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The Cruise by likew0ah
Chapter 5 : Happily Never After
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A/N: Sorry it took me so long, I’m under house arrest and it was hard for me to have enough time to type this chapter out. I hope you guys like it, & I hope the length is better this time too. =)

Hermione woke up with a groan and blearily muttered, "What time is it?"

"It is 6:47 Miss." chirped the clock on her night table. So this is what first class passengers get, mused Hermione, a talking clock.

But then she realized she woke up so early because of the muffled head pounding music coming through her wall…from Draco Malfoy’s room. She also recollected with rising anger that she woke up several times during the night because of the aforementioned reason.

She thres the off of her and threw open her door to march over to her next door neighbor’s room. She knocked on the door brusquely as she rubbed her arms because of the morning chill that seemed to be hanging around. She pounded on the door again, her anger growing as Draco left her out in the chill as if on purpose.

Draco abruptly opened the door with nothing but a towel draped around his hips and still toweling off his hair. She gaped at his body for a little, which he seemed not to notice as he had not fully realized who it was. He was very well sculpted, to the point Hermione did not think was possible for him. Her attention was brought to the dark blond hair trailing down and disappear into his low hung towel that seemed to be strategically positioned.

Draco turned to hear after scanning his room and raised an eyebrow when he realized who was gracing him with her presence. His arrogance brought Hermione back into check.

“Who do you think you are blasting music all night?” Hermione bridled as he leaned against the doorway. Draco couldn’t fight his growing attraction to her. She seemed to be unconsciously seducing him with her smoldering bedroom eyes and bed head hair, dressed in nothing but tiny blue boxers and a well fitting white tank top in which her breasts tantalizingly caught his gaze, responding to the morning chill. She was making him think of things he did not care to think about. Seeing his gaze roam darkly over her, she continued,

“Are you jealous about me and Rafe?” Hermione challenged. She felt mortification roaring up in her as she realized what she said. Why did I just say that? Who cares? Who..?! Pull yourself together! Hermione lectured herself as she lightly hit the side of her head with her fist.

“Actually,” Draco said brining his gaze back up to hers, “I was being nice. I didn’t want you to hear me and Deidre all night long.” He smirked at which Hermione scoffed pushing her way into his room to challenge his claim. Inside she found a stirring Deidre in his bed covered only by the sheets and clothes haphazardly strewn all over the place. She gave a tiny yelp as she turned beet red and scurried back to her room, avoiding the highly amused gaze of Draco.


She miserably recounted the morbid experience as she brushed her teeth and washed her face. She got dressed in pink track pants and a black tee with black flip flops. She was her hair in the vanity mirror and put it up in a messy bun with a pouf to pull her bangs away from her face. Her hair had tamed since Hogwarts but still had its fair share of bad hair days and she did not want to deal with it after that ordeal. She left her room and lifted her chin as she walked past Draco’s room. She head over to the owl room and found two letters for her; one from her parents wishing her well on the trip, and one from Harry, Ron, and Ginny telling her how much they missed her.

“Miss Granger?” Hermione was pulled out of her letter reverie as she heard that. Her gaze was redirected as she found Rafe’s. It gave her a pleasant feeling as he greeted her but also awkward because of last night and the polite greeting.

“Hi Rafe.” She replied with a huge smile. He walked over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Have you eaten yet? If you haven’t, I would love for you to join me for breakfast.” He inquired with searching eyes as if she could possibly turn him down. She smiled at him in consent.


After breakfast, Rafe had asked Hermione, rather shyly, if she would like to spend some time with him. They decided to meet at the public pool and that was why Hermione was no in a white, hot pink polka dotted bikini with a hot pink strapless linen dress over it.  Hermione wrestled with what to do with her face, but remembering her new outlook on herself, which was why she was in such a flippant swimsuit, decided not to overdo it. I don’t need makeup or styled hair to look pretty, she coached herself as she studied herself in her vanity, while fingering her sapphire necklace. Her body looked good, as it should since she took up exercising in Uni. She even had a pink heart belly ring which she had gotten on a drunken whim.

She slipped out and went to the pool. Fortunately Hermione didn’t find Draco making out with some girl in front of his room, but did find him in the pool with a brunette all over each other. She scowled in disgust of his too frequent displays of affection, but quickly turned to find Rafe saving her a chair next to the pool.

Draco put on a haughty expression as he caught Hermione’s scowl but then saw her smile and walk over to the guy that almost swallowed her face, he thought with contempt. His jaw actually dropped though as he was Hermione strip off her dress.

“What?” The girl draped on him asked coquettishly. She turned to see Hermione and turned back scoffing. Draco gawked at the tiny bikini she was wearing. That’s a little hoochie, he thought snidely.

Rafe gave a low whistle, “You could blind a man with your gorgeousness, Ms. Granger.” Hermione blushed furiously, ignoring the fact that he was still calling her Ms. Granger after the other night.

“Last one in the pool is a rotten egg!” She exclaimed hastily before jumping in the deep end of the pool. She knew that was a childish thing to say, but in her embarrassment, she could think of nothing else. She rose up to the surface to see Draco giving her a strange look and she returned with an aggressive “what” gesture. She squealed when Rafe popped up in front of her, blocking her view of Draco. They flirted, splashing and dunking each other; finally getting out to eat lunch.

“Uh, actually, why don’t I meet you at the restaurant, I have to change.” Rafe said with a boyish grin, as they toweled themselves off. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek before sprinting away.

Draco was Hermione approaching her room, so instead of just leaving the girl outside his door, he gave her a heated kiss. Hermione snorted as she walked past, “You know Malfoy, I think you may even possibly ascend manwhore.”

“At least I get some mudblood.” Hermione, in reply, nonchalantly flipped him off. Draco started to chuckle before he caught himself. There’s a reason you call her mudblood, he reminded himself, because you don’t like her, no matter how hot she is.

Hermione quickly took a shower and changed into an aqua tank top and blue plaid Bermuda shorts. It’s a good thing I took my enchanted suitcase, she told herself, I might run out of clothes at this rate. She got out a chunky white headband and put it on to pull her bangs away from her face and to hold back her curls. Her hair might have tamed from super frizz to frizz but her hair seemed to grow with curls as the years went on. She slapped her cheeks slightly and bit her lips to add natural color and slipped on white heels before rushing to the restaurant.

She got there to find Rafe already sitting at a table. “Sorry about the wait.” Hermione apologized.

“Not at all.” Rafe replied, “I myself just got here.” He looked wonderful in khaki shorts and an informal yellow button down. They ordered and Hermione thought, wonderful conversation as they ate. When they were eating dessert, Rafe slyly brought out a slender box and give it to Hermione.

She gave him a questioning glance at which Rafe urged, “Open it.” She opened the box to find a slender white gold chain accompanied by a pink crystal heart encased in white gold mesh in a shape of a slightly bigger heart. Hermione was speechless.

“I know you have many questions..Hermione. Even about why I called you Ms. Granger after the other night. I feel we rushed a bit.” Rafe saw Hermione’s hurt in her eyes, and rushed to explain. “Not that I didn’t enjoy it, and if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change our date, but it should be more than about the physical, and I feel I have a connection with you and that’s why I gave you this necklace.

Sappy, but romantic, Hermione thought. “But this is too much.” She exclaimed.

“Nonsense,” Rafe refuted, “We didn’t tell you this last time, but my grandfather owns this cruise ship, he’s the CEO of the company. I can easily get a necklace from the jewelry shop.” He replied with an impish grin.

Hermione was still admiring the pretty necklace, when a raven long legged beauty rushed up to their table.

“Rafe, baby!” squealed the girl as Rafe stood up to greet the girl, “I missed you! See? I still have the necklace you gave me last summer.” Hermione quickly saw the amethyst necklace on the girl before she swooped in and gave Rafe a kiss; and not just a peck on the cheek or even the lips, but a kiss.

“I – I should go.” Hermione said quickly, as the necklace slipped out of her hands and she left the table.

“Hermione! It’s not what it seems like!” Rafe called after her as he chased after her.

Hermione just kept on walking, losing him, and almost got into her room when Draco came out of his room in a tight dark grey shirt and black slacks.

“Where are you rushing off to Granger? To see your lover boy again?” Draco said to her snidely.  Hermione in such an unstable state, with a mix of emotions, impulsively turned around and brought up her hand to smack him in the face.

Draco with his fast reflexes, caught her slender wrist in his hand before she could make contact. Seeing her flushed and chest heaving, rational thoughts seemed to leave his mind. He pushed her roughly against his doorway raising her arm of her head leaning his body into hers. She stared back in defiance, knowing that she should just leave, but knowing she didn’t want to.

Draco’s gaze swept down to her full lips, before his mouth crashed down on hers hungrily.

A/N: Tada! Cliffhanger. :] But I decided this is where I stop, so I can ask about what you guys want. This is where you guys get to decide, like a pick-your-own-adventure book. This can stay relatively PG or ..go more into the PG13 and..maybe even R[?] section. What I mean is, do you guys want all the torrid details or not? Cause I’m fine with both I guess, and I don’t want anyone to like go.. “ew” or something. So if you guys leave a review, please tell me. It might not happen right away but it will soon, and I would like to accommodate. Hope you liked it. =]

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