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Bex and Co. by Zokara
Chapter 13 : I know what you did last night...
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DISCLAIMER: Anything you recognise isn't mine.

“Em, don’t doze off!” warned Lily. “They could be here any second!” She’d not even completed her sentence when some muffled voices were heard downstairs.

“We’ll take the invisibility cloak this time. Quick, Wormtail, get under it!”

“Okay, okay!” Three thumps were heard.

“Ow, Peter! That landed on my foot!” Peter picked the Dictionary of Runes up and placed it back on the table.

“C’mon! Hurry! The moon’s almost up!” Footsteps, increasing in speed, could be heard fading into the distance. Jess immediately whispered,

“Amuvus Platformia!”, and climbed out the window into what looked like thin air. She landed with a light ‘thump!’ on the platform, and kept casting the spell until she was right above the Hogwarts grounds.

“There they are.” Lily pointed out, watching footsteps appear in the snow. Bex concentrated hard, and managed to conjure an invisible staircase. The girls descended down it silently. Bex rapped each of them on the head with her wand, Disillusioning them. Emily watched her body change, and suddenly even her jeans were grey and stony, just like the Hogwarts castle. Just as they disguised themselves, Sirius and James threw off the cloak, and Peter started in surprise.

“Calm down, Wormtail,” James said. Bex looked on as the boys began to change. Peter shrunk significantly, and a long, thin, pink tail protruded from the back of his robes.

“Told you he wasn’t a mouse,” Emily whispered to Bex as she stared at the rat. James grew, and his arms and legs slimmed and lengthened. Hooves replaced hands and fingers, and his head elongated into a stag’s. Antlers sprouted from it. Sirius grew slightly larger, and black fur shot out of his body.

“Well look at that! Sirius is a dog,” Lily commented under her breath.

“Not so surprising really. He’s smelly, disobedient, and he slobbers.” This is what Bex said as she led the way after the boys. Black was dragging the cloak behind them.

“Where are they going?” asked Emily. They followed the Marauders to the Whomping Willow. Peter darted through the violent branches and reached the roots of the tree. He sat on a particularly knobbly root, and an opening appeared at the base of the willow.

“Merlin!” breathed Bex.

“What are they doing now?” asked Emily. The three animals crept silently into the hole. “They’re not… not bringing him out here, are they?”

“Bringing a fully transformed werewolf into the Hogwarts grounds? Even they’re not stupid enough.” A ferocious roar echoed up the tunnel, followed by the ‘clump, clump, clump,’ of footsteps.

“Then again,” Lily added, ‘I’ve underestimated them before…”

“Like that time you said they couldn’t brew a polyjuice potion?” Bex asked.

“Exactly like that,” Lily said.

“Hang on!” Jess said, speaking for the first time. “We gotta get out of here! Remember what Newt Scamander said? ‘Almost uniquely among fantastic creatures, the werewolf actively seeks humans in preference to any other kind of prey.’ If Lupin gets a sniff of us, we’re dead. Let’s go.”

“Amuvus Platformia!” Lily said. She began to climb up the invisible stairs she’d conjured. “I still want to know what they’re doing,” she explained. “I just don’t want to be eaten.”

“Good plan!” Jess exclaimed, following her. Another werewolf howl came from the tunnel. Bex grabbed Emily’s petrified form and dragged her up the stairs.

“A f-fully gr-gr-grown werewolf! Merlin! A fully grown w-w-w-werew-w-wolf!” she whimpered.

“Shhhhhhhh!” ordered Lily. Suddenly, a huge shadow came out of the tunnel.

“Merlin-Merlin-Merlin-Merlin-Merlin-Merlin-Merlin-Merlin!” whispered Emily.

“There’s Black.” Bex said.

“And Potter. He’s a… stag?” asked Lily.

“Yep. And obviously, Remus is the –“ said Jess.

“wolf,” finished Emily.

“Of course. And there’s little Peter. A rat if ever I saw one,” commented Jess. Suddenly, the werewolf raised it’s snout to the air and sniffed furiously. An enormous howl knifed through the silence, the wind picked up, and the clouds fled as if they too could hear the piercing, terrifying noise.

“Merlin-Merlin- Merlin-Merlin-Merlin-Merlin-Merlin-Merlin!” whispered Emily again.


“Woof!” Sirius barked. James the stag made a noise, which Lily later described as, ‘that of an elephant giving birth’. Emily could tell what was going through their mind.

“Usually he won’t be this aggressive, because he can’t smell his prey – humans. Right now, he has a bloodlust. The boys probably can’t control him.” Emily said. Then something truly petrifying took place. James and Sirius couldn’t control him any more, and Remus the werewolf escaped from their tight formation. The wolf found the bottom of the stairs, and began to cautiously pad up them. He got faster and faster as he realised the steps went in a straight line.

“MERLIN!” yelled Emily, with complete disregard for secrecy. Realising that all hope of her espionage plan had gone down the drain, Bex stepped forward. The werewolf was running at full pelt. Bex look furious. Her wand flew out of her pocket, and, without saying a word, a blast of purple light shot out of her wand and hit Lupin hard in the face, throwing him backwards. He landed hard on the invisible staircase with an audible ‘thump!’ Sirius transformed back into a human.

“For the love of Merlin, why the heck are you guys out here? You could have gotten hurt!” he yelled. Bex tapped each of the girls on their heads with her wand, and the disguising spell she’d cast immediately wore off. Then levitated the werewolf down to ground level and led the girls towards the Marauders. James and Peter followed Sirius’s example and turned back into people as well. Bex got a dangerous look in her eye, which then turned to fake innocence.

“Please, Sirius. Repeat what you just said.”

“I said, why are you here? You could have been hurt.”

“Tell me, Sirius. Why could we have gotten hurt?”

“Because there is a werewolf out here.”

“Is that right, Sirius? Why is there a werewolf out here?”

“Because we let him out…” Sirius said, trailing off. Bex’s look hardened. She drew her fist back, and punched Sirius hard in the mouth. Sirius stumbled backwards, swearing, but surprisingly he didn’t fall over. Without another word, the girls stormed back to their dormitory.

“Well that was fun,” commented Lily, before falling to sleep.


The next morning was a Saturday, and the students were permitted to have a day off, as is the tradition of most weekends. Bex woke the girls early and they showered and dressed as quickly as they could. Then they went off to corner the Marauders. Lily found them lazing about in what looked like an abandoned classroom. The desks were upturned and rubbish was scattered over the floor. It was later to be found out that the classroom was to be used that day, but couldn’t be because a couple of students had had a duel there.

“Hey, Lily!” James called.

“I’VE FOUND THEM!” Lily called.

“Lily, please, no!” Sirius called.

“Don’t bring them here!” Peter called.

“Why are we all yelling?” Lupin called. Bex entered the room.

“Hello, boys. We’ve come to make a deal.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘we’ve come to blackmail you into giving us something’?” Sirius corrected her.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.”

“Actually I expected you to deny blackmail.”

“It’s not my style to lie.”

“It’s not mine, either. You really need to see a counsellor.”

“Ahem,” James interrupted. “What deal are we talking about here?” Lily looked scornfully at him.

“We discussed it last night, and we’ve decided we want to become animagi.” The Marauders looked taken aback.

“What on Earth would make you think we’d be willing to teach you?” Sirius asked.

“Doesn’t matter whether you’re willing or not. If you don’t, we’ll tell McGonagall that you’re unregistered animagi.” Bex explained.

“In the long run, this’ll work out better for both of us. If we tell McGonagall that you’re animagi, then you can tell her that we are. Currently, we hold the power, and you’ve got nothing against us.” Jess said, as Sirius looked annoyed.

“I’m considering. But if we do this for you, you can’t tell anyone that Remus’s a werewolf.”

“We weren’t going to anyway. Lupin didn’t do anything to us.” Bex said.

“Except attack you.” James reminded her.

“But he wasn’t exactly in his right mind, was he?” Jess said.

“I still say no,” Sirius said, looking defiant. “It took us three years to become animagi.”

“Well then,” Bex said, “It’ll take me about five weeks.”

“I’m glad you’re so modest. I’d hate to be tutoring an arrogant pupil.” Sirius said.

“So you agree to tutor us?” Bex asked.

“Absolutely not!” Peter put in, then looking rather surprised at himself.

“Peter’s right.” James said. “If you could turn into animals as well, it gives you guys a lot more power than we want you to have.”

“I’ll make you a bet.” This is what Bex said as she turned to Sirius. “You have five weeks to teach me how to become an animagi. If I don’t manage it in that time limit, then you guys don’t have to teach us to become animagi.”

“Don’t do it, Sirius,” warned James. “Remember what happened last time…”

Sirius was unconvinced by James.

“Fine then,” he said, shaking Bex’s hand. “We begin intensive training in one day.” Then Sirius added, “By the way, did you know you broke my jaw in three places? I had to go to Madam Pomphrey to get it fixed!”

“Talk to my brother,” Bex said as she flounced away, “I broke his in seven.”

Author's note: Why did Bex break her brother's jaw in seven places? Because he didn't review. This is a good motivation for you to review.

(Okay, actually she broke his jaw in seven places in self defence, but lets pretend we didn't know that, aye?)

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Bex and Co.: I know what you did last night...


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