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The Scorpion and the Rose by Trinity Marie Malfoy
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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a/n: i do not own HP!  this story CONTAINS SPOILERS!

I turned around from the compartment door I had been waving out of to my mum and dad.  As I turned around though I bumped into someone.

"Oh! Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry." I stammered in surprise.

I looked up to see a pair of dark stormy eyes, attached to a black haired, hansome featured boy; whom I recognized to be Scorpius Malfoy.

He put a hand out for me, and helped me up once I grabbed hold.  He looked me over to make sure I was ok.  Even though I knew it was an inocent gesture, I blushed at his scrutinty.  He then walked away after nodding polietly at me.

"Hmm...that was weird." I mummbled to myself as I looked for my cousin Albus.

In the Great Hall I stood nervously waiting for my name to be called.  Scorpius had already been sorted; he was one of a few Slytherins.(a/n: seeing as there is no war, i decided to push house unity.  I've decided to put the tables together.  Slytherin/Gryffindor, Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff.  Slytherin is down by the Great Hall doors.)
My cousin Albus had also been sorted into Slytherin much to his dismay.

Finally I heard my name called; I walked nervously to the platform, went and sat on the stool.

The teacher, whose name I didn't quite catch, placed an old hat upon my head.

I nearly jumped out off the stool when it started talking to me.

"Well, well, another Weasley! But wait, you are quite different than the others, you have the brains of your mother, and something underlying that...hmm...I think you will find in time that you fit most with the cunning and the sly." the withered old hat whispered before shouting the one thing that would have made my father scream like a little girl.

"Slytherin!" It shouted.

I gasped, and the whole hall was silent, obliously thinking that the hat was faulty, putting a Weasley in Slytherin! It must be a scandal!  Albus was the only one in the whole hall to make any noise, he was giving me  a standing ovation.

I solemly walked over to the Slytherin end of the first table where Albus had scooted down to make room for me.

The whole way to my seat I was worried what father would think.  I figured he wouldn't be pleased, but mum would talk some  sence into him.

I sat down next to Albus.  He patted my hand in understanding.

I looked up from my plate to see those dark violet eyes that met my in curiosty, as they had on the train.

I blushed and looked back down, and continued to play with my food.

At the end of dinner I stood up with cousin Albus to follow the house Prefect to the dormitories, but lagged behind while in my thoughts.  I was crying thinking about how mad my dad would be, and how dissipointed mum would be, and then to top off a perfect day someone comes up behind me and smacks me hard on the back of the head.

A/N: Please reveiw and tell me if i should continue this story!

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The Scorpion and the Rose: Chapter 1


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