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Kat and Cassie in hp by Miro Leonelli
Chapter 1 : Uhoh watch out hp
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Katrina sat on her computer typing to Cassie. The two of them were talking about how they wished that they could go to Hogwarts it would be so cool. The all of the sudden Katrina and Cassies screens glow. Katrina screams to her microphone “CASSIE IS THIS HAPPENING TO YOU TO?”
Katrina heard "IF ITS WHAT I THINK IT IS!!!" screamed before she was sucked into the harry potter book along with Cassie going into her book.

Katrina hit the ground with a Thud then Cassie fell out of nowhere onto Katrina’s back. ”OUCH” Katrina screeched, ”Watch were you are landing, CASSIE!” Katrina looked at Cassie and her jaw dropped, Cassie was wearing the Hogwarts girl uniform. Cassie looks at Katrina and busts up laughing, "are you a cross dresser? I didn’t know that!" Katrina looked around and saw they were on a train with a bunch of luggage around them and two cats curled up in the corner together.

The door opened and two boys walked in they were twins just like Cassie and Katrina, except they had the same hairstyles and everything. The only thing that made Katrina and Cassie different was that Cassie had deep blackish brownish hair, and Katrina had Black and blue hair. Katrina looked at the guys and blushed when one of the boys took Katrina’s hand and said, ”Let me help you man”. Katrina laughed and said, “I am a girl”

The boy blushes and laughs “Well you look like a guy”. Cassie snickers from a little away when all of the sudden a boy with white/blonde hair walks in and looks at Cassie. Cassie looks at the boy and nods a short hi. Katrina Laughs and pokes the red head and introduces herself “My name is Katrina and this is my sister Cassie” Katrina points to Cassie and smiles.

Cassie keeps looking at the boy with white-blonde hair. The boy with red hair that Katrina is talking to says "Nice to meet you" he leaves when he sees the blonde. Cassie blinks a few times “Where did he go?” Katrina looks around “I dunno, hi there”. Katrina walks up to the white-blonde haired boy “Hi i am Katrina this is my sister Cassie.” Cassie blushes lightly and stutters "hi" to him.

The boy looks at both of them up and down and says "My names Draco, and don’t get in my way" He leaves them in the compartment alone with each other. “...Hmph” Cassie glares at Draco and he turns into a rabbit “whoa.... What the....” Katrina giggles and stares, Katrina’s giggles turn Draco backs into a human.

Katrina: Urg the first chappy done need sleep
Cassie: Yess sleep
Katrina and Cassie: REVIEW PLEASES *both go to sleep*

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