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Harry Potter and the Lethifold Cult by 13spoon13
Chapter 1 : Prologue: The stirrings of an Ancient Evil
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As the scattered parts of Voldemort’s soul slid through the abyss of death, a mild tremor shivered across the barrier between two worlds. It was indistinguishable to all but the most sensitive, insignificant to all but the most alert and ignored by all but the most ambitious.

As was the case, a certain group of beings had been examining the barrier for most of eternity, waiting for such an event. Had it come at any time later or earlier, it would have made no difference; what mattered was that it came.

From a crevasse in the blockade between life and death, this group emerged and took form on the side they had spent so long trying to reach. After waiting for an eternity, they were eager to leave the pitiful cavern they had been clinging to, forever in fear of slipping through to the other side. There was no sense of comradeship amongst them, although some had spent centuries together; there was merely a burning desire to return to life, whatever the cost. With a universal goal, they could live with each other until they reached their target, so long as they stayed out of each others’ ways.

The world they entered required them to take a solid form, so they each took the shape that they thought would be best suited. For many, the form they took was of the only memory that remained to them – the human. Those who had been clinging to the barrier for so long that they had no memories left soon copied the others, until all had taken human form. Their presence radiated a kind of mist, which hid them from all but each other.

Whilst clinging to the wall, there had been no need for leadership or command, but now those that had more substance and power quickly took control. Communicating by thought alone, they split into three groups, one slightly smaller than the others. This smaller group contained those who had been in the crevasse for the longest, those who had absorbed the power of the barrier itself. They refused to let the lesser, younger beings view their presence and created a veil that only those of their power could see through. Thus they became known as ‘The Veiled Ones.’ The other groups soon departed to set up on their own.

Time passed and they gradually civilised themselves, creating a language and giving themselves names. Some even managed titles that resembled ‘Sirs,’ ‘Misters,’ and ‘Lords.’ Communication was established between the three groups, and they quickly discovered that they had different views on things. With this realisation, various battles broke out between the two larger groups, and some were cast back to and beyond the barrier. However, with the influence of the Veiled Ones, those who were prone to fighting were kept apart and had to go through others to communicate.

The communication took place in the centre of the Veiled Ones’ settlement, resulting in complete control by the smaller group. The power of the Veiled Ones was supreme, and none among them challenged it.

A year passed, and it was on the first of September that they made their initial contact with humans. These humans were the last force of dark wizards: the Lethifold Cult.

A/N: Many thanks to my beta Mortalus for making this readable and to the Amazonians for faithfully reading this.

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