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Albus Potter And Hogwarts by Potter17
Chapter 1 : The Hogwarts Express
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  Albus waved his last goodbyes to his parents. Once the train had rounded the corner, he decided it was time to find a compartment. He finally found Rose sitting in one in the fourth car of the train all by herself staring out the window. When he walked in she turned sharply.

  "Oh, hello Albus." He sat down in the seat opposite Rose and attempted to muster up a conversation. 

  "So what house do you think you'll be sorted into?" asked Albus.

  Rose replied within a split second. " I better be in Gryffindor or else," she said with a slightly threatening voice. Albus was taken aback by the speed of Rose's answer. It was like she knew he was going to ask her that.

  "Yeah, I hope I'm in Gryffindor too." Albus' tone was much less menacing. 

  Before anymore small talk could occur, the compartment door slid open. Albus' and Rose's eyes both flew to it as Scorpius Malfoy sheepishly walked in. His hair was the exact same white-blonde as his father's and his grandfather's, which contrasted greatly with Albus' jet-black hair which he had inherited from Harry.

  "Can I sit with you guys?" Scorpius asked. "Everywhere else is full." 

  Rose hesitated for a moment before saying, "Sure you can." 

  Scorpius dragged in his trunk on top of which was perched a cage which had a beautiful tawny barn owl inside it. The owl had its eyes closed with its head under its wing. Scorpius loaded his trunk onto the rack and then sat down next to Albus. 

  The three of them sat in their train compartment awkwardly for a couple of minutes before Albus commented to Scorpius, "Rose and I were just talking about which house we thought we'd be put into. Do you have any idea which house you'll be sorted into? "

  Scorpius answerer harshly, "Knowing my family and its heritage, I'll be put into damn Slytherin!" 

  Albus knew where Scorpius was coming from, for he too had been worried about becoming a part of the Slytherin house. Albus tried to comfort him. "My dad told me one of the best headmasters Hogwarts ever had was in Slytherin!"

  Scorpius began to turn a bright scarlet. "I don't give a bloody hell who was in Slytherin or not! Slytherin is the worst house at Hogwarts and you know it even if you don't want to admit it! Everybody that went in a Slytherin came out a dark witch or wizard!" 

  Both Albus Rose were startled by Scorpius' outburst and wore faces of horror. Scorpius realized what had just come out of his mouth.

  "Sorry guys, I just really don't want to be put into wretched Slytherin."

  "No, really?" Albus replied and they all laughed heartily.

  After a while, Rose said to Albus and Scorpius, "I think we're nearly to Hogwarts, we better put on our school robes."

  When they had all put on their robes, they met back in the train compartment. 

  "I can see lights up ahead," said Scorpius excitedly. As soon as these words had escaped his mouth, the Hogwarts Express began to slow down. Albus looked out the window and read the words HOGSMEADE STATION on a large wooden sign. Albus, Rose, and Scorpius unloaded their trunks and exited the train.

  Night had fallen and Albus stared up into the vast black sky. It was decorated with possibly thousands of stars and a great shining silver orb. Albus looked up at the moon and wondered what adventures Hogwarts held for him this year.

  "First years this way," shouted a rather deep and rough voice that brought Albus back to his senses. All the heads of the first years seemed to turn in unison in the direction where the voice had issued from. Once again at the same time, the first years noticed the mammoth figure of Hagrid, the half-giant friend of Albus and Rose's parents who had known them since birth.

  "Hey Hagrid," Albus called out.

  "How yer doin' Ablus an' Rose?" Hagrid cried out, truning and seeing the children of possibly his favorite students.

  "Great," said Rose.

  "Nervous 'bout yer sorting?" asked Hagrid.

  "Yeah," said Albus in a light sarcastic tone that didn't show his true nerves about the Sorting Ceremony that was to come in a very brief period of time. 

  "I can' wait 'til yer in yer third year an' ya get ta be in my class," Hagrid said excitedly.

  "We can't wait either," stated Albus as he formed a fake grin. Harry had told him stories about Hagrid's Blast-Ended Skrewts.

  "See you up at the castle Hagrid!" Rose then gave him a (half) giant hug.

  Hagrid bellowed another "First years this way!", but the students he was addressing stood frozen in place. Finally Hagrid realized they weren;t deaf, but afraid of him.

  "I'm not going ter eat ya', I 'ave ter take ya' up ter the castle," he announced, and very slowly the first years began moving toward him. Hagrid's face lit up at his achievement and he led them all the way to the docks lined with the miniature boats that would carry them to the castle. 

  "Three ter a boat," Hagrid instructed them. Albus climbed into one of the boats and Rose and Scorpius soon followed his lead. Once each boat was loaded with three students, they started moving themselves into the water towards Hogwarts.

  After several minutes, Albus could make out the outline of the castle and the bottom of his mouth fell open. Apparently everyone had noticed the castle, because Albus could hear gasps and friends whispering anxiously to each other.

  The boats finally reached the other side of the Black Lake and the first years climbed out of them. Hagrid led them up a winding stone path to an open set of great oak doors which had a tall skinny man occupying the doorway. When all the students had reached the oak doors, Hagrid headed back towards the lake and into the darkness. The tall figure began to speak. 

  "Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Professor Longbottom, the teacher of Herbology and the Head of Gryffindor House. In a few minutes you will proceed into the Great Hall and be sorted into one of the four houses we have here at Hogwarts. They are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin." A scowl formed on Scorpius' face. "When you do good for your house, you are awarded with House Points. Any rule-breaking results in point deduction and detention based on the severity of the deed. The house with the must House Points at the end of the year is awarded the House Cup." Professor Longbottom paused and then said, "I think it is time for the Sorting Ceremony."

  He led them through the oak doors into the extravagant Entrence Hall which was made nearly entirely of pearly-white marble. Albus glanced at the four golden hourglasses, each representing a different house and waiting to be filled with rubies. 

  Professor Longbottom pointed his wand at another set of oak doors which flew open to reveal the grand Great Hall. There were the four house tables, each packed full of students, and the staff table at the front, at which the headmaster, Kingsley Shacklebolt, was seated. 

  Each of the house tables had a row of banners above it. One row of banners was green and silver with a serpent, one yellow and black with a badger, one blue and bronze with an eagle, and one scarlet and gold with a lion.

  Professor Longbottom led them up the center of the Great Hall. Most of the first years were looking up at the ceiling which was enchanted to look like the night sky outside, but Albus was looking for his brother James whom he spotted at the Gryffindor table with his fellow second-year buddy Sean Finnigan. James gave him a thumbs-up. 

  The mass of first years came to a halt at the front.  In front of them was only a three-legged stool with a battered old hat on top of it. Most of the first years wore puzzled and confused faces.

  The hat suddenly came to life and spokeand a slit near the brim opened wide to become a mouth. "Welcome first years, I am the Sorting Hat." Some of the new students let out subtle screams, including Rose. "I am sure everyone is anxious to here my new song for this year."

  Albus let out a sigh. James had informed him of the long-winded, boring songs of the Sorting Hat. James had said he nearly resorted to pulling his hair out. 

  The Sorting Hat continued. "I am sorry to announce I will not be singing a song this year, mainly because I don't feel like it. Now let's get this sorting going!" A smile appeared on Albus' face. He had just received a small but unexpected surprise.

  Professor Longbottom pulled out a scroll and read, "Amus, David."

  A blue-eyed boy about the height and size of Albus stepped forward. He walked up and sat on the stool. Longbottom placed the hat on the boy's head and almost instantly the Sorting Hat cried, "Hufflepuff!" The boy stood up and joined the table of clapping and cheering Hufflepuffs. 

   While Andrea Larter took her seat amongst the Ravenclaws, Professor Longbottom called out, "Malfoy, Scorpius." This caught the attention of Albus, who had been thinking about his own sorting too much to care about anyone else's. 

  Scorpius slumped up to the stool with a I-already-know-what's-going-to-happen face. When the Sorting Hat was set upon his white-blonde head, it let out a loud noise indicating that it was in deep thought.

  After a minute or so of complete silence, the Sorting Hat took a deep breath and announced loudly, "Gryffindor!" 

  Scorpius' sullen expression had been exchanged for one of total shock. The expression did not fade away when he sat down at the Gryffindor table or when cheering Gryffindors were slapping him on the back. 

  Albus had a surge of joy inside himself, thankful that Scorpius wasn't put in "Damn Slytherin!"

  Suddenly all of Albus' momentary joy flooded out of him as Professor Longbottom announced, "Potter, Albus." 

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