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Fate by whisper in the wind
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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Hermione sat looking out of her bedroom window for what felt like ages. She couldn't stand to go back down to the common room she shared with His Majesty, the pig headed little slytherin prince himself, Draco Malfoy. Thinking of him only brought back the tears of anger she was trying to suppress since after dinner that evening. She couldn't hold them in any longer so they spilled down her face onto her Transfiguration book. Anything to keep her busy. As she pushed away her book she broke into muffled sobs.

"Stop it Hermione! Just stop!" she told herself for what felt like the millionth time that night. "Don't let him get to you, let alone hear you cry. He'll just know that he's won again."

Just then there was a pounding at her door and she jumped a mile. Then Hermione remembered that Harry said he'd come over to talk to her about something. She got up and went to the door of her room trying to wipe the tears off of her face. As she finally opened the door she felt as though she skipped a step going down a flight of stairs. She quickly closed the door and felt hot tears flooding her eyes again. 

"Hermione... open the door."

"Go away," she sniffed. Her sniffles quickly becoming sobs again.

"No. Not until you let me in," Malfoy protested. "And please, please, please stop crying. It's driving me mad, you know," he drawled in his signiture style. When Hermione didnt answer he threatened to force his way in, and very reluctantly she turned the doorknob.

When Malfoy stepped into her room, Hermione's scent ensnaired his senses and caused him to close his eyes to regain his composure. This whole sharing head duties and living quarters with Hermione was slowly driving him into insanity. But he wasn't complaining.

"Say what you want and leave Malfoy," Hermione snapped. "I'm a bit sick of you at the moment."

Malfoy cocked his head to one side as if he was getting a good look at Hermione for the first time, and then he smirked.

"Sick of me?" Draco whispered harshly so that Hermione winced. "Me? You're just so goddamn proud all the time that you won't let the truth penetrate that thick little skull of yours. Get over yourself, Granger. I'm not here to play nice." When he finished his little speech his sharp features softened as he watched Hermione sob all over again. 

"No!" Hermione practically screamed and now it was Draco's turn to wince. "No," she said softer this time. "You're right, okay? You're absolutley right. What was I thinking? I'm pathetic. Now if you dont mind Malfoy, I'd like to be left alone." 

"Stop crying, Merlin's Beard, I'm begging you. I'm not the Weasel, you know. I don't live just to make you cry all the time," Malfoy smirked. 

At this Hermione laughed, but as it was in the middle of her crying, it came out as a choking kind of snort. Malfoy smiled and walked over and sat next to Hermione on her bed. He turned her around toward him, cupped her chin in his hands, and brought her face up so that they were looking directly into eachothers eyes. Hermione supressed a shudder as she came across his silver eyes. Draco wiped the tears from Hermione's face and chastely kissed her on the forehead. She hated it when he was nice to her. But what she hated even more was when he was nice to her when she was angry with him.

"Good night," he said as he turned to leave her room.

"I'm still mad at you."

"And I still think that you're too damn proud for your own good. Good night," he said again as he closed the door behind him.

Hermione looked at her clock. It wasn't even 10 o'clock yet! And Malfoy honestly thought that he could tuck her in?! Fuming, Hermione got up from her bed. She hated how Draco always condescended her. 'I'm not a little girl' she thought. Then as she was making her way towards the door, she felt faint. She figured she was both emotionally and physically exhausted from having fought with Malfoy. So, sulkingly, she went back to her bed and fell asleep.

Hermione woke with a start at 12:37 am, according to her clock. She heard 2 male voices shouting downstairs in the common room she shared with Malfoy. As she started down the stairs quietly, she heard a 3rd voice. This one, a hoarse whisper, as if he was trying to make a point across to the other two without actually raising his voice. It was Malfoy, Harry, and Ron.

"For the 100th time, She's SLEEPING!" Draco almost yelled. "So would you shut the Fu-

"What are you guys yelling on about?" Hermione asked finally reaching the bottom of the stairs case.

"HA!" yelled Ron, "I knew you were lying! Hermione's not stupid enough to fall asleep with a serpent on the loose."

Harry was looking at Hermione with what looked like rage creeping up his face. Hermione looked back wondering what was wrong. As she opened her mouth to speak Harry rounded on Draco and hexed him.

"That's the 3rd time this week that Hermione's cried herself to sleep!" Harry roared. "What did you do to her?!"

Ron stood there shocked and triumphant, but anger was boiling up in Hermione as she watched Draco writhe around on the floor in pain.

"OUT! NOW!" Hermione screamed. Harry opened his mouth to protest, but she cut him off. "Now," she whispered dangerously. "Leave now."

Harry and Ron stood only a second longer but seemed to think better of it and left. Hermione rushed over to Draco and lifted the curse. Draco stayed still on the floor with his eyes closed but was gasping for air. New tears started to swim across her eyes and obscured her vision. These tears weren't of anger or hate but of terror and then relief. She bent down next to Draco and put a shaking hand on his forehead, then moved it down to his cheek. Draco's eyes fluttered open and he weakly smiled up at her. 

"They woke you up didn't they?" he asked. "Stupid prats," he laughed shakily.

Hermione's throat hurt so badly from trying to keep her tears from free falling down her face again. She was afraid that if she opened her mouth to speak nothing would come out. Or worse, she'd start crying all over again. And Draco was right, the crying was a bit annoying, and he wasn't Ron; that's for sure.

Draco tried to heave himself up but Hermione put her hand gently on his chest, trying to relax him. She still didn't dare to speak, so she just put a finger to his lips when he tried to protest and went into the kitchen they shared to get some potion to restore some of his energy. When she went back to the room, Draco was sitting up in the spot she had left him in, looking at her curiously. When she handed him the potion he pushed it back in realization.

"I'll be fine. Really Hermione, I swear. I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself." When Hermione still looked at him the same way, he snapped. "Listen, Granger! I can take care of myself, thank you very much. I don't need you to babysit me, alright?! If you're not going to do anything about Potty and the Weasel I don't need you to pretend that you don't give a rat's arse about me!"

Hermione, still too afraid to try and talk, gave Malfoy a look that could kill and stormed off to her room. But not before throwing the potion bottle at Malfoy's head.

Draco made his way to his room. Hermione, he had to agree, was right. He was way too weak without the potion, and he had to take some before his legs would even allow him to get up and get to his room. He was still considerably tired, so the most he could do was take off his shirt before throwing himself on his bed in nothing but his worn out blue jeans.

As he was lying in bed, trying not to feel guilty about shouting at Hermione, he was quickly overcome by anger. He hated that Potter and Weasley always jumped to conclusions when it came to Hermione and Draco. he didn't touch a wavy hair on her pretty little head. The only reason she was crying was because her git of a boyfriend, the Weasel, decided that if Hermione wasn't going to sleep with him, then they'd be better off as friends. "No hard feelings right, Hermione?" ... Yea right, Draco thought laughing. 

Besides, I did her a favor, thought Draco. I can't believe she was actually gong to go back to Ron after he did that to her, "Talk it out with him," she had said. I can't believe she got upset when I told her she was an idiot and a priss if she did go back. "Anyway," I had said, "The Weasel will only take you back if you sleep with him. Which I'm sure you'll gladly do in a heartbeat. Which only will make you a little slut." And I cant believe she actually started to cry! Ahh, what the hell, the truth hurts.

As Draco drifted off to sleep, Hermione snuck downstairs quietly to see if Malfoy was alright. She hated how she cared so much about him. When she checked his room and saw that he was sound asleep, she plopped down in a chair infront of the fire and thought back to how different Malfoy used to be around her. He hated her, that's for sure. No, that's an understatement. He loathed her and her "mudbloodiness". Hermione laughed at the word. Now he tucks her into bed and kisses her goodnight she thought. Hermione has been falling for Malfoy for a long time now and still, she can't help but push him back out of instinct. When she was with Ron, she always ran crying into Draco's arms, not literally of course, but still. He always listened to what Hermione's problems were. He would ease himself onto the couch, close his eyes, and always say 'what did the Weasel do now?' Hermione thought back smiling. He was even there to listen when Hermione just felt lonely. What he had said about Ron was right. He's not worth it. 

'He pushes me too hard for my own good, and I can't feel comfortable around him anymore,' she thought sadly of Ron. 'I can't believe he actually dared show his face here! Uff! The nerve of him!' she thought angrily. Then, out of frustration, she got up and left the common room. 

Taking a walk to clear my mind is just what I need. Just me, myself, and I. Hermione took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. As she continued to walk along the deserted corridors, she became increasingly aware that something wasn't right.

"Nope," whispered Hermione shakily, "Something is not right at all."

Draco woke up just in time for breakfast. He went into the bathroom, came out and got dressed. He decided that he was going to make it up to Hermione, and make the breakfast himself. As he bustled around the kitchen making Hermione's favorite: pancakes, eggs, and toast; someone barged into the common room.
'If it's the Weasel or Potter I'm going to kill them,' he thought. But as he turned around, Professor Mcgonagal rushed into the kitchen. Stunned, Draco dropped the eggs he was about to fry.

"Malfoy, my office now!" she said in a rushed voice. 

"Er, Professor...I was actually about to make Hermione Breakf-" He was cut of by the look that Mcgonagal had given him. It clearly said: Shut your mouth, Malfoy, or I'll give you detention for the rest of your life. But there was something behind that look. Was it worry or suspision?

"Come, now," she said firmly.

So I dropped everything that I hadn't dropped already and left the common room with Mcgonagal. But, we weren't headed for her office. We made a detour to the hospital wing. Obviously something was wrong.

When we entered the unnaturally white room, I noticed that there was only one bed occupied. I was surprised since people usually feign illness to get out of classes Monday mornings. Professor Mcgonagal pulled me towards the end of the occupied bed and began to talk.

"Malfoy...Where were you last night?" she asked looking down at me through her square spectacles. I was actually taller than her, but that woman has a way of making even a Malfoy feel small. 

" my common room professor. With Granger," I said slowly, trying to make sense of the situation.

"Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley were in here earlier, before practice, and told me that Hermione and you must have gotten into an argument last night because Potter said that it looked as if she was crying."

"Yes. I mean No," at this she looked at me questioningly. I took a breath and continued. "Yes she was crying, but it wasn't because of me. Professor, she was angry with me, but only because I upset her even more than she was upset. You know?" I finished lamely. "What is this all about anyways?"

"Mr. Malfoy," she said as she made her way around the bed and pulled off the covers. "Look."

I looked at Hermione's helpless body in the bed. Shock plastered on my face. She was bruised all over her legs and her arms. And to top it all off, her beautiful brown eyes, yes I admit they're beautiful, were covered with black and blue bruises too. I was going to kill whoever did this to her. Then I looked up at Mcgonagal who was looking at me coldly. Then it dawned on me.

"You think I did this to her?" I whisper, my words cutting like venom. My grey eyes colder than ice. "I would never hurt her. Never," I choke out the words, feeling like I'm suffocating.

"Malfoy, I think that it's obvious that the two of you never got along. And I thi-"

"I didn't do it. I would never do that to her," I leave it at that and walk away.

Before Lunch I go up to the hospital wing to see Hermione, and avoid Potter and the Weasel all at the same time. Who says guys can't multitask? As I walked up to the wing, I heard a shrill voice that made me cringe behind me. 

"Drakieeeeeeeeeee. Draco, Darling. Where have you been?"

"I saw you in potions this morning, Pansy. What do you mean, 'where have I been?'" I retorted harshly. Merlin, she annoyed me. 

"Well, you didn't even talk to me," she whimpered. "You seemed so depressed. What's wrong Drakie?" she said taking my hand in hers. 

Malfoy just looked at her pathetically. 'She doesn't get it, Poor thing,' he thought laughing. Pansy was annoying him badly. He wanted to see Hermione as soon as possible to get to the bottom of what had happened to her. 'Fine then,' he thought, ' I'll just annoy her right back.'

"Well, Pansy," he said smiling to himself. She looked so desperate, hanging on to his every word. "To be honest, I'm a bit lonely," he said pathetically. Just like a little puppy dog looking for a home. She perked up, taking his bait.

"Well, Drakie... I could always hel-"

"And Granger won't give me any," he cut in with a look of malice in his eyes. He just hoped that this doesn't get back to Hermione. She would definately avada kedavra his ass. He watched as Pansy stood there dumbfounded. Speechless. And he couldn't help but smirk. "I'm about to go find her right now. Maybe you can help?"

"But but but," she sputtered. "But, she's a mudblood," she whispered the last word as if it would register in his brain better if she did.

Malfoy smirked again. "I know." Then he left to go see Hermione.

"No, Mr. Malfoy. You may not see Miss. Granger. She needs her rest. Now shoo!" Madam Pomfrey ordered.

Draco refused to leave. "I need to see her. It's an emergency!" he yelled.

"Shh, Mr. Malfoy. You'll wake her up!"

"But I just-" Malfoy began, but a thrid voice joined the argument.

"Please, Madam Pomfrey. I'm sick of sleeping. I want to speak to Draco for a little bit. Oh, and don't let anyone else in, please." Hermione cut in. Draco gave a small smile.

Madam Pomfrey let out a sigh of exasperation and pulled back the curtains that surrounded Hermione's bed. "Until lunch, Mr. Malfoy. Then out!"

"Right," Draco mumbled as Madam Pomfrey closed the curtains again. He stopped to look at her, then he made his way to the side of her bed pulling up a chair as he went. He sat down and grabbed her hand as if it was second nature to him. When he finally looked up, he took a deep breath and told Hermione to tell him what had happened.

"Well, I'm not sure really. It was dark, okay?!" she said at the look that Draco gave her. 

"All I know is that the person pushed me up against the wall, hard. Really hard. He duffed me up pretty badly, too. According to Madam Pomfrey at least." Draco knew that Madam Pomfrey was right. He wanted to tell Hermione that he had seen the state she was in, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. "And, I guess I passed out. I don't really remember anything after that. Oh, and umm... I forgot my wand in my room." Draco looked at her again.

"Who found you?" Draco asked in a hoarse voice.

"Umm...Peeves," Hermione said dully. Draco laughed. 

He was glad that all the bruises were gone, and that she was back to looking like she 
used to. Her long silky chestnut colored hair, her big honey colored eyes, and her perfectly sculpted cheekbones, rosy, as always. Except that there was a little cut on her lower lip. Draco brought his hand up to her lips. His fingers traced her top lip, slowly mingling on her bottom lip and touched the cut, looking into her eyes.

"You still have a cut," he whispered to Hermione. "Right here," he said as he touched the cut.

"Hmm...?" Hermione barely asked. She was too focused on his touch to realize that he had said anything. She felt like she was on fire, but she still had shivers going up and down her spine. 

"Are you cold?" Draco asked. "Goosebumps," he elaborated when Hermione gave him a questioning look.

"Oh! I mean yes," she sputtered. She felt heat rising up her body. 'Oh great,' she thought, 'I'm going to catch a fever with all these changing body temperatures.'
Draco was pulling up her covers when they heard the door open. They could tell it was Harry and Ron from their voices. 

Both Draco and Hermione froze. "Great," murmured Draco.

"Where's Hermione?!" Harry asked as the nurse hurried to meet the boys. 

"She will not accept anymore visitors."

"What?!?" Ron asked. "What do you mean 'anymore'?"

"Well, Mr. Malfoy has come to see her, and she has asked me to not let anyone else 
in," Madam Pomfrey explained.

At this, Hermione closed her eyes in horror, waiting for them to both barge through the curtain. Draco glanced at Hermione and made his way to get up, but Hermione grabbed his hand tightly and begged him not to leave. She wanted his company, but most of all, she didn't want him to get into a fight with Harry and Ron.

"Malfoy?" Harry asked, clearly shocked and disgusted.

"And, she didn't want anyone else to intrude?" Now it was Ron's turn to speak, equally or even more disgusted. Ron let out a dry, heartless laugh. "I get it." Then, they both left.

That same night, Hermione was allowed to go back to her own room. Amazingly, she didn't care that Harry and Ron were probably furious with her. She did care that Draco was. When she arrived at the head's common room, Draco yelled up and down about how stupid she was to leave in the middle of the night, how she isn't allowed to go anywhere without letting him know, and to never go anywhere without her wand. 'Well,' she thought dully, ' At least he was nice in the hospital wing.'

Hermione wasn't hurt too badly now. Nothing a little magic won't fix, as Madam Promfrey put it. As she sat in front of the fire, thinking back to why she had actually left the common room's safety, she remembered her situation with Ron. She wasn't allowed to fully get into the memory because just then, Draco came out of his room. He was only wearing green plaid PJ bottoms. His bare chest, glowing in the moonlight that swam through the windows, was chiseled to perfection. It was around 2 in the morning, so it was no wonder that he jumped a mile when he saw Hermione sitting there, wearing a bathrobe, in front of the fire. Hermione looked at him and smiled. He ran his hand through his hair nervously, and smiled back. 

"You thirsty?" he asked, walking over to the fridge and pulling out some milk. "I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd make me some warm milk. Knocks me right out," he said with a small smile.

"No thanks."

"Yeah. I changed my mind," he laughed. "I'll stay up with you. So... What's up? You can't sleep either?" he asked.

"No," Hermione sighed. "I'm just thinking."

"Uh-Oh. That's never good," Draco joked, winking at her. "whatcha thinking about?"

Hermione looked at him, not actually seeing him. "Ron."

"Oh," Draco said, clearly disappointed. "I see. The Weasel," he smirked. Draco was getting his icy facade back. His only defense he had against people. He couldn't let Hermione know what he was really feeling.

"He's an arse," Hermione began to explain. "You were right, Draco. I was too hard headed to realize. All he did was hurt me, and the stupid prat didn't even care. He just wanted to make himself happy," Draco's icy facade was quickly melting. "I've never been so alone in my life," she said looking back at Draco. "I've lost my best friend, my comfort...basically my everything. How pathetic is that? Ronald was my everything," she laughed sadly. Draco just stared at her. Hermione then got up and stretched when she realized that Draco wasn't going to say anything back. "Sweet Dreams, Malfoy," she teased. 

Draco called after her when she was almost to the top of the staircase that lead to her room. Hermione doubled back to see Draco standing at the bottom of the stairs. She walked back down slowly and stopped on the first step. The step right above where Draco was standing. They were practically nose to nose since Draco is a head taller than her. Draco looked her square in the eyes, not blinking for the life of him. 

"Granger..." he said mockingly, having nothing but eyes for Hermione.

"Hmm?" Hermione replied, lost in those silver pools, glistening with desire.

"Told you so," he smirked and walked away. Hermione sagged with disappointment. 
What had she expected anyways? He is Draco Malfoy. He couldn't possibly-

"Oh, and Hermione..."

"Yes?" Hermione asked perking up.

"You haven't lost everything. Your still stuck with me," he smirked. Hermione laughed at this.

"You know, Draco," she said as he turned back around with his hand on the bedroom door, "I'm not complaining."

Draco just stood there looking at her with his head tilted slightly to one side. Hermione smiled sweetly, took off her robe nonchalantly, revealing a simple tight black T shirt and teeny tiny boy shorts, and turned on her heel and went upstairs to her bedroom.

'Why not play with his mind a little?' she thought. She wanted to make him squirm. Actually, she expected to make him squirm. What she hadn't expected was for someone to knock at her door 15 minutes later.

Hermione walked slowly to the door, opening it only a crack before seeing it was Draco. She pulled the door open all the way to see him standing there, looking as though he had no idea how he had gotten there. 

"Can I help you?" Hermione asked.

"Er...yes. I don't undertand the transfiguration homework. Er... It's really, really, confusing, and I just can't stand it anymore. I've been meaning to ask you for quite some time now, Granger, so... Er..." Draco finished lamely. Even lamer than the beginning of his little excuse.

Hermione laughed for about a full minute until she saw the look on Draco's face. He was embarrassed. Extremely embarrassed. After she had stopped laughing, she smiled up at him, took his hand, and pulled him into her bedroom. He still wasn't wearing a shirt and Hermione could see his perfectly sculpted abs and pecs.
'Oh Merlin's Beard,' thought Hermione. She had never, ever, thought that she would have the courage to pull any guy into her bedroom, let alone Draco Malfoy. But she relaxed when Draco smiled at her. Really smiled at her, with his cool silver eyes glistening. She ran her hands gently through his long blond hair that now easily fell in his eyes. But even though she was a little more comfortable with him, she still had a weak-kneed, heart-skipping-a-beat, butterfly- tummy sensation. Ron could NEVER do that to her. Draco could even make her stop thinking. That's it, she was gone. 

'How in the world did I get here?' thought Malfoy. Somehow, Someway, he ended up in Hermione's room. His leg's had brought him up here. He came to the conclusion that they must have a freaking mind of their own. But the rest of him thanked his legs very, very much. After Hermione had that little tease fest in the common room, Draco needed to show her that he was up for the challenge. And he has been wanting to do this for a very, very long time. He wanted to trace her lips again, to run his hands through her hair, to just see that she was real, and to make her say: Ron who? And here he was with the golden opportunity.

Draco stepped closer to Hermione so that he could feel her warm breath on his chest. He gently put his hands on her hips and pulled her even closer to him. Hermione shuddered the moment his fingertips met her skin. 

'I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this,' Hermione thought. But her doubts flew out the window, taking her breath with them, when Draco chastely kissed Hermione's lips. 

"Merlin, I've been dying to do that," he said after a short pause.

Hermione smiled up at him. "Then shut up and do it again," she teased.

Hermione woke up the next morning on time for breakfast. She turned her head and saw that Draco was fast asleep next to her. Hermione smiled slightly and got out of bed. She went into the bathroom for a bath. By the time she was finished and went back into her room, Draco was sitting up in the bed, rubbing his eyes. He looked up when Hermione walked in with her towel on, dripping wet.

"Morning," She smiled at Draco.

"Morning," he smiled back. "Are you going to go down for breakfast?"

"Probably not. You?" 

"Whatever you decide to do," he said as he got out of bed, and Hermione smiled.

Last night, Draco and Hermione stopped before they got too far. They didn't want to have any regrets. So they just ended up falling asleep together. No big deal.
Draco walked out of the room to leave Hermione to change. He gave her a kiss on the forehead before he left. Hermione smiled to herself as she put on a pair of faded skinny jeans and a long baggy white tank top. She magicked her hair into silky waves that ran down her back. She slipped on some ballet flats that she had worn out a long time ago. 

Draco finished taking his bath and went into his room. He pulled on a black T shirt and his ripped jeans. He ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath and exhaled. 'Wow,' he thought. He's never liked anyone that much. He actually had agreed to stop for the sake of their relationship. He would never stop with anyone else. Who cares about relationships? He did, obviously.

From back in the common room, Hermione called out to Draco. "Draco, someone's here to see you!" 

'Someone's here to see me?' Thought Draco. 'After everything that had happened last year, Nobody really talks to me anymore,' he thought frowning.

"Coming!" As Draco stepped out of his room, he saw Blaise Zabini standing there. 'Oh yea,' he thought. 'Blaise still talks to me.'

"Hey, mate," Zabini said with his eyebrows raised up in surprise. Draco just looked back at him in confusion. Turning to Hermione, Blaise said, winking, "Better watch your roommate here. He's an animal."

Hermione, too, looked at him in confusion. Then, as Draco watched her, he saw a look of comprehension dawn on her face. "Oh," Hermione exclaimed in a small voice with her eyes rounded in horror. "Err, Malfoy, you, err. Umm...have something on your neck there."

Draco looked at her, extremely perplexed. "My neck?" Her turned around and ran into the bathroom. "OY!!" he yelled. "This things bigger than Goyle!" he proclaimed, referring to the hicky on his neck. 

Blaise sniggered back in the common room. Then he abruptly turned to Hermione and eyed her maliciously. Hermione glared right back at him as a sly smile played across his mouth. "Where's yours?" he asked smirking. 

"I don't know what your talking about," she said looking anywhere but at Blaise. She felt heat rising up her face as Draco came out of the bathroom again. 

"Zabini, what do you want?" Draco snapped as soon as he saw Hermione looking uncomfortable. 

"Woah, mate! Didn't mean to interrupt you," he added with a smile. "I just thought we could head down to the Great Hall together. Unless..."

"Unless? Unless nothing!" Draco spat. "Granger, you coming?"

"Oh, I'll just stay here." Then she went into her room and shut the door with a snap behind her.

"So," Blaise began as he and Malfoy made their way to breakfast. "You and Granger, huh?" Malfoy smirked. "I knew it! And the mudblood got all hot and bothered when she found out I knew."

"How did you know?" Malfoy asked. "I mean, is it that obvious?"

"Oh come on man! It was bound to happen sooner or later, right? She may be a mudblood but she's hot! And her innocence drives every guy into insanity. Everyone wants to know what she's like behind closed doors, you know what I mean?"

"Everyone?" Draco spat. "Like who?" Uh-oh, he was starting to feel protective. But he had a right to, right? Hermione was his, figurtivly speaking of course. He's the one who stayed up late with her, listened to her complain about Weasley, all the while, waiting for his chance to show her how a guy should really treat a girl like her. So what if he was mean to her before. He couldn't help it if he wanted to make sure Hermione didn't take advantage of his feelings for her. "Who?!" he asked again angrily.

"Er..." Zabini said, looking at Malfoy oddly, "A lot of HufflePuffs, but they could keep dreaming, everyone in RavenClaw, practically. You know how they like their girls smart. And a few Slytherins. Even though, they like their girls sleazy," Blaise laughed.
"Why? Feeling the heat Malfoy? Oh yea. I also know that you and Hermione hit it off because Pansy came up to me in tears, saying that you're trying to get into Granger's pants. Been wanting to do it for a while now or somehing like that. She's extremely dramatic, mate."

"I only said that to annoy her," laughed Malfoy. 

"You didn't mean it?"

"Not exactly," replied Malfoy smirking.

"OH! I see," Blaise laughed openly. 

When they got to the Great Hall, Malfoy and Zabini walked over to the Slytherin table. Malfoy sat there for what felt like enternity, thinking all the while of how lonely Hermione must be upstairs, while Zabini told the rest of the Slytherins the story of Malfoy and Granger. Draco looked on in a bored expression as Pansy broke into tears and ran out of the Great Hall. But the rest of the Slytherin boys patted Malfoy on the back. Surprised at their reaction to the news, Malfoy asked why they were so proud of him.

"She's bloody Gorgeous, mate," replied one of the Slytherins. Malfoy narrowed his eyes a bit.

"Not to mention," started Goyle with his mouth full of eggs and bacon, "it will really annoy Potter and Weasley."

Malfoy's eyes, instead of narrowing, rounded in surprise. "Goyle! You bloody genius! That's the smartest thing that has come out of your mouth in the last 7 years!" Draco exclaimed. Goyle looked very pleased with himself.

Draco and Hermione kept missing eachother all day. Draco had to admit that he was really missing Hermione. Hermione, on the other hand, was furious with Draco. But little did Draco know what had happened.

After Pansy had run out of the Great Hall, she ran, coincidentally, into Hermione. 

"YOU!" Pansy yelled, pulling out her wand.

"ME?!" Hermione yelled mockingly, also pulling out her wand.
"Stay away from Drakie! Do you understand?! I swear I'll-"

"You'll what?!" Hermione cut in dangerously. "You're just jealous that Malfoy chose me over you."

Pansy narrowed her eyes at Hermione. "Please," she snorted, "Draco only shagged you for the chase. He told me just the other day that he's was bored and wanted something to do," she retorted with a triumphant smile that did little for her looks. "If you ask me, it looks like he was extremely bored, getting with a filthy mudblood like you. I'm glad that I duffed you up the other night, you pathetic little slut!" Hermione gasped. With that, Pansy turned on her heel and walked away.

Hermione was fuming. She was actually starting to trust him. She wanted to tell him that she loved him! Tears of heartache and frustration started to fill her eyes. He had been so sweet, and now Malfoy was telling everyone that he had actually shagged her!? The nerve! 'Just wait,' she thought,'Wait until I see him at Dinner.'

Draco was already in the Great Hall when Hermione walked in. No, scratch that. More like stormed in. She looked furious. Malfoy hoped that she was just mad at Ron again and not him. 'Anyone but me,' he thought desperately. Malfoy looked over and saw that Harry and Ron both looked up when Hermione pushed the door open with all her 
might, causing everyone in the Great Hall to stop eating and look up in shock. Ron and Harry both got up and walked towards Hermione, looking like they wanted to settle things out, but Hermione ignored them. She pushed past them quite roughly, and she headed straight for the Slytherin table. More precisely, over to Malfoy. Malfoy saw that Hermione's eyes were daggers and that he should probably not say anything, and let her talk the whole time. He'd explain himself after she told him what was wrong. 

'Just stay quite, Draco,' he thought quickly to himself. 'Whatever she says, just let her finish.' With that he took a deep breath. Harry and Ron, he saw were looking at Hermione, extremely dumbfounded.

"YOU!!" Hermione screamed. "How dare you run your big mouth around the whole school telling everyone that you shagged me! You pathetic little liar!" Hermione screamed. "You were lonely so you thought that you'd have a little fun with me!?  UGH!!" she let out in exasperation. 

"YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!" Draco shouted. So long for keeping his mouth shut, he thought. "Where did you hear that? If I wanted to have a little fun it wouldn't be with you, mudblood!" he shouted. Everyone in the Hall was just looking at them. Even the teachers. Draco wanted to yell at them too.

Hermione just looked at him for a while. "How could you?!?" she said, now in a soft whisper, tears slowly filling up in her eyes. "I trusted you, Draco." She then spun around and disappeared out through the doors. Draco made to follow her, but Harry and Ron walked up to him, murder practically written on their faces.

All three boys whipped out their wands. This time, though, Professor Snape and Mcgonagal stepped in. 

"Wands away, now," Mcgonagal said sharply. "Or detention for all of you."
Draco put his wand away, and he ran out of the Great Hall to find Hermione. 'Damn it!' he thought as he reached the Head's House. He paced outside of the stretch of wall that lead to their common room, running a anxious hand through his blond hair. He took a deep breath then exhaled loudly.

"Enchanting." The blank stretch of wall suddenly warped into an arched doorway. He walked through and found Hermione sitting near the fire. She looked up at him. The fire not even close to being as fiery as Hermione's eyes were. 'Damn,' he thought.

"Hermione, listen-"

"I'd really rather not Malfoy. I'm sure it will all just be another lie."

"No!" he was getting angry now. "Just listen! Please, I'm begging you."

Hermione looked up at him from her chair and began to cry.

"No, Hermione. Shh...please. Just...just," he began but quickly gave up and sighed. He pulled her up from her chair and brought her closer to him, resting her head on his chest. The steady beating of his heart gradually stopped her crying. She just stood there, taking in his smell. All the comfort and excitement coming back to her from the night before.

"No," she said suddenly, pushing him away.

Draco's eyes became as cold as grey stone. "Are you gong to listen to me or not?" he snapped. "Who told you that I just used you, or whatever?"

She sniffled, looking up at him. She winced as she came across his cold eyes. "Pansy," she barely whispered. 

"Oh, and you believe her?" Draco laughed heartlessly. 

"Well, she said that you told her! It's not all that hard to believe!" Hermione yelled angrily.

"It's not? You think that I don't give a damn about you?! Hermione, are you kidding me?" Draco yelled back running both of his hands through his hair impatiently. He then dropped his hands, letting his platinum locks fall over his eyes. He gingerly wrapped his arms around Hermione's waist, bringing her back closer to him. "Hermione," he breathed in her ear, "I love you."

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