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Stuck in Paradise with Hell by hermyemma
Chapter 1 : Fallin in Trouble...Literally
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Please read and review! It has some spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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‘Cheers’ the small crowd around the table yelled and they all swallowed their drinks in one go. At least, most of them did, Ginny, Lavender and Parvati didn’t.

It was a party to celebrate Lord Voldemort’s downfall and the recent capture of death eaters like Fenrir Greyback, Yaxley, McNair, Rudolphus Lestrange and a few others. All those who had survived had turned up-George- wjo was still quite sad about Fred’s dreadful desmise but Lee Jordan had agreed to be with him to lead the Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. They were planning to take over Zonko’s though and expand business a little. Besides he now had found a partner in Alicia Spinnet so everyone was certain that she would be able to take good care of him. There was also Dean Thomas who was going to marry Lavender Brown the next year. he had taken up a job in Gringott’s and was regularly meeting up with Bill to get used to the ways and woes of goblins and how the place worked so he would be familiar with the place. Harry was there of course sipping wine and talking in serious tones about Auror training with Draco Malfoy who had also applied for the same. Ginny and Hermione were there with their own group of girls that included Parvati, Luna, Padma, Lavender and to Ginny’s annoyance, Cho. Hermione was training as healer whereas Ron who was with Dean and Oliver Wood was battling between a choice of joining the Chudley Cannons and joining the Ministry’s magical Transportation department. Neville had already applied for the post of herbology at Hogwarts and had got the job there. There was an on off thing going on between him and Luna but no one knew for sure. The new headmaster there was Professor Slughorn while McGonagall had no grudges.

A few hours later many people had started either going home or scattering around the huge ship to talk to their friends and listen to the sound of the sea at the same time. Yes, they were on a magnificent ship and they were partying in the ballroom.

Draco sat down in the dingy attached to the side of the boat with Harry still talking about Aurors with a bottle or two of brandy.

‘I mean, we won’t be needed much now’ said Draco

‘Yeah but still. Worthwhile job and it isn’t like all the Death eaters have been caught.’
‘Its only a matter of time Potter’ drawled Malfoy

‘Mmm’ said Harry ‘Excellent brandy by the way-elf made?’

‘Muggle’ smirked Malfoy ‘Sounds odd but yeah’

‘Boy am I tired!’

‘Me too!’

Upstairs Hermione and Ginny made their way tipsily to the edge and started walking along it.

‘Drink up me hearties yo ho!’ yelled Hermione

‘Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates life for me’ they both chorused loudly

Ginny bent over the railing and screamed ‘Woo!! Hoo! Voldemort’s dead and its all his fault!’ They both laughed.

Beneath them Harry fidgeted next to Draco in his sleep but did not wake up

Hermione and Ginny tipped over the edge and fell into the dingy and the last thing Hermione remembered before falling asleep was a yell, rope breaking and the splash of water. 

so how was it? I know, a bit short but what else? What do you think will happen? How was this bit? Please read and review. I need the encouragement!

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Stuck in Paradise with Hell: Fallin in Trouble...Literally


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