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My Love, My Hero by skylark potter
Chapter 1 : My Love, My Hero
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Alexa Crawford sat in her home waiting on word whether not Severus Snape was alright considering there was a war going on with Lord Voldemort. She had known Snape for a long time. They went to school together and even enjoyed each others company from time to time since they considered themselves outcasts. Only in the last year or so had she come to actually love him. He didn’t think it was possible to love anyone after his childhood trauma with his parents, but he loved her in return. So they had been inseparable until everything happened with Dumbledore. Snape had killed him.

    Alexa knew nothing of the meeting Severus and Albus had, had that day concerning him killing Dumbledore. She didn’t believe Snape had been evil at all. Deep down he was a kind, hearted man. To others he was totally mean, cruel, and judgmental. Now she depended on friends to find out whether or not he was alive.

    Boredom was wearing thin. She started pacing the floor when Arthur apparated inside her house. He stood there silently.

    “Well?” Alexa asked.

    “I think you should come with me.” Arthur said. 

    Alexa immediately followed him out. They couldn’t apparate inside Hogwarts, so they apparated right outside the gate. People were all around the gates wondering what had happened that night. She followed Arthur on the long walk up to the school. She thought they would never get there, but finally they reached the steps. The last time she had been here was only a few days ago talking with Snape about living together. She hesitated. She didn’t know what she was going to find on the other side of those doors. Arthur realized she had stopped walking and he grabbed her hand pulling her with him. They stopped at the Great Hall entrance.

    She could smell it. Death was all around. Something in her heart told her not to go in. She looked around for him, but didn’t see him at all. Arthur walked in and spoke with McGonagall and his wife Molly. They saw Alexa looking around outside in the hall. Tears were wanting to fall, but they walked out to her.

    “Alexa, dear,” McGonagall started.

    “Where is he? He should be here.” Alexa said looking worried.

    “You should sit down, dear.” Molly said making a chair appear with her wand.

    “No. I want to see him. Is he here?” she asked.

    Alexa saw McGonagall exchange glances with Molly. She knew there was something they weren’t telling her.

    “What’s going on?”

    “Honey, Severus, was killed tonight. Voldemort killed him.” McGonagall said.

    Alexa’s heart dropped in her chest.

    “We found him and brought him here. Harry said Snape was a hero.” Molly said.

    “Where is he?” she asked. “I want to see him.”

    “In the Great Hall, but are you sure dear?” Molly asked.

    “Yes! I want to see him!” she yelled.

    McGonagall and Molly ushered her inside the Great Hall. Alexa spotted him at once. He was still dressed in his black robes and clothes as usual. She walked slowly over to him. He laid there motionless and she kneeled down. Tears were merging down her face and she let out a loud scream. Everyone turned to see where it was coming from and Molly kneeled beside her for support.

    “WHY?!” she screamed. “He didn’t hurt anyone! Why couldn’t you leave well enough alone? You should’ve just stayed away!”

    Alexa touched his face. It was so peaceful for the first time she’d ever seen it. This was all unreal to her. This couldn’t be happening.

    “Oh…Severus…” she said sobbing uncontrollably.

    She laid on his body and sobbed for what seemed like years. She was praying to the Gods that everything was all a dream. She sat by him and wouldn’t move from the spot. People were starting to clear out and she was glad. It was so quiet.

    “I remember when I first saw you getting off the train in my first year, you were in your third. You looked cute even then.” Alexa said softly. “I never doubted you in anything you chose even when you followed the Dark Lord. I even supported you then, but why did this have to happen? We were supposed to have a good life together. But I guess it wasn’t supposed to be that way.”

    More tears fell. Molly walked over to her. “Dear don’t you think it’s time to get some sleep?”

    “I’m not in the mood to sleep.” Alexa replied.

    “Come on, Alexa. I’ll take you home.” Molly said.

    She didn’t want to go, but she knew she would have to leave. She followed Molly out after kissing Snape’s cold cheek. She was a complete basket case.

    Molly and her arrived back at her place. When she walked through the door everything reminded her of him. She didn’t realize how much she changed the decorations because of him. It fit the mood now after everything. Molly let Arthur know that it was wise if she stayed with Alexa that evening, so she knew that Alexa wouldn’t do anything stupid. She got comfortable in the spare bedroom as Alexa walked into her own.

    Alexa saw Snape’s change of clothes. The same black clothing only a little different. She picked them up and she could still smell the cologne on it. She broke down and cried again that day. She crawled into bed holding them close to her. She wanted to feel as close to him as she could.

    The next few days were a blur for her. Molly and Arthur set up the funeral arrangements for their own son Fred and also for Snape. Only few people showed up for Severus’ funeral. Alexa didn’t notice or care who was there. She stood at his casket. After everyone had left and went their own way, she stayed behind. She laid a single black rose on his casket.

    “I remember everything you did the last time I saw you. The way you looked. You smirked, your hair laying that perfect way, and how your robes were always straight. I remember the last kiss we had together even the way you made love to me. It was only days ago. Oh, gods, Severus, I need you.” Alexa said kneeling down next to the casket. “I need your touch, your kisses, your smirks, everything. I need it all. How am I supposed to go on living without you?”

    She sobbed hard and started to feel sick. “I am always with you.” She opened her eyes and looked around. She could have sworn that she heard his voice. That’s when the wind blew and it felt like she was being wrapped in his arms. She closed her eyes and imagined it was him. She broke out of her thoughts when she heard footsteps. She turned and saw Harry standing there.

    “He was very brave.” he said. “I know you really don’t want to hear this right now, but he was only doing what needed to be done.”

    “I know.” Alexa said softly.

    “He saved us.” Harry said. “Everyone.”

    Alexa half smiled. “Thank you, Harry.”

    He smiled and walked away. She stood and saw Molly. She placed a hand on the casket.

    “Goodbye my love.” And with that she walked away having only memories left.

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My Love, My Hero: My Love, My Hero


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