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Hey Mommy, Tell Me About Daddy by KeevinLover_9216
Chapter 1 : Tell Me About Daddy
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Disclaimer: I own nobody but my plot, Anna and Draco Jr. J.K. Rowling owns all of the rest.


Hermione Malfoy stood in her laundry room folding the load that had just come out of the dryer. A little boy with a shock of silver hair ran into the room.


“Mama,” the little boy said “Will you tell me about daddy?”


Hermione stopped folding the shirt in her hands. Her eyes suddenly filling with tears.


“Draco honey, not today. Today is not a good day.” She told her son


“Please mommy, Anna won’t tell me anything.” The little boy said taking a seat on the floor.


“Okay, what do you want to know?” Hermione asked sitting as well


“How did Daddy die?”


“Well Honey, it was a horrible accident…” Hermione started




“Draco, please be careful. I don’t know why you even have to go. They let you off work so you could see your first son enter the world.” Hermione pleaded with her husband


“Darling, I’ll be fine. It is Me, Harry and Ron going on a quick covert mission. We’ll be home in less than 8 hours.” Draco said kissing Hermione on the mouth then turned to his 3 year-old, Anna. “Give me a love, Miss. Banana. Daddy’ll be home soon.” With one kiss on his daughter’s forehead he moved and lifted Hermione’s maternity shirt and laid a kiss on her tummy.


“I’ll be home before you know it, Ginny and Lavender and the kids will be here in a spot. I love you. Now and forever.” With that he turned and walked out the door. Hermione heard the pop that signaled her husband’s departure from the property and then shuffled Anna to the bathroom for her bath.


“Ginny, they’re late. It’s been 9 hours.” Hermione said to Ginny who was sitting on the couch next to her, almost as pregnant as Hermione.


“Mione, they are just fine. Ron got home and hour ago and didn’t say anything. They are probably at the ministry filing some paper work. Nothing is…” before Ginny could finish an owl flew through the open window and landed on the coffee table. Grasped in its talons were two envelopes. One was black signaling gravely injured and one was red signaling injured, but out of the woods


Hermione’s heart leapt to her throat as she looked at Ginny who was staring blankly at the envelopes.


“Um, which one is which?” Ginny asked her voice thick with emotion.


“Well…the names are on the front. Do you want me to grab them?” Hermione asked the younger woman


Ginny nodded and Hermione reached her hand to grab the envelopes. The Red one had the name; Mrs. Ginny Potter written on it and the black one had the name Mrs. Hermione Malfoy written on it. The women opened their letters and they both said that they should report to the St. Mungo’s intensive care unit as soon as possible.


Hermione didn’t notice how much time passed as she and Ginny got their children into their coats and loaded into the stroller that was formatted for sidelong apparation. They arrived in the intensive care unit and immediately demanded to see their husbands. Ginny and her two sons were led to Harry’s room almost immediately.


“Hermione, everything will be okay. Remember god only tests us to our ability to be tested.” She said as she grabbed Albus and led James to the room the attending was pointing at.


Hermione waited for 10 minutes until the head healer came out to talk to her.


“I must tell you Hermione, as your husband’s doctor, it doesn’t look good. As your friend and colleague, I am so sorry.” She was then led to Draco’s room.


Lying on the bed was her husband. His body was covered by three large blankets to keep his body heat up. There were ventilators and IV stations surrounding his bed. She walked closer and saw that his face was still the same, though he was covered in multiple cuts and bruises. She sat next to him and grabbed his hand. Draco woke and turned his head. He smiled and coughed then started talking to Hermione.


“Darling, my love, oh…there is a diary of sorts hidden under my side of the mattress. It is letters to Anna and the new baby, for all their birthdays and stuff. There is money in an account at Gringotts one vault is for Anna for school and one is for the new baby.” Hermione cut Draco off.


“No, we are not making plans for death. You’re alive, you’re talking.” Hermione said with a thick voice


“Love, I was bitten by a werewolf. He destroyed my body. I lost so much blood. I was also hit with Sectumseptra, the doctors told me to make plans for death. That’s when I sent you the letter. So you need to listen. So I can tell you things you don’t know. You can’t linger over my death. You need to move on. Anna and the baby need a father and they also need a mother who isn’t depressed. I sent a letter to Blaise. He is going to move in for a while and help out. I love you. Now and forever.” Draco stopped and took a breath, becoming increasingly paler. “There is a photo album in my closet with pictures of everything, and there is a book in there for when Anna turns 11 and gets into Hogwarts as well as one for the baby. My will is in the third drawer in my desk in the study as well as other things you’ll need. I love you.” Draco said pulling Hermione toward him and giving her a kiss, it was long and passionate. He then turned to Anna. “Anna Banana, come here baby. I love you, and in your toy box you’re gonna find a new toy. Daddy sent it to you from where we were. I hope you have fun with it.”


Anna looked into her father’s eyes. “When are you coming home daddy?” she asked in a small voice


“I’m not coming home this time baby. Daddy is going to heaven okay? But I will be seeing you?” Draco told his daughter who had big crocodile tears in her eyes, “You be strong, Tell your little brother about me, can you do that?”


“I will daddy. I yuv you. See you in heben.” The little girl said kissing her fathers cheeks and getting off the bed


“Draco.” Hermione pleaded, “Please fight for me. Please.”


“Hermione, I did. Now it’s time for you to give me a kiss and let me go.” Draco said slowly closing his eyes.


Hermione kissed her husband and watched as he took his last breath.


*********************End Flashback*******************


“I’m sorry mommy.” Little Draco said sadly


“It’s okay, little one. What else did you want to know?”


“How did you and daddy meet? Like when you liked each other?” The 5 year-old blushed as he asked and Hermione smiled


“Well, I was in Diagon Alley…”



It was 106 degrees outside that summer. Hermione Granger sat at an outdoor café with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Her hair was up in a ponytail, whilst her body was covered in a pair of jean shorts and an aqua blue tank top. She paused quietly to look up and saw a pair of grey eyes opposite her.


“Hello Malfoy.” She said with disdain, “what do you want?”


“I wanted to sit and have a cup of coffee, and it seemed that you were alone.” He said smirking as he waved over the waitress and ordered two more cappuccinos


“And you thought that I’d want a pig headed jerk to sit with me?” Hermione asked


“No, I thought you’d want an attractive pig headed jerk to sit with you.”


Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at that. She did have to admit he’d gotten more attractive since she’d been away from school. He’d let his hair grow out more and gotten it layered (manly layers), his chin and jaw were more chiseled and she could see the shadow of a soul patch and hair on his chin. His arms were lean yet muscled and she just knew that without a shirt she would be able to see six pack abs and a nice broad muscled back. Today though he had on a shirt, it was blue which made his grey eyes pop. He also wore a pair of khaki shorts and brown leather flip flops.


“So, I know you didn’t just sit here to talk, what do you want?” she asked marking her spot in her book and taking a sip of her coffee.


“Well, see I’ve got a crush on one of the girls in the order. But she doesn’t know I’m alive. She’s smart, hilarious, beautiful, and I just don’t know how to ask her out.” He said


“Oh, well do you know if she likes you back or not?” she asked him


“That’s the problem, her and I aren’t exactly on the best terms, so I wouldn’t know.”


“Well, just ask her. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? She says no?” Hermione said chuckling to herself, Draco Malfoy coming to her for relationship advice.


“So you’re telling me to just ask her out. And hope she says yes?”


“That is exactly what I’m telling you.” Hermione said taking another drink of her coffee.


“Okay, so Hermione do you want to go to dinner with me tonight, around 8~ish?” he asked


Hermione almost choked on her coffee,


“Me? You like me?” she asked incredulously


“Yeah, so you wanna go to dinner with me?”


“Are you sure? Like me?”


“Hermione, you’re beautiful. You’re talented, funny, and smart. If we hadn’t been enemies in school I would have liked you then too! We are on the same side. Do you want to go out with me?”

“Um, sure. Pick me up at 8?”


“I’ll be there.”


**************************End Flashback***************** 

“Oh, mum, that is so romantic!” Anna exclaimed


“Yeah, mommy. That is pretty!” Draco said


“Well thank you.” Hermione said getting up


“No, mum, you have to tell us about the date. How did the date go?” Anna exclaimed again




“Please mum…” Draco and Anna begged in unison






Hermione stood in her bathroom applying mascara. She was wearing a gold dress with spaghetti straps that criss-crossed over her back. It stopped about mid calf but the hem came in a diagonal swish from her knee to her calf. Her hair was up in a bun like the one she wore for the Yule Ball. Her shoes were gold stiletto heels, with an ankle strap and a strap going down the instep of her foot. Her makeup was light. A bit of eye-liner and mascara, with some gold eye shadow and red-ish lipstick. She heard a knock on the door and picked up her purse and made her way to the front door. She opened it and saw Draco in a black suit and tie. She clicked on her porch light and locked her door, then made her way down the walk with Draco.


“You look absolutely amazing.” He said opening her car door


“Thank you, you look handsome as well.” She said sliding in and buckling her seatbelt


They arrived several minutes later at a muggle restaurant.


“Which restaurant is this?” she asked


Le Coeur de la Mer it means Heart of the Sea. I thought it was fitting.” He said with a smile


They were sat almost immediately and talked the night away. By ten o’clock they were finished and got back into the car. They arrived back at Hermione’s flat and he walked her to the door.


“I had a great night tonight. Do you want to do something tomorrow?”  He asked


“Um, I’d like that.” She smiled


“I’ll pick you up at 4?” He said leaning closer


“That’ll be good,” she whispered as his lips brushed hers


“Do you want me to come in?” he asked kissing her again,


She nodded as he continued to kiss her and she unlocked her door…


***********************Flashback End*******************


“Oooo, mommy and daddy! You guys were naughty! Kissing in front of people, Grandma Weasly tells Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry  that they shouldn’t do that.” Anna said


“Well, Grandma Weasly is just kidding!” Hermione exclaimed standing up, “now you two need to go clean up the play room. I’ll tell you more stories later.”


“Okay, the next one has to be about when you got married. I bet it was just amazing!” Anna said walking out of the laundry room


“Yeah, about when you getted menied.” Little Draco said toddling out of the room to help his sister


“When I got married…” Hermione got lost in thought as she started to fold laundry again




Hermione stood in her bride’s dressing room. She stood in front of the mirror in her wedding dress.


It was strapless, the bodice was tight fitted and then at her hips it turned from cotton/silk to a silk skirt with a train; she had a silken sash around her waist which was emerald green. She had gloves on with emerald green at the end where the silken gloves met her elbow. The hem at the top of the bodice was also emerald green silk.


Her hair was in a graceful ponytail, she had ringlets surrounding her face and swooping bangs across one eye. In her hair was Draco’s mother’s wedding tiara which was littered with 1 carrot emeralds. Her makeup was subtle. Eyeliner and mascara, with silver on her eyelid. Her lips were bare save for a bit of gloss.  Hermione looked at herself and smiled.


"Soon I’m going to be Mrs. Hermione Malfoy!” she though giddily


She then started to dance, she hopped around her room giggling and yelling with joy. She then heard a laugh and saw Harry and Ginny standing in her doorway with bemused smiles on their faces.


 “Is somebody happy she’s getting married?” Ginny smiled


“Somebody is Ecstatic!” Hermione exclaimed


“Well, you need to get ready. Everybody is in their spots, I’m sending Victorie down with her flowers right now, and then we will go. Then you and Harry follow, okay?” Ginny said


“We’ve been over this a lot, just go okay!” Hermione exclaimed pushing Ginny out the door.


She stood out side the doors, which led to the gardens at Malfoy Manor. She heard the wedding march start and grabbed Harry’s arm. When the doors opened she saw Draco at the podium waiting for her. On his left was Blaise, his best man and then Ron. Standing to the right of where Hermione was about to stand was Ginny, her maid of honor and Luna, Ron’s wife and her bridesmaid. She then saw Neville who was going to ordain their marriage. She stepped up to the podium and turned to face Draco.


“We are gathered here, to see our lovely Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy join in holy matrimony. They have written their own vows, and Draco will proceed first.” Neville said


“Hermione, you and I were never good friends during school. I was raised to hate you. But always in the back of my mind I would notice little things I just liked about you. How when you study, sometimes you stick out your tongue. And how when you’re really angry you talk through your teeth. But above all else, I saw that someday, you would make any man proud to be your husband. When I saw you at that café, I was struck about how much you had grown up. Though I had been working with you, until then you were still Granger. Now, I couldn’t imagine you as anything other than Malfoy.” A chuckle went through the crowd at this snip of irony, “so, my love. I love you with all my heart. And I promise to love, to cherish, to honor, to care and to protect you for all of my days. I love you.”


Hermione felt her eyes moisten as she started her vows


“I hated you at one point. And if someone told me that I’d be dancing around my dressing room at the aspect of marrying Draco Malfoy, I would have laughed in their face. But now, it all seems so right. When I saw you at that café I was just sure you were there to ridicule me. Then when you asked me out, I think I fell in love. So Draco Malfoy, I too promise, to love, to cherish, to honor, to protect, and to love for all of my days. I love you.”


“With that we will now cast the binding spell to join these two forevermore.” Neville waved his wand and a green and a gold cord emerged and wrapped itself around their entwined hands.


“I now pronounce you witch and wizard, you may kiss the bride.”


Draco grabbed Hermione’s waist and pulled her toward him. He gave her one long passionate kiss. Cheers erupted from the crowd as they turned and walked down the isle for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. But the only thing on either of their minds, was the honeymoon!


************************End Flashback******************


“You made me promise I’d tell them about you. You made me promise I’d marry again. You made me promise to forget about you. I’ve done the first two, but wile my children want to remember you. I have to as well. So Draco, If you can hear me, please make this easier” Hermione pleaded in her mind as she slid down the wall to the ground and sobbed.


A/n: Well, this is one of my latest one-shots, Read and Review and tell me if I need that ending piece or not. Just an idea!! Read and Review PLEASE!! Oh and new chapter on Dancing in the Streets of Hogsmeade is up! Go read and review that too!


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