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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25 - Goodbye
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Chapter 25 – Goodbye 

It had been 21 months since the wedding of James and Lily Potter. A week after the wedding (which Faith spent at the Potter’s) she left for America where she would be working for two years at the Gringotts branch there, breaking curses and collecting treasure in the states and the surrounding islands.

She stayed with Georgia in her apartment but spent most of her time in the Caribbean working on a small island north of Barbados.

She went back to England regularly visiting Lily, James and their beautiful boy Harry. She and Sirius made up and she went back more regularly to see him and be with him.

“I’m going to miss you,” she whispered as they approached the international apparation station.

“It’s only for another couple of weeks,” he reassured.

“Promise you’ll protect them?” she said suddenly turning and facing him.

She was of course talking about James, Lily and little baby Harry.

Faith and Sirius had become like a second pair of parents to him. Faith, who wasn’t really a little kid person couldn’t stand being away from him and his emerald eyes. He was so cute and innocent but had managed to develop a mischievous smirk, even at only one year old.

“With my life,” he said kissing her on the top of her head.

She smiled and they continued walking towards the station. Everywhere they looked witches and wizards were running around hugging and saying their goodbyes.

She chuckled slightly when a rather large wizard that reminded her greatly of Professor Slughorn ran past them yelling something about forgetting mushrooms.

“Final call for the three o’clock departure to America,” came a loud monotonous voice over the loudspeaker.

“Guess this is it!” she said kissing him one last time before walking up the platform so that she was standing with a group of witches and wizards.

“I love you,” Sirius called over the loud beeping sound counting down the time for apparation.

“Me too!” she called back.

“See you after Halloween!”

There was one long beep and she turned on the spot.

When she opened her eyes she was at the department for magical transportation in the Washington state branch of American ministry of magic in Boston.

Standing there with a bored expression on her face reading an outdate copy of Witch Weekly was a tall slender girl with white blonde hair that fell roughly to her shoulders in a zigzag cut with black and blue streaks through it.

“Hey loser,” Faith said walking up to her.

“Welcome back,” Georgia said tossing the magazine onto a pile of others and walking over to her best friend. “So how long are you here for?”

“Just ‘til after Halloween,” Faith replied shouldering her bag and following Georgia out side and in to muggle Boston.

“Ok then,” Georgia replied pulling out a set of keys and unlocking the now purple Loretta.

“Yep all my work should be within the state so I should be home most nights.”


Oh god.

This could not be happening.

Faith paced backwards and forward in the small bathroom she and Georgia shared.

Why now? Why couldn’t it be later? She really couldn’t deal with this right now. Not with everything going on with Voldemort and the Potters. This was too much to handle.
How would Sirius react?

Would he be happy?

Would he be as shocked like her?

Or was he hoping that something like this would happen?

This was all just too much.

She was starting to hyperventilate. Her breath coming in sharp and fast, hur lungs filled to burst yet nothing coming out.

She heard the sound of the apartment door closing.

She took a few deep breaths and tried to compose her self.

“Faith?” Georgia called.


The door opened rather violently and Georgia came in.

She was crying, her eyes were red and swollen and tears streaked her pail face.

“What is it?” Faith asked softly.

“Lily and James…they – there was a…Voldemort…” her voice broke and died as tears, stained black from her eye-makeup, glided steadily down her flushed cheeks.

“No…” Faith croaked shaking her head.

It couldn’t be true. Not a word of it. It was a lie. They couldn’t be dead. Two of the most beautiful people and the a little boy that-

“Harry?” she strangled out ad tears began falling, almost as if in rhythm with Georgia.

“I don’t know how, but,” she sobbed wiping her nose with the sleeve of her baggy sweater. “When V-voldemort tried to… it backfired. Harry’s alive.”

Faith let out a strangled cry of joy but felt sickened with herself the second it parted from her lips.

Lily and James had been killed, slaughtered like animals and she was smiling. She couldn’t breathe. It was cutting in to her. Like a knife, slicing away at all of the happiness that had outweighed the bad that was her life before she went to England.

“There’s…more,” Georgia continued. “People are saying…Dumbledore said… S-Sirius … that h-he … h-he betrayed them.”

Faiths breath caught in her throat. The edges of if cutting her deeply. She couldn’t breath at all. Her lungs were collapsing. Caving in all around the walls crashing down and burying her whole. Smothering her in all the pain and hate and anger she’d been sure she’d gotten rid of.

It was all for nothing. She was destined to be tortured and tormented forever. To be hit and kicked as she lay on the ground bleeding her heart out.

“He…s-sold V-voldemort,” Georgia whispered, her crying now died down to a small sob. “He killed them.”

The only thing that could be heard was the sound of a small plastic stick falling and clanging on the tiled bathroom floor.


A/N - Goodbye...

ps. check out the sequel - Dirty Red Bandana

and Deadly Desire by BabyG  who is the heart and sould behind everyone's favourite Georgia

there you go G i advertised your story. :o)

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Have A Little Faith...: Chapter 25 - Goodbye


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