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Hell, for Two by xx_flame_inside_xx
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Hell, for Two.

(Umm, I hope I can do this without getting the chapter deleted, I am looking to put a banner in for this story and my other one. If you want to, please let me know.)

Now, on to the story

Chapter 1- Prologue.

Harry and Hermione had set up over the Christmas holiday that she wanted to come with him to the Dursley's, hoping it would make the five weeks there easier. This was the last time that he would have to visit that hell-hole. He hated it, and she was soon to find out just how bad it was. She had offered to stay with him, not only to help with the last time he would be there, but also to help him grieve. With Dumbledore gone, there was nothing left at Hogwarts, and if they accomplished the task ahead, he would not have to finish his schooling anyway. If they hunted down the other horcruxes and destroyed Voldemort, he would be able to be anything he wanted.

Hermione was trailing along a few steps behind Harry, and he had taken her hand so they did not lose each other in the crowd at King's Cross Station.

They had to first visit Diagon alley to pick up a multitude of potion ingredients, another owl, so they would not be found easily, some of Harry's gold, which he was not worried about because he had so much of it, and they had to look for some textbooks on things they might use. The journey ahead was difficult, but they were ready.

The plan was set, until Harry came of age, Hermione was going to do the magic. In one week, he would be of age, and then he would take over on the magic. They would stay in his room at the Dursley's. He had to ask Hermione if she would mind staying in his room, but all she did was shake her head no. He knew it might be weird, but she had offered. They were now walking along the streets in search of the Leaky Cauldron.

"Ok, this is taking forever, can't we just apparate?" Hermione was growing impatient. She was not whining, just tired.

"Yeah, I agree, the suns going to set soon, we need to get this over with. You'll have to take us." Harry replied, in total agreement.

She took his hand, and made sure that all of their belongings were secure, checked for prying eyes, then apparated to the main room of the Leaky Cauldron. She led him, still hand in hand through the door, tapped the bricks in order, then they set off.

They came back with so many things that they had to put shrinking spells on them to fit them all in the trunks.

They soon sat at the small ice cream shop in a lesser known part of the alley to discuss what would happen with his aunt and uncle.

"They wont like it, first off, that you are staying with me, but its what will have to be done. They will probably lock us in my room, but its nothing a spell cant fix," He winked at her, then laughed, but continued.

"We will have to fend for ourselves on food, so we can always just come here and buy some stuff. He will yell a lot, and Petunia will probably burst in randomly to see what we are up to. They wont so much worry that there is a girl in the room as they will that there is a witch in there. They donít think I can even get a girlfriend." He laughed quietly to himself.

"What if they donít let me stay there?"

"They will. You carry a wand, or what they call the evil sticks." He smiled at her, "They think anyone with one can kill the world with a thought, and it disgusts them. Donít worry too much. itís a good thing Ginny taught you that bat-bogey hex. But I think its time to go, its almost eight. We need to get out of here."

He paid for the ice cream and sodas they had bought, then he told her the address, hoping it would help with apparition.

They turned on the spot, and Harry could feel himself being squeezed, compressed into the blackness surrounding them. He could not breathe. It almost felt as if he were dying, but then he felt the grass of the Dursley's lawn under him, opened his eyes to see the house.

Harry knew they were still hand in hand, but he just kept holding on. He led her to the door, but he had to let her go because he didnít want to knock, and didnít have a key.

She whispered, almost silently, "Alohomora"

The lock turned, leading her through the house. He didnít know why he kept taking her hand, but she didnít protest, she smiled at it even. He led her into the kitchen, and let go hastily at the sight of Vernon Dursley's round, puffy face, and Petunia's small look of shock.

"What the ruddy hell do you want bo-"

"Just stop." Harry put a hand up. "Hermione is going to be staying with me. I will only be here for a few weeks."

"Is she one of your kind?" Vernon asked, and before Harry could answer, Hermione stepped in, and it seemed as she moved forward, she changed.

She would normally have just given a verbal answer, but she did something much more entertaining.

"Wingardium Leviosa."

The pot Petunia was making soup in raised off the stove and moved toward Dudley's head threateningly.

"Treat us right, or this pot is the least of your worries." Hermione was seething, and she had only been the house for three minutes.

Harry finished. "We are staying in my room. I come of age in a week, so then, you will have to watch it. I wont show as much restraint as Hermione, seeing as I have had to deal with this since I was one. The only things we will use in the house are my room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Five weeks time, and we will be gone." Harry spoke with a threat, but also with warning.

The Dursley's were dumbfounded. Vernon sputtered, and all he managed to do was gulp rather loudly. Harry took her hand again, turned on the spot and led her to his room.

They seemed to ignore the fact that he had just threatened his only remaining family.

"Umm, first, we need to think about sleeping arrangements. There isn't a whole lot of room.. I can just sleep on the floor, you can have my bed."

"Donít be silly, Harry, I can just conjure a cot."

"Let me clean up a bit." He remembered when he had to leave so suddenly, and the room was a mess.

He began to move things, then looked at Hermione. She smiled at him.

She pointed her wand at the floor.

"Scourgify." The room was cleaning itself.

Harry sat down and decided he needed to move things around to fit a cot in his room. He moved the desk and bed, so that the bed was against the wall, by the window. The desk was moved as far out of the way as it could be, and then there was room by Harry's bed for Hermione to sleep on the cot.

"You sure you donít want the bed?" He wanted her to be comfortable.

"No, Harry, if it makes you feel better, Ill conjure a bed." She laughed as she spoke.

"We can put our trunks over there." He said, and he got up and moved them over to the closet.

This might work out well, after all.

"Its getting late, its already eleven. Lets get some sleep."

He got up and grabbed some clothes from his trunk.

"Ill go change in the bathroom, Ill be back in five minutes." He said.

"Ok." She got up and changed as well. There was a knock at the door, so she said it was safe.

Harry looked as though he was on the verge of saying something, but turned around and got into bed.

"Goodnight, Hermione."

"Goodnight, Harry."

They slept well that night. And for the first time in weeks, Harry did not dream of Dumbledore dying. He dreamed of the girl asleep in the bed next to him.

A/N: This is a new story, spawned off of an idea that was in a story I read. Summer's Alterations by HermyJane. I was reading it, and the idea came to me, this would be interesting. Hope you all like it, leave me a review, and let me know.

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Hell, for Two: Prologue


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