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A New Generation by onestop_hpfan18
Chapter 3 : Start-of-Term Feast
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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters you recognize below...all belong to J.K. Rowling.

Author's Note: I hope you like's not really that long...well not as long as the next couple of chapters.  The fourth chapter is pretty dang long now that I look back on it and I just finished the fifth chapter, which is pretty lengthy as well.

But enough about the lengths of upcoming chapters, here's the awaited chapter you've all been waiting for me to post.  Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter Three
Start-of-Term Feast

Albus was enjoying the food at the start-of-term feast with his brother James, his friends; Rose and Nathan, and cousins. He had also got along with Scorpius Malfoy, though he still was confused about what he had meant about his dad defeating an evil wizard. He decided he would ask James about that.

            "Er...James, why was everyone staring on the platform, is dad famous or something?" asked Albus as he turned to face his elder brother that was seated on his right.

            James looked at his younger brother and responded, "Yeah, I found out last year, but mum and dad told me not to tell you and Lily. "

            "How is he famous?"

            "He defeated the most evil dark wizard, Voldemort. The whole battle happened right here at Hogwarts and dad defeated Voldemort in this very Great Hall."

            "Oh," said Albus, "is that all?"

            "Hardly," said James. "Dad survived the killing curse when Voldemort tried to kill him when he was only a year old, marking him as his equal."

            Albus just stared, "How come he never told us about any of this?"

            "Because he was afraid his fame would go to our heads."

            James turned back to his friends and Albus turned back to Rose and Nathan. Both had listened as James had told Albus about their dad.

Victoire Weasley was thinking of Teddy R. Lupin as she enjoyed the start-of-term feast with her friends and cousins. She loved the way his face would scrunch up as he changed his appearance, though she didn't actually know what his true appearance was; he was always changing what he looked like. As she thought of him, she watched as her twin cousins, Fred and Brad Weasley, who were in their third year, were messing around with something under the table in secret with their best friend, Malcom Jordan. Those two were so much trouble, she found it difficult to keep them in line.

            She had been made a prefect her fifth and sixth years. Now a seventh year, she has been made Head Girl, in which both her parents, Bill and Fleur Weasley, were very proud. She had long strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and a tan complexion. She looked a lot like her mother. She was about 5'7" in height and slim.

            Victoire had a mess of cousins. There were George and Alicia (formally Spinnit)'s twins, Fred and Brad in third and then their eight-year-old son, Ethan. Then there was Charlie and his wife, Brenda's three boys, Josh; sixth year, Kevin; fifth year, and Jacob;third year. Also, Percy and Penelope's daughter and son, Natasha; fourth year and Liam; second year. Ron and Hermione's two children, Rose; first year and Hugo; nine. And then there was Harry and Ginny Potter and their three children, James; second year, Albus; first year, and Lily; nine.

            Victoire loved her big family. Though, she was an only child. Her parents just didn't have any other children after she was born. She wasn't complaining though because her cousins annoyed her at times, seeing as they were all younger then her. She could always escape them when they got too annoying or loud.

            Anyway, back to what Victoire is doing at the moment. She was sitting with her two friends, Claire Millingkins and Jessica Greggors. Both were chatting animatedly about being back at Hogwarts for their final year as she sat daydreaming about Teddy. She missed him already. She and Teddy had just got together over the summer, but she had liked him before. Basically since he had taken her under his wing when she arrived at Hogwarts as a first year, he a third year.

            Teddy had come to see her off on Platform 9 and 3/4. They had done a lot of snogging. A blush crept up from her neck to her cheeks as she thought about it. James had caught them in the act, that little booger. James was by far the loudest of her cousins, though not the most trouble. No, that title was for Fred and Brad. Though, over the summer, James had proven a worthy opponiant to challenge the twins at their game of pranking.

            She heard her name being called and saw a hand being waved in her face and looked up to see both Claire and Jessica looking at her. "Huh?"

            "I said, aren't you excited about this year, it being our final year at Hogwarts?" asked Claire. "Though, I'm going to miss it after we've graduated."

            "Yeah, me too," replied Victoire. She was still in a slight daze.

            Jessica noticed this and asked, "What's up with you, Victoire?"

            "Just thinking."

            "About what?" asked Claire. Claire had long chesnut brown glossy curls and golden-brown eyes. Her complexion was tan and she was about 5'6" and slim.

            Jessica had long blond hair, blue-green eyes, fair complexion, was about 5'4" and slim. She tucked a lock of blond hair behind her hair as she gave Victoire a curious look.

            "Well, Teddy and," started Victoire.

            Both her friends looked at one another before Claire asked, "Are you two going out now?"

            Victoire blushed. "Yes. Over the summer we got together and I can't stop thinking about him. He was on the Platform earlier this morning to see me off."

            "Ah and we missed him," said Claire. "He's so nice and cute."

            "Yes and he's my boyfriend now," said Victoire in a tone that said hands off.

            Both her friends laughed.

            Jessica said, "I knew you two would end up together, you were always close while he was still here despite the two years that separated you two."

            At that moment, the Great Hall fell silent as Professor McGonagall stood from her place in the center of the staff table.

            "Before I dismiss you all to your House Common Rooms I have some reminders to announce," said Professor McGonagall in her stern, crisp tone. "Firstly, Mr. Filch," she motioned to the very old caretaker standing to the side of the Great Hall against the wall, "has asked me to remind you that all products purchased from the joke shop, Weasleys' Wizard Weezes, are banned and there are a number of other objects on the a list that is attached to Mr. Filch's office door." Professor McGonagall's gaze had lingered over the Weasley and Potter cousins when she had mentioned the joke shop. All the cousins looked unfazed by this.

            "Now, seeing as how Professor Slughorn has retired, I would like to introduce to you all the new Potions master, Professor Sleekwood."

            Professor Sleekwood stood up briefly before sitting back down. He looked to be in his late twenties. He had short, cropped dark brown hair and steel blue-gray eyes. He seemed around 6 foot tall at the least, give or take a few inches. Also, he seemed to have a warm personality as he waved to all the students who were clapping politely in greeting.

            Professor McGonagall went on, "Those wishing to try out for their House Quidditch teams should talk to their Head of House. Slytherins also have a new Head of House, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Zabini.

            "Also, first years and a few other students should note that the Forbidden Forest is out-of-bounds to all students," finished Professor McGonagall. "With everything said, I ask the prefects and Heads to lead the first years up to their Houses and the other students not to dwaddle on their way up to their common rooms. You all want to get a good nights sleep for your first day of classes tomorrow." Professor McGonagall sat down as the students stood to exit out of the Great Hall.

            Victoire jumped up from where she sat and called, "All Gryffindor first years over here." She was soon joined by not just the Gryffindor first years, but by the Head Boy, who was in Gryffindor also, Nicholas Sharp.

            Nicholas Sharp was very handsome, but she thought that Teddy was far more attractive. Nicholas had short, spiked brown hair and bright icy blue eyes. He was smart and followed the rules. Though, he had been a trouble maker for their first few years of Hogwarts, but had quickly matured.

            Victoire led the first years up the marble staircase in the entrance hall with Nicholas. The first years ohhed and awed at all the moving portraits, statues, suits of armor, and basically every gleaming surface of the castle. When they reached the portrait of the fat lady, Nicholas was the one to say the password, "Baubles." The fat lady swung forward to admit the two Heads and new Gryffindor first years as they climbed through the portrait hole.

            "Boys' Dormitories are up the stairs to your left and Girls' Dormitories are up the stairs to your right," Victoire told the first years. As the first years all headed up the stairs, the boys the left and the girls the right, Victoire's cousin Rose remained behind. "What's the matter, Rose?"

            "Nothing, just still taking it all in," replied Rose as she took in the common room that she was standing in. "Hogwarts is so big and magnificent."

            "I couldn't agree with you more," replied Victoire as she gave her cousin a hug and watched as Rose went up the stairs on the right to her dormitory.

            Victoire and Nicholas then headed back out of the portrait hole to the Heads' common room and dorms. They reached it and told the portrait that stood guard the password, "Bowtruckle." They climbed in through the portrait hole once the portrait had swung open to admit them. Once they had stepped in, the portrait closed and they took in their surroundings.

            There was a fireplace on the right with a sofa and armchairs around it and on the left their were two desks. There was a huge window overlooking the grounds infront of where they stood and a staircase leading to Nicholas's dorm on the left and a staircase leading to her dorm on the right.

            Victoire said good night to Nicholas and went up to her dorm, where her trunk with all of her things in it was already there. She changed into her pajamas and fell asleep.

James and his friends walked through the common up to their familar dorm that they had shared last year, their two other roommates, one of them James's cousin Liam, were already there getting ready for bed. James and Holden talked about how Fred and Brad had hinted that they would pull a prank sometime tomorrow and what it could be. Knowing Fred and Brad, it was bound to be hilarious.

            Michael had got into his pajamas first and got into his bed to go to sleep. Chris was the next one in his bed, though he didn't look as though he wanted to go to sleep yet. James and Holden had got into their beds after they had got into their pajamas, but still lay awake talking. They never seemed to want to get to sleep at a decent hour.

Albus, Nathan, Scorpius, and the other three Gryffindor first years entered their dormitory. It was decorated in red and gold, Gryffindor colors, had six four-poster beds with their trunks at the end of each already, a bathroom, and a window overlooking the grounds.

            The six first years changed into their pajamas, talking cheerfully of what the first day of classes would be like. When they had got into each of the four-poster beds and pulled the crimson hangings around each, they all fell asleep almost instantly as their heads hit their pillows.

            Albus dreamt of how his first day of classes would be; of how he would be in classes.

Rose reached her dormitory and started putting on her pajamas. She introduced herself to her roomies and they introduced themselves.

            Belinda Longbottom, the girl with the dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes that had the dreamy expression on her face that had been in the same boat as her, Albus, and Nathan seemed to be really nice. It seemed that she would get along with Belinda just fine. Plus, she had known Belinda since the two of them were in diapers since Belinda's parents, Neville and Luna, were basically apart of the Weasley-Potter family.

            Her other roommates were Nadine Harper, Alexa Sharp, Heidi Rusher, and Allie Jenkens. Nadine had straight, shoulder length black hair that had layers in it, blue eyes, and was about 5 foot. Alexa had long dark brown curly hair, brown-green eyes, and was a little shorter then Nadine was. Heidi had long, curly auburn hair, brown eyes with flecks of green in them, and was Alexa's height. Allie had long, straight blond hair, brown eyes, and was slightly taller then Nadine.

            The girls finished getting ready for bed and got into each of their four-posters, they pulled the hangings around each of their beds before falling fast asleep once their heads touched their pillows.

Author's Note:
I hope you liked it and please review, even if you didn't like it.  Thanks for reading and now please following through and review...thanks so much!

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A New Generation: Start-of-Term Feast


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