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Truth Be Told by Jellyman
Chapter 1 : Truth Be Told: Part One
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A/N: This was inspired by the couple of Rose/Scorpius fics I have seen popping up since the Deathly Hallows release... I hope you like it =]

Disclaimer: I own nothing that you recognize...

‘I've got some deep scars from a little black heart that's miles away
I sent it packing after I saw what it did and I couldn't believe
And now my chest hurts from the hole that I dug, it's getting harder to breathe
I'm really gasping, wishing I could turn back and that would fix everything ’

~ Little Black Heart, the Early November, the Mother, the Mechanic and the Path

Truth Be Told: Part One

The library was still and dusty on the sunny Sunday afternoon. The silence was only broken by the dull scratch of quills and the occasional whisper or burst of laughter. And there, in the corner next to a window where sunlight splashed its golden rays, surrounded by ancient looking books, sat a girl, her curly red hair glittering in the afternoon sun, her blue eyes intent on her work.

Rose Weasley, the ever studious one of the Weasley-Granger clan, was busing herself with large tomes on the structure of unicorn society. Having inherited her mother’s excellent research and retaining skills and her fathers attitude towards anything work related, Rose had long since learnt that she could procrastinate practically anything till the last minute and still get the one of the highest marks in her class. This was why it was such a shock to her family when she was sorted into Ravenclaw six years ago – but nevertheless, her parents were proud of her, while slightly disappointed (her father more so than her mother), though not in her, that she was not part of their house.

So there she was, on that lovely Sunday afternoon working on her Care Of Magical Creatures essay that was due the very next morning.

She was just on to her conclusion was a hand suddenly landed on her shoulder. Startled, she looked up only to find a pale young man grinned down at her and she smiled. Scorpius Malfoy may have looked like his father but he, judging the elder Malfoy’s personality on her mother and fathers accounts of the man, certainly did not act like it. Warm and kind, the young Malfoy was not arrogant and self-righteous like his father, but more affectionate and accepting. While having inherited the elder Malfoy’s trademark smirk and love of sarcasm, Scorpius did not share his father’s previous views on blood importance and the like. For one, he was a fellow Ravenclaw.

‘Hey,’ greeted the blonde, as he eyed the books around Rose. ‘Unicorn essay?’

Rose grunted a ‘yes’ in response, scribbling down her last sentence. She looked up from her essay at Scorpius who was smirking down at her. ‘What do you want?’

A simple outsider would have thought this remark was one of intolerance and dislike, but it was how they always talked to each other and the students of Hogwarts knew they were best friends. Besides, they had their moments of warmth and affection, but these were far and few between. But Rose always knew Scorpius would be there when she needed him and vise versa.

‘No need to get you knickers in a knot, Weasley,’ he said causally, sliding into the seat next to her.

‘What I do with my knickers is none of your business, Malfoy,’ she snapped, a smile tugging at her lips.

But rather than the remark having the effect she was looking for – a laugh and a witty comeback – Rose was disappointed to see him shift uneasily in his seat. Having also inherited her father’s lack of perception of the opposite sex, Rose shrugged it off.

‘Now, what do you want?’ she asked, glancing down at her essay. She only had to finish her conclusion then proof read and she was done.

‘Uh, I wanted to talk to you,’ he said, nervousness seeping into his voice. ‘Can we, uh, go outside?’ He eyed of the librarian who was casting her predatory stare their way. Rose looked at him oddly. Scorpius was never nervous; even she knew this.

‘Look, Scorpius, I really need to finish this, I’m meeting Albus in like an hour,’ she said, lowering her voice cautiously. ‘Can we just talk here?’

Scorpius shifted uneasily. ‘Uh... okay.’ There was a long pause.

Rose eyed him off impatiently. ‘Well? Come on, I have a lot to do!’

‘Well... uh... Rose... there is something I need to tell you.’

‘Well obviously, Scorpius!’ Rose exploded, he face flushing the Weasley red, causing the librarian to scowl at them. She lowered her voice. ‘If you are not going to tell me, then leave me alone, I’ve got work to do!’ And she piled her books high enough so she blocked him out.

Scorpius peered around the stack of books and looked at her irritably. ‘Cool it, Weasley,’ he said angrily, pushing the pile so the books toppled all over the desk.

The librarian let out a small shriek and rushed over. ‘Out!’ she screamed, pulling them up and shoving them towards the door. ‘Out, the both of you! You will not treat books like this and get away with it! OUT!’

‘Thanks a lot Scorpius!’ Rose huffed as she was pushed out the door with Scorpius. ‘Now how I am supposed to finish my essay?’

She stumbled as the librarian shoved her out the threshold and fell in to the wall, Scorpius landing on top of her.

‘Uh, Malfoy?’ she asked wriggling underneath him when he didn’t move. ‘Get off me, you fat oaf!’ She shoved him lightly and when he didn’t move again, she looked at him oddly. He face was contorted with an unrecognizable emotion.

‘Scorpius? Hey, Malfoy!’ she squirmed uncomfortably and his face screwed up in control.

‘Don’t – do – that!’ he grunted.

Rose, oblivious to the obvious like her father, muttered, ‘What? This?’ and wriggled again.

Suddenly he lowered his head and his lips crashed into hers. Rose stiffened, not quite knowing what to do, but when his tongue slid across her lip, something can over her and she opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. Her arms slipped around his neck, pulling him closer and, in response, he pulled her up the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist.


Suddenly reality came crashing down on her and she shoved Scorpius off of her. Questions sprung to her lips and she was about to voice them when a voice called out.

‘Hey, Rosie!’

Hugo Weasley was standing at the end of the hall, a large smile gracing his features. It was obvious he’d seen the whole thing.

‘I’m so telling dad!’ and with that proclamation, he ran off.

‘Oh, God,’ Rose murmured, covering her face. Tears sprung to her eyes as she thought of what her father would say. ‘I’m sorry, Malfoy, I really didn’t mean to do that, I don’t know what came over me, I – ’

‘I meant it, Rosie.’

‘- didn’t mean for it – What?’

Scorpius ran his hands through his blonde hair. ‘I said, I meant it. I’ve wanted to do that for months now. Rosie, that’s what I wanted to tell you. I l-like you. I-I fancy you. A lot. Too much, I think... Man, I might even love you. I don’t know anymore.’

Rose stood in the middle of the corridor, shock running though her. Tears flowed freely down her face and Scorpius, noticing this, went to brush them away but she held his has away.

‘Please, Scorpius,’ she choked, tears tightening her throat. ‘Please... I can't...’

‘Rose… Rose, I’m sorry but…’

But before he could finish, she fled, tears streaming down her face.

Scorpius watched her run down the corridor, his heart breaking. But not only that was broken – he’d just ruined his friendship with one of the most wonderful woman he’d ever met.

A/N: I’m planning on writing a part two (note the 'short story') to this, so watch out for it. Please give me some feed back in a review, it would really be appreciated =]

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Truth Be Told: Truth Be Told: Part One


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