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Chapter 4 : Power’s Gained.
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Power’s Gained.

It was just coming up to twelve o clock and Harry and Tonks was sleeping. The clock down stair’s chimed twelve o clock, Harry suddenly started shaking and giving of a small white glow, Tonks woke up in shock “ Harry wake up” that all she said before she was thrown of the bed and onto the floor when she looked back at Harry a pure white dome was starting to surround him.

Harry was at one end of a large room it was lit dimly by some torches that were place on the wall as he was looking around he noticed there were people in the shadows and their was a sphere larger than the one that held at the Ministry that held the prophecy. “Harry” Harry recognised that voice but it felt like he hadn’t heard it in a long time when a man appeared behind the sphere with a large cloak on “don’t be frightened son, you are in the hall of power this hold’s all the power of your family Harry” the man came around to stand in front of the sphere “Harry come here let me see you better” Harry walked up to the man it was only then that Harry realised who it was.

“Dad” James Potter nodded and held his arm’s open Harry rushed forward and hugged his father. Harry felt a hand rest on his shoulder when Harry turned around he saw two people and the tears he had been holding back came streaming down his face. “Mum is it really you” Lily Potter Nodded and done the same as his father and held her arm’s open. Harry gave his mother a hug when his mum pulled away she went to his side so Harry could see the other person.

“you are becoming a bit of a lady’s man Harry” Serius said with a smile “what don’t I get a hugged” Serius received a hug similar to his old friends when Harry pulled away he looked between all three people it was his mum that answered his question.

“sweetheart” Lily said “you haven’t got long here, that sphere there holds the power that belongs to you, every potter is given this on there sixteenth birthday and the power is different for each potter and now its time to collect what is yours” Lily lead Harry over to the sphere with James and Serius following “sweetheart all you got to do is smash the sphere with your fist then you will wake up next to that lovely girl”

“Good looks run in the family” Serius said

“You must have been adopted then” James said while Harry and lily laughed at the look on Sirius’s face. “Harry you must go now remember myself and your mother love you with all our heart” with that Lily and James gave him a hug when they let go Serius stood in front of him.

“Harry just do what you need to do and live your life and it wasn’t your fault that I died remember that” Serius said “and if you can kick my cousins butt for me it would be nice” Harry gave him a hug then walked over to the sphere he turned around looked at his mother, father and Serius.

“I love you guys” and in on motion turned and rammed his fist straight through the sphere. The next thing it was all black and then Harry heard a voice.

“Say Gryffindor”

It had been about forty minutes since Tonks awoke and got thrown across the room.

She was watching Harry through the Dome when all of a sudden the Dome disappeared collapsed and Harry stopped shaking and opened his eyes.

“Gryffinndor” Harry said then there was a small glow surrounded him but as soon as it appeared it vanished Harry sat up on the edge of the bed and rubbed his temples and then looked up to see Tonks sitting on the floor crying. “Tonks it ok I’m fine come here” Tonks didn’t need to be asked twice and got up and hugged Harry and sat down next to him.

“Are you ok” Tonks said with a worried voice

“Tonks I feel great” Harry said “apart from this headache which can be explained but I’m fine”.

“Harry what do you mean your headache can be explained” Tonks said

“How would you feel if a thousands years of magic were put in your head at once” Harry asked.

“Like I woke up with a hangover” Tonks said “but what’s the use in it”

“Tonks I can use it” Harry said “The knowledge of magic that I now know is unbelievable I also know that each Potter is given there own gift when they get this power but I don’t know what it is yet” just then Guard gave a little hoot to Hedwig, Harry looked up wide eyed at the two owl on top of the wardrobe “I think I just found out what it is” he said with a smile on his face

“Harry what it is” she watched Harry point at the two owls.

“Hey girl” Harry said to Hedwig “come here a minute” Hedwig flew down and landed on his shoulder “you don’t waist anytime do you girl”

Hedwig looked at him with a funny look, then looked up at guard and stated hooting “how would my master friend know about you and me”
Guard started hooting “I don’t know he can’t understand what we say”
Harry started laughing while Tonks looked confused Hedwig turned and looked at Harry “Master friend can you understand me and Guard” all Tonks could hear was hooting but Harry.

“ yes Hedwig” Harry said “I can understand both of you and also I can see what I would only call your energy, what I find funny is where Guard has only one you have two am I going to become a grandfather”

Hedwig looked down and hooted something very low “Hedwig I didn’t hear you” Harry asked

“Yes you are Master friend”

“Hedwig I’m so happy for you” Harry said and rubbed her chest.

“Master friend is happy”
Hedwig hooted “Master friend not going to get rid of me”
“I’m not going to get rid of you” Harry said “now you listen to me you are part of my family and I would never think of getting rid of you, now go back to Guard and take it easy” Harry said then looked up at Guard while Hedwig flew back up to the top of the wardrobe “Guard you better look after her ok”

“I will Master friend of Hedwig”

“Harry what was all that about I couldn’t understand you” Tonks asked

“To cut a long story short I can talk to them I can understand them Tonks, I‘m a beast talker” Harry said “and apparently we are going to become Grandparent they didn’t hang around did they” Harry and Tonks laughed. “Come on lets get back to bed we got to get up and ready to go when Remus gets here” Harry pulled Tonks under the quilt and Tonks snuggled up and gave him a kiss.

“Goodnight Harry” Tonks said

“Goodnight Tonks” and within minutes they were back asleep in the comfort of each other’s arms.

The next morning Harry got up early to go for his run but this was not to get fit this was to clear his mind and prepare him for what he was going to find out today. Tonks had woken up when Harry was leaving she new today was going to be a ruff day for Harry and she new she was going to be at his side when he needed it. When Harry got back Tonks was just finishing getting ready so Harry jumped in the shower and got ready to leave, when he returned Remus was already there waiting talking to Tonks.

“Hey Remus” Harry said when he entered his room.

“Harry” Remus said giving Harry a hug “all ready to go, I thought I’d come early so we could get some breakfast at the leaky cauldron”.

“I think that’s a great idea” Tonks said’

“Well let’s get going then” Remus said “I asked Mrs Figg if we could use her floo so let’s go then”.

Remus went first then Tonks when Harry came through he landed with a thud which was followed by Remus and Tonks laughing.

“I’m never going to get the hang off that” Harry said “why didn’t we just apperate here”.

“Harry” Remus said “you can’t apperate you haven’t been trained and you haven’t got a licence”

“Who said I was going to apperate” Harry said while giving Tonks a wink.

“Is there something I don’t know” Remus asked.

“I will tell you when we finish at Gringotts” Harry said, Remus gave a questioning look “I promise Remus it’s a long story”.

They went over to a spare table and made there order, while they waited for there food to come they made small talk.

“So Harry” Remus said “you looking forward to your six year”

“Yes and no” Harry replied.

“Why No love” Tonks Asked.

“Yes because I get away from my bloody relative, and no because” Harry stopped here and went slightly red in the face.

“Harry” Remus said “what’s wrong”

“If I tell you why I’m not looking forward to going back swear that you won’t laugh” Harry said Tonks looked puzzled and Remus had a smile on his face but they both agreed. Harry took a breath and said something but neither Tonks nor Remus heard what he said.

“Harry I didn’t hear anything and neither did Tonks just say it I swear I wont laugh” Remus said.

“I said that I am going to miss Tonks” Harry said “that why I’m not looking forward to going back”

“Harry” Remus said with a knowing smile on his face “you don’t know what’s around the corner” both Harry and Tonks both gave him a questioning look but Remus stop them before the questions started “it will all be answered tonight there’s a party for you tonight Harry but I didn’t tell you that so act surprised when you turn up ok” when Remus had finished what he was saying Tom the barman had brought the food over. When they finished Harry paid for the breakfast and went to the back of the leaky cauldron to gain access to Diagon ally. Harry noticed it wasn’t as busy as usual but that made it easier to keep an eye out. Before entering Gringotts Harry stopped to control the hurling feeling that was in his stomach when he got that under control Remus, Tonks and Harry entered Gringotts.

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