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Basil,Parsley and Garlic-They're all just words to me. by Lillylover22
Chapter 1 : Food
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" Hermione where's the food? I'm hungry!!"  came the unmistakable yell of Draco Malfoy.

"Didn't you listen to McGonagal last night? The house elves don't  cook for us. And do you really want to test whether the food turns to ash in our mouths in the Great Hall? I don't know about you but i don't want to be eating ash and our badges could be taken off us for not following the rules!"  Hermione Granger yelled back.

"Well that is crap. i can't believed those stupid house-elves would do that to us!! Well then how did you get food?" Draco asked hardly believing his ears.

"Unlike you Malfoy I can cook edible food!"  Hermione said with a smirk on her face.

"How do you know I can't cook?" retorted Draco sounding like a 2 year old instead of 17 year old.

"Oh nothing much just the look of pure horror on your face when i said the house elves aren't cooking for us!"  Hermione said barely able to hold in a laugh.

"What would you know you little mudblood! I'll show you!" Draco said.

"This I have to see." Hermione mumbled to her self.

They both stood and walked into the kitchen. Hermione was mumbling to her self about how much fun this would be and Draco was inwardly panicking while he kept his cool look about him. Hermione sat on the bench and watched as Draco went through all the cupboards, pantrys and the fridge pulling out random stuff.

"Um Malfoy what are you going to make?" Hermione asked.

"You'll just have to wait and see!" Draco said defensivly.

Draco had got out a dish and started to through in eggs without craking them, mushrooms that weren't peeled, carrots that weren't cut and chicken legs that were cooked. Then he put the dish over the fire. The dish warmed than went boiling hot and caught on fire!!

"Hermione help!!!" Draco yelled.

With a swish of her wand the fire was put out. And a satisfied smirk planted it self onto Hermione's face.

"I could have done that.." Draco sulked.

"Oh sure.  Now you can't say otherwise!! You can't cook!!"  All of Hermione's surpressed laughter came out and once she started she couldn't stop!

"Thanks Granger, I know i can't cook, why the hell would I need to know that?!!" Draco said.

After a few seconds of only Hermione's laughter being heard Draco joined in. Soon they were both rolling on the floor holding their sides.

"I'm sorry Draco but once I start laughing I find it hard to stop! Are you still hungry?"  Hermione asked barely able to talk.

"That's all right Grang.. Hermione I'm the same once I start I can't stop either. And yes I am very hungry!!" As Draco finished speaking his stomache grumbled.

"If you like I can cook you bacon and eggs or what ever you like," Hermione said sunddernly feeling very shy. 

"Yeah bacon and eggs sound very nice at the moment." Draco said.

In the months leading up to Christmas every spare moment was either spent doing homework or Hermione teaching Draco to cook. Their past differences had disappeared and they had a fabulous friendship. Hermione was surprised that Draco had picked up on cooking so quickly.

On Christmas morning Hermione was woken by the delicious smell coming from the kitchen. Put the smell was pushed out of her mind when she saw the mountin of presents at the foot of her bed. There was about fifty big parcels and only 5 small ones. Only 4 of the massive number of presents weren't from Draco, they were from either her parents, Harry and Ron and Hagrid. Hermione ran into the kitchen and found Draco. She kissed him on the lips. A desire she had been pushing down for ages. That was the start of their life long relationship. Together they ate a five course breakfast made by Draco and the rest they say is histroy.

A/N: This is my very first stroy ever!! go me!! Please Please Please leave a review.  Critism welcome!! This is my first attempt, i know its a bit rough.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!! J.K Rowling owns it and i just own the plot.

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