from the earth as the circle split in two halves. Wormtail dropped the silver tray in shock, the glass containers smashing into tiny pieces as they hit the ground.


     Voldermort spread out his arms and began to shout over the terrible rumbling sounds that filled the air as the circle of earth began to fall away letting a bright sparkling tall yellow beam of light explode through. Slytherin, Mollie and Dumbledore followed the beam of light with their eyes as it shot higher and higher into sky until it looked as though it was swallowed by the night. Harry held his gaze on Voldermort, staring at him angrily, his grip on his wand tightening. “Free this life, free this hell, Tartarus, open, open and spill your contents into our world,” roared Voldermort. The crashing and rumbling stopped. There was silence as everyone gazed at the tall beam of light. Voldermort glared at Wormtail, looking at him like something had gone wrong, his wand ready in his hand as Wormtail cowered in fear. With a giant explosion causing surrounding pieces of earth to go flying into the air, bright fiery flames erupted from the circle, surrounding the yellow beam of light. 


      “Now we move in,” Mollie said to Harry, Dumbledore and Slytherin as Voldermort smiled, gazing in awe at the giant flames. The heat that was radiating from them could be felt beyond the hedge and Mollie dabbed her forehead before taking Harry and Dumbledore’s hands, Slytherin held on to Dumbledore and the four of them turned invisible.


     “Oh my god you did it!” Harry said excitedly. “You turned all of us invisible!” he said squeezing Mollie’s hand.


     “Us being invisible isn’t going to be much good if you keep talking so loudly” Slytherin said coldly.


     Mollie tugged at Harry and Dumbledore and they began to walk forwards. A section of the hedge in front of them suddenly changed to form an archway. Mollie felt Harry squeeze her hand tightly once more. As they walked through the death eaters closest to them had noticed the archway appear, but as through hit with an invisible force they fell to the ground lifelessly the second they began to move towards it. Death eaters could be seen running towards the portal as red bolts of light flew at them. Voldermort looked around panicked and saw people attacking his death eaters from all sides. After the shock had sunk in the death eaters began to fight back, green bolts of light erupting from their wand tips as they aimed for the people closest to them.


     “Harry Potter!” Yelled Voldermort angrily.


     “Once I let you go you’ll all remain invisible for a few seconds, take that time to spread out” Mollie muttered so that only Harry, Dumbledore and Slytherin could hear and she let go of Dumbledore’s hand, hearing Slytherin grunt angrily as he stepped on his foot. “I love you, be careful” Mollie whispered to Harry before letting go of his hand. As he walked away Mollie instantly became visible. “It’s not him you should be worried about” Mollie shouted towards Voldermort, her long blonde hair shimmering in the firelight. Voldermort turned swiftly and saw her standing before him. Before he could make a move Mollie pulled a gun from the back of her jeans and shot Voldermort in the leg. As the bullet hit him near his knee Voldermort staggered forwards letting out a cry of pain “Sorry, force of habit” Mollie said cockily tossing the gun aside with a smirk. Voldermort’s fiery red eyes met with Mollie’s, he pulled his wand and aimed at her.


     “So you’re the thing that has been causing me so much trouble,” he said coldly as he hobbled towards her. “My insolent cousin, I was so sure that I had rid the world of my disgusting family,” he said cruelly, waving his wand over his leg, his walking becoming effortless once more. All around him green and red bolts of light were flying through the air. “The incredible Mollie Granger” Voldermort said mockingly. Mollie watched Voldermort near her, completely unfazed, unable to repress a smile as she saw Ginny hit Dolohov smack in the face with a bat bogey hex. “You have a sense of humour bringing children to fight your battles,” he said grinning as he watched Fred and George duelling Avery.


     “ Yes I do have a sense of humour” Mollie said agreeably and pointed her hand at Avery and clicked her fingers. Instantly Avery’s feet caught fire. Voldermort’s eyes widened in shock. Fred and George howled with laughter as they watched Avery jump around from one foot to the other, yelling out for help. Voldermort turned away from Mollie and aimed his wand at Fred and George but a tugging sensation in his middle pulled him back to face Mollie. “Ah ah ah, you don’t get to play,” she said coolly.


         “So you know some tricks” Voldermort said un-intimidated glaring at Mollie. “It’s not enough to stop me little girl,” he said cruelly.


     “Actually it is” Mollie said lightly with a smile. Raising her hand at Voldermort he was suddenly catapulted into the air with such force that he flew back into the largest of the surrounding tents. Voldermort crashed into the wooden pole in the centre of the tent with such force that it spilt in half and the silk green tent began to fall down all around him. Mollie smiled and hurried towards the portal, running past Avery’s burning body and up a small-heightened piece of earth Mollie reached the perimeter of the portal and peered over the edge nervously but couldn’t see anything but bright yellow light. Taking a knife out of her pocket Mollie cut her palm and held it over the portal, a few drops of her blood fell deep inside but nothing happened.


     “Mollie look out!” Shouted Tonks who was running towards her.


     Mollie spun around and saw Bellatrix aiming her wand at her. “Avada Kedavra!” she cackled. Mollie ducked, the curse hitting the beam of light coming from the portal. It bounced off it effortlessly and shot straight back towards Bellatrix who dove to the floor in time to avoid it causing the curse to crash into the back of a death eater who fell to the ground lifelessly. Mollie ran towards Tonks who was clutching her side tightly as she stunned Bellatrix before she could get to her feet.


     “Are you okay?” Mollie asked, looking at Tonk’s blood stained robes.


     “I’m fine, we could use your help up here though!” Tonks said loudly, red and green bolts of light flying over their heads. Mollie nodded and ran alongside Tonks passed the portal towards Lupin, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Fred, George and Hermione. The resurrection stone around Hermione’s neck was glowing more brightly then ever, as Mollie saw her and Lupin duelling against a huge brutal faced blond death eater. With a wave her hand Mollie sent the death eater flying off his feet into the air, landing several seconds later with a huge crash. Alecto Carrow cackled with glee as she fought against Mrs Weasley, who had blood dripping from a cut on her forehead. Mollie waved her hand towards Alecto’s throat. Alecto stood very still for a moment, gazing aimlessly with a befuddled look on her face before her head fell from her body and onto the floor, her body falling to the floor seconds later.


     Mrs Weasley covered her face in shock and turned away from Alecto. “Goodness Mollie, must you be so violent”


     “Yes” Mollie said firmly, glancing around to see if everyone was okay. Several death eaters had surrounded the large collapsed tent that Mollie had sent Voldermort crashing into. The fire surrounding the portal began to change colour, its flames dulling in their luminous yellow until they burned a fiery violent orange. “I have to get up there,” Mollie said desperately.


     “We’ll keep the death eaters at bay as best as possible” Mr Weasley assured her and hurried off with Mrs Weasley to help Harry and Ginny who were duelling Yaxley and Mulciber. Tonks, Lupin and Hermione ran in the opposite direction as they spotted Nott and Lucius Malfoy heading towards them, killing curses erupting from their wands. The twins had disapperated and Mollie spotted them trying to distract the death eaters that were busy trying to help pull Voldermort out of the tent wreckage. Mollie ran up the tiny risen part of earth towards the portal once more.


CRACK. Mollie was catapulted backwards and thrown onto the ground as the earth beneath her feet spilt open. A loud grating screeching noise echoing through the air. Mollie rubbed dirt from her eyes and looked ahead of her. A pair of large black wings could be clearly distinguished through her bleary eyes. Waving her hand across her face her eyes cleared, Mollie gasped. Snape stood before her, smiling cruelly at her. He was taller and broader; his eyes were pure black and sparkled in the orange light. He still had the same greasy black hair but his face looked skeletal and deathly pale. Mollie scrambled to her feet having expected more of a transformation.


     “I was really hoping that it would be you that I’d get to kill first,” said Snape cruelly in a deep menacing voice, flapping his broad black skeletal wings and gliding towards Mollie. Mollie backed away from him a little. “I see I have returned at an interesting time,” he said spotting Alecto’s headless body. 


     “I bet you’re gutted that I killed you before your month was up” Mollie said confidently. “You’ve not really changed much” 


     Snape grinned. “You should know, better than anyone that it isn’t the change on the outside that counts, but on the inside,” he said cunningly and with a swift jolt of his hand fire burst from his palm. Mollie quickly jumped out of the way as the place she had just stood burst into flames.


     Mollie stood up and glared at him angrily. “You’re not coming between me and that portal” she muttered annoyed. Pointing both of her hands at Snape she blasted a large hole through each of his wings. Snape screeched in pain and raised his left palm at her shooting a blue bolt of light at Mollie, who once more dived out of the way as the blue beam shot through the tent behind her, splitting it in half, the two pieces crashing to the ground. Mollie linked her hands together and aimed at Snape’s middle. A huge flaming bubble of fire began to encase Snape. He screamed and screeched as he tried to break free as he hovered in mid air, surrounded by roaring red flames. Mollie turned and ran away from Snape, noticing once more that she was surrounded by bolts of red and green light. Waving her hand as she ran past Harry, a bolt of green light shot from her hand and hit the death eater he was duelling causing him to fall to the ground. Harry smiled appreciatively at Mollie as she ran as fast as she could back up to the portal.


     “Oh no you don’t!” cried Voldermort as he flew towards her, two death eaters running at his side. Mollie jumped and flew into the air and headed straight for Voldermort. With a crash the two of them met in mid air, Voldermort shaking and trembling as a blue crackling static filled Mollie’s hands and coursed through his body. As they crashed to the ground Mollie rolled off his body and stood up towering over Voldermort who glowed a gleaming blue lying slightly dazed on the ground.


     “Stop trying to beat me!” Mollie yelled at him angrily, her eyes changing from their usual honey brown and glistening red to match Voldermort’s. The veins on Mollie’s skin began look more pronounced, the crackling static surrounding her hands sparking every couple of seconds. Hermione rushed over to her.


     “Mollie? Oh god are you okay?” Hermione exclaimed.


     The intensity of the red in Mollie’s eyes grew stronger. “I’m fine,” she said coolly as she watched Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange hurry towards her. Mollie lifted from the ground and began hovering in the air, balls of red static light forming in her hands, Rodolphus and Rabastan looked on in horror but before they could run the red balls of light Mollie had formed flew towards them and hit them hard in the chest and they both fell to the floor. Hermione gasped in shock as the two bodies evaporated on the ground into nothing but a pile of dust. 


      “Mollie!” Dumbledore yelled as he neared her. Mollie looked at him, her red eyes shining. “Be careful, your power is starting to take you over,” he warned, a killing curse shooting past his head. Mollie’s eyes fell upon the death eater who had shot the curse and instantly he turned to stone.


     Mollie glanced around at the chaotic scene before her. Lupin, Tonks, Ron, Fred and George were all occupied fighting Lucius Malfoy, Nott and Goyle senior, whilst Harry battled hard against Amycus Carrow. Moody was firing stunning spells at Crabbe senior who was doing well to miss them.


     “Avada Kedavra!” Bellatrix howled a bolt of green light smashing into Fleur who let out an enormous scream as she crashed to the ground beside another body. Bellatrix disapperated instantly as she saw Mollie’s hand raised at her. 


     Hermione, Dumbledore and Mollie hurried over to Fleur and spotted Ginny lying lifelessly on the ground alongside her. Hermione screamed and tears cascaded down her cheeks as she fell in a heap beside them, Dumbledore placing a hand on her shoulder consolingly. Mollie hovered over Ginny and Fleur placing her hands above each of their heads, a twinkling silvery light drifting from her hand and covering their bodies. Bill dashed towards them, skidding onto his knees as he reached Fleur’s side. “Don’t touch her,” Mollie warned and Bill terrified by the look in her eyes backed away slightly. The silvery glow that surrounded Ginny and Fleur looked as though it was starting to be absorbed by their bodies. Bill, Dumbledore and Hermione watched worriedly, wondering what was happening. Mollie pulled her hands away and with a deep breath, Ginny and Fleur both flicked their eyes open and gazed wearily at their surroundings. “Get them out of here” Mollie instructed. Bill placed his arm around Fleur and pulled her up followed by Ginny. With a brisk turn on the spot Bill apparated all of three of them away from the portal.


     “You healed them, you brought them back?” Hermione said in a shocked tone more to herself than to Mollie.


     Mollie turned to Hermione and pulled her aside from an oncoming killing curse that had just missed George. “Help the others, be careful, if anyone gets near that stone I want you to apparate out of here!” Mollie warned and hovered over to Dumbledore. Hermione looked at her sister for a moment sadly before running to help Ron who had been cornered by Lucius Malfoy.


     “You?” Lucius said uneasily as Hermione disarmed him, stepping in front of Ron. “I killed you!” he said looking a little pale.


     “Well you didn’t do a very good job!” Hermione said cockily. “Stupefy!” she yelled and Lucius Malfoy fell to the ground stunned. Ron smiled gratefully at Hermione and they hurried off to help Charlie and Kingsley against Greyback and Jugson.


     Harry stunned Amycus Carrow and rushed towards Mollie and Dumbledore. “Keep Voldermort occupied” Mollie instructed, I must get up to the portal!” she said sternly as the flames surrounding the portal began to change from glittering orange to violent red. Voldermort began clambering to his feet when a spell hit him in his chest and he fell to the ground.


      Slytherin stood over him and looked down at him menacingly. “Your not going to win this time” he said cruelly with a slight smile. 


     “You traitor!” Yelled Voldermort angrily, disapparating from the ground and appearing behind Harry and Dumbledore who had been rushing towards him. They turned quickly but Voldermort had already found his aim. Pointing his wand at Mollie as she drifted towards the portal he yelled “Advada Kedavra!” a green bolt of light shot towards Mollie.


     “Nooooooo!” Screamed Slytherin diving in front of the curse, the green bolt of light hitting him in the chest and knocking him to the ground with a thud.


     Dumbledore drew his wand as though brandishing a whip and a long thin flame wrapped itself around Voldermort tightly. “Go help the others Harry!” he yelled. Reluctantly Harry ran past Voldermort who broke free from Dumbledore’s fiery binds. He shot a curse towards Dumbledore but it crashed into Dumbledore’s own spell and crackling green and red sparks spilled from the connected spells, each strand of magical light changing colour as the magic spurted from their wands illuminating the area around them.


     Harry darted past Kingsley and Hermione who were fighting off Greyback and hurried towards Mollie who was nearing the portal after obliterating four oncoming death eaters, turning them all into piles of ash. Harry looked away from Mollie for a second as he heard a scream behind him; Greyback had pounced on top of Hermione sending her crashing to the floor. Kingsley, Ron and Harry all aimed there wands at Greyback and stunned him, causing him to roll off Hermione’s trembling body, other than being shaken she looked okay but Harry moved towards her to check that she was alright when he heard a scream that caused shivers to rush down his spine. He turned around away from Hermione and his eyes fell upon Mollie.         


      Mollie gasped and let out a terrified shriek, her eyes widening in shock. Harry looked at her terrified, he could just see her shocked expression through the crowd of death eaters who were doing battle with his friends. Mollie felt frozen to the spot, her whole body ridged. She slowly peered down at her stomach and saw a large fist covered in dripping blood sticking out of her middle. Mollie tried her hardest to breathe, the air catching in her throat. She could feel blood trickling down her legs, unable to take her eyes off the now twisting fist. Flashes of green and red narrowly missed hitting Harry as he pushed through the crowd, his eyes fixed upon Mollie’s look of pure horror and then he saw him. A blackened and burnt Snape was standing behind Mollie bleeding heavily from his arms, ribs and legs; his broad wings were crisp and withered. Snape smiled evilly, his black eyes glistening happily in the red fiery flames that were surrounding the portal.


      “Avada Kedavra” Bellatrix cackled, her killing curse shooting past Harry and exploding the piece of earth it hit, soil and grass shooting into the air and falling down aimlessly. Harry pointed his wand directly at Bellatrix; over her shoulder he could Mollie growing paler by the second.


      Mollie felt faint, her limp body wobbled forwards and backwards slowly as Snape continued to twist his fist. Mollie flicked her eyes open and watched as Harry battled fervently against Bellatrix, she tried desperately to raise her hand to blast Bellatrix out of the way but it was no use, her arm remained limp at her side. Snape leaned forwards, resting his chin upon her shoulder.


     “What a terrible shame, coming this far only to be ripped apart, I do believe that we might actually beat you Mollie” he said smugly.


     Mollie felt her blood boiling as anger raged inside of her. The red glimmer in her eyes burning fiercely. She glanced down at Snape’s fist and took a deep breath. “Don’t…count…on. it” she said breathlessly, an angry expression filling her face. Snape started to laugh evilly at Mollie, but suddenly he stopped as though an invisible force had wrapped itself around his neck and was pulling tight restricting his airway. Snape choked and spluttered, the red glow in Mollie’s eyes growing more and more intense. The fist that had been twisting through Mollie’s middle began to melt. Snape yelled out in agony as the rest of his blackened body began to melt in the same way.  A shimmering red glow began to cover Mollie’s body. Snape tried to move but his melting body was stuck to the ground. As his feet caught on fire and flames began to cascade up his melting black robes Snape flung his arm that was through Mollie’s body trying to shake her off but he could barely move. Harry glanced at Mollie in dismay as he battled with Bellatrix still missing her killing curses. It was then with one violent swing of his arm that Snape flung Mollie off his arm. She flew into the air and landed just a few feet away from the portal. She lay breathing heavily for a moment, clutching her bleeding wound. Peering upward hearing an agonising scream she saw Snape’s skeletal face sink into the melted remains of his burning body. To the right of her Dumbledore and Voldermort were still battling heatedly, the spells from their wands still connected, magic crackling and filling the air. Ahead of her Mollie caught sight of Harry duelling Bellatrix, he managed to stun her and she fell to the ground. Mollie smiled and staggered to her feet, for a moment all was still as her eyes met with Harry’s. She smiled at him adoringly for a moment, Harry moved towards her smiling too, so happy that she was alive. In one swift jump Mollie threw herself into the burning portal.


     “No!” Harry yelled madly running towards the portal, his arms outstretched ready to pull Mollie out. Hovering there limply the burning red flames that surrounded Mollie suddenly exploded. Harry got knocked off his feet, flying backwards and crashing onto the ground next to Ron. Everywhere the fighting stopped as swirling tall bright shimmering white flames now surrounded the portal. Mollie was no longer glowing red but bright white to match the flames.


     “NOOOOOOO” Voldermort cried madly, his menacing red eyes filling with anger as he watched the sight before him.


     Harry ran towards the portal, his face full of desperation, he could see blood leaking from the open wound in his wife’s middle, each drop that landed on the gateway to the portal caused the earth to resurface and cover the opening. Ron rushed towards Harry and pulled him backwards, wrapping his arms around his middle trying to keep Harry as far away from the portal as possible. Death eaters were disapparating all around them in fear. Voldermort just stood before the portal watching in horror as his plan to open the portal crashed down all around him. Harry struggled against Ron’s grip, trying desperately to pull himself free. He could see Mollie clearly getting paler and paler as blood poured out of her and onto the portal. The white flames were decreasing as though the ground was sucking them under. Dumbledore hurried towards Voldermort but after one more angry glare he disapperated before Dumbledore could reach him. The last of the shimmering white flames were sucked into the ground, the portal opening closed completely, the glimmering gemstones losing all there colour and now looked like mere old grey weathered rocks. Mollie hovered for a second before crashing to the ground with a thud. Her limp body rolled down the slightly risen patch of earth until she was lying on her back, lifeless. Harry pulled himself free of Ron’s grip and dashed to her side, skidding onto his knees as he reached her, taking her cold hand in his. Mollie was deathly pale, her lips had turned blue and her eyes stayed firmly closed. Harry placed his hand firmly over the wound to Mollie’s middle. Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, Lupin and Tonks came hurrying towards Harry and Mollie. Dumbledore and Hermione knelt at her side opposite Harry. The glowing orange of the resurrection stone around Hermione’s neck left the stone and absorbed into her body, her eyes glistening with a shimmering orange tint for a few moments before dieing away. 


     “We need to keep the pressure on this injury, she’s lost a lot of blood” Said Harry in a shaky voice, his complexion almost as pale as Mollie’s.


     Hermione took the resurrection stone in her hand and gazed at it sadly before she reached out for Mollie’s wrist and placed her hand over her pulse and waited patiently for a few moments. Suddenly Hermione broke down in a flood of tears. Tonks rushed to her side and wrapped her arms around her trying to console Hermione. Harry didn’t seem to have noticed Hermione’s breakdown as kept his hand firmly applying pressure over Mollie’s wound. “She’s going to be okay,” Harry, said, his voice shaking terribly as he trembled. As everyone else around Mollie’s body gazed in shock Harry tried to give Mollie mouth to mouth. Tears leaked from Dumbledore’s eyes as he watched sadly as Harry tried to revive Mollie. Ron turned away his eyes glistening with tears. Lupin stood nervously, staring at Mollie’s body in shock. Harry slammed his fist against Mollie’s chest and began pumping as hard as he could.


      “Harry” Dumbledore whispered gently. Harry didn’t look up; his face was filled with complete desperation as he tried to revive Mollie. “Harry please stop” Dumbledore said cautiously.


     Suddenly a brilliant white glow covered Mollie’s body, illuminating everyone’s faces brightly. Harry sat back in surprise; Ron swivelled around to look at Mollie again. The glow rose from her body and into the air and with a slight popping sound evaporated into nothing. Mollie remained lifeless on the ground. Hermione checked Mollie’s pulse once more. Nothing.


     “Harry” Hermione said through sobs. “She’s gone Harry, she’s gone” she managed to say before breaking down into tears once more.


     Harry shook his head, his whole body shaking. He pulled his eyes away from Mollie for a second and peered at everyone’s expressions madly. “She’s not dead! She can’t die!” he exclaimed. He grabbed her shoulders and shook Mollie vigorously. “She can’t be dead! I need her, she can’t die! She can’t die! We belong together!” he shouted angrily but Mollie’s body still remained cold and lifeless on the ground. “She can’t die! She’s supposed to be immortal! She can’t…” Harry wrapped one arm around Mollie’s neck and pulled her close to him as he began to cry hysterically, his head bowed towards his chest. A strange cool wind flowed all around them and from nowhere a tall heavily robed man with luminous blue hands stood near Harry. No one was able to see his face; his hood was pulled up around his head. There was an eerie silence as the man stood, slightly bowed over Harry as though peering down at the body that was held in his arms. Dumbledore, Lupin, Hermione, Tonks and Ron all looked rather worried as they gazed at this new figure before them. Harry was yet to notice the figure standing so close to him. 


     “Dearest Mollie” came a deep booming voice from within the robes. “I shall never forget your sacrifice”


     On these words Harry glanced up and saw the tall figure towering over him. “You!” he spat. “You! You even dare to come here! This is all your fault!” he yelled angrily.


     “Harry be careful that’s Hilindrii” Hermione cried.


     Harry placed Mollie gently on the ground and stood up swiftly drawing his wand and pointing it at Hilindrii, tears streaming down his cheeks. “I know who he is!” he yelled. “This bastard is the reason Mollie’s dead!”


     “I never meant for her to die” Hilindrii said earnestly. “Once all of this was over the powers I gave Mollie were to leave her so that she could live a normal life, that was all her mother wished for her, Mollie was special, she was the only one worthy of possessing my powers but once she had fulfilled her role here she was to return to being a mortal” Hilindrii explained “but this wound that she acquired is fatal, once her gift of immortality left her she died” he said regretfully.


     “You can bring her back!” Harry said urgently still keeping his wand pointing at Hilindrii. “Please! I know it’s something you can do!” he pleaded.


     “I do not play around with the dead, I am deeply sorry, I loved Mollie very much, she was my greatest asset in this task and she performed beautifully, Tisiphone and Tartarus are no longer a threat to your world, you should be proud of her” Hilindrii said sincerely and with another burst of cool wind Hilindrii disappeared.  


     Harry dropped to his knees beside Mollie and gazed at her as though he was lost in a trance, tears filling his eyes and drifting down his cheeks as he took her in his arms once more, burying his head in her neck, holding her as tightly as possible in his arms. Mr and Mrs Weasley came hurrying over to them. Mrs Weasley was sobbing and Mr Weasley looked very pale. Dumbledore stood as they approached.


     “How is everyone?” Dumbledore asked.


    Mr Weasley sighed and rubbed his tired eyes.  “We managed to get everyone back to The Burrow safely, there all rather shaken up, we’ve left them with Moody, only two fatalities”


     “Three” Lupin said softly, continuing to stare at Harry holding Mollie in his arms.


     Mr and Mrs Weasley followed his gaze. For a moment they stood still as though they had been frozen to the ground. Then with a deafening wail Mrs Weasley broke down in tears and rested her head on Mr Weasley’s chest.


     “Who are the other fatalities that you spoke of?” Dumbledore asked wearily.


     “Slytherin and Draco Malfoy” Said Mr Weasley softly.


     Hermione pulled herself out of Tonk’s arms and jumped to her feet swiftly, looking at Mr Weasley as though she had never seen him before. “What happened to Draco?” she muttered through her sobs, her tear-stained face shimmering lightly in the firelight.


      “It was horrible, his chest was completely cut open, he lost of blood, we tried our best to heal him but his injury was just too severe,” Mr Weasley explained.


      Hermione stared wide-eyed at nothing in particular, trying her hardest to absorb this information. Ron looked at her regretfully. Hermione wobbled a little before fainting, Tonks just managing to catch her in her arms before she hit the ground. Ron hurried to her side and took her out of Tonk’s arms and held her tightly in his own. He stroked her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead gently. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,” he whispered.


      A few hours later, after checking the area around the portal thoroughly for any sign of lurking death eaters, Dumbledore, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Ron, Hermione, Tonks, Lupin and Harry had made there way back to The Burrow. Harry had carried Mollie in his arms all the whole time, refusing to let anyone help him apparate back, insisting he could manage both of them. Outside The Burrow two bodies covered over by white sheets lay on the dry grass. Harry placed Mollie down next to them carefully and sat down beside her holding her hand in his. The others gazed at him sadly before they entered The Burrow, Ron carrying Hermione and placing her down on the sofa gently as he entered the living room. Mr and Mrs Weasley hugged Fred, George, Ginny, Bill and Charlie in turn, Mrs Weasley even wrapping her arms around Fleur. Moody was busy healing Luna’s gashed side, but she smiled brightly at everyone as they came in the room.


     “Where is Kingsley?” Dumbledore asked as he glanced around the room.


      “He headed back to the ministry to report on all the death eaters that have been killed,” said Moody gruffly. “Where is Mollie? I want to congratulate her on a job well done!”


     Dumbledore bowed his head and muttered sadly “she didn’t make it…Harry’s sitting with her body outside”


     The room fell silent. Ginny stood from her chair and hobbled across to the window and looked out sadly at Mollie lying on the ground and wiped a tear from her cheek.


     “She saved uz,” Fleur said in a stunned whisper with a glance to Ginny, Bill wrapping his arm around her middle.


      “We shouldn’t leave him out there like that, Fleur dear find another sheet, we should cover her body” Said Mrs Weasley and Fleur hurried out of the dining room.


      “He just needs time, he thought…we all thought that she was immortal and that she would stay that way” said Dumbledore. “But she anticipated this, she knew there was a catch with her powers she never trusted Hilindrii or his motives, no matter how noble some of them may have appeared” he said remorsefully.


      Fleur re-entered the room clutching another white sheet and what looked like envelopes in the other. “I found these in Mollie’s room,” she said handing the envelopes to Dumbledore.


     Dumbledore took them from Fleur and looked at the names written on the envelopes. There was one for him, Hermione, Harry and one addressed to everyone. Dumbledore opened the one addressed to them all and read it out to everyone.


     To everyone,

                        If you are reading this then my suspicions about my powers were correct and I have passed on. I want you to all to know that I love you, I have enjoyed getting to know you and I will miss you all. Mr and Mrs Weasley thank you for letting me into your home, I appreciate it so much. To all the Weasley children, you are an amazing bunch, take care of each other. Bill and Fleur have a lovely wedding, I shall be watching over you and smiling. Ginny, I know we didn’t always see eye to eye but you’re an amazing woman and I’m counting on you to take care of Harry for me. Lupin and Tonks, I haven’t known you long but I grew very fond of you both, so enjoy being wolf free Lupin! To dearest Luna I’m so sorry for what you had to go through; I hope you are safe and well now. Moody and Kingsley, it’s been an honour meeting you, you have my utmost respect. Ron, I don’t know what to say, it’s been rocky between you and I but I believe that we could have been friends in another life, take care of yourself. Thank you all for being a part of my life, Mollie.


     Silence resumed in the room, many people bowing there heads or wiping away tears. Hermione entered the room, her eyes puffy and red. Ron hurried to her side and wrapped his arm around her but she batted it away. “Where are the bodies?” she asked, managing to keep her voice steady but unable to make eye contact with anyone.


     “Outside” Dumbledore said softly. Hermione turned and headed for the front door. “Hermione this was left for you” Dumbledore said holding out a letter with her name on and the one for Harry. “If you could pass that one onto Harry please” he asked and Hermione nodded before heading outside. Dumbledore tore open his envelope and pulled out the letter inside. As he unfolded it his eyes met with an almost completely blank piece of parchment except for a few words written in the middle. ‘Thank you for everything


     Harry didn’t notice the front door creak open, nor did he hear Hermione’s footsteps on the ground approaching him. He jumped slightly as Hermione handed him his letter, unable to speak due to the tears rolling down her cheeks. Harry took the letter from Hermione and stared at it. Hermione sat down between Slytherin and Draco, pulling the sheet down from Draco’s face. Hermione covered her mouth as she sobbed harder, looking at the man she loved. She ripped open her letter. Three separate things fell out. The deeds to Mollie’s two houses and a letter.


     Dear Hermione,

                             It has been my great honour to have met you. You’re everything I ever wanted in a sister. There will never be enough words for me to say what you truly mean to me. The resurrection stone is now useless, but you can keep it if you wish too, but it shouldn’t ever glow again, which means your life awaits. Whatever you choose to do in life, do it with passion, life is a gift, I’ve learnt that more and more so please don’t waste it. I have left you both my houses; do with them what you wish sweetheart. I’ll love you forever and always, lots of love from your sister, Mollie.


      The sun was beginning to peak over the tall mountaintops, illuminating the cloudless blue sky. Hermione had retreated inside after sitting with Draco for a few hours leaving Harry outside alone, still clutching Mollie’s cold hand tightly. He was staring at the letter that she had written for him and unable to purge his curiosity any longer he tore it open and pulled out the letter from inside it.


      To my dearest Harry,

                                      You may not understand what has happened; I don’t think I even really understand what is going to happen as I write this, but if your reading this then I didn’t make it through this fight. A victim of circumstance I guess, I knew there had to be catch somewhere, apparently my life is just that. There was so much riding against me; I had prepared myself for what might happen. One more horcruxe is now destroyed, Hermione is safe to live her life without the constant worry of the resurrection stone acting strangely and the portal is sealed forever. It’s the only thing that makes me feel remotely soothed by being ripped away from you, that my death has at least served a purpose. I want you to know that I love you. I will always love you. We go together you and me, and although we can’t psychically be together right now, I know I will always live forever in your heart. You are the greatest man I’ve ever known, I wouldn’t have got through the last few months without you by my side. I need you to be strong, it’s your war again now, I played my part. I wish I could say more. I’m crying so hard as I write this whilst you sleep, I’m just gazing at you smiling but crying harder than ever. You are so special to me Harry. I hope you know what you mean to me. My love for you runs so deep that we’ll never really be apart from each other, which is why you must promise me that you will move on. Fight your battles, fall in love again, live your life and I promise I’ll be watching over you every step of the way. All my love, Mollie.


      Tears rolled down Harry’s cheeks and off his chin, splashing onto Mollie’s letter blurring some of the ink. He set the letter down on the ground and gazed at Mollie lovingly. He leaned forwards and kissed her forehead softly. “I’ll always love you too” he whispered and gently, he covered her body over with the sheet, picked up his letter and headed inside The Burrow, glancing back only once at the rising sun knowing that this was the beginning of a new chapter in his life. 


A/N Hello readers! Well what did you think? I really put everything into this chapter so I hope that you are happy with it. I'm not that good at writing action. There is an epilogue to follow. Thanks again!!!

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