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A Scorpion's Rose by Orion Hippogriff
Chapter 1 : Chapter I
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"Are you nervous?"


"No. Are you?"

"Not at all, " The girl glanced at her cousin in a suspicious way, "Are you lying?"

The boy looked chuckled a little. "Yeah, you?"

"Of course. Uh. . .Al, do you want to go find James? Maybe he has enough room in his compartment for us."

"Are you serious? If we sit with James and his posse all we will hear the whole ride to Hogwarts is danger this and watch out for that and first years should always be careful of blah-blah-blah. No, Rose, I'd rather sit with the blast-ended skwrets Aunt Hermione told me about than my brother. Look here is an empty one." Al opened the door to the compartment unbeknownst to the little blonde boy curled up in the corner seat. Rose however did take notice.

"Oh we are sorry. Was anyone going to sit in here? See I told you Al we should have just gone and sat with James. C'mon it wont be-"

"No, one is siting in here. Just me. You are welcome to join me if you'd like." The blonde boy seemed rather eager for some company.

"See, Rosie I told you so." Al settled his things in the over head compartment, flopped down on the plush bench seat and whipped out the latest Quibbler and his own personal stash of chocolate frogs that he snuck back from his mother into his robes before they left for the train station. The blonde boy went back to staring blankly out the window at the swiftly passing blurs. Rose gingerly sat her carry-on into the compartment over head and sat down opposite of the boy. Studying him for a moment before opening a conversation into the dead air.

"Um. . .Hi, my names Rose, Rose Weasley. And this," she pointed, a bit embarrassed, at her cousin who was munching shamelessly away at the mound of chocolate frogs, "is my cousin Albus Potter, but everybody calls him Al. You're Malfoy right? Scorpion Malfoy?"

The boy looked up with a interested look on his face. "Its Scorpius actually. I swear my father thought it was necessary to continue the tradition of naming their offspring an odd name."

"I like it actually. I always thought my name was boring. Rose."

"You said you were a Weasley right? And he's a Potter kid? My father talked to me about The Potters and The Weasleys." Al had taken notice of the conversation, hearing his name so many times, he was bound to jump in eventually.

"Oh, yeah and what did your father say huh?" Al butted in a little on the defensive. Scorpius merely shrugged, clearly not offended and answered in an obvious tone.

"He said they were good people and if I were to be disrespectful towards them he would be sorely disappointed in me." Rose and Al had a surprised look on their face, but it slowly faded into a proud one. Proud to be parts of such respected families. The only mention they ever heard of the Malfoy family was the little note that Rose's Dad had made on the platform a little less than an hour ago, and it didn't sound all to hopeful.

"So," Rose carried on, "What house do you think you will be in? Are you nervous about being sorted?"

"To tell you the truth I would actually like to be in Ravenclaw. My father, of course, wanting to stick to family tradition, wants me to be sorted into Slytherin. Our whole family has been in Slytherin for centuries. I suppose it would be okay. What about you?"

"Wow, I never even considered being in Ravenclaw. That sounds pretty exciting actually. My family is quite the opposite, we have been in Gryffindor forever. It would be okay to be sorted into either." Rose answered with an inquisitive look that resembled her mother quite accurately.

"Gryffindor's for me. That right. Just like my dad and my mum." Al tugged smugly at his robe collar. " I suppose Ravenclaw would be all right if I had to choose a backup. But I am pretty set on Gryffindor. . . I think." The rest of the compartments occupants laughed at Al's indecisiveness. The landscape was being pelted with rain as darkness swallowed up the land. Little conversations were brought up, usually by something Al thought was remarkable or amusing in his issue of the Quibbler. As they drew near to the castle they felt the train slow it's pace, and their face become a little more pale.

Instructed to leave their trunks on the train, first years were to gather by what seemed to be a street lamp post. As they neared, though, it turned out to be Hagrid holding a lantern in his great fist. Rose could see tears welling up in his eyes as he stared at her and her cousin.

"I remember when I was showin' your mum and dad to Hogwarts for the first time, bless you Al, you look jus' like your father you do." Hagrid stared at the two for only a moment more before conducting proper business, "Righ' then Firs' Years this way to the boats! Follow me now and keep up."

Just as on the train Al, Rose and Scorpious piled into a boat and were off, sailing effortlessly across the black glass that was the lake. Awe and wonder filled their eyes, the amazing Hogwarts castle stood proud on its roost as it did in the day of her making.

When they reached the opposite bank, they trekked up the hill a ways until reaching two big oaken doors. Small squeaks were heard throughout the tiny crowd as the doors opened into the castle.

"Right now, up those flight of stairs and wait at the top fer Headmistress McGonagall. There you are, off you go. Good luck to you all." The first years did as they were instructed. Al and Rose didn't dare leave each other's side and Scorpius wasn’t far behind them at any time.

After given the mandatory 'Welcome to Hogwarts' speech and given instruction as to what to do when they entered the Great Hall, they followed the Headmistress like lost little ducklings following their mother goose. The Great Hall was adorned with an uncountable amount of floating candle sticks, and many, many different colored heads of previous attending students. Hushed whispers, and giggles floated about, whether they were about the first year's entrance, no one really knew.

Name after name was called to the front, so far, three Hufflepuff, two Gryffindor, two Slytherin and no Ravenclaws were sorted. The new students went to sit at their assigned tables, receiving hand shakes and claps on the back as the sat down.

"Scorpius Malfoy." As he heard his name, he twitched slightly, but managed to proceed up to the stool with a collected look on his face. He looked up, ominously at the tattered hat. It began to speak:

"Hmm a Malfoy. It seems inevitable that I must sort you into the house of your forefathers, but I read you have a different mind. Cunning, yes, but oh such a thirsty mind. Willing to learn all it can, but at any cost, so it seems. Where shall I sort you, hm?" Scorpius closed his eyes waiting to hear the answer. Time seemed slow for him, the anticipation was unbearable. "I've got it! It's Ravenclaw for you Malfoy!" A cheer burst forth from the Ravenclaw table, and a sigh of relief was let from Scorpius' chest. His father might not be as proud as he wished but he was happy, and relieved to break at least one of the tedious Malfoy traditions. On his way to the destined tables he caught a glance of the girl who had befriended him. Rose was smiling at him, a sweet smile, which he returned without effort.

"Rose Weasley." The Headmistress called from her list. This snapped Rose back into her surroundings. It was her turn.

"Ah a Weasley child then eh? Another whose family had dominated a certain house for ages. Are you the same? Hmm. . . let's see. What to do with you?" Rose couldn't help but hold her breath. Her cousin Al was giving her a supportive smile from the crowd. "Right then, off to Ravenclaw." Again the Ravenclaw table cheered at their newcomer. Rose hopped off the stool and found herself sitting next to her new friend.

"Congratulations Rose." Scorpius said, "I wonder if Al will make Ravenclaw too?" Rose spied carefully on the face of her cousin, anxiety wasn't the only trait there, confusion too. It was like he was trying to make a decision, and a fast one at that. The hat chimed off another one into Gryffindor.

"I don’t know, Scorpious, what if he doesn’t want to be in Ravenclaw? For only eleven my cousin has a complex mind." They shared a quiet laugh as a girl by the name of Crimson Thomas-Lovegood seemed to skip her way to the sorting hat. It only thought a moment before sorting her to the house where Rose and Scorpius sat. Another Slytherin and one more Hufflepuff were sorted. Finally it was Albus' turn.

"Albus Potter" The Headmistress gleamed at the kid who found his way to the chair. He sat down, almost awkwardly and awaited to feel the ancient hat upon his head.

"Well, well, well. Another offspring of Harry Potter. A most courageous mind, ambitious to the fullest, and most defiantly witty. But with so many becoming traits, where do I put you, Potter?" Al remembered what his father told him before he left. I can choose he thought, I can influence the hat's choice. He could hear the hat hum as it thought to itself. Al had figured it out, and then he put all his effort into thinking his pleading thought. A moment passed, and the hat had come to a conclusion.

"I believe you will do quite well. . .in Ravenclaw!" All Al could do is smile proudly as he went to his table. He caught a sight of James sitting at the Gryffindor table and he clapped wildly for his little brother, as did Teddy and sitting near him was Victorie who also joined. Al sat next to Rose who couldn't help look sorrowful at her cousin.

"I'm sorry Al."

"For what Rose?"

"Well, you didn't get into the house you wanted."

"Well, I think that the hat chose just fine." He smiled at his cousin, and gave a friendly nod to their new acquaintance, Scorpius.

A.N.--The next chapter is done but waiting to be read by my loverly beta. An I promise, it will surprise you. Plz R&R. Love to all.

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