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The Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side by private_ryan
Chapter 12 : Send My Love To the Dance Floor
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The Grass is Much Greener on the Other Side
Chapter 12: Send My Love To the Dance Floor.

Disclaimer: well…howdy =] once again…just as a reminder –intercom- I do not own anything. Now without further ado…chapter twelve.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Get on all fours.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Make your facial expression look like a five year old who just dropped their favourite favor of ice cream on the grass.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Try to make your eyes bulge out as well.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

“Teely Ryan, pleasant surprise seeing you in these parts of the castle,” Mark exclaimed sweeping the hair out of his eyes. “You look awful…deer-like today. But I was serious…you do look awful.” He smirked offering out his hand to help me up.

“Well you know me,” I responded, a big smile spread across my face, “I’m obsessed with deer. Deer, Deer, Deer can’t get enough of those four legged, forest dwelling beauties.”

“Umm…” Mark began pulling back his hand, “are you…I don’t know how to put this nicely so I’ll just say it. Are you sane? Do you need help? My dad is a therapist. I can schedule you in.”

“Of course I’m sane. I’m as sane as a bunny rabbit jacked up on good old red bull.” I proclaimed hopping up on my two feet.

Mark looked at me like I was some environmentalist tree hugger about to graffiti the construction workers machines.

I would never do that…well…the thought did cross my mind maybe one or twice.

“But seriously Mark…may I call you that?” I asked.

“What do you want Teely?” Mark asked.

“Why would I want anything from you,” I snorted.

“Well…you certainly would never talk to me willingly.” Mark interjected.

I laughed, “Times have change, young Mark. Times are different now.” I said quietly rocking back and forth.

“Young Mark? I’m the same age as you. And seriously Teely, what are you on?” Mark asked.

“Vengeance,” I replied.

“You’re on vengeance?” he repeated.

“Look. You don’t know what its like to have James Potter steal your friends, now do you. I need your help. I…I found this. I need your help to make it happen though. I can’t pull this off all by myself,” I explained then looked around the deserted corridor to make sure no one had entered, “If you’re in…” I dropped my voice to a whisper and pull a piece of parchment out of my pocket, “Do the things on this list by tomorrow.”

Mark took the parchment and unfolded it.

“Not here fool!” I urged looking around frantically.

“Buy underwear?” Mark stifled a laugh reading the list.

My eyes went wide as…as…well…

“Name the beetle I found under me bed?” he continued reading.

“Wrong list,” I muttered trying to snatch it out of his hand.

“Awe…Teely, you have a ‘To Do List,’” he laughed.

“Shut – up and just take this paper,” I snapped irritated.

“Oh wait…wait…protest for an indoor stadium? Do you even like sports?” Mark asked.
“Well obviously not. But if you sit next to Lily outside her hair freaking blows up like a whale’s water spout. Hair goes everywhere,” I hissed grabbing his shirt and bringing him closer, “did you hear me?” I asked, “Everywhere.”

He pulled back, “And to think I didn’t miss talking to you. It’s been swell.” He took the list from me, and gave me back the other, “Until Tomorrow Teely Ryan.”

“Why do you talk like you should be my grandpa?” I yelled as he walked away.

“Why were you imitating a deer before I got here? Why were you going to name a beetle? Why do you…” he paused turning around, “look so hideous?” he laughed.

“Why do you… have like…sandy blonde hair? It’s brown and blonde! Pick one colour geezer, you hair hogging colour hog!” I yelled.

“Why do you have such lame comebacks- seriously hair colour hogging hog? At least I’m not a vengeance loving starfish!” he yelled.

“Oh…cause that makes perfect sense and is so much better than mine!” I exclaimed.

“Try looking in a mirror.” He yelled, "It might explain the bumps."

So I strode off back to the Gryffindor Tower, up the stairs to the first year’s girls dormitory and looked in a freaking mirror and screamed.

“What? What? What?” Lily asked coming in the dormitory, “Is it...” she spun around, “a spill? Cause I have Bounty paper towels and I’m not afraid to pull them out right here and now.” She hissed looking around the room.

“Worse…” I whispered, digging through my trunk.

“What could be worse? Is it a broom that didn’t sweep?” She asked horrified, “Oh the tragedy!” she whined.

“No…” I complained and pulled out a brown paper bag.

“Oh no, was it…vomit?” she whispered…plugging her nose with her fingers.

I put the bag over my head, “ihaveapimpleanditsawfulandrightinthecenterofmyforeheadanditjustwontgoaway.”

“Excuse you?” Lily said dumbfounded.

I sighed, “I…”



“You have…”


“You have a…?” Lily asked, “A what? A what?”

I took one giant breath, seriously I could be on a commercial for like…breath mints with the breath I just took.

“zit,” I uttered horrified, under my brown bag.

Lily screamed. I screamed. We both screamed…for ice cream?

No…silly it’s just a muggle saying.

The next day around dinner time, Lily and I were eating chicken wings and she kept looking over at me to see why I was twitching and tapping my foot at an alarming rate.

There were two reasons why actually.

One: I still have my pimple. It’s big and it’s ugly and I swore it talked to me last night. No, I wasn’t sleeping…it did speak. It spoke!

Two: If Mark did what he was supposed to do…James Potter was in for a real treat today.

“You know what you remind me of?” Sirius said talking a seat across the table from us, “My mum’s house-elf when she tells him to go get the foot cream.”

I just stared at him, “Delightful.” I took my chicken wing and took a big chunk out of it.

“You eat like a monster.” Lily observed sliding away from me.

“I prefer…undernourished human being thanks.” I said swallowing my food in one big gulp.

And then it…happened.

James strolled into the great hall the way James Potter always strolls into the great hall. He casually rumpled up his hair, the way James Potter always rumples up his hair. He stopped to say “holler” at Frank Longbottom the way he always stops to say “holler” at Frank. Then the music started, and James Potter froze, the way James Potter would freeze if he ever froze.

Mark coughed someone in the great hall and the music started.

“Is this…’You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer?” Lily asked astounded, “But he’s a muggle singer.”

“Muggles can sing?” Sirius mused.

The music came from the ceiling and seemed to wail throughout the walls.

“You’ve got a cute way of talking
You got the better of me
Just snap your fingers and I’m walking
Like a dog hanging on your lead
I’m in a spin you know
Shaking on a string you know

You make me feel like dancing
I’m gonna dance the night away
You make me feel like dancing
I’m gonna dance the night away
You make feel like dancing
I feel like dancing dancing dance the night away
I feel like dancing dancing ahhh

Quarter to four in the morning
I isn’t feeling tired no no no no no
Just hold me tight and leave on the light
Cause I don’t want to go home”

All while this was happening, James Potter certainly looked like he was dancing the night away. He did a belly flop onto the floor and attempted to do what one might call the electric worm.

“Oh my lanta,” Lily whined pulling out a paper towel and placing it on the table and then laid her head down on the paper towel.

“Dance with me!” James wailed, now standing atop the Hufflepuff table and took his shirt off.

The teachers seemed to be in a dense fog before, but Professor McGonagall finally seemed to have driven herself out of it.

“Mr. Potter…what in the world do you think you are doing? The Great Hall is for eating, not a site for…break dancing!” she snapped striding up to him.

“Minnie!” he exclaimed jumping off the table and bent down on one knee, “Will you take this dance?” he asked causing the hall to erupt in laughter.

“Settle Potter, I will take you to my office though and we will discuss the importance of being clothed!” she retorted.

“Sounds like a date,” he replied, “lead me Minnie!”

As the two of them departed James yelled at the top of his lungs, “Send my love to the dance floor. Good night everybody!”

After weeks of pretending to be Potter’s friend I had finally found his weakness one night while I went down to get a midnight snack. I had found him also up, and dancing a storm away while a house-elf played a flute. He seemed to be in a trance whenever music sounded.

Mark coughed again and the music stopped.

“I wish we could get dinner and a show every evening.” Sirius laughed.

I grinned too… but why was I feeling so bad on the inside. 

A/N: YAY? so the song, ’You Make Me Feel Like Dancing' by Leo Sayer is in fact Leo's. =]

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The Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Send My Love To the Dance Floor


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