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Waiting for you by nancy
Chapter 2 : chapter 2
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Ali went out, shaking her head, and headed straight to the bathroom. She kept her uniform on the shelf at her right and took off her t-shirt .Just as she removed it her eyes fell on the mirror.

‘What the hell….?’

Her whole face was covered with purple colour, with some of it on her jet black hair.
She took out her hanky and started rubbing it off when she saw her hands. They were also of the same colour.

‘Where did all this come from?’ she murmured turning over her clothes to see if she could find its source. Just then it struck her.

`I shook hands with that boy. He did this? But why?’ She asked looking at her purple reflection in the mirror.

She was looking horrible.Alisha could feel anger rising inside her as she rubbed her face with her hanky. It didn’t help so she splashed her face with water and then started rubbing it as harshly as she could distorting her face trying to remove even the smallest sign of any colour.

At first it didn’t help but after sometime the water started running .It took her more than two hours to clean her face and by the time she was done her face raw with all the rubbing, was red and burning both because of the scrubbing and indignation.

She could feel anger overtaking her as she looked at her face.

‘I am not going to leave that idiot. How dare he...?’ She changed into her uniform and slammed the door open and walked towards her compartment, without caring as she bumped into people who were walking in the corridors, as her eyes clouded over with tears.

‘You are not going to cry!’ she scolded herself. Just as she reached her compartment she heard some voices coming from the corridor ahead which she recognised as being of that boy. She walked towards it and saw him. He was standing with his friends and some girls who were clearly fawning over him. His back was towards her.

She went straight towards him all the time feeling her anger reach the boiling point.
The boy with the brown hair had seen her coming and told him. He turned towards her smiling, as if he had done nothing, like a saint.

‘There you are. I hope you didn’t….
He didn’t get to finish his sentence as Alisha’s palm made contact with his cheek cutting his skin where it came in contact with the ring which she was wearing in her small finger.

All his friends were looking at her even as the noise which the slap had made brought people at the door of their compartments.

Sirius had his hand on the cheek and looked at her with a shocked expression.

‘Don’t even think of trying it again on me, or else next time you won’t get off so easily’ Alisha said quietly pointing her finger at him. ` Understand? You better understand’.

And she turned around and went to her place, rubbing her hand to ease the burning which the force of the slap had caused. She slammed the door to her compartment shut and sat down taking deep breaths trying to bring her anger under control.

Meanwhile outside in the corridor Sirius was still standing his hands covering his cheek. The girls had gone away to tell about the incident to others.

‘You OK?’ James asked.
‘Hey guys is it my ears buzzing or are there really flies here?’ Sirius asked rubbing his left ear.
‘I can guess how strong the slap was’ Remus said.

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Waiting for you: chapter 2


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