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The Confusing 7th year of Lily Evans by ihearttink23
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10. Figuring It Out
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Dorcas’ POV

       So here I am…scrubbing away…hoping to Merlin that time passes by as quickly as possible.

       Luckily Dumbledore only insisted on 1 hour a night, so that way we could ‘keep up on our rigorous studying habits’….yeah, right….well for me anyway, I don’t know about Lils…

      Filch split us up into however he thought would cause us the most pain and embarrassment.


       That meant that for some reason beyond the scope of my wildest imagination, he got wind of the fact that I despised Professor Slughorn, so who was I to report to every night for a month? Yeah, Slughorn. I almost had a brain hemorrhage when I heard that…seriously….

       Marli got stuck in the broom shed repairing broken brooms and cleaning all of the school brooms for Madam Brax, the flying instructor. Now, this doesn’t sound so bad, right? Wrong, Mar has to repair the broom shed as well, and paint it, and all of this is without her wand…evil people taking a poor defenseless girls’ wand! Black must have thought so as well because he has been hanging around when she is serving detention…don’t know what his plan is though…

      Lily, Lily, Lily…poor dear. I knew everyone knew about James and Lily’s constant fighting, but Filch too? Yeah, he paired them together…unfortunately for Lily and to James’ delight. Interestingly enough, I haven’t heard a word of complaint from Lily…hmmmmmm. 


Lily POV 
     After my “brilliant” plan got me landed in detention, I was upset, to say the least. The fact that James was joining me had nothing to do with it! I was just going to have a marred record full of 30 detentions!! I could almost cry. Actually, I did cry!!! *sob* It’s a tragic thing…really.

     I went to every detention starting that evening and had no problem. I just had to treat James the same as always…but that was quite difficult seeing as how I am totally in LOVE with him…I know, I am pathetic, like one of the characters from my moms soaps…tragic.

     Funny though, James has been kinda distant as well, I don’t know if it was because he is finally giving up on me, or because he realizes I need my space…I guess I’ll ask him tonight at detention.


James POV 
      Detention with Lily has been very strained. I thought it would be great, at first. She doesn't even look at me though! And when I catch her eye, she turns away blushing! Figuring it must be her 'time', I gave her some space so that the hormones wouldn't burst out in a vicious attack on poor little me.

      We have had detention for a week so far, Filch has us doing various things; so far we have scrubbed the Great Hall floor by hand, polished every trophy, dusted every portrait frame in the Transfiguration hall, and cleaned every fireplace in all the classrooms of their ashes (all with no magic of course). The tasks we couldn't finish in an hour, we finished the next day.

     Today we were supposed to meet up in the Astronomy Tower, if Filch wasn't going to be there would be I would be ecstatic! Lily, in the Astronomy Tower, with me!

     But he is, so I'm not.

     Thankfully I don't have to be up there for another hour. So in the meantime I have been searching the castle far and wide for Sirius...I have looked everywhere except the library, so I should at least do a quick skim before consulting the Marauders Map.

     I walked into the library and accidentally bumped into Lily.

     “Sorry, my fault!” I bent down and helped her pick up her books and such.

     “No, no, it was mine, I should have been watching where I was going...I was totally not paying attention, that could get me killed some day.”

     I nodded in agreement and reached for her Hippogrif Quill...I didn't realize it, but she was too.

     Our hands touched.

     I looked up quickly and knitted my eyebrows together waiting for a scolding.

     All I saw...her eyes filled up with tears and she snatched everything up super fast and left before mumbling a quick 'see you at detention'.

     Okay, that was odd...

     I suddenly remembered why I came in here in the first place....Sirius. 

     I smacked my forehead in exasperation of my stupidity.

     I totally forgot that he had asked out Sara Shaw today! He had told me this morning but I was thinking of Lily and hadn't been paying attention.

     Sirius also said that he would be “studying” with this new girlfriend today...and that I should leave him alone...fat chance...I need to ask him something.

     I stage whispered his name and went back to behind the restricted section, a place that he finds quite convenient for snogging and other illicit activities.

     Just as I thought!

     He had just pulled off the poor girl's shirt and was still attacking her mouth with a vengeance as he slipped a hand up her skirt.

     I coughed loudly.

     He didn't notice, neither did she...

    I rolled my eyes and grabbed his arm pulling him all the way out of the library and up to our dorms with him complaining the whole way.

     I finally let go and flung myself on my bed.

     “We need to talk.”

     “You bet we do! What the bloody hell was that?! I was in the middle of something! I almost had her convinced to go all the way!”

     I threw a pillow at him and sat up on my elbows.

     “Sirius, Be serious for once, please. I called you but you didn't pick up the mirror you prat!”

     “Obviously! I was doing something more important!”

     I scoffed.

     “What in the world could be more important than shagging?”

     I threw my last pillow at him.

     “Man! Get over it!” I sighed, “something is going on with Lily.”

     “It's probably her time of the month, she will go back to yelling at you next week.”

     “I don't think that's it. She is avoiding me, and won't look at me and...she blushed today when our hands touched and eyes met.”

     “Man, you're exaggerating, I'm sure she's fine.”

     Something is definitely up, and I think Sirius knows what it is...he is avoiding my eyes.

     I sat up all the way.

    “You know what is wrong with her!” I accused, “tell me!!”

     He shifted from one foot to the other, “no I don't, would I know?”

     I gasped.

     “Because she let it slip to you, idiot! What is it, tell me!!!!”

     “Promise you won't act any different to her?”

     “Yeah, well...”

     “Uh, she...ummm....” He suddenly sat on his bed across from mine and looked me straight in the eye looking totally serious for once in his life.

     “She realized how much she is in love with you.”

     I whooped and jumped up and down for awhile.

     “She loves me!!!”

      I totally knew she would fall for me!

      I got up and headed towards the door.

     Sirius suddenly jumped in front of me blocking the only way out.

     “You can't tell her you know! She will never forgive me!”

     I shrugged, “who cares? It's me she lurves!!”

     He smirked but still wouldn't let me pass.

     “You're right, I'll see her in detention tonight...we will straighten it out then.”

      He shrugged and then grinned.

     “I'll be in the library...studying...”

     I snickered.

     Sirius, studying? 



Lily POV
      I stood waiting in the Astronomy Tower for Filch. He had forgotten the buckets and such that James and I would be using to wash all the telescopes by hand with.

     Speaking of James, where could he be? He is 10 minutes late!

     I shivered at the wind that suddenly swept into open room and walked over to look at the stars.


    I jumped and spun around at the voice right behind me...only to run straight into the hard, chiseled chest of my one true love, James Potter.

      He smiled and caught me, not allowing me to step back.

      I looked up in confusion.

     “The stars. They are extra bright tonight, though nothing compared to how your eyes are shining.”

     I blushed and tried to look away, but his hand reached out and gently turned my face back up to his.

     “I'm serious. You look gorgeous tonight.”

     I think I blushed brighter then ever, thank goodness it was so dark, he wouldn't be able to see.

     I stared up into his dark eyes, full of some sort of emotion... and smiled to myself. He is so handsome.

      “I love you, Lily. I hope you know that. I mean it to, you're not just a passing fancy or another notch in my bedpost. I fell for you, hard. There's no way I even want to get back up.” 

     Oh, they were full of love.... 

     I couldn't help myself, “I love you too, James.”

     He smiled and then bent down to kiss me, at least I think that's what he was going to do.

     Filch suddenly banged open the door and sat the buckets down sloshing water over the sides.


      I pulled my wand out of my jacket pocket and handed it to him, James did the same.

     “You know what to do, I'll be back to make sure you don't kill each other at 10, then you can leave.”

      He huffed and slammed the door behind him, stomping down the stairs audibly.

      James looked over to where I had jumped out of his embrace as Filch came in, “better get started.”

      I nodded and picked up a rag from the bucket.

      We worked in silence for awhile, quickly scrubbing the equipment so we could finish early.

      I wiped the lens on the last telescope dry and straightened up cracking my back in the process.

     I looked around and immediately spotted James.

     It looked like he'd just finished too.

     Stretching his arms over his head, he walked towards me with a determined glint in his eyes.

     “Lily, darling, will you do me he honor of accompanying me to Hogsmeade next weekend?”

     I smiled and gave him a hug, “yes, Mr. Potter, I would be delighted to join you!”

     Once again the door banged open and Filch barged in wheezing from the climb.

     Glancing around he reluctantly handed us back our wands and said we could go.
I smiled and walked back to our dorm a very happy woman...dreaming of a handsome man and a white gown, I slept the best I had in a very long time.

A/N: This is the very last real chapter, the next one is the epilogue.

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The Confusing 7th year of Lily Evans: Chapter 10. Figuring It Out


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