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Psycho Path, Cho Chang by Samhria
Chapter 14 : An Old Fling
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The next morning started off with loud excitement and commotion right outside of the tent. There were already groups awake at dawn, heading for the Quidditch Cup to watch the final match.

Hermione had awakened with Luna earlier than the guys, who continued to drool in their sleep. Luna had to shove Ron off the bunk completely to make him wake up.

Harry, on the other hand, woke up quite refreshed. He yawned and stretched, his eyes glittering with confusion.

“Morning Harry.” Hermione said, strolling past Harry, fetching her shoes.

“Morning.” He replied back, sitting up straight, stretching once more.

“Better get ready. Don’t want to be late for the match.” She tossed his clean Quidditch shirt from the table.

He grabbed it and tossed it on. “Yeah.”


Cho flung her green Irish hat across the tent. Her eyes were piercing red; not with anger, but with staying wide awake through the night, storming back and forth cursing Hermione Granger.

“You’re gonna need that.” Alex said, walking around only in his ruby shorts. “For the Cup I mean.”

“I don’t care!” Cho spat back nastily. “I don’t care about any Cup!”

“Calm down Cho.” Alex undid his shorts, pulling them down his legs, tossing it across a wooden chair. Cho glared at him, but found she turned her frown into a mischievous smile. She may have wanted Harry, but a woman’s lust for a man never dies…whoever that man may be. Alex spotted her smile and made his way over to her instead of fetching his pants.

He strolled over to her, wrapping his muscular arms around her waist, pulling her forward, pressing his strong body against her slender one. His hands wandered under her night robe, caressing her body with his touch.

“If you want, I’ll help you calm down.” He pressed his lips demandingly against hers, tracing his tongue on the outline of her lips until she allowed him to go further. They continued kissing passionately until Alex pulled away, only to nibble on her neck and down.

“I want you.” Cho whispered lustfully, her leg pulled up against Alex’s waist. “I want you Harry.” She whispered, her eyes closed.

Alex pulled away immediately, staring unbelievably at Cho.

“W-What?” She stuttered.

“You said, Harry”.

“No, I didn’t!” Cho argued. She tried to come closer and place her hand on his arm for reassurance, but he just yanked away angrily.

“Merlin Cho! I’ve loved you since forever and all you’re doing is using me!” His eyes grew large with every word. “All you can think about is getting Potter!”

“I swear Alex…it was an accident!”

“No! It’s never been an accident!” Alex flung the table backwards, causing it to crack in half as it hit the marble ground. “You’ve always been after Potter! Even at Hogwarts! I thought you actually liked me, but Belle’s was right…You were after Potter the whole time. You never liked me. You were just using me like a toy!”

Alex grabbed his wand and pointed it at himself. In a few seconds, he was clothed again. He retrieved his bag from the bunk and flung it over his shoulder, storming out of the tent.

“Alex! Wait!” Cho screamed, but he was already gone.


Hermione and the gang were already at the Quidditch stadium, marching up the stairs, trying to find their standing ground. With luck, they spotted Tonks on the highest floor, clapping and cheering excitedly.

“Hey guys!” She waved enthusiastically. “Up here!” Harry and Hermione in the front to lead, they made it way successfully to the top, joining Tonks. Ron and Luna were close up behind.

The stands were filling up fast with the many witches and wizards thrilled to be at the final showdown. It was like this every year.

Hermione and Harry gave Tonks a friendly hug before they noticed the young, but aging man, standing besides her.

“Harry, Hermione, always good to see you.” The man said, squeezing through Tonks, to meet the couple.

“How have you been Remus?” Harry asked. Remus had visited Harry not too long ago, but sent him owls with his whereabouts. Ever since Moody died, Remus had been the head auror at the ministry. His job was tough since it required a lot of relocation to find the many death eaters that escaped during the war.

“I’m doing well Harry. And how about yourself?”

“Never better.” He replied, grinning and wrapping his arm around Hermione, who blushed slightly.

Before Remus and Hermione had a chance to chat, the announcer silenced everyone for the teams’ introduction.

The first team to enter the Quidditch field was the Italians. Then, the Irish came in with their dancing mascot. They needed a new one. The same old dancing Irishman was starting to get boring for the crowds to enjoy.

“Let the games begin!” The announcer exclaimed, before the snitch was released into the field, along with the ball.


“Potions! Get your potions here!” A man in a red hat stood outside the Quidditch Cup selling illegal potions secretly. He wasn’t too worried since most of the security was inside the stadium, inspecting fans and watching for unaccompanied witches and wizards.

Cho made her way to the stadium, being the only one out there in sight. Everyone was already inside enjoying the Cup. She spent half an hour storming around her tent thinking of a new plan. When she couldn’t think of one, she left for the Cup, guessing she needed some fresh air to clear her head. She was lost in thought when the man with the red hat interrupted her.

“Hey Miss.” He said, grinning a crooked smile. “You interested in any potions? I have almost anything that can clear your mood.”

She narrowed her eyes at him and pulled out her wand. Before she could raise it to his neck and hex him with the fire that burned inside of her, she relaxed for a moment.

‘Potions?’ She thought. She looked up at the guy who seemed somewhat startled by her wand.

The man slowly started to back away, but she stopped him. “What kind of potions do you have?”

The man smiled once more, holding open his tattered robe, revealing small vials of colored potions. There weren’t many to choose from.

“I have Hiccupping potion, silencing potion, hairdo potion; memory potion; love potion…and uh…”

“That’s it?” Cho asked, disappointed.

“Well, look at me!” The man exclaimed. “I’m like a poor mudblood. Buy something…anything.” He said his voice more like a plea than a demand.

Love potion would be better than the rest, but how on earth was she going to get that close to Harry? That Granger mudblood would be guarding him 24/7. There was no way she was going to get that close. She decided on buying the potion anyway, just in case she got lucky…or better yet, her genius self thought of a plan.

“Fine, I’ll buy the love potion.” She opened her purse to pull out some galleons.

“50 galleons.” The man said, pulling out the love potion vial cautiously.

“What?” Cho exclaimed. “That’s expensive!”

“Take it or leave it.”

Cho closed her purse and decided this wasn’t even worth the money if she wasn’t even going to be able to get near Harry, what was the point?

“Forget it then.” She decided to leave, but the men plead once more.

“Alright, alright.” He said, wrapping his robe around himself. “35.”

“30 and you’ve got yourself a deal.” Cho bargained.

“Fine, but not a knut lower.” The man hesitated, but finally agreed.


Cho paid the man his money and left toward the entrance gate of the stadium with the vial protected in her purse. The only problem now was what to do with it.


“STEFSON SCORES ANOTHER POINT FOR THE ITALIAN TEAM! SCORE: 125; IRISH: 115” The commentator announced as the crowd roared once more.

Tonks and Remus whistled happily knowing their team was in the lead. Harry and Hermione, along with Luna and Ron cheered as well.

Hermione was definitely enjoying herself since she didn’t see a hint of Miss Cho Chang anywhere so far. She couldn’t be happier.


Tonks clapped harder after this announcement.

“Way to go Nigel!” She exclaimed towards the field.


“Mr. Krum, are you absolutely certain you would like to go into the regular section instead of the ministry box?” The small, plump wizard asked for the third time, accompanying a man in a large wool overcoat, with his hood covering his head, and partially his face.

“I’m positive Rolf.” Krum replied in his large gruff voice, his accent well adjusted over the years with his stay in America.

Rolf headed in front of Viktor Krum, holding out the gate for him. There was a woman walking alone, who was approaching the entrance. Viktor waited for the woman to pass by first. She stared at him for a moment.

“I’m sorry, but do you I know you?” She asked, her voice strong and demanding, but kind.

“Not that I know of.” Viktor answered back, eying the woman carefully. Her slender legs went on for miles, before her waist curved out athletically, her body fitting altogether quite well. Her long black hair was let loose behind her back and her red, fiery lipstick was the only major detail that stood out; well, guys weren’t just checking out her lipstick. They eyed her all the way down…every detail. But Viktor was different. He was a gentleman. He only eyed Cho to see if he remembered her from anywhere which he was sure he didn’t.

He held out his hand to Cho as she continued to eye him suspiciously. She shook his hand, but her eyes never left his face.

“My name is Viktor Krum.” He said his face serious.

Cho smiled mischievously. “I’m Cho. Cho Chang.”



There were a few boos’ here and there, but nothing that stopped the Irish team from taking the lead.

“I’m gonna hex that Stevenson after the game!” Tonks cursed, as she balled her hands into fists.

“He’s alright Tonks. Don’t worry.” Remus assured her, placing an arm around her shoulder.

“He did that on purpose, he did!” Tonks argued. “Nigel could have gotten hurt with that bulger! Because of that, not only is Nigel’s right arm injured, we’re also losing the game!”


The crowd bursted into cheers as fireworks hit the sky almost immediately.

Tonks embraced Remus, jumping estatically. “They won! Merlin, they won!”


As the group huddled out of the crowds, making their way back to their tents where Tonks said she would meet them after she found Nigel, they spotted Cho outside.

At the sight of them, she beamed. Hermione tried to steer everyone in another direction, but to her surprise, Cho left with the rest of the crowd back to the tents. She didn’t approach them. That was…odd.

“Hello, Hermione.” A voice said, almost whispering slightly against her ear. She nearly screamed. She turned around to see, none other than Viktor Krum.

“Viktor!” She said, smiling and embracing him in a hug. “It’s been so long! How are you?”

“I’m doing great. I came back from America two weeks ago. It’s great to be back. I’m so glad to see you again. It’s always great to see you. I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.” Hermione blushed and gestured Harry to go on without her. He smiled and followed on with Ron and Luna back to the tent.

Viktor followed her sight and saw Harry and started to frown almost right away. “Are you and Harry…together?”

Hermione blushed again. “Yeah, we’ve been dating for a while now.”

“Hermione, there’s something I need to tell you that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while.” Viktor seemed desperate and anxious. He grabbed Hermione by the arm, dragging her behind him. They were out of the crowd’s way, back in the stadium, where seats were piled with wrappers and butter beer bottles.

“What is it Viktor?” Hermione asked uncertain. She knew Viktor had feelings for her for sometime, but when she told him that she just wanted to be friends, he had accepted that. He also respected her decision when she told him that she was in love with someone else…that someone else being Harry Potter.

“Well…as I’ve been away, I’ve been thinking…about you.” He continued, his face flushing pink once or twice. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot.”

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot too Viktor. You’re my friend and I---“

“But I don’t want to be friends.” Viktor blurted out, cutting off Hermione. He reached for her hand, gripping it between his own. “I want to be more. I’ve had feelings for you since the first day I met you.”

Hermione yanked her hand free from Viktor’s grip and backed away. “Viktor, I thought we put that behind us.”

“I know you told me already, but I want things to be different. I want to have you Hermione.” He wrapped his arms around Hermione, pulling her into his arms. She struggled against him.

“Viktor!” She exclaimed frantically. “Let go of me!”

“I want you to be mine Hermione!” Viktor exclaimed, his head pressed against Hermione’s ear, inhaling the scent from her hair.

“But Harry—“

Viktor pulled Hermione away enough to look her in the eyes. His eyes were full of rage. “I’ll kill Harry if he ever touches you again.” Hermione looked back at those eyes and felt herself gasp. This wasn’t like Viktor at all. “I love you Hermione. I love you.”

Without warning, he leaned forward and pressed his lips demandingly against Hermione’s, not waiting for her to react. As he continued to work against her unfunctional mouth, Hermione reached for her wand in her back pocket, whispering the only thing that came to her mind. Viktor was knocked backwards off his feet, onto one of the chairs in the stadium. He looked knocked out, and Hermione felt sorry for him, but she knew what was wrong with him and she knew what she had to do to fix everything.

She made a run for the tent.


Tonks came in the tent with her son, Nigel. “Hey, guys.” She said, peering over at Harry and Ron who were face painting each other’s face. “We’re having a party over at my tent. Come on over.”

“Sure. Let’s go.” Harry said, cleaning his face and following Tonks and Nigel out of the tent.

“Mmm…party…that means food.” Ron said, following Harry outside the tent. Luna nudged him in the stomach.

“Where’s Hermione, Harry?” Tonks asked.

“She was catching up with her friend, Viktor Krum.” He said, right behind Tonks. “I’ll come back later to get her. Right now, I want to meet the winning team.”


Hermione made it back to the tent only to find it empty. Harry and the gang left somewhere. Hermione cursed. The one time she needed Harry’s help and he’s not anywhere to be found. He could be anywhere. There were so many tents in every direction…not to mention the crowds of fans dancing everywhere. She peered outside her tent to spot Viktor searching around for her. She waited until she exited the tent.

“We saw the stupid game, now can we go to the potions’ book store?” A woman with blonde hair exclaimed to her raven haired boyfriend.

“But what about the parties?” He asked with a whiny voice.

“I don’t care.” The woman replied harshly. “You saw your game, now take me to the potions’ book store!”


Hermione followed the couple closely. Perhaps this was her only answer to find a reverse potion on the love potion Viktor was given. Hermione knew she wasn’t mistaken on the symptoms. Viktor was madly in love with her and would kill just to have her. That wasn’t the Viktor she knew. She glared and cursed silently. She knew Cho had something to do with it.


Harry left the party early to go fetch Hermione from the tent. He figured she would have been there by now. When he got there, he saw a note on the table. It was Hermione’s handwriting.

Dear Harry,
If you’re reading this, I’m probably in the potions’ book store by now. I can’t explain, but meet me there soon.

Love, Hermione.

Harry frowned and made his way out of the tent, heading back to another port key that led to a village with small shops and stores.


Hermione filled the cauldron with the last millyweed, before stirring it again. The shop was crowded with people trying to find potions or trying to create their own.

Hermione was lucky to find an empty cauldron in the back of the room, away from everyone. Her reverse potion was nearly done when…

“I found you.” A voice whispered in her ear, causing her to shiver.

“You did, didn’t you?” She replied, forcing a smile.

Viktor took a seat right next to Hermione, removing all the space between them. “What are you making?” He asked, his eyes not leaving Hermione’s face.

“Something for you, as a matter of fact.” She replied sweetly. If she was going to get Viktor to drink the reverse potion, she had to play innocent.

Viktor brushed Hermione’s cheek with his index finger. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”
“Really?” Hermione asked, smiling slightly.

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“You’re too sweet Viktor.”

“But you’re sweeter Hermione.” He whispered, his face inches from hers.

She stood up quickly, pouring the mixed potion into a glass. She handed it to Viktor, who stood beside her.

“What’s this, love?” He asked, holding the glass in his grip.

“It’s a…surprise.” Hermione said, making an excuse.

The substance was green and muddy and Viktor looked skeptical.

Hermione hoped he wouldn’t back out, so she pouted her lips. “For me, Vik?”

“Anything for you.” Viktor smiled and gulped down the potion in one swallow. Hermione silently hoped this would work. When he was done, he looked at Hermione with blankness. He didn’t say anything for a moment.

“Viktor? How are you feeling?” Hermione asked.

“Bloody fantastic!” He exclaimed, before grabbing Hermione and slamming her body against his own. Before she could react, it was already too late…again. Her lips were being crushed by Viktor’s. When he finally pulled away…a pair of green emerald eyes glared in her direction.

“How could you Hermione?” Harry said, storming out of store.

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