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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13
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Hey everyone. You all love this story, or so you tell me, and people have been reading this more than my other story. So I'm going to stop working on the other one for now. That's all.

Recap: "Dammit Potter tell me! Hermione might die if you don't!" Harry's eyes widened. "Now tell me. Did they know each other?"

Harry noodded. "He told us to leave so he could talk to her alone." 

Malfoy got even paler than usual. "Oh my God. Where did this happen." 

"About half way down the train. Now tell me why-" But Harry couldn't get any futher because Malfoy pushed him out of the way and ran down the corridor, Zambini and Professor Snape following in his wake. Harry and Ron folowed them a few seconds later. End Recap'

Draco ran down the hall, screaming the entire time. "Hermione! Hermione! Where are you?!"  Students stuck their heads out of compartments as Draco ran by. 

When he started to get near the middle of the train, he started to look in all the compartments, hoping Hermione would be in one, and he would catch James. 

"Hermione!" Blaise and Rupert yelled. They started to look in other compartments as well. 

Blaise opened a door and felt his heart stop. "Draco, I found her." He said.  Draco came running. "Thank God," He pushed Blaise out of the way saying, "Is that bastard James in here? Because if he is I'm going to... kill... him." Draco trailed off. Then he gasped in horror. "Oh my God. Hermione." 

Draco dropped next to the seat and pulled Hermione's bloodied body to his chest. "Hermione, God no. Please no." He cried. Rupert came to the door, and saw Hermione's beaten form in the crying Draco's arms. 

Harry and Ron came up behind Rupert and saw the scene. Harry's eyes filled with tears, and so did Ron's. 

Rupert crouched down next to Draco. "Draco we must get her to the teachers compartment." 

Draco nodded and took off his cloak. He rapped it around Hermione and lifted her up into his arms. He walked towards the door and everyone moved out of his way. 

Kids who were leaning out of their compartments took one look at Hermione, gasped, and shut the compartment doors. 

Harry and Ron watched Malfoy  walk away, Hermione's uncle following in his wake. Zambini just stood there watching Malfoy as well.

Harry sighed heavily, and said "It's all our falt Ron. If we hadn't  been mad at her, and led James to her, and left them alone this wouldn't have happened. I mean, we passed by here to find her and didn't even know." 

"That's right Potter." 

Ron and Harry turned to gape at Zambini. He turned towards them hate in his eyes and a sneer on his face. "It is your fault," He spat."It's your fault Hermione's hurt, maybe dying. If something does happen to her to where Draco can't be with her, he'll be crushed. And if my best friend is crushed I'm either crushed with him, or pissed at the people who caused it. Most likely in this case I'll be both, but the second one will be stronger. So I'll take it out on you two, and that sniviling coward named James if I can catch him. Remember that." 

Zambini turned and walked away, Harry and Ron staring after him. 

"He's right," Ron said, still crying.

Harry and Ron spent the rest of the train ride in silence ignoring everything and everyone. Even Ginny couldn't break throught their stuper. 

They got to the school and sat down at the Gryffindor table, waiting for the first years to be sorted. 

Ron looked over at the slytherin table to see Malfoy staring out into space. Zambini was sitting next to him, but was glaring at at Ron and Harry. 

Ron sighed thinking. 'I can't believe it. I can't believe I failed Hermione like that. I love her and I let that slim ball get to her. And the teachers can't do anything about James because there's no proof that he was the one who hurt Hermione. At least not until Hermione wakes up. Then she'll be able to tell us who did it.' Ron sighed again and watched the sorting.

Chapter 14 teaser: James laughed. "And remember Hermione, my love, what happened on the train is our little secret. And if you tell, your precious boyfriend pays."

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Snape's lost child: Chapter 13


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