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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love by darthvengeful
Chapter 16 : Can it get any Worse??
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Chapter 16: Can it Get any Worse??


Grimmauld Place was rocked to its very core. Not in the literal sense as the house built many hundreds of years ago was still very much firmly in place was its occupants would swear to you that it was swaying as if a combination of an earthquake, tornado and many bombs had just hit it square in the centre and they were still feeling the vibrations from the onslaught.


Every member of the order was slumped down into the chairs in the kitchen all looking completely and utterly stunned. The faces could tell a million stories of great hurt, despair and sadness. It was as if they had been attacked by dementors and all happiness, joy and love had been destroyed in one swoop. Except what was worse it was inflicted by their hero…………..Harry Potter.  


Minerva McGonagall an old wizened witch who had seen a great many things in her life was completely at a lost. The Headmistress of Hogwarts in solely in name only and the most prominent member of the Order of the Phoenix was slumped in a very unflattering way which was completely out of character for her. Gone was the rigid and sternness that had controlled the most demanding of students. Left only a shell…a shell of emptiness, devoid of any positive emotion. Her face betrayed only a sense of amazing disbelief and a complete lack of faith and hope.


This was echoed throughout the kitchen. Every member of the order was feeling the exact same thing. Disbelief, anger, betrayed and completely absent of hope or faith in the outcome of the war. Each one slumped as if they had been hit with some of the most powerful spells going, each seemed as if they had just been witness to the most grievous of crimes, the most shocking moment, the most devastating accident. And none had a clue how to return themselves to normal.



Meanwhile at the exact same time all over the country, from London, to Manchester, Bristol to Newcastle, every major town and city was suddenly disturbed if any one was paying attention by a small number of pops in their centre. Four or Five hooded people suddenly seemingly out of nowhere had appeared ready to cause trouble.


Without a word or a warning each of the group went there own way spreading out to make sure there reach was as large as possible. All of a sudden each of them reached deep into their pockets and stood there with their wands at the ready.


Spells and curses were shot out from the wands of the death eaters destroying every possible muggle creation that they cam e across. Cars were sent flying in the air, smoking with flames as explosions ripped through them causing what would appear to be one almighty firework display. Houses were bombed with curses that made stone disappear, metal melt into molten lava and the occupants left as nothing more than a pile of ash.


The same scene was being played out all across the land, death eaters causing untold mayhem testing new curses, hexes and spells. From burning men and woman inside out into ashes, to explosions that ripped the very fabric of space the chaos and destruction was like nothing that had gone before. The devastation was immense houses tore down into nothing but rubble, cars flaming wrecks left nothing but tin cans, and the sky at night normally so peaceful, charred with smoke and fumes drifting of and spreading in the light midnight breeze.


In the very heart of London Lord Voldemort waited standing outside the shell of what was once one of the most majestic buildings known to man, the Houses of Parliament. Gone the ticking of Big Ben, replaced with an empty space smoke filling the gap where the seat of government once stood. Voldemort stood atop a great mound taking in the glory of the damage he had caused as he waited for his loyal servants to find there way back to him.


As he stood there he began thinking of the carnage that he and the death eaters would have created that night. No one would have been safe. Every town, village and city in the muggle world of Britain would wake up to the most immense devastation witnessed by man. For the damage would be up there with the effects of the so called big bang that these muggles thought created the environment that that had begun to destroy in there own slow little way.


Now however the few remaining muggles that were spared, or escaped unharmed would now be living in nothing more than fear. They would in essence be ripe for the taking and that is what will be happening. The buffoon running this country will be promptly removed replaced by a man of Voldemort’s choosing.


Voldemort smiled baring his grotesque snake like fangs as he thought about what he had achieved in such a small amount of time. Suddenly a the air was filled by a large number of popping sounds as army returned all baring satisfied grins as the bowed before there Master waiting for the stragglers. The last to arrive was Snape, who eyes instantly fell to the great mound that was being used as a podium and then looked up at his Lord and Master and smiled.


“You got Hagrid then my Master?”


“Ah yes Severus, I have. Put up a decent fight but nothing and nobody can stand toe to toe with Lord Voldemort and survive. I am planning on sending a little message to our friend Mr Potter using this great oaf in order to truly show him that time is running out.”

“But my lord is that wise? I know we have achieved a great deal but there is still so much to be done.”


“You dare question me Severus? Never mind I will forgive you for your insolence this time…..CRUCIO!!!”


“Ah my master I’m sorrrry………….I did not mean to be so bold” replied Snape picking himself up from the floor and assuming his place amongst the ranks of his fellow death eaters.


“Now my faithful servants I can see from the smiles upon your faces that all goes well with our plan tonight and we can send out our message to the wizarding world that we will prevail we will stand tall and for once and for all just like Grindewald strived to achieve we will have dominance over these foul and insignificant muggles. For as we speak the new Prime Minister of Great Britain, Graham Black an old friend of ours, nodding to one of the death eaters bowed down is taking office and will be vowing to find the group of vigilantes led by none other than………………………………………………..Harry Potter”.   



The next morning the inhabitants of a very sleepy Godric’s Hollow woke up at exactly the same time for at every single window there was an owl pecking and pecking at the windows in a complete frenzy almost demanding to be allowed in. Hermione was the first to rise and quickly opened her window and took the copy of the Daily Prophet from the eager owl, which once paid swooped of along with all the other owls. Hermione walked downstairs to the kitchen and took a seat and opened the paper to reveal the front page.




By Rita Skeeter


The wizarding world is in a state of shock and panic this morning following the devastating events that took place in the early hours of this morning.

As of right now the muggle world as we knew it is no more. A series of mind blowing attacks were carried out by none other than Harry the bloody boy who lived Potter and his evil band of followers who include known werewolf Remus Lupin as well as the previously thought respectable Auror Nymphadora Tonks who we can confirm was part of the attacks that took place and is largely responsible for the decimation of what was once the beautiful cities of Bath, Bristol and Bournemouth.

It appears that Potter and his followers wanted to send a message out to us here in the wizarding world that he is firmly in charge and apparently has challenged He Who Shall Not Be Named into a friendly battle with the winner taking control of the Ministry Of Magic. The rules? Well it is understood that the group who can destroy the most muggles and muggle inventions wins with bonus points given for style and pain involved.

This new alliance between these two Dark wizards can only be bad news and it appears that even long time friends of potter cannot stand in the way of his new found penchant for death and destruction as I can sadly confirm that the much loved and brilliant Keepers of the keys at Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft Rubeus Hagrid was brutally tortured then murdered using an as yet identified new curse which seemingly as cut the insides of his body into little pieces.

All this writer can say is Can it get any worse??




Hermione quickly re-read the article as the other occupants who came flying down or even apparating down in the case of James.


“What the matter Hermione? Asked Neville who was promptly handed the paper. Too shocked to speak it was passed on and on through until it reached Harry who looked up and saw that there was a strange mix of anger and tears on all of his friends and families faces. By the time Harry had read it the article twice the whole group suddenly turned into the most determined, focused and battle ready group known to man and woman. They were ready. They knew the time was now and that meant war!.


“Well I guess this is it guys! Judging by the same expressions of determination on your faces you know as well as I do that I think it is time to go to war. So let’s go to War!!!” stated Harry simply.




Well there you go, the next chapter and the end is near.  I hope you like and don't hate!! I would really like to thank all of those who have continued to review this story and who keep spurring me on to complete this. Special mentions must go to Evans and Marauder 101 who really have helped to inspire me so here’s to you and I really hope you like!!!!

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Harry Potter and the Meaning Of Love: Can it get any Worse??


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