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James Potter has betrayed me by maurader fan
Chapter 8 : More and more mature.
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Disclaimer: You probably know it of by heart by now, but no, I do not own the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

“Hey Lily, are you doing anything on the weekend?” James asked, interrupting Lily’s thoughts on her Potions essay. So he was going to ask her out again. That must have been what Sirius said to James when she went done to confront him before.

“…and don’t take no for an answer.” Lily overheard a snatch of Sirius and James’ conversation. They were sitting on the best armchairs, right next to the fire. Remus was at a nearby table, looking at a moon chart.

Lily’s insides squirmed as she realised that he would probably keep asking her out. Because every time James asked Lily out, she knew that it meant James still didn’t respect her as a person, and that he was still ever faithful to Sirius.

Lily looked around the Gryffindor common room for help, but Fay had already gone to bed. The fire had burnt down low and Lily didn’t know anyone there apart from the Marauders and a stubby boy called Peter.

“Well are you Lily?” James cut into her thoughts again.

“I’m busy.” Lily said, as she screwed the lid back on to her ink and stood up to leave.

“Doing what?” James said as he grabbed her arm. Peter laughed but shut up quickly when everyone looked strangely at him. He appeared to still be feeling his way into the whole socialising thing.

“Avoiding you!” Lily said as she tried to wrench herself out of James’ grip. It had always been easy enough to do before, Lily was the far more athletic of the pair.

But this time, James was able to hold her fast, with ease!

“Why are you so much stronger James? Have you been drinking some sort of strength potion?” Lily asked. James had indeed changed from the nice boy she had once befriended.

“It was a charm actually.” Peter said smugly. “We bought it from– “

He was cut off as Remus grabbed Peter’s mouth.

“What have I told you Peter,” Sirius said with exasperation, “about keeping Marauder secrets?”

“So now Peter has joined your club to has he James?” Lily accused. “And you’re buying charms to improve your physique? Why, they’re illegal to under 15 year olds! You’re breaking the law, and endangering yourself by participating in such dangerous activities. The charms are designed for older individuals, and they could do serious, possibly irreversible damage to your body!”

“You’re right.” Sirius commented to James, “She is cute when she’s angry.”

Lily blushed.

“And she goes as pink as a beetroot when she’s embarrassed.” Peter added.

As Lily stormed upstairs she heard Sirius distinctly say, “You know, Peter, the saying is ‘as red as a tomato’, but that was good timing!”

Good thing they listened to her about the dangers of charms to improve your physique when you are under fifteen years of age.


“Three…” Sirius whispered, hovering on his broomstick outside Gryffindor tower, just out of view from the largest window of what was hopefully the 1st year girls dormitory, with James, Remus and Peter, who were also on broomsticks. Peter looked peculiarly green.

“Two… “ Sirius continued, clearly enjoying his role as the ‘official counter downer’.

“I don’t think that we should do this, guys.” Remus whispered nervously.

“Why didn’t you say that before?” James whispered back.

“I did!” Remus whispered furiously. “You wouldn’t listen!”

“One… and GO!!!” The whispers were abandoned as the boys all rocketed though the window, after James quickly made the glass disappear.

Peter threw a couple of stink bombs while Sirius shot of several trip charms. James grabbed an interesting book that said ‘dairy’.

“Wait!” Remus called out. “Stop pillaging the room!” The boys looked around in horror at the boyishness mess of the distinctly unfeminine room. It looked very farmilar.

“Why have you got my dairy James?” Peter asked still not catching on.

Sirius groaned. “We broke into our own room. All that work, and we broke into our own room.”

“At least we won’t get in trouble now.” Remus reasoned.

“But that was the point!” James said, “Getting into trouble and trashing the girls room. It’s what being a marauder is about.”

“I can’t believe we broke into our own room.” Sirius repeated. “I was sure we were outside the girls dormitory!”

We may have been, but Dumbledore himself enchanted the staircase so we can’t get up to the girls dormitory.“ Peter said, “He probably wouldn’t have forgotten something like the windows.”

“How do you know that Peter?” Remus asked curiously.

“I overhear stuff.” Peter said. “Now can I have my diary back?”

James wordlessly passed it to him.

“The Marauders have been incredibly successful haven’t they?” Sirius muttered to himself, but loud enough for the others to hear. “We can’t get the girls or pull the pranks.”

How it would change.


“Petunia!” Lily hugged her younger sister. It was good to see her again, and to get away from Hogwarts for 6 weeks. Lily had been busying herself with everything she could throughout the year, in an effort to put James and the Marauders out of her mind, not that it had worked. Christmas would bring the break Lily needed, and it would be a chance to catch up with Petunia. Besides, she and Fay were going to get together in the holidays, along with Elizabeth, who had also become a close friend.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Evans. Hello Petunia” James greeted Lily’s family.

“Oh there you are James.” Lily heard her mum say.

“We’re taking you home from the station James.” Lily’s Dad added. “They weren’t able to collect you themselves because of—

            “—Work, I know.” James cut in, clearly not wanting to discuss it.

Lily felt a stab of pity shoot through her for James, who was clearly disappointed at not being met by his parents. But it serves him right for how he’s treated me. Lily put things back into perspective.

The ride home was a lot better than Lily had expected, James had to behave himself in front of Lily’s family and they were all able to have a civil conversation about bad Muggle jokes.

“Hey Petunia,” James had started off, “Wanna hear a really cheesy joke?”

“Sure.” Petunia said.

“What did one piece of cheese say to another piece of cheese?” James continued.

“No idea.” Petunia said truthfully, wondering if cheese could talk in the Magical world.

“You’re cheesy!” James delivered the punch line. “Now isn’t that a really cheesy joke?”

The Evans all laughed, but the novelty started to wear off once James had repeated the joke several times, replacing cheese and cheesy with corn and corny, dirt and dirty, nut and nutty, etcetera.

In what I’m sure was the quickest time that we have ever driven from our house to King’s Cross Station, or visa versa, we were home. After a delicious chocolate cake that Petunia made, Petunia and I walked James home, all the way across the street.

“So what’s the best thing about Hogwarts?” Petunia asked.

“The girls.” James said quickly. I gave him a glare so fierce that he added. “And the friends.” Well that made me feel better.

“What was wrong with the friends you had before Hogwarts?” I asked, sweet as sugar. He would have to watch what he said in front of Petunia, because he loved the way she admired him. At least, he used to love the way she admired him.

“Well you said it Lily, friends, plural, as in more than one. You were my only friend Lily.” James said quietly. He seemed to have forgotten all about Petunia being there, spluttering quietly at the fact that James didn’t consider her a friend.

“Now I have lots of friends, everyone likes me.” James continued, “I feel included, special. Don’t think that you weren’t enough for me Lily, its just that, well, I was the weirdo, the home-schooled freak who didn’t know what a TV was until you took me under your wing.”

“But, I always wanted more Lily, can’t you understand that?” Lily felt as though she understood partly where James was coming from. “Now I finally have friends. But I have lost you in the process.”

James sounded so sincere as he continued, “I have thought hard about this, because as much as I like being popular, I like you more. But I can still have everything Lily. Don’t you see? We could have our fairy tale life, out happy ever after? It’s up to you Lily, will you make it perfect for me, for us? Will you forgive me Lily?”

Oh, it was tempting. She could say yes and everything would be perfect, just as James had said.

“Will you go out with me Lily?”

Authors Note: Hi, I hope you enjoyed that chapter. Pretty random, yeah, but that's what life is, isn't it? Random? 

Moving right along, thankyou for reading, I hope you review!

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