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Teach me Something Good by the_real_diamond
Chapter 9 : Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
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A/n~ I apologize for the very long wait on this particular chapter, especially on having such an annoying cliffhanger. I also do apologize for the corny My Chemical Romance reference in the title. Don’t hold that against me so much. 

Disclaimer~ I own not the marauders or any of the items they possess

A plan was forming, an evil plan. Some might think it cruel to take advantage of someone’s weakness, to use it against them. To the marauder boys, it was just simple strategy.

In fact, the four boys were packed inside their room, planning a horrible fait they would give their victim. It was messy, as usual, in the small room. It was hard to find a decent place to sit. When they did, they went through an immensely large pile of things and found the tool that would help them track down little miss devil.

The map.

Sirius started. “Alright, men. It is crucial we take each detail of this to heart. This is not just some random prank we do on a daily basis.”

“Used to.”

“Shut up. Now as I was saying, our plan of attack must be executed in the smoothest way possible. She won’t be the one making such a big fool of ME!”

Everyone paused. The three boys just stared at their companion in confusion. The scene did look kind of weird. There was faithful Padfoot, standing on his bed and his pointer finger shot straight up into the air. His eyes were open so wide they could be popping right out of his head. Someone desperately needed to be taken to the happy house.

Peter spoke next. “Hey, don’t you think you are taking this thing a little too far? I mean, she’s just a girl, who isn’t even our age yet. Do you think you should be this hard on her?”

Sirius was not pleased. He sat down and gave Peter the look that said, “Keep your yap shut or I’ll rip your left arm off.”

Peter read the look and they kept planning.

It was turning out brilliantly. All of the pieces were starting to fall into place. Even pathetic Peter was starting to get excited about this. They were going to make this plan perfect, and so far they were on the right track.

If you really think about it, the plan wasn’t even that complicated. All they had to do was have Sirius turn into a dog and scare the bahooties out of her. That’s all there was to it. They needed to track her down and all, but that’s it. That’s what they had the map for.

But there was something driving the boys, especially Sirius. There was an extreme dislike, a hatred even, that kept him going all the way. And in almost no time, they were completed. Next day was show time.

This Sunday morning was unusually bright. The sun was shining the whole room, forcing the friends to get up and rub their eyes. Little did three of them know that Remus had not closed the curtains, just to make sure they got up in time for what they had planned for today.

After checking if the common room was clear, they all gathered in a huddle and James took out the map that would lead them to the one they were after. Now, they had studied Alex’s movements very carefully, almost in a stalkerish way. If it weren’t for the fact that they were using this information against her, it would be really creepy. Like the way James always uses the map… not that his friends knew.

They looked down to the piece of parchment James held in his hands. Going down the halls was a pairs of footsteps with the label, “ Alexandria Coder” on them. And, as every weekend, she was headed for the courtyard for some early morning reading.

“ All right. Let’s head out!”

The boys were very sneaky, nobody was used to having them walk around the school this early in the morning. They needed to dodge every picture frame in the school to get to their destination without being too suspicious. They were already known as troublemakers as it is. They needed no more attention then they had now if they wanted this plan to work. They were almost caught by a picture of a small girl, who happened to by playing with a small stuffed dog. But, she saw no suspicion in them as they went by. They kept going.

They looked at the trusty map again when they were almost to the courtyard. Their plan was going perfectly. Alex was in position. No one else was around to see the little transformation. It was time to get back at her. The plan started now!

All of his friends had their lines memorized. Now, Sirius had to do what he had to do. He got down on all fours and morphed into the big black creature he and his friend knew and loved.

Now, this needed a running start. When James gave the signal, Sirius bolted out of his hiding place and turned up right in front of Alex. She looked up, and blanked out. James ran out and yelled at the pooch. “Padfoot! Get back hear!”

Remus broke in. “I told you to keep that dog in control! He might bite someone!”

Then, it was Peter’s turn. “Hey! Get back hear, Padfoot!”

Was she… scared? No. The expression wasn’t afraid. It wasn’t angry, either. It was more… trance-like. Why is she not screaming? Sirius thought to himself. She should be scared out of her mind. I’m a dog. I’m scary. Raarr!

Alex continued to stare at him with no expression. Sirius growled at her, to make more of an effect. Nothing. He took another step forward. Nothing. This was not happening. The plan could not fall apart, not now! This was the climax. Right about now, She should be running away, screaming her head off. 

But she wasn’t. Why?

She broke the gaze. She had turned her head to the material she was reading earlier. A newspaper. None of them had paid any attention to what she was really reading. Bad mistake.

She picked up the paper and rolled up like she was going to use it to swat a fly. Or a dog’s nose.

Without warning, she quickly stood and smacked him right across the nose. Sirius whimpered in pain. It did hurt. All of his friends stared in shock. She was supposed to be scared of these things. Sirius backed away from, not wanting to get stricken again.

Alex smirked. “Bad Sirius”

If his friends looked confused before, they were in immense shock at what she said that second.

“S-Sirius? No, no. This isn’t-“

“Do I look stupid to you?” As always, she interrupts.

James cut into the conversation. “ I’m sorry, what?”

“Was I speaking German? I said ‘Do I look stupid to you?’”

This got no response. She gave an exasperated sigh. “I tricked you, you dolts.”

None of them understood this. She was going to have to explain. “ Listen. I knew that you could transform. Why else would your friends call you Padfoot? I mean you call him that out in the open. Same with the rest of you. No one else seemed to connect the ideas. Except for maybe that Lily.”

James had his mouth gaped open. They all listened intently to how they had been foiled.

“I knew that kid was bring that dog, so I had an opportunity to quickly formulate a plan. It was good at all of you were in the courtyard at the time the boy had his rat of a dog there with him. As you can see, I am quite a good actress.”

“But you-“

“Pay attention. I knew that when you saw me in fear, you would want to take advantage of it. I know your personality. You are very predictable. So all I had to do was wait for you to spring into action. And for me to humiliate you. Well, really, you’re just humiliating yourselves.”

Sirius decided that it was no use hiding it anymore. He grew into his human form right in front of her eyes. She watched in amazement. Where the dog was, Sirius was now.

“Fan-fantastic” this is the first time any of the boys had seen her in a positive mood. She walked around Sirius, never breaking eye contact with him. “ I’ve never seen an anomagus transform in real life ever before. It’s simply fantastic. Such a pity that this one is so stupid.”

Sirius frowned. Alex had that cocky expression again. “I’ll be going.” Her expression went unreadable again. “Oh, and Remus, you might want to prepare. The full moon is in a couple of days.” And in a second, she was gone.

No one had noticed, but Sirius had turned very angry and red in the face. “How dare she make a fool out of me, a fool of the Great Sirius Black!” 

“Calm Down, Padfoot. Besides, you have to admit, she’s good. She’s really good.”

Sirius mad a pout and the infamous Marauders went to the room each thinking to themselves that they need a better plan.

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Teach me Something Good: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge


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