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Scarlet's Fangs by odd_profession
Chapter 8 : Vampires Will never hurt you.
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Chapter 8:  Vampires Will never hurt you.

I woke up the next morning to see that Shane had left. He probably stayed the night and left in the morning, before the sun came up. He’s a traditionalist, he won’t touch anything with garlic, his bed is a coffin, he won’t come out on sunny days, he doesn’t own a mirror (how he keeps his hair perfect is beyond me) and he hisses at stakes, although I’m pretty sure the last one is just for fun. I’m the only one in the family who ever liked him. They all thought he was mocking us, like the muggles do.

He’d be back around sundown. I glanced at the clock it looked like I’d slept in. It was already 2 o’clock. I sat in the empty house trying to think of what to do when the door flew open.

Shane. Something was wrong.

“Letta!” It was his little nick name for me. “Come here quick they’re coming!”

“Who’s coming?” I asked.

“The- the- Just come on!” I knew what it was now. Hunters. He lost his family from them. He couldn’t say it aloud. I pulled him into the house more and slammed the door.

“Are you crazy?! They’re almost here!” He sounded terrified beyond all belief.

I pulled my wand and pointed it at the door.

“They’re not ready for magic are they?” I asked and he shook his head.

“You’re crazy!”

“Just get into the basement or lock yourself in the bathroom, yeah the bathroom there are no windows there.” He shook his head.

“They can kill you! I’m not leaving.” I looked at him and ran to the fire place. “Come on work.” I said mumbling into it while throwing some powder into it. “Yes!” A wrinkly elf appeared in the fireplace.

“Blacks residence.” It said in a scratchy voice.

“Is Regulus there? Can I talk to him?” I asked panicked voice.

“One moment.” With in second Regulus face appeared.

“Hey Scarlet what’s up?”

“Reg I need to hide with my cousin can you hide us?” SO he wasn’t my cousin more of like great great great uncle, but it was less confusing if I said cousin.

“Wait what?”

“Hunters, they kill us they’re almost here can you hide us?! We only need about 5 hours.”

“Uhh sure.” He said. I motioned to Shane as his face faded away.

“Come on!” We stood in the fireplace and I said the address Regulus had given me a while back. In a poof of smoke we arrived at the Noble house of Black.

Shane raised his eyebrows as he spotted the shriveled up elf. He pointed to it and mouthed the word ‘lunch?’ I shook my head and punched him lightly.

“Right this way to young master Regulus.” He led us past a door with Sirius’ name on it. Regulus’ door was open and he was in a desk reading. Pssh! Like he didn’t just pick up that book. For one thing it was upside down.

“Oh you’re here.”

“Oh you’re learning how to read upside down?” He looked at me and then back at the book blushing a little before putting it down. He stood up and gave me a hug, that’s when I realized I hadn’t been able to take a shower.

“Uh, so is that your cousin?” He asked as Shane stared at the different stuff that I was sure he was debating if he should take. I could hear it now….

That looks pretty nice.

No! This guy is protecting us.

So it looks expensive.

Not the POINT!

It must suck to be Shane sometimes.

“Well actually-.” He started

“Yes, that’s him.” I cut him off. Regulus raised an eyebrow.

“What are you hiding?”

“What are you?” Shane asked cocking his head to the side. I could feel Shane trying to read my mind but I blocked him out. I sighed and let him in for a second but only long enough for him to hear me think, ‘nothing, it’s just easier to explain this way.’ He nodded.

“Oh she’s not kidding anything. I was going to say actually I’m her favorite cousin.” He smiled and went back to his internal debate. This time I think over a tiny statue. Regulus didn’t believe it that much but let it go.

“You guys could probably stay for dinner. I could go ask my mum if you want.” Regulus offered. I looked at Shane who looked at me as if saying ‘It’s up to you.’ I nodded.

“Sure as long as we’re not imposing.” Ah polite mode, he was defiantly in polite mode, he’s not stealing anything today. Regulus nodded and ran down stairs to ask.

A couple of minutes later he came back up. “She says it’s alright. So what’s your name again?” He asked Shane.

“Shane.” He replied sitting himself down on a chair. He could make himself comfortable anywhere, I on the other hand, well I couldn’t relax as easy.

“What side of Scarlet’s family are you? Vampire or Wizard?” I instantly went into Shane’s mind. ‘I told them I was half and half just say Vampire.’ Shane looked calm and didn’t even flinch.

“Vampire. I’m on her mother’s side.” Regulus nodded. That’s why I love Shane, any other relative would have blown my cover and done something stupid but Shane remained calm and casual. Always, no matter what. (A/n: obritz Ohhhh!!!)

Shane used the rest of the time to ask about the wizarding world. He was very interested in most of it, and Regulus was happy to tell.

“So what really is the purpose of a wand?” He asked.

“Oh it’s just to channel the magical power we have. Don’t you know though a lot of this? Didn’t you ask anyone else?” Shane knew just what to say even if I would have been flustered; I guess over two hundred years of experience makes you not so afraid of talking to a fifteen year old boy.

“Nah they don’t like me much. Kind of crazy lot.” They carried on the conversation with little help from me. I provided a few words but that was all I needed or wanted to say.

When we were called for dinner Regulus thanked the elf and we walked down the steps. Oh meeting the parents. Why didn’t I realize I’d be meeting the parents? And Sirius? Crap. I grabbed Shane’s arm. I know he was Mr. Manners right now but when he eats he sometimes forgets to use a fork.

“Shane. Psst please remember your manners.” He did an over exaggerated surprised expression.

“I’m deeply hurt that you think I would do anything else. Maybe I just won’t now...” He said slyly. I punched him lightly in the arm. I knew he was joking but it still made me nerves on the off chance he was serious. I bit the inside of my lip and tried to smile as we walked into the dinning room. Shane was the model child, he walked over and pulled Mrs. Black chair for her and pushed it back and did the same for me before he sat down.

“Thank you for inviting us for dinner.” Shane said dipping his head slightly in a polite gesture. I swear you’d think he was the one dating one of their sons.

“You’re very welcome.” Mr. Black said. He clapped his hands and the elf brought out the food placing it in front of us. Shane eyed it oddly. He looked at me to the food and then I noticed. None of it was raw.

Regulus seemed to notice it as well and waved the house elf over. He whispered something to it and it grabbed our plates. It came out with them again with raw meats on it. Oh chicken!

Mrs. Black looked at her son confused.

“They can only eat raw.” Regulus said shrugging his shoulders. The dinner went on and half way threw I started getting asked questions.

“So Scarlet,” Mrs. Black started, “I hear you’re in Slytherin.”

“Yes I am.”

“Very good very good.” Mr. Black said. “What’s your favorite class?”

“Umm… I like Potions. Transfiguration is good though too.” Mrs. Black Smiled.

“Oh I adore Potions. It was my favorite class too, Shane dear, what’s your favorite class.” Shane coughed.

“Oh, I’m not in Hogwarts.” He stated. “Far too old. Scarlet here is the first one of us to be accepted to Hogwarts.” Mrs. Black looked confused.

“You’re too old? You look to be 16 or 17 years? And what do you mean first one to be accepted?”

“First Vampire and I’m good at hiding my age.” Mrs. Black nodded. And we went on with the conversation. I was expecting Sirius to bound down the stairs any second but he never showed up.

“Shane!” Mrs. Black said as we all stood up to leave. “Please come for Christmas dinner.” Shane smiled.

“I’d love to.”

When we were on a way back up I asked Regulus where Sirius was.

“Potters.” He replied not elaborating. He sounded a little angry but that could have been my imagination

We sat down in the hall way oddly enough and Regulus looked at Shane.

“How old are you?” Shane put on a crocked smile.

“Old enough. Over 35.” Regulus frowned but didn’t press any further. We left soon and Shane had insisted on going first as to check weather or not the hunters were there, he was pretty persistent until I pointed out he had no means of communication or away back here with out me. So we went together.

I stepped out into my living room wand raised for precaution. Shane swept the house with his mind and nodded. Clear. It was obvious they were here though. Stuff was toppled over and the house itself was completely ransacked. We were lucky they didn’t burn it down. And that was a question. Why didn’t they? Maybe they assumed we were gone and never coming back? It was odd.

Shane walked into the kitchen and grabbed a rolling pin. I opened my mouth but he made a motion with his hand.

“Some of them can block their minds.” He whispered very softly. He closed his eyes trusting his instincts. He motioned for me to hide under the table. I did as I was told. Crunching down on my hands and knees I went under the table, some one was here but at least I knew they weren’t much of a threat, other then being able to block their minds. Shane would have made us leave if that was the case.

I saw something move from the corner of my eye, before I could even blink Shane was on top of them. I heard a bang and turned my head quickly to see, Bellatrix?

“AH! Scarlet call off your body guard.” She screeched as he flipped her arm around to her back

“Shane relax! It’s my friend!”

“Do your friends, break into your house? It’s got to be a trick Letta!” That was true they could just be trying to fake us out.

“Oh god! Scarlet you wrote in Severus’ Text, I helped!” I took a deep breath.

“Shane it’s her. Not many other people know that.” He let go of her a blush spreading quickly through his cheeks. Then gathering his composure he went into automatic Gentlemen mode.

“Sorry I didn’t know? You want a soda?” She nodded and he looked at me. “You?”

“A soda? From my own fridge? Sure why not.” I turned to Bella, “what are you doing in my house?”

“Well I flooed over to see if you had the notes from transfiguration and I noticed the wreckage. I decided I might have well stood watch, you know in case the punks who did this came back. I just missed them When I flooed. I was calling out your names and then I heard the back door slam shut.” She explained as Shane came in giving her, her soda.

His eyebrows dipped down into a frown, and he wasn’t smiling.

“You’re very brave for that, but you still shouldn’t have been here alone.” He turned back to me and the glitter in his eyes returned. “That explains the house not being burned down though. They wouldn’t have done it when a human was here.” Bella put her drink down on the table.

“Okay I don’t mean to be rude or anything but who are you?” Shane looked up and put his best ‘look at me I have only been 17 for a day’ smile.

“Shane, Letta’s cousin. And I take it you are Bellatrix, Letta’s school friend.” She nodded and it seemed to dawn on her why she had originally come here. Seemed being the operative word. Shane was probably at it again with his little mind games. Oh how I hated it when he did that to me when I was little.

“The notes! Scarlet?” I was already half way to my room wondering why Shane wanted her gone so fast and realized it wasn’t her he wanted gone. It was me. THAT PRICK! I stormed into my room and grabbed the notes out of my trunk. I walked out in a huff and handed Bella the notes.

“Here you go Belles.” I faked a yawn. “Hey I’m really tired I’ll owl you tomorrow alright?” She nodded and stepped into the fireplace. Once she was gone I turned on Shane.

“HEY! IDIOT! I’m not even going to get into the fact your about 3,000 years older than her, okay? Even though that IS completely and utterly disturbing. She’s got a boyfriend dolt! She’s taken! You can’t just have a go with her!” Shane didn’t even look like he noticed I was yelling.

“Who said I wanted a go at her?” He said calmly and smoothly.

“The notes! Don’t think I don’t know your handy work!” Or Mindy work, but that would have made me sound stupid.

“Yes it would have, and how don’t you know I wasn’t just trying to get her to leave? Eh? Ever think of that?” He was still calm but he had and arrogance with him now.

“Don’t read my mind! And because you didn’t offer to get them! If you had really wanted her gone you would have gotten them yourself.

“I don’t know where they are.”

“You could have read my mind.” Got cha’yea Shane.

“No you don’t Scarlet. You see that’s not sufficient proof and so what if I was? Eh? Your Father is two hundred years older then your mum. And contrary to previous belief I don’t go automatically into every persons mind. I didn’t know she had a boyfriend.” He said with a passive voice as if his mind was somewhere else.

“Oh. So you admit you like her!”

“I did Scarlet, but not now. Not after I found out she had a boyfriend. I really am disappointed in your views of me.” I let him down. I could see it all in his eyes, he wasn’t lying or joking he was really sad. He put on a lopsided smile. “But kid I guess that was bound to happen one day. Fifteen years and no disappointment…”

An owl flew in the window, totally freaking out Shane and lightning the mood. Shane cursed it out calling it the devils bird. It was holding a letter that it dropped before it flew out again.

Song: Vampires will never hurt you by My Chemical Romance
A/n: Oh so what does the letter say? Hmm… who’s it from? And how will Shane act at dinner on Christmas? All that spiked eggnog can he handle it? Oh the next chapters one of my favorites!!! Also in Shane’s defense, who really is his age anymore?

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