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My Marauder by Cadyn Black
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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A/N: Hey this is my first story and I am quite attached to it. Please review and tell me what you think, it gets funnier later on trust me! I don't own Harry Potter (though i wish i did) and i don't own Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (for the references in here)
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling has the brilliant mind to create this characters and i just play with their lives! 

My Marauder
Chapter 1

Hi, sorry I’m kinda new at this, I guess I should tell you my name, yeah that would be smart. Well my name is Aurora Grayson, not the princess that needs a prince to save her and then have him kiss her to wake up. Isn’t that how all fairytales are, though? A damsel in distress and a prince riding a white horse to save her? Hang on I am getting off subject, that is NOT me. One thing in fairytales that is true is magic. I’m a witch. And for the past five years my mom has been teaching me magic. I know scary.
Another thing I should tell you is when my name is said, usually screams follow and there is a mad dash to get my autograph. Why get a random girl’s autograph? Well as you should know my name is Aurora Grayson, a famous singer. Yeah…

I was sitting on the couch in my house, the one I grew up in and where my brother Josh, little sister Melissa, and dad live (my mom goes everywhere with me). I had four days off, I know four days not an extremely long amount of time but for me it was fantastic. But I spent the first two sleeping like all day, it was great. And hopefully in two days I would be packing, if my plan actually works. Hang on the doorbell rang.
I stood up off the couch and shook my head to rid it of thoughts and walked over to the door. On the other side of the glass stood a very handsome boy. He turned around and his face froze in shock, that is the thing I hate most being gawked at. I held the door open with my foot and smiled. 

“Did you need something?” 

“You’re… you’re…” he stuttered. 

“I’ll wait till you get my name right.” 

“You’re Aurora Grayson!” he said 

“Good for you. Did you need something?” 

“Yeah I’m babysitting Melissa.” 

“Oh you’re Si…Simon, no. Sir…” I stumbled as I tried to recall the name my mother threw at me on her way out the door while talking to my dad, great multi-tasker that woman. 

“Sirius.” he smiled and I snapped at the name. 

“Yes that’s it, that’s you. Uh sorry Mel is with my parents, she conned them into taking her out, so sorry I guess my mom forgot to tell you.” I said. 

“Oh okay well now I have three hours free.” he smiled 

“Why don’t you go home and eat or something, that’s what teenage boys do right?” I said rolling my eyes. I was shocked to watch Josh eat since I had been here. The amount that boy could eat was really disgusting! 

“Can’t, everyone is leaving.” he said pointing to three dressed up people getting into a small SUV across the way. They waved to the boy in front of me and he waved back. 

“Oh your our neighbor?” I asked, I didn’t know. 


“Well seems like they think you’re here so you wanna come in? I haven’t had outside contact in forever.” I joked but I think he thought I really meant it. I held the door open further to allow him in. He stood awkwardly in the small foyer and when I turned after closing the door I was faced to his chest. He was much taller than me-I had been talking to him while he was two steps down on the porch. I walked around him and sat on the couch next to the book I was reading and told him to sit, although he looked really uncomfortable in my presence-man I hate that, well I’m just gonna have to fix it then. 

“So what’s your name again? I don’t know anyone around here, sorry.” 

“Sirius. Sirius Black.” he smiled, he had a nice smile white and full, he must used it to get girls, that was just his type-popular. 

“I thought our neighbors were called the… uh the Potters, yeah the Potters?” 

“Yeah they are.” he said simply looking around the room. 

“Well if they are the Potters and you’re a Black I don’t see the connection.” 

“I live with them, after running away from my family. Their son, James Potter, is my best mate from school and I’m staying with them until then.” he said and I could tell it was I touchy subject so I moved on. 

“School, what’s that like?” I had never actually been to school since I was nine and was in grammar. 

“Fun, me and James are the pranksters and it is great.” I heaved a heavy sigh dreaming of fun like that. 

“That sounds great! Where do you go?” 

“Private school far from here. So what are you reading?” he rushed to change the subject, weird but okay. 

“Oh Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, it’s fantastic! I really should be doing other work but I didn’t want to so, shh, don’t tell.” I laughed 

“Don’t worry I won’t.” he smiled teasingly and I stuck my tongue out. 

“So what are you doing here” he asked 

“I have four days off and my mom really wanted to spend them here and I couldn’t disagree. I never get to see my family anymore and as stupid as it may sound I miss them, you know? Being able to pick on Josh when he’s on the phone talking to his girlfriend and seeing Mel coloring, man I feel like a parent! NOOOO I swore that would never happen to me!” I cried dramatically making him laugh. The phone rang and I walked over to answer it. 

“Hello.” I said into the receiver. The voice asked to talk to Josh. I walked over to the foot of the stairs and yelled up them. 

“Josh, Tyler’s on the phone for you.” he came rushing down the stairs and yanked the 
phone out of my hand. 

“Thanks Aerie.” He said as he raced back up the stairs. I returned to my seat on the couch and turned my eyes to Sirius who was watching me carefully. 

“What?” I asked. 

“You’re different.” he stated 


“No I mean you’re different from all the other celebrities, and you just seem different on TV and in magazines.” 

“Yeah that’s because I am home and don’t have people watching me.” the phone rang once again and then Josh picked it up. He came running down the stairs a few minutes later still on the phone and then pushed it at me. I took it, confused and put it to my ear. 


“Oh Aerie good okay Josh is going over to his friend’s house to spend the night and the traffic is horrible trying to get back home, Mel wanted to go to the amusement park about two hours out of town and we’re just gonna stop and stay at a hotel for the night. We should be back by lunchtime tomorrow. You don’t need to worry about Josh.” 

“Okay so I’ll be alone, no problem.” 

“No I don’t want to do that to you, why don’t you call over the neighbor, the one that’s supposed to be watching Mel and have him come over for a bit?” 

“You mean Sirius?” 

“Yes call him. I just don’t want you to try to make toast or a pizza and then blow the house up.” she laughed, I didn’t. 

“Mom I know how this muggle, I mean stuff works. And anyway Sirius is over here anyway I was just gonna ask him to leave so I could like watch a movie or something. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” I covered up quickly glancing up at Sirius but he was talking to Josh. 

“Sirius is there? Can you put him on the phone please?” 

“Mom I don’t…” 

“Aurora put him on the phone now or I won’t let you try to talk me into letting you go this year.” damn she had me. I handed the phone over to Sirius and he looked at me strange. 

“Talk.” I said and he took the phone. I plopped down on the couch with my arms crossed. I heard Sirius talking in the background and Josh gather some games and putting on his shoes smirking at me. 

“Shut it.” I glared and he stood up, waved and was out the door. I heard the click off the phone signaling that the call was over and Sirius sat down next to me on the couch and smirked at me also, he got a glare. 

“This is stupid I do NOT need a freaking babysitter I am Aurora Grayson for crying out loud!” I yelled. 

“Careful I don’t think people in America heard you.” he laughed and got another glare. 

“I don’t like you.” I said giving him an evil eye. 

“Aw but I just love you.” he said with a puppy dog face. 

“Well what do you wanna do?” just as I said that his stomach growled. “I guess we move on to the kitchen huh?” I said and I think I saw him blush! That would be a big accomplishment for me, seeing this guy blush. 

We stood in the kitchen looking around wondering what to eat. I opened a cabinet and a box fell out, I picked it up and made a happy squeal. 

“What?” he said looking over my shoulder at the box. It was pudding, chocolate pudding. I handed him the box with a smile on my face. 

“You wanna make pudding?” he asked 

“Yeah, except I don’t know how.” I said. 

“I’ll do it, Melissa loves this stuff, I practically have it memorized.” he said taking things out, he knew this house better than me and for that, I envied him. About ten minutes later he pushed a bowl of brown goop in front of me. 

“This is pudding?” I asked, I probably sounded like a true dumb blonde pop star that couldn’t tell a tree from a trashcan. 

“Yes it is, eat it, I promise I didn’t try to poison you.” he smiled picking up his own bowl and spooning the half-food and half-liquid into his mouth. I followed his actions and tasted the most delicious thing in the world. 

“WOW! I love pudding!” I said in between spoonfuls. 

“That sounds weird, but good.” he said scraping the edges for more. 

We stayed up late watching movies and talking, he was like a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while because we just kinda clicked. I had convinced him that I was actually very down to earth and was not all about the fame and glitz that came with stardom. It was a little after three in the morning, and we were still awake, when he asked a very hard to answer question. 

“Hey Rory?” he said 

“Rory?” I asked, not recognizing the nickname 

“Nickname is that okay?” 

“Yeah but my family calls me Aerie. How’d you get Rory?” 

“I don’t know just fit.” he shrugged his shoulders 


“But Rory how did you become famous, or more really why?” I paused and looked at him strangely. 

“I don’t know. I was like seven when I was smart enough to look my name up in the dictionary, and I was totally expecting to see my picture next to it and was very disappointed when it wasn’t there, but Aurora means northern lights, it’s like some really pretty natural lightshow. And I was like wow I wanna be a star. It took two years to convince my mom to take me to an agency and they quickly signed me for movies and stuff. That was kinda when my life was over and Aurora Grayson started. When I turned thirteen they had me try singing and it blew up into this whole phenomenon and here I am. My mom continually pushes me, even when I think I don’t wanna do this and I wanna to take a break, she is there telling me to smile more and have better posture. Sometimes I think I’m famous Aurora Grayson to her, not her daughter.” I shrugged completely telling him how I felt, it was strange, really, the way I could just immediately trust him, but I did. 

“Can’t you just talk to your mom?” 

“Not really, I just don’t want to mess anything up, even though I already have. You know it just pisses me off that even though she misses Josh and Mel and dad so much she still pushes me further. She was so happy to be home and I have always given her the option to either not go with me or I could take longer breaks so she could be here longer, but she has always said no.” 


“Yeah, that’s my life.” I sighed and laid down on the couch. “So what about you, anything strange in your life that is worse than mine?” 

“My parents disowned me.” 

“What?” I said sitting up. 

“I…I wasn’t what they wanted when it came to school and they got so fed up with me yelling at them that they just kicked me out. Happened last year, well actually I ran away and never went home.” 

“Where did you go?” 

“James’ house, I was like their second son, they welcomed me with open arms.” 

“Your parents kicked you out because of how you were at school?” 

“Yeah pretty much, they hated my friends.” 

“You mean they hated James? I don’t know him other than what my parents say, bad he doesn’t sound bad.” 

“He isn’t, everything is just really complicated.” 

“Ha, it’s really funny we’ve only known each other for like a couple of hours and yet I know more about you then some people I’ve work with for years.” I said laying back down. 

“Yeah, funny how that works.” he said laying on the other couch. 

I guess we both drifted into a sleep because they next thing I knew my mom was shaking me awake. 

“Aurora get up.” she said moving my arm. I groaned and sat up looking groggily  around. The couch Sirius was on was empty and I scanned the room but didn’t find any sign that he actually was here, was it a dream?

“Sirius went home.” my mom said seeing my look. 

“Oh, okay.” I said sitting at the kitchen table and sipping the coffee she put at my spot. 

“Hey mom can I talk to you?” 

“Of course.” she said sitting down across from my drinking her own coffee. 

“Okay don’t panic or anything just hear me out and don’t interrupt. Now I would like to go to Hogwarts for a year. Hey, you promised not to talk. Now I have had to turn down the letter they send every year and go be a pop star but this year I really want to be normal and have fun. I want to be able to look back and have memories not just being Aurora, but actually having friends and going to school. So can I please go? I already talked to the Headmaster and he is prepared to let me out when I have a concert or something to do. So can I?” 

“Aurora you’re not normal.” 

“Your right I’m not, I am a witch that hasn’t gotten an education.” 

“Hang on I have taught you everything.” 

“Yes, I know, I mean I haven’t had the full experience of school since I was nine and that didn’t include magic.” 

“But Aerie even if you do go you won’t be normal. You’ll still be Aurora Grayson and no one will treat you like a normal person.” 

“But I have a plan for that.” I smirked. 

A/N okay so how was it? please review!!! 
here is a bit from the next chapter!!
Okay sorting takes SO long! I don’t think I have ever sat through anything so boring and be so hungry to actually consider trying to bite my plate or napkin!
“Now let the feast begin!” the old man said clapping his hands and the food appeared.
“Thank you!” a boy yelled down the table, I glance over to see who had done what I was thinking of doing, and that boy was Sirius and I couldn’t help but laugh. After that I got a disapproving look from Lily, all well suck it I like to laugh at stupid things, she will just have to get over it! I love how brutally honest I am!

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