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Look at me by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend
Chapter 3 : Where are you now?
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Part 3

Where are you now?

After that week, Sirius had fled home and Rosabella had not heard from him since that faithful night. She cried at first, then waited hopeful for a message and when it never came she turned angry. He should watch his back once they were back at school. She would show no mercy to him. She would show her Slytherin side once more.

Regulus had been happy to hear her agree to a marriage. As soon as he would leave school, their wedding would be arranged and he could not have been happier. If only he had been the same age as her, that way she would not have to wait a year after school for him.
They had spent their entire summer together and once it was time to go back to school everybody knew about the engagement.

It broke his heart to hear he lost her again. To his own brother this time, yet Sirius knew it had once again been partially his fault. He had left her behind, once again. He hoped that she would accept his excuse but found it hard to get her aside from his brother. He had to wait until classes started up again and she would be without her fiancé.

Yet a full month had passed before he could get her alone and in that month a lot had changed. She no longer seemed to be a nice girl. The one he had spend the night with once. She seemed to have transformed into a true Slytherin Bitch.
One that would not move away for anyone, one that would not take no for an answer from anybody. And one that would not speak to anyone outside of her own house. Sirius was no exception and received a lot of hexes from her wand. He tried to ignore it and he tried to keep his jinxes to himself but soon found himself hexing her back just as bad. He had to protect his fine body and his reputation after all.

Many people saw the slight change in attitude, with both Rosa and Sirius. Yet most people pushed it aside and figured the major changes their lives had been through that summer had caused it. Regulus however wasn’t a fool and though he tried to believe she had changed because she had found her future husband in him, he knew she had found her man somewhere else.

His pride would not let him cast her away as he knew nobody else saw it. Then again nobody knew that Sirius and Rosa had been away for two hours during the part at the beginning of summer. Nobody had known they had been together. Nobody but him. And he had recently begun to understand that her pink cheeks and his flustered look were not the signs of a good fight but signs of a night filled with passion. However he had also been aware of the anger she felt towards his brother at this point and he planned to milk that anger as much as he could. If he could keep her mad at Sirius this whole year his troubles would be over. After this year they wouldn’t have to see one another again anyway.

Rosabella met up with Selena Greengrass and they walked to classes together. Selena had been oblivious to everything that had been going on and she was just glad Rosa never ratted on her.

“Have you been shopping for dresses already?” Selena asked her friend as she looked at her schedule to see in which classroom they were expected.

“No my mother is taking me during the summer . You want to tag along?” She asked her friend, who in turn looked up, surprised and happy.

“Yes please, I’d love to” Selena exclaimed and Rosabella smiled down at her friend.

“Good that’s a date then” Rosabella said and they walked into the classroom.
The girls immediately looked around to see who was joining them in this particular class and they were unfortunately joined by none other then the marauders. Sirius winked at the both of them but neither one was willing to return it and they just turned around, grabbing their books and a quill.

“You must be happy, you aren’t marrying him” Selena said loudly
knowing Sirius would hear and understand.

“yes indeed” Rosabella replied looking into the eyes of Sirius, not aware of the fact that her eyes betrayed her the moment she saw the hurt in his.

Class went by rather uneventful and afterwards Selena said goodbye for she had another class, whereas Rosabella had a free period ahead of her.
She walks down the halls by herself happy with the free time and is unaware of the grey eyes following her.
As she turns a corner she is therefore extremely shocked to feel a hand cover her mouth while an arm is wrapped around her waist and she is pulled into a dark corridor. One of which she did not know the existence. She immediately went for her wand but the figure is far to fast for her.

“Wait” a voice said and she recognised it as the voice of Sirius.

“What do you want?” she snapped and began to walk away from him.

“Let me explain” he said pleading and she was stunned to hear that tone. Sirius Black never pleaded, he got what he wanted or he just stopped wanting it altogether.
For a moment she stood still and he took it as his cue to speak.

“I couldn’t reach you without your parents knowing, I could never get you alone...I couldn’t...I wanted to though” he said and his voice sounded so broken.
At that moment there was only one thing she wanted to do. Looking around the dark corridor she saw nobody and heard nothing either, she made her choice and acted quickly.

She pushed him against the wall and he wondered if she was going to hex him, but was surprised by her demanding kisses.
He pulled her close into his embrace and her hands found their way to his hair. Turning around he pushed her against the wall he had previously been against and he pulled her up a little. She responded by wrapping her legs around him and shortly after they were in perfect bliss once again.

Afterwards she quickly got dressed and raced to her next class, whereas Sirius was so content he decided to miss his class. With a bright grin upon his face he walked towards the Gryffindor common room, not noticing the quite similar face that watched him pass by.

Again the demeanour of Rosabella changed, though she tried not to let it show. And she was able to fool many. Many but not all. Regulus saw, once again he saw it all. He knew he had lost to his brother, but still refused to give in. It wasn’t over until she said it was. But she did not speak and months went by without her seeing Sirius all together. Regulus had began to believe it was just a minor fallback. A little fling that she needed to get behind her. And he was happy, happy she was still his. Happy he was still the one she spend her nights and days with.

Rosabella was again without Sirius for a long period of time, yet this time she did not mind. It was better if they weren’t together often. And still she was assured by him that she still had his heart frequently. Something nobody knew. But in classes he would look her way when nobody noticed and the look in his eyes said it all. She just hoped her eyes stated the same.

Every three months she would get together with the man she loved the most. The days deferring as much as possible. Just so she would arouse any more suspicion of her fiancé. She knew he wasn’t a fool and she knew he was aware of the fact they had been together twice. Yet after that they had been more careful and the one she was promised to had been oblivious to everything.

She knew she should feel guilty for betraying him and sometimes she did, only for a fleeting moment that would quickly pass. Then all she could feel was love, love for the man she had originally been set to marry. The one she truly wanted to marry.

Sirius was no better. Though he still cared a little for his brother he felt no guilt. He knew his brother just wasn’t strong enough to step up against his parents and he never once held it against the younger boy. After all he had been the one to get hit with hexes, curses and cruel words. Not Regulus. His little brother never knew the things Sirius had done to protect him. And he didn’t need to know. All he needed to know was that he no longer got together with his fiancé. That was all he needed to know. All he needed to believe. And all he would ever hear.

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