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Blistered and Broken Hearted by sweetypye0110
Chapter 31 : I Think You Should Know This
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Chapter Thirty-One: I think you should know this

“Remus,” Arianna called out a week later. She had decided it was time to see if Severus and Remus could interact in a peaceful manner. She knew Severus was studying in the library and decided that she would bring Remus along with her. She had a strong feeling that this might all blow up in her face, but it was worth a shot. “Do you want to come to the library with me? I have to work on my Defense against the Dark Arts essay and I thought you might want to come with.”

“Sure Ari, of course I’ll come with. Just let me run up and grab my bag.” He said, getting up from the chair next to the fire and heading up to his room to get his bag.

Arianna stood at the bottom of the staircase, ignoring her brother as usual. It was hard to get up everyday and pretend that she wasn’t related to Sirius. She missed talking to him, she missed laughing with him. Severus and Remus made her laugh too, but not in the way that Sirius did. Sirius could make her laugh so hard that she cried.

With Severus they didn’t always talk, sometimes they just liked to be together in quiet. Severus wasn’t a talker, that was for sure. He seemed content to listen to her talk, but he was always a little hesitant to spill any deep dark secrets to her. Remus had always been a good listener, but once again she felt that he didn’t tell her all that much about him.

It was nice to have a boyfriend who she was starting to have really intense feelings for (she still wasn’t sure about the L-word that Dumbledore had mentioned) and a friend like Remus who was there for her no matter what. But it wasn’t quite the same without Sirius. She missed him.

She could feel Sirius staring at her from where he was sitting with some girls and Peter by the fire. She just kept her back to him and wished that Remus would hurry up so that they could leave.

“Still mad at me?” Sirius called up, getting up from the chair.

Arianna half turned to look at him. “Yes.” She said quietly, trying not to meet his eyes. She didn’t want to cave in just because she missed him.

“Aw c’mon Ari, you haven’t talked to me in over a week. You don’t even look at me anymore. I said I was sorry, didn’t I?” He asked, taking a step closer to her.

“No, you didn’t. You’ve never said you’re sorry to me. All you said was for me to let it go.” She reminded.

“Which I’m still hoping you’ll do.” He muttered. He walked closer to her and lowered his voice so that onlookers couldn’t hear. “C’mon Ari, Remus is crazy about you. He would do anything to be with you. Why do you want to hurt him so that you can be with Snape?”

She shook her head. “You still don’t get it, do you Sirius? Me and Remus have talked things out. You’re still not even trying to understand my side. You just want things to go the way that you want.” She protested.

“Okay, you have been listening way too much to Snape. I don’t just want things my way. I’m not like that. I want you to be happy. I just know that you could be happy with Remus.” He told her, scowling.

Arianna bit her lip and shook her head. “I don’t think so. You don’t know anything about me and Severus. We don’t spend our entire time sitting around talking about you, you know. In fact, we try not to talk about you at all.”

“Good. I don’t want old Snivellus filling your head with lies about me.” Sirius retorted.

“Get over yourself Sirius!” Arianna snapped. “Can you stop and think for one second that maybe Severus and me being together has absolutely nothing to do with you?”

“Yeah, well I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m going to be involved in this in one way or another. As much as you try and ignore me, I’m still your brother.” He told her, looking up to see Remus standing on the stairs.

“I just wish that you would try and understand my side.” Arianna whispered. “Please, just try and understand me.”

Remus came down to stand beside her. “Is everything okay?” He asked, looking between her and Sirius.

“Yeah, everything’s peachy, Moony.” Sirius said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Moony?” Arianna said, looking confused. “Why’d you call him that?” Remus’s eyes widened in horror. The Marauders, as they called themselves, refrained from saying their nicknames around other people.

Sirius paused for a second. “It’s just a nickname that me and the boys made up.” He said vaguely. “Because when Remus likes a girl, he kind of moons over her, you know. Well, that’s the way he used to be with you. Now that you’ve got your precious Snivellus though, I guess it doesn’t really work as a nickname anymore.” He turned and walked away. Remus glared after him, although Sirius had spared him from telling the real reason behind the nickname, it still was an embarrassing reason.

Arianna was frozen for a second, trying not to look at Remus. Then she just sighed. “Sometimes you boys make up the stupidest things.” She told him, smiling bravely at him, and pretending not to see that Sirius was back over with the girls and Peter. “You ready to go now?”

He laughed, trying to shake off the sick feeling he’d felt when he’d heard his nickname drop from Arianna’s lips. He never wanted her to find out what he really was. “Yeah, let’s get going.” He caught Sirius’s eye, smiling slightly in gratitude as they walked out the portrait hole.

As they got into the library, Arianna cast a look around for Severus. She spotted him sitting by himself in a back corner. “Do you care if we sit with him?” Arianna asked Remus nervously. “I really want the two of you to get along.” She twisted her fingers nervously.

Remus looked from her anxious face over to where Severus was sitting, oblivious to the fact that they were here. Truthfully, he wanted to be nowhere near the guy who had taken Arianna away from him, but he knew it would make her happy if he went with her over there. “Ah, sure. As long as it’s okay with Snape.”

Beaming at Remus as if he had just completely made her day, she squeezed his hand before dragging him over to the table where Severus was sitting. He looked up and saw her, smiling slightly. “There you are, I was wondering when you would decide to grace me with your presence…” his voice trailed off when he realized who she had brought all along with her.

“Hey Sev,” Arianna chirped cheerfully. “I brought Remus along with me, he’s going to help me with my homework. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” Severus drawled, leaning back in his chair and observed as Arianna and Remus took a seat at his formerly empty table.

Arianna talked practically nonstop as she pulled out her homework and showed it to Remus. Severus watched them, his guard up. He kept expecting Lupin to start making some snide remarks about how he had stolen Lupin’s girl. However, although Lupin was rather distant from him, he wasn’t rude. Slowly, Severus relaxed, smiling a little as he listened to Arianna chatter on about her Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

As they got up to leave the library that night, Remus paused before smiling at Arianna and Severus. He cleared his throat. “Well then, I’m going to head back on up to the common room. Don’t be too much longer, Ari.” He said, squeezing her shoulder and nodding to Snape. “I’ll see you guys later.” He called out, feeling only minor twinges of his broken heartstrings as he walked away, leaving her with the guy he hated.

Arianna turned to Severus with an expectant look on her face. He cleared his throat a couple times and coughed. “That wasn’t so bad.” He muttered finally. She squealed and threw herself at him in a hug.

*reviews??? im having a bit of writers block. i can't get motivated to finish the next chap. if you have any feedback or ideas please let me know!!! thanks for reading!!!

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