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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12
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Recap: She looked up into the hard green eyes of one of her newly exed best friends. "Oh, hello, Hermione." Harry said sneering at her, Ron doing the same next to him. "Have you met our new friend?"

Harry and Ron stepped aside and a rather tall man walked foreward. Hermione's eyes widened and she gasped in horror as she looked up into the cold, hard eyes of her worst nightmare, James Allen.
End recap.

James gave Hermione a sickly sweet smile as he stared down at her. "Oh, don't worry Harry," He said, staring down at Hermione with an evil glint in his eye. "We go way back. I haven't seen her in ages. Come Hermione, let's talk for a little while."James held out his hand, but Hermione could only stare at him in fear. His smile widened, and said, never taking his eyes off her,"Harry, Ron, you can go back to our compartment. Hermione and I need to get... reaquainted." 

Harry and Ron nodded. Ron turned, a sneer on his face, and quickly walked away. Harry followed more slowly, looking back at them, wondering about the fear in Hermione's face. He finally turned all the way around and walked after Ron. 

James then stepped toward Hermione, Hermione answering with a step backwards. 

James put on a face of mock sadness. "Oh, Hermione, please don't be scared. It hurts my feelings." He smiled evily at her, making her take a few more steps back, him dogging her every step. "Don't you remember all the good times we've had." His hand reached out, and snagged the front of her shirt pulling her towards him. Hermione opened her mouth to scream, but James' hand covered her mouth. Hermione's eyes got wide in fear as James pulled her into an empty compartment. 

"Something's wrong Ron, I'm telling you. Hermione was terrified of James."

Ron snorted. "Who cares? That little bitch deserves whatever happens to her." 

Harry turned angrily toward Ron. "How can you say that, Ron?!"  Ron gave him a bored look. "Easy." 

Harry groaned. "Come on, Ron. You're only mad because you like Hermione and she's dating Malfoy. We've been friends with Hermione since first year. We're best friends. And now we've broken that great friendship off because she's dating Malfoy. I mean why did we do that? We kick her out of the group because she's dating someone she... likes." Harry looked down at his feet realizing what he did. "I can't believe it. We destroyed a great friendship because Hermione's dating someone she likes, maybe loves."

Ron spit out the pumpkin juice he was dinking. "Love?!" He screamed, standing. He pushed Harry against the wall. "There is no way Hermione loves that slimey ferret. Something must have happened to her or she's being forced to date him, because Hermion loves me. I know she does."
Harry gave Ron a skeptical look. "Ron,"

Ron shook his head letting go of Harry's shirt. "I know. I know, she doesn't love me. I just always hoped she would, because I've always loved her, which is no surprise to anyone."

Harry smiled at him. " Yeah, everyone knew your obsession with her." Ron glared at him. "But, Ron, even if she doesn't love you, can't you still be friends with her?" 

Ron smiled slightly. "Yes."

Harry smiled back. "Let's go find her."

James pushed Hermione onto the compartment seat, and he pulled out a wand. 

Hermione's eyes widened when he pulled it out. "Your a wizard?" 

James smiled as he put a silencing charm around the compartment. "Yep." He said. "I learned over the summer. A letter came to except me to Hogwarts when I was 11 but my parents didn't want me to go. So finally over the summer an owl dropped a letter on my head telling me how I was to come to Hogwarts to become a wizard. So here I am. And I'm so glad about it too. I've missed you." James slowly walked toward her. 

Hermione scooted back until she was against the wall. "Please James, I beg of you. Don't do this."

James laughed harshly, "And why shouldn't I? You enjoyed our last time together. Screaming in pleasure. I'll make sure it's the same this time."

James jumped and landed on top of her just as she screamed. 

He laughed "Go ahead and scream. No one's going to save you."

He ripped her shirt off, causing her to scream. Hermione tried to push im away, but he was at least 6 inches taller than her and 50 pounds heavier. She screamed again as his hand pushed down her skirt. James took the advantage of her open mouth to kiss her. He forcibly stuck his tongue into her mouth. 

Hermione tired to buck him off as he undid her bra, but it was no good. James sat up, straddling her. He pulled off his shirt while saring down at her. When his shirt was off he tried to kiss her again, but her hand flew up and slapped him. 

James looked at her in shock. Then he snarled at her, "You little whore, how dare you hit me." He smacked her so hard her teeth cut the inside of her cheek and blood oozed out of her mouth. He started to beat her, and her screams turned into whimpers. 

He finally stopped after a little while, and he pulled down her underwear, and started to unbutton his pants.

Harry and Ron headed towards the Heads Compartment. 

When they got there they found Malfoy, Zambini, and that teacher who interuppted the fight. 

Malfoy looked up and sneered at them. "Well isn't it Stabby McBackstabber, and his faithful sidekick, Ditchy McAbandonpants. Also known as the parentless Potter and the dirt poor Weasle."

Ron glared at him, and was about to say something when the teacher cut in. "Draco there is no point in annoying them and you know it. Now let's be calm and less crude about this." He looked over at Harry and Ron. " Hello boys, what can we do for you?"

Harry looked at him and said slowly, "We're looking for Hermione, and we thought she would be here since she's Head Girl."

"Well she's not here Potter so you can leave." Zambini said, standing up. 

"We didn't ask you we asked him." Ron snarled, pulling out his wand. 

The teacher stood up and pulled out his own wand, saying "Let's all calm down please. My names Rupert Snape and I'm Hermione's uncle."

Harry and Ron stared at him in shock. "You're her uncle?!"  They both yelled. 

Rupert smiled. "Yes. Amazing, isn't it? We look nothing alike. You see I'm Severus' brother."

Harry and Ron satred at him in amazement. "Wow."

"Yeah, wow." Malfoy said standing up. "So Proffesor Snape is Hermione's uncle, I'm her boyfriend, and Hermione isn't here, so go." 

Ron growled at him and Harry said in a steeled voice, "Well, sorry Malfoy, we just assumed that Hermione would be back after talking with James and-"

"James?!" Malfoy yelled, eyes wide. "Did she know this James?" He said quickly. 

Harry leered at him, "I don't get why it matters to you Malfoy, but-" Harry was cut off by Malfoy grabbing him around the neck and pushing him up against the door. 

"Dammit Potter tell me! Hermione might die if you don't!" Harry's eyes widened. "Now tell me. Did they know each other?"

Harry noodded. "He told us to leave so he could talk to her alone." 

Malfoy got even paler than usual. "Oh my God. Where did this happen." 

"About half way down the train. Now tell me why-" But Harry couldn't get any futher because Malfoy pushed him out of the way and ran down the corridor, Zambini and Professor Snape following in his wake. Harry and Ron folowed them a few seconds later. 

Haha. I bet you all want to kill me now don't you? That's the end of this chapter and the thirteenth chapter should be up soon. And now I must ask will someone make me a banner, please. I have barely any computer skills so I don't know how to make one. Well, anyway's I hope you all liked it. Thanks for reading. Please review.

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Snape's lost child: Chapter 12


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