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The Last Request by Nautonnier
Chapter 1 : The Only One to Trust
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“Lily, this is the last time I will be able to see you for a long time. Are you sure you and James are all right? Is there anything more I can do?”

Lily smiled back a little sadly, her green, almond shaped eyes crinkling at the edges. “Don’t worry about us, Albus, we’ll be fine. Everything’s been arranged. James is just now finishing off the last of the protective charms,” she nodded her head back at the house behind her which was slowly disappearing behind what seemed like a thick haze. “Our Secret Keeper will be bound tonight and then not even you will be able to find us!”

Dumbledore nodded, but still looked slightly reprehensive. “Are you sure that Sirius is the right man for the job? Have you told him what his role might entail?”

“Sirius? Oh! I forgot to tell you. We’ve decided to change Secret Keepers last minute. We though You Know Who or….or one of his supporters would guess Sirius immediately. We gave the job to someone less obviously connected to us.”

“And who is that?” Dumbledore now looked noticeably uncomfortable.

“Don’t fret, Albus! We’re using Peter Pettigrew.”

“Lily, I know that James was always friends with Pettigrew, but I must warn you against using him! I mean, if the Death Eaters ever guessed and got hold of him, he wouldn’t stand up to their torture for a minute! He’s not like you and James…or even Sirius. He’s never exactly had the heart of a lion. Now if you let me do it…”

“No, no, we’ve already discussed this! We don’t want to burden you with one more thing. Peter will be fine, we believe he’s going into hiding himself in a few days, and then there will be no possible way for You Know Who to ever find us.”

“Very well then,” said Dumbledore, still looking slightly apprehensive. “You must send me a note every week to let me know how you’re doing. If I don’t hear from you’ll I’ll assume that something’s gone wrong. If you’re sure you’re fine, though, I must be back at headquarters, I have a very important report coming in in about an hour.” He turned away and was readying himself to disapparate when Lily spoke.

“Wait! Albus! Just one more thing. Who was it that gave you the tip off about us? As far as I knew, the Order hadn’t yet managed to plant anyone within the ranks of the Death Eaters yet.”

“I’m sorry, Lily, but I’m not at liberty to say. My confidant forbid me to say anything to you.”

“But please Albus! If something goes wrong, I don’t want to go to the grave not knowing who tried to save us!”

“Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen. Like you said yourself, there’s no possible way Voldemort will be able to find you.”

“Albus!” There was a note of absolute desperation in her voice now. Dumbledore could tell that she wanted to know the name of his informant more than she had wanted anything ever before.

“Very well, but you must swear to me to never tell anyone. Especially James or the spy himself. Both would die if they knew.” Lily was looking at him with wide eyes now. “Before I tell you, I must assure you that this man is now firmly on our side, and turned spy against Voldemort at great personal peril all because of a childhood love that he has never been able to spurn.”

“Dumbledore, we don’t have much time…any minute now….”

“Very well. It was Severus Snape who told me of Voldemort’s intentions towards you, James, and Harry. He was the one who told his master of the prophecy, not knowing who Voldemort would target. He is mad with grief that he has put you in danger and wishes only to make sure his mistake does not result in your harm.”

As he said this, he saw the color drain out of Lily’s face. “Sev? Severus told you this? But I thought he was lost… I never would have believed….are you sure he’s on our side? He was always a great occlumens.”

“Quite sure. There’s no person on earth who could possibly fake the remorse that he showed me.”

“Oh God,” said Lily, her eyes starting to shine with the beginnings of tears. “I never forgave him for calling me ‘mudblood’. I knew he didn’t mean it, but I was young and didn’t want to listen to his apologies…”

“Don’t worry, that is all forgotten now. School grudges fall away when faced with real world peril.”

"I always knew he was a good person, deep down. He always played with the dark arts at school, but when he was around me, he was always kind and understanding. We were best friends up until that day by the pond." Her voice was rather weak, and Dumbledore laid a hand understandingly on her shoulder.

"I always knew that love would be the force that would defeat Voldemort in the end, and we are starting to see that. It was solely Severus' love for you that cleared his head. Please remember that, Lily! Even in the worst of times, it may only be the love that you share with James and Harry will allow to live. Love is the only power Voldemort cannot understand, and thus cannot defeat."

“Albus, you must promise me something.” Lily’s voice was suddenly stern and steady. “Promise me that if, for some reason, something happens to James and I, and Harry survives, that he knows Severus. I know that my sister will never so much as tell Harry about our world, and I don’t want him to grow up like that. Please, as what may be a last request, promise me that Harry will at least spend time with Severus. After all, he was the man who, as a boy, first taught me about magic. I owe him so much. He is the only one I can trust for this, not even Sirius or Pettigrew…” she trailed off.

“This is a rather odd request, Lily, but I understand where you are coming from. But as I doubt anything will happen to you, I won’t breathe a word of it to Severus unless the situation arises.” Lily looked rather relieved, and gave him a small smile. “Now I must be away, and you must get into your house. I see that James has finished and, ah! there’s Peter right now. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you when the danger has cleared. Goodnight, Lily.” He got a last glimpse of Lily’s hopeful face as he spun on his heel and disappeared into the fading sunlight.

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