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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 5 : Quidditch Bludgers
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Author's Note:
BAAH!! Do you know how sorry I feel for this long wait?! I am soo sorry! I lost this chapters' file and I couldn't find it backed up anywhere!! I had to completely re-write it and it took forever because I was so caught up in another story! I am soo sorry!
I will say that I am going to begin the other three parts in this series so the people who had already read all of them and were waiting for updates on the fourth one can still continue reading them. I'm missing the first half to the second installment, so the first six chapters of that will have to be rewritten and will take a bit longer, but the full third installment should be up within a couple of days.
I'm sorry for the confusion! Just FYI. The First Installment in what you are reading now, Making Good Use of Time Travel. The Second Installment is "The Most Powerful Magic." The Third Installment is "Another Mistake Leading to Time Travel" and the Fourth Installment is "Time Travel to an Armageddon".

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The next morning, Ginny awoke, surprisingly, feeling very refreshed. Slowly, she lifted her head from Harry’s neck and saw him staring down on her, a smile plastered across his face. She lent in and kissed him sweetly, being sure to linger on his lips. She pulled away and got out of the hospital bed, asking with a yawn and a groan, “When do you get out of here?”

“Today,” Harry moaned, “I can go anytime I want. I hate this godforsaken place. I’m sick of it.”

Ginny chuckled and helped Harry to his feet, “I’m sure you are, Harry.”

When Harry and Ginny entered the Great Hall, they saw the Marauders, Ron, and Hermione sitting at the Gryffindor table. With smiles they plopped down on the bench next to them and began piling food onto their plates. They all beamed at Harry and welcomed him back before they started heaving mounds of food onto their plates themselves.

“AH!” Ron yelped, swallowing a particularly large gulp of food. He wiped his mouth on his sleeve vigorously before asking, “Harry, can you play in the match tomorrow?”

Harry jumped, stunned at Ron’s question. He shook his head, bringing his thoughts out of his staring at Ron’s ignorance to manners. Harry questioned, “Shit! Are you sure? That’s tomorrow?! How long was I out for?”

“Oh,” Ron groaned, taking a swallow of pumpkin juice, “You were out for a week.”

”I dunno if I can…” Harry grumbled, taking of a spoonful of porridge into his mouth, “I should be. Don’t know why I wouldn’t…”

“Good!” James yelped excitedly, clapping Harry on the back and making Harry cough, but laugh all the same, “I wanna see my son play in a match!!”

“Ah, I wouldn’t call it all that exciting, mate.” Harry murmured, coughing, “I always land myself in the Hospital Wing.”

“It’s pretty much his second home.” Ginny laughed.

Harry rolled his eyes and nudged Ginny with his shoulder, “Hush.”

Ginny nudged him back and questioned in a husky voice, “Why should I?”

Harry chuckled and tilted his head back, whispering into her ear so only she could hear, “’Cause I’ll whisk you away and never let you go. You’ll be mine forever and ever.”

“Now, I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing.” Ginny whispered back, giggling.

Harry smiled and turned back to his food before groaning, “Awe, man! That means we have practice this afternoon.”

“Yeah!” Ron snorted, “And you better have permission to play! If you don’t…Bloody hell! Who knows what will happen?!”

Harry grumbled, “We’d be short a player. There is no one else I know of. Well, Ginny would play seeker, but she has a Chaser position so she couldn’t. I don't know-Wait! James, you could play seeker if I couldn’t play!"

"Ah, yeah. I guess I could. If...I get to ride your Firebolt?" James asked, wriggling his eyebrows.

"I guess, but that's only if I can’t play." Harry said, pointing a finger at James. He looked down to his plate, stabbing a green bean with his fork, “No running my bloody broom into the Whomping Willow like the first one.”

"Oh, I know, I know." James said, throwing his arms up in an innocent way.

"Alright, but I'm trusting you. Don't go around, jacking up my broom." Harry said.

"Oh. You know, Harry, we will probably have to go see Dumbledore, and tell him what you learned right before you fainted." Hermione said.

"Oh, yeah. Those things..." Harry mumbled and he didn’t speak again.

They finished their breakfast and all headed back up to the Hospital Wing to get Madam Pompfrey's permission to play Quidditch. She gave in immediately. At first she said no, but with the persuasion from Sirius, she gave in, despite James’ want to play. Once they got her permission they headed up to the Stone Gargoyle, to which held Dumbledore's office.

"Come in." came Dumbledore's calm voice from behind his desk. The friends entered the room, and Dumbledore replied, "Oh. Well, Welcome back to my office!"

"Sir, when I passed out last week, I saw in Voldemort's mind again." Harry stopped and looked up at Dumbledore to see his expression, but it was as plain and steady as it was when they entered the room. "I saw all my worse memories, and all of them have Voldemort in it. Then I had another one, but it wasn't a memory. I think it might have been happening at that moment."

The elderly Professor nodded sternly and folded his hands together, “It is quite possible…”

“But – “ Harry began, not expecting that answer. He wrinkled his nose and folded his arms across his chest. He had been expecting a bit more support from the old man. He spoke again, despite his frustration, “Voldemort said that the Final Battle is to be on Christmas Eve and the Christmas Ball. He also said that…m-my scar was a horcrux, instead of the tiara.”

Professor Dumbledore sighed and looked down to his desk, looking older than he had ever looked before, “Harry, my boy, I always knew that was a possibility, but I never suspected it to be true. It would explain why Voldemort has worked into your mind before. How he knows that there will, indeed, be a Christmas Ball this year, I do not know.”

“But professor…” Harry spoke quietly, “H-How am I supposed to destroy that…w-without killing m-myself?”

“I do not know, Harry.” Professor Dumbledore whispered, “But I will put all my time into finding a way for you to destroy it.”

Harry suddenly didn’t feel like a seventeen-year-old anymore. He felt younger when he felt tears welling in his eyes and he began to question himself if it was necessary to cry. He hadn’t cried in years. Was it really necessary? If it wasn’t, he began to think, Well, who cares? I’ve got enough on my back right now. I’ll sob like a baby if I want to… He had all the right in the world to cry and he wouldn’t be ashamed of doing so. Harry shifted his weight from foot to foot on the wooden floor, looking at the ground, slightly embarrassed that he had tears welling in his eyes.

“Do not worry, Mr. Potter,” Professor Dumbledore tried to calm Harry, “I will make sure that the castle is completely protected on Christmas Eve. I will have the aurors and Order members stationed outside of the castle and all around Hogsmeade.”

Harry looked to the floor and nodded solemnly. Professor Dumbledore placed one of his knobby hands on Harry’s shoulder and said calmly, “Harry, listen to me. I have great faith you, my boy. You were chosen to take this path for a reason, and I do not believe that reason will fail you. And do not doubt yourself for one second.”

Harry swallowed a lump in his throat and nodded before turning around and leaving without a word. James wrinkled his nose and smiled lightly, “Well, I guess it’s time to go.”

“Have a nice day, Professor.” Hermione waved to Professor Dumbledore before they all left. The others exited the room, and made their way down the steps of the Stone Gargoyle. Harry fell behind and stuttered for a moment, “Y-You lot go on. I-I’ll catch up with you later?”

Ginny walked back to Harry and asked, “Harry, are you all right? Are you sure?”

“Yes, Ginny, I’m sure. And I’m fine.” He smiled lightly and kissed her cheek sweetly, “Don’t worry about me.”

“Bye, Harry.” James said calmly before they all walked off, Ginny looking over her shoulder to Harry nervously. Harry waved his hand towards the other end of the hall, a motion for her to keep going. She nodded and turned back around as James began talking to her. She acted like she had been listening all along to them.

Harry waited until they were out of view, then he went down the stone steps and out onto the sloping awn. He walked the perimeter of the lake's edge, taking this time to think of everything.

He was the horcrux...

He was going to fight in the Final Battle, against Voldemort in a short while.

The Final Battle awaited him behind which corner? It could be tomorrow…

It could be in months, maybe even years.

He didn’t know who to turn to and he didn’t know what to believe.

Harry settled himself in a shady spot under a tree and let the tears pour down. He had cried in years. The last time he remembered crying, Dudley was bullying him when he was seven.

How am I going to do this? I can’t do this! I can't kill someone. No, Harry…He's not a someone...He's a something. He's not human. Shit, I can't do this. I can't beat Voldemort. And everyone is relying on me. The Whole Wizarding World is relying on me to finish him off, because of some damned prophecy…

"May I join you?" a sweet voice came from behind him.

Harry looked around to see where the voice had come from, and he saw Ginny walking towards him. He nodded his head and she sat down next to Harry.

Harry immediately confessed, wiping his tears away gingerly, "Gin, I can't do this."

"Oh, Harry. You can do this. Don't doubt yourself." Ginny said, scooting back and leaning against the tree so she was behind Harry. She pulled him to her and he rested his head on her chest. Harry let a tear fall, and then he said, "The whole world is depending on me to defeat Voldemort. I just don't know how I will be able to do this."

"Harry, it's all right." Ginny said, kissing the top of his head and running her fingers through his hair. They sat like that for a moment, their minds swimming with thoughts. Finally Harry spoke, "It's not death I'm afraid of. It's the fact that I might loose you."

"Harry, you will never loose me. I will always be with you, even past death. And you will always be with me." Ginny said, kissing the top of his head once more.

Harry moved so he was sitting up, and facing Ginny. "I'm afraid you won't be able to know how much I love you. I'm afraid I won’t be able to marry you, and spend the rest of my life you. I’m worried that the children I always imagined with you won’t become real and that I won’t be able to walk our daughter down the isle for that lucky man. I’m so worried about everything…”

Ginny smiled and a tear welled up in her eye from all the sweet things Harry had just said. He wants to marry me! He wants us to have children! Ginny cupped his face in his hands and smiled brightly, "Harry, you will be able to do all of those things. You will. I want to be able to do all those thing too, and I will. We will."

Harry nodded his head and looked at the ground. Ginny grabbed his chin and pulled his lips to hers and gave him a quick kiss. They repositioned themselves so they were both lying on the green ground under the hot sun. Harry had his arm wrapped around Ginny, and her head was lying in the nook of his shoulder.

They laid there for many moments thinking about all the new things that had happened, the Final Battle, the Horcrux, and what they had just said to each other. Wild thoughts were swimming in their minds. Harry was bursting with glee now and that wouldn’t leave him.

Ginny had the same feelings for him…

She wanted to have children with him!
After many long moments Harry moved himself so he was propped up on an elbow and was facing Ginny.

"I love you, Gin." Harry said.

Ginny narrowed her eyebrows and then smiled, running a hand a long the arm that was facing the air, “Well, that was kind of unexpected right now. I love you too, Harry.”

Harry moved his arm and placed it behind her head. He pulled her head to his as their lips met. Harry lay her head back on the ground and he pulled his chest on top of Ginny’s, feeling her breasts settle beneath his chest. He didn’t know why he had chosen to snog her at this very moment. Just a fire had conjured inside of him and she was just there, right when he needed her, to pour his love into her mouth through kisses.

Ginny entwined her hands around his neck and in his hair. Harry slipped his hand under Ginny's shirt and began tracing circles with his fingers on her belly. Goose bumps went up Ginny's back in affection and she turned her head away from Harry’s lips with a giggle before coming back to kiss Harry’s parted lips.


Two in the afternoon, back in the Common Room, the Marauders and Ron were playing a game of Exploding Snap, and Hermione was reading her book, as usual.

"Harry still not back yet?" James asked.

"Nope, not yet." Ron answered.

"Ginny isn't here either." Hermione said, not moving her eyes from her book, which seemed to be very interesting to her.

"We have Quidditch Practice soon. He better show up or I'll have to go find him." Ron said, getting frustrated.

"Yeah, and I want to go to your practice. Is that all right?" James asked.

"Yeah, that’s fine. You know, I’m going to get the Map and see where he is." Ron replied. He got up from his chair and ran up the steps to the dormitory and came back down five seconds later carrying the Marauders Map. He tapped it with his wand and said, "I solemnly swear that I am up to know good."

The Map came into view on the parchment and he began flipping through it. "There they are." He said after a minute of trying to find where Harry and Ginny were. "They’re on the grounds."

"How about we head onto the grounds get them and head to practice. Your robes are still in the Captain's Office by the Pitch, right?" James asked.

"Yea, they are. All right that sounds fine to me." Ron said, "Bye Hermione. See you at dinner, we’re heading out to practice."

"Alright. Have fun, boys." She said dully from the couch, lifting up a hand to wave, but her eyes never leaving her book.

They boys trooped out of the Common Room, down the stairs and out onto the grounds.

When they reached the tree with the sleeping Harry and Ginny under it they didn’t know what to do. Let them sleep? Wake them, if so how?

"What do we do?" James asked in a whisper. Ginny moaned and opened her eyes. She sat up, but when she did Harry's arm slid from around her waist to the ground with a thud. Harry groaned in his sleep as Ginny sat up, making Harry’s head fall from the crook of his shoulder. His head hit the ground and he jolted up, “Wa’z goin on?!”

"Well, that worked!" Sirius snorted.

"Come on, you two. We have Quidditch practice." Ron said. Yawning, the couple got up from the ground and together they all made their way down to the pitch.

"I'm hungry!!" Ginny complained, before they left the Captain's Tent to go onto the field.

"Well, it’s your own fault you missed lunch." Ron said. Ginny stuck out her tongue and the team made their way onto the pitch.

Harry kicked off of his Firebolt and felt the joyous feeling of flying once again. He missed it every time a practice was over or after a match. He circled the Pitch once before shouting instructions to the team.

"Ginny, Demelza, and Colin, try to score in the left hand side goals, once you have scored circle around, again, and pass to each other down the field to score." Harry bellowed at his chasers. The chasers nodded their heads in understandment.

"Ron, you will be covering the left hand goals, trying to block the chasers." Ron nodded his head and soared away to the left hand goals.

"Coote, Peakes, you hit the bludgers back and forth, which I hope isn't too easy because they like to roam other places too. Team today is just a review for tomorrow's Match, so take it easy and don't stress." Harry said.

The team nodded their heads in agreement, "Alright. Then, let’s go."

The team kicked off and went to doing their drills. Harry looked up into the stands, he saw James and Remus all watching with interest, but he didn't see Sirius or Pettigrew, but then he figured Sirius was the giant black dog running around the stands, and that Pettigrew was in his animagus form, you just couldn't see him.

Harry chuckled and let the snitch out, he waited a few moments before kicking off to go search for the snitch.

He returned to his usual waiting, search the grounds position at the top of the left hand goals, so he could look for the snitch and keep an eye on the team. The team was doing great, and they all got along wonderful. They were like a whole second family, getting in a little fights now and then, but it was never worse than swearing at each other, and most of the time it was Ron and Ginny fighting.

Then he saw the snitch. He sped forward around the snitch, and followed its swivels, and dives. He finally felt his fingers clasp over the snitch. He held it for a few moments, the golden ball struggling within his fingers to break free. He let it go and watched it speed off.

Harry was about to speed off back to his spot when he heard his beaters arguing.

"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, PEAKES!!" Coote shouted at Peakes. "Plus, you should have dived from it!"

"Bludgers have pretty much a mind of their own! And you don’t need to be aiming directly at my stomach!!"

Harry looked a round and saw Peakes had blood coming from his mouth. Harry sped towards them, "What in then name of Merlin is going on here?"

"He hit the bludger at me and it hit my stomach and now im coughing up blood!" Peakes shouted.

"I TOLD HIM IT WAS AN ACCIDENT." Coote shouted, back at Harry.

"IT BLOODY WELL WAS NOT, AND YOU KNOW IT!" Peakes said, aiming his bat at the approaching bludger at Coote.

Coote dodged the bludger, but unfortunately someone else did not see it speeding towards them. Demelza, carrying the Quaffle and about to throw it in the middle hoop was hit square in the head with the bludger.

"Bloody hell..." Harry mumbled.

Demelza's head hit her broom, and she slipped off. Harry sped off to Demelza, but Ron caught her. He heaved the unconscious Demelza over his back. Ron landed on the ground and got off of his broom.

Harry met Ron on the ground.

"Here, Do you want me to carry her? We need to take her up to the Hospital Wing." Harry said.

"Nah. I got it, thanks though." Ron said, as he headed out of the Pitch and onto the grounds, with Demelza slung over his back.

The single thread that Harry seemed to be hanging on snapped like a twig, "That’s it! I’ve had it!! Practice is over!"

The Gryffindors landed beside him and let Harry roar at them for many moments, “How do you expect the team to win the cup if all of your bloody heads are somewhere else?! We’re here right now! When it’s Quidditch practice, it’s practice! Don’t go off day dreaming! We’re a team! That means we get along and work as a team! Understand?!”

They all nodded their heads and grumbled before Harry stormed off to the hospital wing.


Ron lay Demelza down on a bed and went back to Madam Pompfrey's office. Ron came back out with her on his tail. Madam Pompfrey slipped a potion down Demelza's throat, and she slowly opened her eyes. She sat up and gave a weird look, "Hello! Sorry, but where in the world am I? And who are all of you!?!"

"Oh, no. She's suffering Amnesia, should only be short term though, a week or so." Madam Pompfrey said.

Professor McGonagall came into the Wing with a furious look on her face. "Who, in the name of Merlin, did this?!?"

Peakes slowly raised his hand, looking at the floor, blood still coming from his mouth. "And why did you do this?"

"I got made a Coote, he hit me with a bludger in the stomach so I hit one back but he dodged it." Peakes said.

"I am sure it was an accident that Mr. Coote hit you, but it was not right for you to hit back. You will not play in tomorrow's Match against Slytherin."

But Professor-!" Peakes pleaded with her.

"You will not play, and you will have detention with me tomorrow evening." Professor McGonagall said.

"But who will play the position of Chaser and a Beater!?" Harry asked.

The Marauders came into the Wing, Sirius and Peter back into their normal forms.

Harry and said, "What are you going to do about the Match?!?!" James said pleadingly, "This may not be my time but I still for sure want Gryffindor to Beat Slytherin!"

"I have an idea." Professor McGonagall said, looking at Sirius and James.

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