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Moonlit Nightmares by MickeyMadison
Chapter 6 : Of Eavesdropping and Oncoming Moons
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Moonlit Nightmares

Chapter VI – Of Eavesdropping and Oncoming Moons

Things seemed to be so much better after you told Lily your secret. You also seemed to get a lot closer as friends. She spent less of her time with the popular girls of the school and turned to you more often. As much as you loved her being around, you wondered if this was just Lily in pity mode.

Either way, it benefited you in two ways—your mood and your studies. You were used to being alone most of the time which harvests negative feelings, but now that you were around the uplifting redhead your feelings were more on the positive side. But she also kept you on your studies more than you were before. You were a good student, but were so easily distracted by your fantasy novels that you’d rather read them other than your textbooks.

Your relationship with Remus was at a stand still. Often the two of you would greet each other, but that was it. You never held a conversation longer than three minutes. The other marauders seemed to suddenly take notice of you as well. Had Remus told them, or were they curious as to why Remus would suddenly talk to someone like you?

You got your answer one Thursday night. The next Tuesday was the full moon and already you were starting to feel the effects. You were easily fatigued, and slept hours more than normal. But unfortunately, that night you had a lot of homework in your classes and were stuck in the library all day, slaving away.

It was ten minutes till curfew and you were scrambling to finish your homework before Madame Pince kicked you out. Forgetting all about neat handwriting and sentence structure, you scribbled down notes and excerpts from the books you had open on the table in front of you. On the hour, Madame Pince made her way over to your table. Slamming the books shut and throwing your stuff quickly into your bag, you made a beeline for the door. You had never liked Madame Pince, and she had seemed to never like you. So you avoided speaking with her every chance you could.

You jogged until you got far enough away and then stopped, leaning against the wall to catch your breath. Nonchalantly, you looked up and down the halls for any sign of professors or students. Once you were sure no one was coming, you took a few deep breaths and then started to head towards your common room, but stopped when you heard voices on the other side of the wall. You were standing in the right fork of the hallway, the left went down to the kitchens and the main hall went to the staircases. Backing up against the wall, you listened as the voices continued to speak.

“You have to tell her eventually.” You heard a familiar voice say.

“But then she’ll know I told you three, and it’s not like she’ll be able to tell, you know…and we’ll be in different rooms.” You knew this voice all too well, it was Remus! Then the others talking must be Sirius, James, and Peter. You quietly inched along the wall near the entrance to the hall so that you could hear better.

“But what if she does?” One of the boys, either Sirius or James, asked. “We could get into some serious trouble if she tells a professor.”

“And me telling her out straight will keep you from getting into trouble?” Remus questioned skeptically. “Since when do you care about getting into trouble anyway, James?”

There was silence, only broken by the sound of Peter’s wheezing, letting you know that they were still there. Poor boy, he was always made fun of for the way he breathed. You guessed he had asthma.

Finally, one boy sighed. “We want her to know we’re there for her as we are for you, Moony.”

Moony? You blinked, wondering where that came from. Oh! It must be a nickname….

“What for?” Remus asked and you felt a little stab in your stomach. “You’ve played pranks on her or either ignored her existence. What’s with the sudden pity?”

“Don’t get so defensive, Remus!” James said in joking tone. “We can’t show compassion?”

“You’re gonna try to use her to get to Lily, right?” Remus asked. You wondered why he was suddenly so venomous towards his best friends, but you also wanted to know why the Marauders would care about your well being even if you were a—

Suddenly you stopped. You stared straight ahead, completely tuning out what the marauders were saying. Remus had told them. He had told them that you were a werewolf!

You looked down, your eyes shadowed by your hair. How could he? What if they had told other people? What if they started to ridicule you for it? You thought you could trust Remus to keep such a secret seeing as he had the same problem to deal with! But you guessed they knew he was a werewolf as well.

Forgetting all about them being there, you stood there, drowning in your thoughts and trying to straighten out your feelings. You no longer cared why they pitied you or what they could have been hiding.

Unfortunately, this kept you tuned out from the rest of the world as well, and you didn’t notice Professor Clints walking down the hall. When he caught sight of you, he quickened his pace.

“Miss Crill, what are you doing out of your House after curfew?” he questioned, stopping in front of you and crossing his arms.

Your eyes widened some and you jerked your head up to look at him. Pushing yourself off the wall you scrambled to gather your wits and stuttered, “I—er—I was late getting out the library, sir.” You replied quietly.

“Then why are you stopped here in the hall?” he asked, not sounding like he really wanted to know. “Obviously waiting for some boy to come along.”

You shook your head. “No, sir! I just got tired and leaned against the wall for a moment to—”

“Lies.” The professor rudely interrupted. His head snapped to the corner of the point of the three halls. In a split second, he had stepped forwards and latched onto something down the hall. He drug out Sirius by the arm and narrowed his eyes. “And what are you doing here, Black?” Clintz leaned over to look down the hall. “Potter, Pettigrew, and…Lupin? I’m ashamed.” Taking a deep breath to calm himself (he was acting very dramatic), the professor pointed down the hall with his free hand. “Get to your houses. I’ll see,” he paused and his eyes ran over all of the students standing there, “the five of you in detention. You’ll be cleaning the trophies from after dinner to curfew!”

Exasperated sighs escaped Sirius and James, but you only nodded and quickly headed down the hall, not wanting to be questioned by the Marauders as well.

But you only were able to make to the top of one staircase before Sirius and James came up beside you, handsome smiles on their faces. “Lacelin!” they sang.

Cursing under your breath you stopped, looking down at your shoes. “Hello Sirius…James.”

“Never thought I would see you getting in trouble.” Sirius said.

“And with us, no doubt.” James added on.

Remus and Peter walked up the steps behind you. Remus was watching Sirius and James with a warning expression, but didn’t say a word.

“I really was late getting out of the library.” You replied, looking around at the four boys. You hated the feeling of being surrounded.

“Then why were you eavesdropping on us, hm?” Sirius replied, his arm slipping around your shoulders as he gave you a sly smirk. You shied away from him, tensing at his touch that most girls fought over. At one point, you would have loved it too, but not now.

“I-I wasn’t eavesdropping!” you defended, a faint blush staining your cheeks.

“Oh really? You can’t lie to us,” James said, “We’re the masters of lying, we can tell one when we hear it.”

You fidgeted some, playing with the strap on your bag. He was right—apparently you were caught. But what could you say? You didn’t know, so you just kept quiet.

Sirius opened his mouth to say something, but Remus interjected with a sharp, “Don’t.” He backed off and simply gave you one of his famous, charming smiles. “So, you’re going out for Quidditch?”

You blinked, surprised but glad for the change of subject even if it was sudden. “How-how did you know that?”

Sirius steered you towards the Gryffindor Common room, walking slowly so that you could talk. You hadn’t even realized that you were walking again.

“Well, Jodie is very loud and has to tell us everything.” James replied, but you didn’t look at him. Your gaze was locked with Sirius’.

“Beater, hm?” Sirius seemed to study you for a moment, and then said, “Yes, I could see you as beater.”

“You could?” You couldn’t help but feel a little warm at his compliment.

“I mean, ol’ Harris was excellent, but you could be a decent replacement.”

“Stop flirting with her.” Remus said from behind you.

You tore your gaze away from Sirius and looked over your shoulder at Remus. He was following you, his gaze downcast to the floor. You weren’t able to see his eyes because of his shaggy brown hair, but you guessed he was glaring. Why was he so tense? He had been acting strange ever since you told him you were also a werewolf.

“Ignore him.” Sirius said, bringing your attention back to his face. “But do try out. I think you’ll make it.” By now you had reached the portrait and James spoke the password. All five of you walked into the common room and stopped.

“You have me and Sirius’ vote, anyway.” James grinned at you.

You felt something slip into your hand as Sirius took his arm from around you. “Nice talking to you, Lacelin.” He said and swung around to Remus, taking his buddy by the shoulder. “C’mon, Remus! Don’t look so dark!” He laughed and the four headed up the stairs, Sirius basically dragging Remus.

It wasn’t until they were gone that you looked down at what was in your hand. It was a piece of rice colored paper, folded neatly with the words “For Lacelin” scrawled on it, taking away from the organized look.


You nearly jumped out of your skin and immediately shoved the paper into your pocket. Looking up you noticed that Lily was sitting in your usual armchair, her homework laid out on her lap. Her expression was of curiosity and confusion. “What was that about?”

You stared back at her. “I have no idea…but I’m going to go to bed. G’night, Lily!” You headed up the dorm steps and threw your bag against the foot of your bed. Forgetting all about your unfinished homework and the detention you had received, you pulled out the folded note and flopped on your bed, carefully unfolding it.

It was blank.

Confused and a little disappointed you turned it over, only to see you name upside down. Was this a joke? You set the paper down on your bed and went to your bag to get your homework, when you came back, writing had begun to appear across the paper, causing you to gasp and drop you book on your toe.

Mr. Padfoot wishes Miss Crill a good evening.

Mr. Prongs compliments her on her attire—her uniform is cleaner than all the rest.

Mr. Wormtail wishes Mr. Padfoot and Mr. Prongs would shut up and hurry this along.

Mr. Padfoot wishes Mr. Wormtail would shove it.

Mr. Prongs agrees.

Your eyes widened as you watched the text scroll across and down the paper. Of course you knew this could be done, but who were these people and how did they know you?

Mr. Padfoot offers his apologies to Miss Crill.

Mr. Prongs requests that Mr. Wormtail keep his mouth—or pen—shut. Get to the point.

Mr. Padfoot would like to tell Miss Crill of three animals who will be there on the night of the 27th.

Mr. Prongs doesn’t want Miss Crill to be alarmed, but we all know each other.

You stared as the note folded itself up and laid silent on the bed. You were almost afraid to touch it. Slowly, you reached out your hand and with quick movement, grabbed the corner and threw it into your nightstand’s drawer. You flopped over on your bed and stared up at the ceiling in thought. Who were they? Animals? What was going to happen on the full moon and how did they know you were a werewolf? After a few minutes you thought you had figured out who they were.

Footsteps sounded, interrupting your investigation, and you immediately jumped into bed, pretending to sleep before Lily could enter the room.

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