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Openly Closed Book by nazozink
Chapter 1 : Just The Beginning
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Clara Musely laid in the dark on her bed looking up at the ceiling dreading the next day. Hogwarts and sorting. It was intimidating, if you really thought about it, having to walk out in front of the whole school, sit down and watch every one stare at you waiting to see who you truly are and where you belonged. Clara had always been afraid of large groups of people and was terrified of being sorted.

She turned over and closed her eyes trying to go to sleep but the fates just wouldn’t allow her a wink of it. She tried so hard but decided to give up on it. Sleep just wasn’t going to be easy that night. She leaned over and turned on a light next to her bed; she reached under her bed and pulled out a book. Flipping the pages until she found the unbent page with the number two hundred forty seven. She never had been one for folding the pages over. It only made the books look bad and poorly kept.

When morning finally came she put her book down fully finished and pulled herself out of bed and down the stairs. A house elf named Lovey shuffled around preparing breakfast. Clara sat down in a chair nudging her self into the table.

She poured herself a cup of milk and put a pancake on her plate. It was easy to get distracted in the morning however, and she spilt a splash of milk on the table. She shook her head and ran over to the sink to grab a paper towel. Usually that was house elf work but Both of the house elves her family owns where busy at the moment and even though she was sure her parents would have greatly disapproved it wasn’t all that much trouble.

She wiped up the mess and ate her breakfast casually looking out the windows at the sunny day. When she was done she walked into her room lazily to and put on her robes. Time rolled on slowly dragging like dead weight, when it was finally time to get to the platform Clara was as ready as she ever could be. She was packed, dressed and had her cat in its cage ready to board the Hogwarts express.

Her knees were shaking as she gave her mother a hug goodbye, with a simple kiss on the forehead her mother told her to be good and good luck and sent her on her way. The train hadn’t started moving yet when she opened the door to a compartment. A girl her age was sitting on one of the seats casually swinging her legs and humming to herself when Clara cleared her throat.

“Hi my name is Clara.” She started quietly. “What’s yours?” The smiled and turned towards her.

“My name is Chloe. Are you a first year too?” She asked. Clara nodded and sat down with her and started talking about how nervous she was. Chloe told her it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

“My older sister, Jane said it was really simple and not that scary. She’s a third year now, she had her own friends too, and that’s why she isn’t here.” Clara nodded and stared out the window as she noticed the weather had made a turn for the worse. The bright sunny day was now replaced by harsh winds and pouring rains. She could even see lighting dancing in the distance.

The train had started moving and it wasn’t for awhile of conversation that the door opened. A boy with eye length black hair who was being fallowed by a girl with red hair and green eyes walked in. The boy sat down as far away from the two girls as he could and the girl sat with him.

“Hi!” The red headed girl introduced herself, “I’m Lily Evens. This is Severus Snape; don’t mind him today he’s just in a fowl mood. You don’t mind if we stay here do you?” Clara looked at Chloe and they responded at the same time.

“No. You guys can stay.” The boy gave a little sigh and turned his head allowing a couple strands of hair fall into his face.

“You’re first years. What house do you want to be in?” Lily seemed to tense at the question but didn’t say anything.

“That’s easy!” Chloe exclaimed. “Ravenclaw. My whole family has been there.” Clara looked at her shoes; her whole family was in sort of random houses. Her mum was a Hufflepuff, and her dad was a Ravenclaw. Her mums parents had both been Gryffindors and her father’s had been Slytherin. She didn’t really know where she wanted to be.

“I don’t really know. Where do you two want to go?” She asked avoiding answering. The hat would decide the right place, she was sure.

“Slytherin. We both want to go to Slytherin.” Severus answered. Chloe nodded her head.

“My mum’s best friend was a Slytherin.” She stated. Severus seemed happy with that reply and went into detail about the house allowing Clara to daze out and imagine her sorting.

The train screeched to a halt and a big man with a bearded called all the first years to the boats. She sat with Chloe as the floated towards the school. The rain had either lightened up or there was a spell to prevent the rain from drenching them, wither way she was dry when she reached the castle.

The first years were all hunched together in a big group in front of the hall. Clara held onto Chloe’s arm trying to calm her self down. It wasn’t bad, she kept thinking to herself, she was just over reacting and making it seem a whole lot worse then it actually was.

One by one people where getting called up and sorted into different houses. Lily was the first person who she knew who got sorted. Gryffindor. Clara frowned remembering on how Severus had said they had wanted into Slytherin.

“Chloe Nester!” The old lady dressed in all green called taking away Clara’s support beam. Chloe walked up to the chair and sat down crossing her fingers. In a couple of seconds the hat had called out Ravenclaw and the tiny girl had jumped from her seat to sit at the table.

Clara held her breath as her name was called she didn’t even bear breath. It was petrifying and she was envious of Chloe for making it look so easy. She sat down on the stool stiff as a bored, arms and legs plastered tightly in. The tattered hat breathed out slowly and started talking.

“Ah yes, Ms.Musely you don’t even have a family history of where to go, you don’t even care though do you? Where you go? No you just want to get off of this stool, and out of the eyes of your peers. Defiantly not a Gryffindor or Slytherin. Hufflepuff? No that doesn’t seem to sit well. It looks like you’d do well Gryffindor; if only you had the courage… it is a pity really. Your reading level is very high, but you have trouble spelling, I suppose Ravenclaw will do for you. RAVENCLAW!”

Clara sat with her back flat against her backboard. She was reading her fifth year charms textbook that was propped up against her legs. Chloe and the other girls were all at the library, everyone in her dorm room were taking an extra curricular class for complex potions and charms. Clara never liked their potions teacher and decided subjecting herself to more time in the dungeons probably the best idea.

She sighed and closed her book resting it on her night stand and rolled herself to lie on her side. She tucked her hands under head and listened to her surroundings. There wasn’t much to hear however; just a couple of students laughing outside probably engaged in Snowball fight, there was also the common sound of shuffling feet on the stairs. It wasn’t nearly night or the time when she generally fell asleep and naturally she didn’t feel an ounce of a bit tired. She was just sick of reading.

Her eleven year old self loved it, and was rightfully placed in Ravenclaw. There was no doubt that it was right up until her third year, when she grew a backbone and lost her love for reading twenty for seven. Don’t get her wrong she still loved to read, she loved the places it took her and the worlds she got to experience, but she had learned that she had to live her life instead of living threw fictional characters lives and experiences.

Lifting her self up and slipping on some plain black shoes, she walked down the stairs deciding on visiting Chloe and the other girls in the library. She swung her arms casually as she walked the corridors. It wasn’t long until she ran into three boys who were obviously waiting for their fourth companion outside of the library.

“Musely,” The tallest one Sirius Black said passively. She nodded and pushed the doors open. She looked around trying to find Chloe. She spotted her now strawberry headed friend, She had changed her hair so many times Clara could barely remember what color it was the day she met her on the Hogwarts express. Along with Chloe, there was Cherry, Cecelia and Lily. Lily being the only one with a name that didn’t start with a C and the only Gryffindor. Clara waved and walked over to sit down.

“Hey, guys learn anything interesting?” she asked.

“No,” Cherry replied, “We know everything possible just nothing all that interesting.” She smiled and twisted a piece of red-brown hair around her finger. “Decided on our project though, we’re going to brew several potions and then label them in different bottles. It’s a little boring but it will probably get us an A. We’re brewing polyjuice, Felix felicis rumrot and trility. Complicated enough I think. You don’t even learn some of that stuff until 7th year.” She explained.

“Trility? What’s that?” Lily flipped her hair behind her back before answering.

“It’s a potion that makes you focus your brain on one subject.” She opened her book and was about to go into more detail.

“I can think of something I could concentrate on more if I had that.” James Potter said as he glanced over her shoulder at the recipe causing Lily to redden and let a shriek escape her lips.

She glared over shoulder, “Mind your own business Potter.” She said heatedly. James was more than amused and walked in a circle around the table.

“Relax Evens.” He said innocently, “I was talking about finding Moony, any of you seen him?” He asked looking at all of our faces.

“Go away Potter.” Lily said ducking her head under a book.

“Oi Prongs! Stop Harassing Evens!” Sirius said in a hushed tone so Madame Pince wouldn’t notice him. He was actually quite literally band from the library at the current moment.

James bowed down making a sweeping motion with his arm. “Till we meet again my flower.” He said dramatically. Lily rolled her eyes and sneered at him through a glare.

Cherry was staring carefully after the infamous James Potter, she secretly always wanted James Potter to notice her, the only person who knew it was Clara, and she didn’t trust anyone else to understand. They would think she was like all of the other fan girls. She wasn’t. She wouldn’t have thrown herself in front of a moving train to get him to notice her. The only one who wouldn’t assume that besides Clara would have been Lily who when the mention of said boys name would make a disgusted face and quickly change the subject.

“Well I just let you guys get back to your preparations. I’ll be in the Periodicals, let me know before you guys go for dinner.” She pushed in her chair and went towards the magazines. Skimming the titles she picked out a month old copy of witch weekly. She sat with her back against the wall and started a test on her perfect match, she really didn’t care. She just wanted something to do.

“Funny I never pictured you reading that.” I voice that made Clara jump and let go of the magazine like she had been caught doing something bad said.

Calming herself down, she looked up at the boy with out moving her head up. “You picture me reading?” She asked.

“It’s kind of a task not to.” The missing marauder replied. Remus shrugged when she didn’t respond. “I mean you always have your nose in a book. I’ve never seen you even look at a magazine for all I knew you didn’t know what they were.”

Clara would have been insulted, that is if Remus was any other boy instead of her crush, of two years.

“Well it’s nice to try new things now and then, plus now I can decide what color eye shadow to wear.” He laughed and was about to turn around when Clara blurted. “Sirius and James are looking for you.” Remus smiled.

“I know, and that’s precisely why we aren’t going to alarm them to where I am. I said I’d meet them at six thirty and I’ll be damned if they con me out of my time.” He turned around and Sirius smiled at him.

“Trying to corrupt Musely? Moony! I thought you’d know better.” Sirius waved his hand down an isle and was soon joined by James.

“Moony! I know we said six thirty but-“

“No buts James. Its six fifteen come back in fifteen minutes and I’ll be happy to join you but I hardly ever get to come here and I’m not letting you take it away.” James rolled his eyes and slumped a little.

“But Remus! Oh hi Musey.” Sirius jabbed James in the ribs. “Musely.” He corrected himself. Remus rolled his eyes.

“You know what fine, just let me check out my books.” James made a score motion by pulling his bent elbow in, and fallowed Remus to his table.

“Bye” Sirius said. “Clara,” He said softly before turning to join his friends. All Clara heard was bye.


A/n if this gets some reviews I'll continue and probably update quick but it was just an idea so don't flame me for it. any helpful hints or anything are wanted. This is also written by my sister Odd_profession, let us know what you think.

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