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Anglophobia: A Story Of A Death Eater by noraxslytherin
Chapter 5 : Rebecca's Revenge
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Disclaimer: Dear Lawyers, none of these characters belong to me, except the ones that aren’t familiar to you.  The plot belongs to me; the rest belongs to the talented JK Rowling.  :]  So, pretty please don’t knock on my door AGAIN and force me to jump out of the chimney with my wand threatening to avada kedavra your law abiding … you get the point.  :]

A/N: ok, i'd just like to thank my awesome reviewers!  you guys have been great!  i really love your reviews.  i got sad when i realized that my last chapter got 50 views in one day but only a few people commented it.  but, those few people are AMAZING.  THANK YOU!!!  remember to review if you read it, and make my day!  :]

CHPT.5 (Rebecca’s Revenge)


As soon as we got into the castle, I stopped to look around.  Tom, Nat, Celsus, Lucretia, and a reluctant Rebecca stopped when I did.  Rebecca clicked her tongue impatiently.  Tom turned to me. 

“I’ll give you a tour later, Belle.  We must get into the Great Hall to find out where you’ll be sorted.” Tom said, linking his arm through mine.  I looked at Rebecca who had stopped in her tracks to stare at us, wide eyed.

As soon as we went into the Great Hall, a tall, thin wizard with an auburn beard and twinkling blue eyes called out my name.  I looked back with a question in my eyes.  Tom squeezed my hand, Lucretia hugged me, Celsus and Nat gave me a pat on the back, and Rebecca gave me a wicked smirk.

 “Good luck, Belle.  Be in Slytherin.” Tom whispered in my ear.

 “Tom, what if I don’t get in?” I asked, starting to feel extremely nervous.

 “Just tell the hat what you truly want.” Tom whispered back, and then he flashed me a heart-melting smile and followed the others to sit in one of the four huge tables.  

The table had a green and silver banner with a serpent; that was Slytherin table.  They all sat under it and as I stared at them looking worried (with the exception of Rebecca who looked as though Tom had just proposed to her), someone laid a hand on my shoulder.  I turned around and found that odd man giving me a calculating look, not unlike my fathers.

“Well, Miss Ivory, it seems you have already made friends.  However, I can’t guarantee you’ll join them soon.” He said.  I blinked.

“Who are you…sir?” I asked, remembering my manners at the last second.  He smiled a crooked smile.

“I am head of Gryffindor and will be your transfiguration teacher.  My name is Professor Dumbledore.” He said, holding out his hand.  I shook it.

“I’m Isabelle Ivory, sir.” I said.

“Oh I know, I know all about you, Miss Ivory.  Now if you will please follow me to get sorted.”  Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I saw his blue eyes x-ray me…okay, okay; it’s not a good idea to freak myself out.

I followed him, and felt someone’s’ eyes on me.  I turned around slightly, only to be rewarded.  Tom had just winked at me.  Smiling inside, I passed murmuring students, and to my horror he led me to a seat on top of a platform.  My face turned red from embarrassment.  I knew I was about to either: trip, fall, crash, burn, or all of the above except in front of everyone.  I didn’t really care about everyone else, but in front of Tom?  How embarrassing!  

“Please, sir, can’t I be sorted in private or something?” I asked him in a squeaky voice.

“And why would you want that?” He asked me gently.  I did some quick thinking: I didn’t want to show Tom I was a coward.

“Never mind.” I mumbled, running up the platform, surprisingly not falling.  I sat on the stool and to my dismay he bought out a shabby hat and made to put it on my head.

“You must put it on; this hat will tell you where to go.” Professor Dumbledore said.

“Fine.” I said.  

It’s not like that hat was dirty or anything…I imagined the look on my moms face if she saw me wearing this and I giggled.  Professor Dumbledore’s eyebrow shot up, but I ignored it as the hat was put on, covering my eyes.  For a second all I could see was pitch black, and then I screamed when the hat talked to me.  I heard snickering, and I was glad that my red face was hid:

 “Ah, an Ivory?  Your parents were Slytherins, you know.”
I know, thank you very much.
“But you don’t seem like them at all.  You seem…more courageous more noble.”
No, I belong in Slytherin.
“You belong in Gryffindor, its all here in your head.” 
No, I’m not brave at all!  I cut myself, is that what you call brave?  I think you’re messed in the head, or should I say patch?  It’s impossible to tell with you being so shabby.
“You certainly have the Slytherin tongue.” 
My hearts set in Slytherin.
“Yes, but what about your mind?”
If you don’t put me in Slytherin, I promise to burn you any chance I get.  Perhaps even tear you into shreds and feed it to my cat.   
“Very cunning, eh?  Very well, if you would like to be in Slytherin then SLYTHERIN IT IS!” 

The last three words were magnified, as I got up and gave the hat to Professor Dumbledore.  He looked curious, and for a brief, scary moment I thought he knew what I told the hat.  I blushed and ran straight to the Slytherin table.  Did I say ran?  I meant tripped, then blushed even redder and staggered to the Slytherin table.  I was in one piece; I was next to Tom, which was all that mattered.

“I knew you were born to be in Slytherin.” Tom said, smiling.  I gave him a weak smile, still to embarrassed and surprised to talk.  But finally, to break the awkward silence that had occurred in which Bobbin sat, openmouthed, I cleared my throat.

“Now you’re going to share a dormitory with Becky and I!” Lucretia said happily.

“How come there are only two other Slytherin fourth year girls?” I wondered out loud.

“No one’s exactly sure.  In our year, Becky and I were the only true Slytherin girls…except for you now!  I can not believe our luck!” Lucretia said, clapping her hands together, clearly excited.  I grinned at her.

“Well, Nat, I believe you owe me 5 galleons.” Celsus said, turning to Nat.  Nat groaned and rummaged in his robes, pulled out 5 gold coins, and handed them to Celsus.

“You see, Cel bet me 5 galleons that Belle was a Slytherin.  I bet him 5 galleons she was a Gryffindor.” Nat said, apologetically looking at me.  I wasn’t about to tell him that he was right, so I joined in the laughter of the others.

“Nat, why would you think she’s a Gryffindor?  I mean, look at her.  She’s cunning, pure, intelligent, beautiful-” Tom was saying before he was cut off by Professor Dumbledore announcing the first years’ arrival.  

I was blushing so deeply I was sure that Tom could feel the heat radiating out of me.  I can not believe what he had said.  I looked up and caught his eye.  They were sparkling with…mischievousness?  I quickly looked up at Professor Dumbledore reading the names off of a piece of parchment.  I couldn’t hear what he was saying, as I saw various people join different houses.  My ears were buzzing with questions and I wanted-no- needed answers.  Some sallow faced man stood up, after the sorting, and I assumed he was Professor Dippet, the headmaster.  However I couldn’t hear what he said either.  I was deep in thought.  

Why did the hat call me courageous?  Did Tom mean what he said?  Why did Nat think I’d join the Gryffindors?  Why did Rebecca Bobbin hate me?  Was Lucretia truly happy I was a Slytherin?  Why did Celsus keep pretending to brush back his hair but really shoot me a calculating look with those midnight blue eyes?  And why oh why was Tom referring to me as though I was a princess or something?

“Earth to Belle, hello?” Lucretia said, shaking my arm.  I snapped out of my trance and looked around.  The gold plates in front of us were filled with every food imaginable and the goblets full of drinks of all sorts.  People everywhere were eating, talking, laughing…the sorting and the speech must be over.  

“Belle?  Are you feeling ill?” Tom whispered.  I shook my head.

“Sorry, I need to stop doing that.  You know, going into those spells of thought…or as my mother refers to them ‘tragic trances.’” I informed them.  Nat put down the chicken he was eating and swallowed.

“Why tragic?” He said before pigging out again, but his green eyes still on me.

“Oh, at my parents annual Christmas Ball, at our home, I was supposed to wear this beautiful gown that our house elf sewed and my mother told me that the gown was torn in the back so I was to wear the second gown over, however when she told me this I was in my spells of thought, so when the time of the ball started and I was supposed to make my grand entrance, I walked in with the first torn gown, so my whole back and who knows what were exposed.  I basically mooned a lot of snobby old men and noble woman.  Luckily, my mom dragged me away before I could walk up into the center of the ballroom.  You could imagine my embarrassment.” I said, my face going red again.  

Why’d I just spill that out to them?  They all snickered into their food, but Tom tried to cover it up by coughing.  Rebecca, however, laughed wickedly and stared at me straight in the face.  She certainly needed a telling too.  I stared down at the food and my stomach was full of nervous butterflies but, the inner pig in me wanted food.  I grabbed a bowl of salad and started to eat it, drinking water at regular intervals.

“I have an announcement.” Rebecca said suddenly.  She smiled at Tom when she said this, and with a pang of jealousy I noticed just how drop dead gorgeous she was.  Her blonde ringlets bounced when she moved even a tiny fraction.  Her light blue eyes were shining with sparkle.

“What is it?” Lucretia said, and everyone looked up.

“For my next birthday party, next year that is, my mother is going to have it in London and we’re renting out Diagon Alley to have it in.  You must have an invitation to come in.  Oh, it’s going to be absolutely fan-tas-tic!” She squealed happily.

“Your not inviting me then, are you?  Still mad about last month?  Honest, I didn’t mean to throw those fungi in your face, it was an accident.” Celsus said, although it was obvious by the way his eyes glimmered, he was lying.  Rebecca pursed her lips.

“Of course you’re invited, Cel.  Only friends are allowed.” She said, and she turned to me.  Then it hit me like a sack of potatoes.  She wanted to leave me out.

I looked down at my salad and pretended not to hear her talking about the whipped cream filled balloons and the edible trees.  How could I have been so stupid?  Why was I so mean to her?  Stupid, stupid karma.  But wait; no she wanted me to think this.  She wanted me to apologize to her.  Three words: yeah right sucker.  When I looked up again, the conversation about her party was still going on.

“…and there’s going to be a birthday ball!  So, you must all come dressed quite formal and get ready to dance.  The Weird Brothers are scheduled to come play.” Rebecca rambled on.  She stared at me, meanly, daring me to ask if I was invited.  I smiled back in return and looked down.  You see, I didn’t want her to feel she was the winner.

“Oh dear me, Belle, why are you so quiet?” Rebecca said, sarcastically, but I seemed to be the only one who knew she was being sarcastic.  I did some quick thinking before looking up at her with a smirk on my face.

“I’m spending the holiday in Paris, you see, and your birthday party will seem like a tea party compared to the bash I will be attending at the Manche à Balai Cassé, which is The Broken Broomstick, in French.  You see, it covers a whole town.  Mom and dad said I may bring some friends.” I said happily, watching her face turn from red to purple.  The rest seemed interested, much to her obvious dismay.  

But luckily for Rebecca, Professor Dippet stood up at that moment and told us we may leave.  I got up, and glanced at Rebecca, who was obviously staring at Tom, who was staring at Lucretia, who was staring at Nat who was trying to help a choking Celsus from swallowing a mince pie whole.  Finally, everyone stopped staring at each other and Tom cleared his throat.  Lucretia, for some reason, started to blush and look down.  …Were they together?  I sighed, so many questions and absolutely no time to ask them.

“So are we going or are we going to stand here staring at each other?” I asked finally.  Everyone jumped a mile into the air, startled.  I couldn’t help but smirk.

“Yeah, let’s go.  I was just waiting for the Hall to clear.” Tom said.  He offered me his arm, which I took gladly.  Rebecca looked crestfallen, and for a second I actually felt bad for her. 

The Great Hall was completely deserted now, and as we walked down flights of stairs I began to shiver.  It was freezing down here.  Handing me his cloak, Tom smirked, obviously this wasn’t cold to them England-ers.  The cloak was warm and smelled like…apples or peaches.  I wasn’t quite sure, but this cloak smelled marvelous.  We reached a dead end…or so I thought.

“Flying Fizbee’s!  Was anyone smart enough to ask a Prefect for the password?” Nat asked loudly.

“I asked the Gryffindor mudblood Prefect for their password, but her friend told her I was a Slytherin and she promised me a detention if it happened again.” Celsus said shrugging.  I laughed.  Tom still seemed to be thinking.

“Mudblood.” Tom said, and the wall split in half revealing a beautiful green and silver room with cozy looking furniture around a roaring fire.

“How’d you know the password?” Lucretia asked Tom.

“When Cel said “mudblood” the wall quivered.” Tom said, smiling.

“Oi!  Riddle!  How was your summer?” a big, blonde boy asked Tom from behind us.  Tom turned around.

“Didn’t see you there, Rosier.  My summer was fine, how about yours?” Tom asked the blonde boy.  Rosier was staring at me; with a look I recognized from those hours with Mel trying to flatter certain guys.  I glared at him.  Tom noticed.

“My summer was good.  And who’s this?” Rosier said, now striding over to us.  He stood directly in front of me.  I backed away.

“This is Belle Ivory.  Belle, this is Ronan Rosier, the Slytherin Head Boy.”  Tom then, finally, noticed that look in Rosiers eyes.  “How are things with that Lestrange girl?” Tom continued, now fiercely.  Rosier blinked as though remembering them backed away from me.

“Oh things with dear Leona are good.  I think we’re going to make it past our seventh year.” Rosier said, now deliberately not looking at me…suits me.  He looked past me towards the others.  “Nott, Avery, Black, Bobbin, nice seeing you again.”  They mumbled polite responses.

“Well nice talking with you Rosier, we’ll see you around.” Tom said stiffly.  Rosier nodded and then went off to join a rowdy group of boys in the corner.  

“What a creep.  Honestly, I don’t see what Leona sees in him.” Lucretia said.

“Celsus, stop it!” Rebecca whispered fiercely, tugging at his sleeve.  I laughed when I saw that he was giving Rosier the finger behind his back.

“Let’s go to bed.  I don’t think I’m the only tired one.” Tom said.  His eyes traveled through us. 

“Yeah, me too, now that you mention it.  Lets all meet out here tomorrow, shall we?” Nat said, yawning.

“I call showering first!” Celsus said, running for the boy’s dormitory, his silky long black hair waving in the back.  We all said our goodnights and I headed after Lucretia and Rebecca.  

We entered the fourth year dorm, which was very large.  It contained three beds that glimmered literally, a beautiful serpent adorned vanity, a large diamond mirror, and a door which I presumed led to the shower and bathroom.  The floor beneath us was a carpeted, cozy feeling, Slytherin green.  The walls were a lighter shade of green with silver wallpaper of snakes.    We all chose a bed, and as I sat on it, I felt soft as a feather and very sleepy.  But, no, I needed to shower.  I stood up and asked their permission if I could use the shower first.  Lucretia smiled and said it was okay.  Rebecca was too busy bewitching posters to hang on the wall to notice.  I went into the bathroom and gasped.  It was beautiful.  Everything was shining as if made by crystal and the floor beneath me was shining green with emeralds.  The door behind me was shining silver, and I had a strong feeling it was soundproof.  

I went over to the shining mirror and looked back at my reflection.  I definitely looked better than I looked back at my manor…was it only yesterday morning?  My black hair clashed with my grayish greenish eyes perfectly.  My skin was no longer pale, but it had a permanent blush to it, that used to be on there all the time.  And most of all, my eyes held that glimmer from so long ago.  Even if I had to say so myself, I thought I looked breathtaking.  However, as I was getting ready to remove my clothes, I remembered I forgot to bring my shower stuff in here with me.  But as I opened the door a crack, Lucretia and Rebecca’s voice drifted in…and they were talking about me.

“…and it’s highly doubtful she’s even a pureblood.  She’s a foreigner, she could be lying.” Rebecca said, vehemently.

“I don’t know, Becky.  I asked Tom why he introduced her into our group, while she was being sorted…” Lucretia said, uncertainly.

“I was there, Luc!  I heard him.  ‘She has high magical powers, we need her’.” Rebecca snorted.

“Well, Salemandra teaches the dark arts like no other school.  She can teach us things…” Lucretia said.

“Luc, you know that…I fancy Tom.  I think he’s taken with her.” Rebecca sniffed.

“Nonsense!  He just wants to use her.  I doubt he’d fancy her.  She’s too…as you said before, too ghostlike.  Sure, she’s very pretty, but how long do you think before she starts wanting to go back?  Once a member, always a member.  Don’t worry, Becky, Tom’s only using her. ” Lucretia comforted her friend. 

“Your right.  What would Tom want with an insignificant little pureblood poser who only has looks but no brains?  Tom’ll see through her in no time.  Then hopefully, we can hate her, and so will the rest of the school.  I give her a month till she starts packing for home.  Luc, thanks.  Tom’s only using her sorry American butt…” Rebecca was saying.

I leaned against the wall behind me, with the door open a teensy crack, but the last thing I heard hurt.  Their voices drifted in as though they were next to me.  Their words pierced daggers into my heart and tears rolled down my cheeks.  I began to shake and I couldn’t stop.  I thought they were my FRIENDS.  My whole head was threatening to split open.  I rummaged in my robes for my knife, but couldn’t find it.  But, I’m a witch.  I grabbed my wand, murmured the spell, and a cut gashed out on my wrist.  I had the floaty sensation again and my head seemed to stop buzzing.  I was drenched in sweat.  Laying my head back on the cool crystal behind me, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Okay, so Tom’s using me.  My supposed “friends” are using me.  No one likes me here.  I’m all alone in a strange foreign land with no one to trust.  My parents were right; I should have listened to them.  Why did I have to get myself expelled?  I wish I were normal.  I wish I would stop cutting myself.  I wish everything would go back to normal.  I want my mommy, I want my daddy.  I want Mary Robinson to get her memory back.  I’m such a horrible person; I can not believe I destroyed her memory.  How will she ever get better?  I want to be back in my room at our manor, or in the dorm with Mel, Em, and Jenn.  I want to still be with Robby.  Wait, Robby?  Why am I thinking about Robby?  I haven’t talked to him since first year…He understood though.  He used to hurt himself when his mom died.  If only…

“…and then we found her sprawled on the bathroom door, her wrist bleeding, and we had no idea what to do.  So, we bought her here. Tom, I swear, we didn’t do this!” Lucretia’s voice said, sounding panicked somewhere off to the right.

“Tom, I don’t think the girls could have done this.  Maybe…maybe she did it to herself?” Nat said calmly.  Lucretia let out a wet sob.

“Tom, she did it to herself.  It’s obvious.  Look, there are other cuts there, dry ones.” Rebecca said, and I could tell she was crying.

“I think you did it, Becky.” Celsus said, sounding as though he was angry for being woken up.  “I’m just kidding, Becky, come on stop crying.” 

I felt warm hands touch my face gently, and my eyes fluttered open.  Lucretia and Rebecca gasped and took a step backwards.  Nat was staring at me questioningly.  Celsus was rubbing his eyes and yawning.  Tom was kneeling next to me, his face an inch away from mine.  His dark eyes pierced me, and a tear ran down my face.  I looked around, and I noticed I was in a boy’s dormitory.  

“Why did you do this to yourself, Belle?” Tom said quietly.  His face was white and just seeing him there; caring about me started a new fresh wave of tears.  I sat up and stared at my wrist, which looked as if someone had cleaned it out.

“I-I don’t know.  I-I-I can’t stop, Tom.  It comforts me.  I can’t t-t-ell you why I do it.  It’s far too personal…” I said, tears falling down my face and onto my wrist.  It stung so I busied myself with moving my arm.  Tom lifted my face with one finger, causing me to shudder.

“Promise you won’t do it again?” Tom asked.  

“WHAT?!  I just told you it comforts me!  But, of course, you don’t care about that.  You just want to use me.  You think you can-you can just-BARGE into my life and-and start using me?  I WONT LET YOU.  I DON’T NEED PITY AND I DON’T NEED SYMPATHY.  I HATE YOU ALL.  JUST WHEN I NEED FRIENDS, YOU GUYS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME!  I DON’T NEED YOU, ANY OF YOU.  I HATE YOU MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE, YOU SCUMBAGS!” I screamed at them, and crying, I jumped from the bed and ran out the dormitory door and all the way to my own dormitory.  

My head hurt, but not enough to cut.  I was panicking; what if they told someone?  Surely, they’d think I was crazy.  I knew I was crazy.  I deserved to live with the muggles.  No, I didn’t deserve to live at all.  I got out my pajamas from my trunk in a hurry, changed into them, and lay in bed.  I stayed there for a good hour, staring up at the dark ceiling above me.  Lucretia and Rebecca still hadn’t returned, but I could care less.  They were probably laughing at my words and laughing at me cutting myself.  Finally, the exhaustion of the day caught up with me, and I went to sleep.  That night, I dreamed of a dark chamber and Tom was laughing maniacally, while a young boy in round glasses stared at him in fear…

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