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Not on My Watch by MugglebornWitch
Chapter 1 : Not on My Watch
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“Teddy,” Victoire smiled. “We need to stop. I need to get on the train.”

Victoire Weasley, a beautiful blonde who looked quite a bit like her mother, Fleur Weasley, was pressed against a brick pillar on Platform 9 ¾. She would be heading back to Hogwarts for her 7th and final year. She would also be Head Girl, much to the delight of her father, Uncle Percy and Aunt Hermione.

Her boyfriend, 19 year old Teddy Lupin, smiled down at her. Today he sported a look that was reminiscent of his father: dirty blonde hair and light eyes. He was dressed in muggle jeans and a t-shirt.

“When’s the first Hogsmeade weekend?” Teddy Lupin asked his girlfriend.

“Donno,” she giggled as his lips fell to her neck. “I haven’t been to school to find out yet.”

“James is going to go tell Harry about us,” he muttered.

“Is that a problem?” she asked as she pushed against his chest and arched an eyebrow at him.

Teddy was suddenly stunned by her beauty. It was strange. He knew she was part veela but this wasn’t the veela magic she was using. This was her. With a slight pout on her face she began to tap her foot in askance.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, not even remembering her question.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “But that won’t get you out of answering, Teddy Lupin. Is it a problem that James is going to go tell everyone that you were snogging me?”

“Not at all. I like snogging you.” He placed his left hand on the wall by her head and leaned in close, his lips almost against her ear, before whispering, “I like doing other things with you as well.”

Victoire turned a Weasley red and was about to respond when she saw Rose and Albus climbing onto the train. “I’d better go.”

“You might be right, Miss Head Girl,” he whispered into her blonde hair. He paused for a moment and then continued with, “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too,” she smiled as she pecked him on the lips one last time before being helped onto the train by Head Boy Davis Richardson. Teddy tried hard not to scowl as the kid actually waved to him.

He watched her board and smiled slightly as she turned and waved to him. He raised his hand with a smile before being struck with an urge. “Victoire!” he shouted.

She turned but the train was already moving. She smiled as she watched him begin to jog after the moving scarlet engine. “Victoire, I love you!” he shouted.

She couldn’t hear him. “What?!” she shouted back over the noise.

“I said I love you!” he screamed as loud as he could but knew she hadn’t heard him. She had a slight wrinkle of confusion etched on her brow, he noticed, as her compartment slipped out of view of the station. “Damnit!” he shouted as he kicked a nearby wall.

“What’s up with you?” Harry asked as he approached his godson.

“Nothing,” muttered Teddy.

“Okay,” Harry responded. “But does this nothing have to do with my oldest catching you snogging my niece?” 

Teddy paled. His face shot up and he stared hard at his godfather. “James told you?” he asked weakly.

“He was shocked at what he saw … and quite angry we didn’t act outraged,” Harry added nonchalantly.

Teddy’s eyes sought Harry’s. “You weren’t angry?” he asked softly.

“Ted, of course we weren’t angry. We’re actually all kind of excited.”

“Why?” the young man asked.

“Because then you can get married and have babies and really be a part of the family and …” Lily rushed out as she arrived at her father’s side. “Rose was telling Al all about it.”

“Rosie was?”

“She’s not in the `boys are icky` phase anymore,” Ron pouted as he joined his brother-in-law and niece. “She thinks it’s all wonderful and lovely.”

Harry smiled as Hugo wandered over and Lily skipped back to her mother and aunt. “Hey, buddy. You ready to go to Hogwarts as well?”

Hugo looked up at Harry and frowned. “No.”

The other men were taken aback. “Why not?” Teddy asked.

“Because then magic won’t be fun anymore. It’ll be work,” the young redhead pouted.

Harry burst out laughing. “Merlin’s beard!” he shouted with a laugh. “You sound just like your father!”

Ron and Hugo pouted in the same manner and Harry could only laugh harder.

“Think of it this way, Harry: in two years Lily and Hugo will both be off to Hogwarts. And one day your little angel is going to come home and tell you all about this boy she met. And how she loves him. And how she can’t spend Christmas with the family because …”

“Enough!” Harry shouted. And then his eyes narrowed. “Won’t Rose be doing all of that before Lily?”

“No,” Ron responded quickly. “Rosie assured me that I am the only man she’ll ever love.”

“I saw her and Al get into a compartment with some blonde boy …” Hugo mentioned.

Ron paled considerably. “What?” he squeaked.

“Yeah. And she smiled at him,” Teddy added with a concealed smirk.

“She – she did not,” Ron forced out in denial.

“Come to think of it,” Harry said, “I think I did see little Scorpius holding the door open for her.”

“Harry James Potter,” Ginny said as she and the other girls joined the men, “don’t torture Ron like that … it’s not fair that I can’t be around to see it the whole time.”

Harry laughed and put his arm around his wife. “Sorry, Gin, but it’s just too much fun.”

Hermione sighed as she looked over to Ron. “What were they teasing you about, love?” she asked as she put a cool palm against his face.

“Rosie,” he muttered through a pout.

“What about her?” she asked.

“Boys,” he said with his frown deepening.

Hermione couldn’t conceal a smile. “Oh, Ron, you know she loves you. She’s only 11,” she added at his look. “Who falls in love at 11?”

“I did,” he whispered to her.

“I did too,” she assured him.

“So then it’s in her blood!” Ron shouted, scaring the life out of everyone around him. “Oh Merlin,” he muttered to himself as he started pacing. “At least we know she’ll be in Gryffindor,” he assured himself.

“We don’t know that, Ron,” Hermione said.

“Sure we do,” he told her hastily. “You and I were both Gryffindors.”

“Ron,” Hermione whispered, “that doesn’t mean anything. Andromeda Tonks was a Slytherin and Ted Tonks was a Gryffindor. Tonks – erm, Dora – was a Hufflepuff.”

“She won’t be a Slytherin!” he nearly shouted.

“Nothing wrong with being a Slytherin,” Malfoy muttered as he walked by with a slight wave to the Weasley/Potter/Lupin bunch.

“Keep your son away from my daughter,” Ron muttered.

“Like he would go after a bookworm like her,” Draco returned.

“Ronald,” Hermione scolded as Draco’s wife, Fiona, hissed, “Draco.”

“What? No insults about her bloodline?” Ron asked in a huff.

“There’s nothing wrong with her bloodline,” Draco replied. “You and I both know I got over that.”

“Apologize, Ronald Weasley,” Hermione huffed.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

“S’okay,” Draco returned after he received a glare from his wife.

“I’m Hermione,” the elder Weasley stated as she offered her hand. “Hermione Weasley.”

“Fiona Malfoy,” the pretty blonde returned. “So you have a daughter starting this year?”

“Oh yes,” Hermione smiled. “Rose.”

“Same with our son Scorpius.”

Ginny smacked Harry and Ron when they snickered.

“He’s really a lovely boy,” Fiona continued.

“I’m sure he is,” Hermione smiled. “And, who knows? Perhaps they’ll become friends,” she added.

“That would be lovely.”

“It truly would,” Hermione smiled.

“Perhaps one day more than friends,” Fiona added with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Hermione smiled as well. “One day.”

Ron and Draco shared a look. Neither had to ask what the other was thinking because it was exactly the same: Not on my watch.


Later that night, three sets of parents received letters from Hogwarts.

The Potters smiled: "Al's been sorted into Gryffindor."

However, the husbands in the two other homes shouted, nearly 200 km apart but almost at the exact same time: "Ravenclaw?!"

Their wives just smiled.

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