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Look at me by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend
Chapter 4 : Who do you love the most?
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Look at me

Part 4

Who do you love the most?

The ending of the year came to a close and Rosabella had stopped all contacts with Sirius. Soon she would be home again and they would most likely never meet again. She needed to survive without him and she needed to get used to that as soon as possible.

“I love you” She whispered to Regulus before she fell asleep in his arms. He had smiled and pulled her closer to him. Just as he wanted t reply however he heard the even breathing coming from her silent from and he knew she was asleep already. He observed her closely for a moment and noticed a slight change in her figure. Though he no clue what had caused it he simply shrugged it off and laid his head to rest as well.

The next morning he woke up in an empty bed and quickly got up. She always slept longer then him and only woke up early if absolutely necessary or when something was wrong. Frantically he looked around for any sign of her and then walked into the bathroom. There he saw her brushing her teeth. She smiled at him and he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“You’re up early” he mused in her ear and she rinsed her mouth.

“Yes I had the weirdest dream and woke up quite early, couldn’t sleep anymore after that” she said quickly and willing to trust her fully he took her excuse without protest. It was then that Rosabella first experienced a pang of guilt that would not pass quickly.
She watched as he stepped into a shower cabin before walking out of the bathroom. Soon the other men in his room would wake up and she did not want to see their assets. Quickly grabbing her clothes she ran downstairs and up to her own room where she grabbed clean clothing and took a nice hot shower before once more brushing her teeth.

It took Regulus a while to figure out what had been going on, but the changes in her body kept amaze him. Soon however he found the cause for it.
It was a warm night that showed everybody summer was close, when he cornered her in the library. And as she looked into his eyes she knew there was no point in lying.

“We need to talk” he said and she nodded before taking his hand and letting him lead her to a more private room.

“is it his?” he asked simply no emotion evident on his face and she just looked down at her shoes. That answered his question.

“How long?” he asked then.

“It’s been three months now” she replied softly and tears began to leak from her eyes.
“Does he know?” Regulus now asked taking a soft hold on her arms and she looked up into his eyes.

“No” she whispered and Regulus was happy to be standing so close to her otherwise he might have never heard her right at once.

“He does not know you are carrying his child?!” he asked her a little shocked and then saw the new tears forming in her eyes. It was then that he made a choice and he pulled her close.

“I could raise it as my own. Nobody needs to know, if that is what you want” he said softly and he felt her arms encircling his waist pulling him close, seeking comfort in his embrace.
For an hour they just stood and she cried, he said nothing more and she knew her words were needed to be heard by him. The choice she made a while ago, if he would have agreed.

“Yes...I want that and I do love you never forget that” she whispered and he smiled a sad smile.

“Yet I’ll never capture your heart the way he has. It’ll never be the same to you...I will never truly be enough” Regulus said and she pushed him away a little so she could look him in the eyes.

“He was a mistake, I wish to marry you” she said and kissed him hungrily.
He needed to believe her, he needed to love her. She needed him too. And he did. He loved her and he hated her al the same. He hated her because she gave her heart to his brother a year ago and he could never get it back from him. He could never win from his brother. He knew that, but he could not push her away. He could not live without her. He didn’t want to either. And now he knew, he didn’t need to. She asked him to be with her, she wished to marry him. He was content. He wanted to make her happy. That in turn would make him happy.

A week later it was time to go home and then she would have to tell her parents. They would be disappointed she didn’t wait but then again they would still believe it was Regulus’ baby and they would be happy. At that point they were both happy that their parents were oblivious to their true feelings.
Because as much as Regulus said he would raise it as his own he had been distant the entire week. Rosabella knew he had to process everything and she gave him enough space to do so, but not enough space to let him think she was once again with his brother. She had decided to never let Sirius know about their baby. She would tell him it was Regulus, she would tell him through a letter. Otherwise he might see the truth and talk her out of the marriage. She didn’t want to. She needed the marriage with Regulus.

As she arrived home, she was met by the tearful eyes of her mother. Her eyes was blue and her whole body seemed to have been adorned with black and blue spots. William Rosier was on warpath. She looked around for Evan hoping he could take the fall this time but he had conveniently run off to meet his friends. She readied herself as much as she could and stepped past the threshold. Saying she had some news for them and if they could find a few minutes of their time to listen to her. Yet she was disappointed when her stepfather pulled her aside and began throwing curses her way. There was no time to warn him about the baby and the pain in her stomach was beyond any pain she had ever felt before. Her heart broke at the thought of loosing this baby and she was happy when she heard the voice of Regulus. He jumped before her and pulled her body close to him. She gave him one more smile before everything turned black before her. And she missed the tears that shimmered in the eyes of Regulus and the bewildered look upon her stepfathers face. Regulus ordered him out of the room and asked her mother for a healer. He hoped the baby would be fine. He knew she wanted the baby.

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