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Harry Missed You: III by xLaurx
Chapter 14 : Mood Swings and Kisses
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“Harry, you’re sure …?”

“I’m fine,” Harry snapped at Ginny. Harry had just been released from St. Mungo’s and was climbing upstairs to go to Ron’s room.

“Fine,” Ginny said airily. “Let me know when you need me,” and she slid past him on the stairs and into her own room.

Harry sighed, and dragged his weary body up the rest of the stairs. He shuffled into Ron’s room, where he collapsed on his cot. His back was aching, but he refused to take any potions. He felt like a child when he took it. He remembered at the Dursley’s that whenever Dudley was sick, Aunt Petunia would rush to the cupboard and pull out a small container holding a translucent-like pink liquid. She’d spoon it quickly into his mouth – and Harry’s favourite part – and Dudley would make a face.

Rolling onto his stomach, Harry glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was three in the afternoon. He hoped Ginny wasn’t too upset with him; he was just grumpy from spending nearly five days in a hospital bed. Ginny had been released 3 days before him, and Mrs. Weasley looked like she’d be released in a few weeks.

A knock interrupted Harry’s thoughts, and he winced as he rolled over on his side.

“Come in,” he said crossly. The door opened with a creak and Harry saw a flash of familiar bushy hair before once again rolling back over.

“Harry? Are you alright?” Hermione asked cautiously, shutting the door behind her as she went over to her best friend, and sat down on the edge of the cot.

“Fine,” Harry replied in a muffled voice.

Hermione sighed, placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder and he turned his head to look at her.

“No you’re not, Harry, what’s bugging you? You were rather rude to Ginny you know.” Hermione said matter-of-factly.

“If you have nothing better to do than just sit here and lecture me, then just leave Hermione.” Harry said, scowling at her. Hermione frowned.

“Harry, listen, you can’t just go back into you’re ‘nobody-talk-to-me-I’m-shutting-myself-out-to-the-world’ mood.” Hermione replied slowly.

“Hermione, all you came here to do was to tell me all the things I’ve done wrong, so I’m leaving.” Harry said, wincing as he sat up slowly.

"No, you're not. Listen to me Harry, we haven't talked in a long time." Hermione said gently. "Ever since, well, Dumbledore died," Harry grimaced as recollections filled his mind of the diseased wizard, "Ron, you and I haven't talked much. I mean, you've been with Ginny a lot lately too."

"It's not Ginny's fault." Harry replied, now sitting beside Hermione.

"I know it's not, but I think ..."

"Hermione, it'd be ... awkward. Ever since you and Ron have gotten together, I can't spend 15 minutes with you two alone without feeling ... uncomfortable or ... or ... just weird." Harry interrupted.

Hermione looked at her feet. "I'm sorry you feel that way," she said quietly.

"Well it's true," Harry snapped, his temper rising now for no particular reason. "Ginny knows everything, she can talk with us."

"Not everything, Harry," Hermione said wisely. "She wasn't part of the war. She doesn't understand everything about how Voldemort and how hard it is to battle against him."

"Neither do you," Harry shot back. "I was the one that fought him. I killed him!"

"We experienced more than you think, Harry." Hermione replied. "I understand now how it's not up to all the spells we learned, but our instincts. And love."

"You sound like Dumbledore," Harry snapped.

"But he was always right, wasn't he?" Hermione said softly. She patted Harry's arm gently and stood up to leave the room.

"Hermione?" Harry called to her just as she stepped through the doorway.


"Thanks." Harry watched her smile at him and then shut the door behind her, most likely to now go and find Ron. Perhaps it was a good time to find Ginny and talk.


Ginny lay curled up on her bed reading a Witch Weekly magazine which hardly held her interest. Exhaustion and boredom was beginning to overcome her and just as her eyes were shutting tightly closed, a knocking sound filled the room.

"Come in," she said in a voice just louder than a murmur. She caught a glimpse of messy black hair as the doorway opened and soon a lightning-bolt shaped scar and green eyes followed. Harry shut the door behind him and he limped across her room to her bed..

"You might want to leave that door open," Ginny said coolly. "Dad and my brother's will wonder what we're up to."

"We're not up to anything," Harry said smirking.

"Yet," Ginny muttered under her breath. "So, what did you come in here for?" she asked politely, and she looked at Harry who was shoving his wire-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"To talk," said Harry bluntly.

"Oh really. About what?" Ginny asked, narrowing her eyes at him. Harry frowned slightly at the look she was giving him.

"Nothing in particular. Just wanted to ... talk. Y'know?"

"No, I don't know actually. You gave me the impression a while ago that you didn't want to see me." Ginny said, now picking up the Witch Weekly magazine once more. Harry tugged it out of her hands and placed it behind him on the bed.

"I'm sorry," he breathed. "I was just ..."

"Moody?" Ginny guessed, rolling her eyes.

"That's one way to put it." Harry said, scowling. "But ... I don't know."

"Look, Harry. I can handle it when you ... snub me like that all the time. It's fine. I love you, emotional issues and all. Besides, I'd be a little worried if you didn't have emotional struggles at all."

"Whaddyoumean?" Harry blurted out.

"Harry, at the ages of 11 you saved the Philosopher's Stone from it getting into Voldemort's - well actually Quirrel's - hands. When you were 12 you battled a giant snake to save me, at 13 you fought dementors and werewolves all to save your Godfather, when you were 14 you competed in the TriWizard Tournament and battled Voldemort yet again. 15, you fought off a dementor and went to a disciplinary hearing because they thought you were off your rocker, dealt with Umbridge as a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and fought Voldemort again in the Department of Mysteries. Your Godfather was killed and then you witness Dumbledore's death at 16, as well as saved the whole bloody world at 17." Ginny sucked in a deep breath. "See what I mean?" she said with a smile.

Harry had never really thought about it. Did he really do all that? He had to return the smile, but immediately felt colour coming to his face. He liked Ginny raving about the stuff he'd done.

"Besides," Ginny added breathlessly. "You survived having me as your girlfriend." And she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his before Harry had a chance to say anything; but he wasn't complaining. The kiss was short, barely even lasted 10 seconds before Ginny pulled away, Harry's lips following hers. She laughed softly.

"What?" Harry asked, confused why she was laughing and looked slightly wounded.

"You certainly enjoy the snogging part of the relationship, don't you?" Ginny teased, and grinned as she saw a red blush crawl up his neck and into his cheeks.

"Oh and you don't?" Harry shot back smugly.

"I definitely enjoy kissing you. I'd never deny that," Ginny said, grinning mischievously making Harry's face colour even more, but nevertheless he leaned forward so his lips could meet Ginny’s for a second time.


“How’d it go?” Ron asked Hermione curiously as he watched her walked into the living room.

“Pretty well,” Hermione breathed. “He’s going to talk to Ginny.”

Ron jumped up out of the chair he was in.

“ARE YOU MAD?” He shouted at Hermione. “Where are they?”

“Uh … Ginny’s room?” Hermione guessed quietly, and Ron’s eyes grew wide.

“Do you remember the LAST time we caught them in Ginny’s room together?” Ron asked furiously. “They were in the bed!”

“Ronald Billius Weasley! Just because they were found together, does not mean they did anything!” Hermione yelled back at him, staying loyal to her friends.

“Don’t be so naďve Hermione,” Ron scoffed, lowering himself back into the chair.

“Do you have any trust in your best friend and sister at all?” Hermione asked, sitting on the arm of the chair and placing her hand on Ron’s shoulder.

“No,” Ron growled. “They’re getting way too comfortable together.”


Author’s Note: And that’s it for Chapter 14 … I’m writing 15 right now. Sorry it took me so long to update – it’s summer, give me a break! By the way, I just saw the OOTP yesterday and it was really good! The acting was wonderful, but I don't think David Yates was the GREATEST choice of director, because he missed so many parts! It was so hard to get familiar with the settings too because everything and everyone looked SO DIFFERENT! Lol! By the way, what was with Sirius getting like, 'sucked up' into the curtain? Didn't he just fall through and not come back out on the other side?

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Harry Missed You: III: Mood Swings and Kisses


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