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Life's Not Always Black and White~ A Marauders Story by Skye_Blue
Chapter 4 : Friends?
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Some noises woke me in the morning. Another girl in the dorm was getting ready, and she had knocked over her hand mirror. Groaning, I stood and went off to the bathroom to do my morning routines.

I clipped back the parts of my hair that got in my face and put in my contacts. Once satisfied with my reflection, I went back to the dorm room to put on my robes. Ten minutes later, I was down in the Great Hall.

I found my usual place between groups of friends and served myself some pancakes. Then I opened my book to the page where I had left off and settled in to my usual breakfast- reading in solitude.

"Mind if we sit here? Thanks," came a voice without waiting for a response. It was Gretchen, trailed closely by Lily.

I smiled a little. "Of course you can sit there," I assented and went back to my book.

"So, what classes have you got this year, Lorelei?" Gretchen asked, spooning eggs on her plate.

I looked up, surprised that she was still talking to me. "Um… Advanced Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Advanced Transfiguration, Charms and Advanced Herbology," I said, trying to remember.

"Let me see your time table," Lily asked, holding out her hand.

I dug in my pocket and produced the time table. Lily got hers out and compared the two. I tried to see across the table, but the breakfast rolls obstructed my view. "You've got Potions and Charms with me and Defense Against the Dark Arts with Gretchen. That's fantastic!" Lily said enthusiastically.

I smiled widely. She thought it was fantastic? They wanted to be around me? That was fantastic! All that work on my appearance and attitude over the summer hadn't been for naught. I actually had some friends!

"Did you hear who the new Defense Against th-" Lily was cut off as she glared at someone behind me.

I turned. It was none other than James Potter looming over me. I quickly turned back around, trying to pretend he wasn't there. Breakfast had been going so well! Now that James was there, Lily would be distracted, she might even leave and Gretchen would go with her. And then I would be stuck alone with the Marauders, and we've all seen how well I interact with them. Maybe I should try to control my blushing…

"Good Morning, Lily," he said. Though I couldn't see it, I could sense the smile.

"Potter," Lily nodded at him.

I felt motion on my right. "What are you doing?" Lily asked shrilly.

"Having a seat? It is breakfast time, you know. And typically breakfast is eaten in the sitting posi-"

"We know that," snapped Gretchen. "You can't sit there."

"Why not?" Sirius Black asked, suddenly on my left.

I gasped. When in the past 3 seconds had he slid into that seat? He definitely had not been there when I looked last. He winked at me. "As far as I know, we can sit anywhere we like."

I looked helplessly at Lily. I had James to my right and Sirius to my left. I felt completely cornered.

"I could even sit here, if I liked," Sirius pointed to my seat.

"Lorelei is already sitting there," Gretchen hissed.

"My point exactly," Sirius smirked. "I know many a girl that would be just thrilled to-"

"I've got to go," I whispered, looking down.

"Lorelei, stay where you are," Lily said. She looked challengingly at James. "You should be the ones to leave. We got here first. You're upsetting poor Lorelei."

"We seem to do that often," James teased, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

I pursed my lips and continued staring at my plate. Maybe Lily was right about James. He knew I was uncomfortable, yet he still tormented me.

"Don't be a git, James," Remus cut in from behind us.

"Yes, don't be a git," Lily pointed. "Thank you, Remus."

"Come on, guys. We have to hurry or we'll be late -" started Peter.

"Since when have you cared about being late, Wormtail?" Sirius asked lazily.

Remus sighed. "Come on, James."

"Lily, my love, before I go, will you-" James began.

"I will not go out with you," Lily interrupted.

James removed his arm from around me to place his hand over his heart. "You wound me, dear heart."

"Just leave," Gretchen glared at him.

James smirked and got up. Sirius followed suit and I finally let out my breath. "We shall meet again," James promised Lily dramatically.

"I wish he would stop asking me out," Lily muttered, watching James leave.

"Only two more years," Gretchen said, in attempt to comfort Lily.

I laughed softly. "I don't think that's much of a consolation."

Gretchen looked at me in shock. "So she does speak when not spoken to," she mused.

I blushed in response.

"Oh leave her alone, Gretch. We should probably be off. I left a book in the common room, and then it's off to Ancient Runes. What have you got first, Lore?" Lily asked, gathering her books.

"Transfiguration, I think."

"Great. Well, see you later," Gretchen got up, pulling Lily with her.

"Maybe we could do some studying later in the common room."
I nodded vigorously. "I'd love to."

With that, they left. I smiled to myself- I had friends. It was a very good feeling.

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