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Scarlet's Fangs by odd_profession
Chapter 7 : Perfect Gifts
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Chapter seven:
                            Perfect Gifts.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I really started to think I needed new glasses before I was positive it was true. Sev was standing and talking to Lily Evens. They were laughing and having a great time. I smiled to my self today was going to be good. I was really happy for my friend and headed off too Zanko’s for Sirius’ gift.

I pushed open the door and a little bell rang above my head. It was warmer in the store but it still wasn’t like any honey dukes. I walked over and looked at some enchanted glasses that let you have x-ray vision but somehow I just thought that was a bit to suggestive. There were some endless bags and a few telescopes that gave you a black eye when you looked inside it. But nothing was right. I picked up a bottle and immediately put it back down. Love potion. If I thought the glasses were suggestive…

I was about to give up when I spotted a ring sitting on the counter. I walked over and picked it up, the little piece of paper on it gave the description of what it was.

This white gold band ring gives the wearer the ability to turn completely invisible for up to five minutes. The wearer my turn it on or off by pressing down on the emerald. No returns.

Perfect. It would help him sneak around at night and avoid teachers. I was pretty proud of myself as I walked out of the store only 14 galleons short of what I had walked in with; I had managed to bring the price down from 18. I walked into a little book shop and decided to look for Remus’ gift.

A nice story should do it. I browsed through their selection and chose one with a nice back summary to it. It was about a boy whose Parents had died a terrible death by a dark wizard and was forced to be raised by muggles until he reached eleven when he found out he was a wizard. It involved a battle over a unique stone that would give the user endless life. It was clearly fiction but I thought Remus might like it.

I picked out some expensive chocolates as well at the front counter to give Mrs. Black. All I had left was Mr. Black and Regulus, Bellatrix, Narcissa and Sev. I headed over to the school supply store and bought some nice quills and Journals for Sev.

I walked into a Jewelry store and bought two necklaces. Both emerald stones with silver chains, but different settings. One was for Narcissa and the other for Belles. I debated getting a chain or something for Regulus but he didn’t seem like the kind of guy to wear one.

It took hours to find what I wanted for Regs. I went to Quidich stores, and looked at everything that could possibly relate to Slytherin. I wound up getting him a robe with the emblem of Slytherin sowed on and Picture frame made out of silver snakes that wiggled back and forth in their spots. So maybe I’m not the best gift giver. I tried right? I just really don’t know what he would like. Sev, all though I was incredibly thankful for what he told me, hadn’t given me much to work off of. I picked up a tie for Mr. Black as well.

I got back around five, five thirty and brought my gifts up to my room. I got back early so I would be able to wrap them up. I wrapped them each up making sure to address the little notes to the right person. I put all of the Blacks present into my trunk and left the rest out. I placed each of the necklaces I had bought on each of the sisters beds and carried the others presents down with me.

I walked into the great hall and smiled as I saw Sev sitting at the Gryffindor table with Lily and Remus. I walked over and sat next to Remus.

“Hello, sorry for intruding I’ll be gone in a moment.” I handed each of the boys their presents.

“You can stay you know.” Lily told me. “I’m sorry I was so rude on the first day. I really should’ve been nicer.”

I bite my bottom lip. “Sure.” I wasn’t ‘sure’ in fact I really wasn’t interested in her friendship at all anymore, however I guess it would make things a lot easier, and Sev elbowed me in the ribs when I had hesitated. It wasn’t like I really had any choice.

I walked back to the Slytherin table and slumped over resting my head on the table top. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me. It was all fairly nice. Laughing, and talking, all perfectly normal things. I felt a thump on my back. It wasn’t hard, just playful. I looked up and saw Regulus and Belles on either side of me.

“We saw what you got Ol’ Sevs. That was perfect!” Bella smiled.

“Your present is on your bed.” I said and she squealed and jumped up to go open it. I rolled my eye and turned to Regulus. “Sorry you have to wait till Christmas for yours.”

He grinned. “I think it will be worth the wait.” He nudged my arm and glanced at the door. His brother was walking in and putting on a show with Potter.

“Sirius! I guess Lily will never like me! I don’t care any way! It was only pretend to hide from everyone who I truly love!” Potter shouted out into the great hall getting some odd looks from the teachers. You could tell the obvious joke, he was being very dramatic using his hands and flinging them every which way to emphasize. This should be good.

“Really? It is? Then, may I ask, WHO IS THE LUCKY GIRL?” Sirius said equally as cheesy. Sometimes I think Hogwarts should really have a drama club.

“The love of my life? Oh you already know don’t you? He is your brother!” Sirius started laughing as the rest of the hall started to as well.

“What are all of you laughing? This is a SIRIUS matter!” Potter shouted as he made his way over to us. “Regulus will you come with me outside?” He asked. He said moving his foot in a circle like in all those old photos of lovesick girls. “I would just die, if you didn’t say yes.”

“Sorry Potter, I’m already taken.” He said in a huffy breath. Both Sirius and James gasp and jumped backwards. They put their hands over their heads and ran underneath the tables.

“Apocalypse! Apocalypse! Apocalypse! Apocalypse!” They chourused and got the hall shouting it as well. Sirius came up and slashed his arms across each other, causing the whole hall to silent.

“Who is the unlucky girl?” He said in a deep tone as if he actually wanted to know.

“I know your tricks. I’m not pulling her into this.” He said. He wasn’t dragging me into it that was sweet.

“Oh just as I thought, Prongs, we have a liar.” Potter Gasped dramatically. And put a hand to his chest.

“That’s low if you didn’t like me you could have just said something. Lily will you comfort me out of this state of depression?” So that’s what they were doing just making a show for Lily again. She rolled her eyes.

“Potter! Not in a million years, and that counts for if you sleep threw it all too.” When he didn’t get it, Sirius Leaned over.

“She means not in a million years or in your dreams.” Regulus said loudly over what ever comforting way Sirius was going to put it.

“Shut it Regulus s’not like you have anybody.” Regulus looked angry and glanced at me and back at Potter. He didn’t mean to, he wasn’t trying to make it obvious if anything he was looking for permission, but Potter got it.

“Oh.” He said letting his eyes get wide and smirking and nudging Sirius in the arm. “Look here I guess your brother does have a little girlfriend.” Sirius was oblivious however.

“Huh? Uh…Who?” He asked coming down from his high of laughter and teasing. Potter pointed at me.

“You’re dating Scarlet?” He asked in slight confusion.

Regulus looked at me again asking permission, I nodded.

“Yeah what of it?” He asked relaxed. Sirius walked over and placed a hand on my forehead.

“She must be sick. You’re feeling warm. Maybe you should go to the infirmary. Yeah that’s it you must be sick.” I swatted away his arm.

“I’m not sick. I’m fine.” He really had me thinking about going and returning his perfect gift.

“Okay, but if you start feeling dizzy, or like you’re going to vomit let me know.” Regulus was trying really hard not to hit Sirius and I could tell. He was vibrating and if I wasn’t such in an awkward position I might have laughed.

“Oh yes then she can throw up on you. Already looks like someone did though.”

“Alright boys. Enough is enough. Black, I mean you Sirius,” poor Mr. Slughorn he was defiantly confused between the two of them, I would feel sad if I didn’t know for a fact he tried to look down every girl on camps’ shirt. They didn’t call him Mr. Slughorny for nothing. “And you Potter, please return to the Gryffindor table.” He walked away after watching the boys go back to their seats. He went back to his table and teased*cough* tormented*cough* Sev to go back to our table.

Sev sat down and used a certain finger to show Potter what he really thought. With a smirk he looked at us.

“So how are you guys?” He asked and Regulus gave him a look that said don’t you know? “Right. Sorry. Well at least the whole school knows now right? And you can stop worrying about- Aw SHIT! REGULUS!” He shouted after Regulus not so kindly kicked him under the table. He grumbled and looked around for Bella or Narcey.

“What was that about?” I asked. Regulus looked at me and pretended he didn’t know what I was talking about so I dropped it… at least until I got back to the dorms that night.

“Hey, Belles?” I asked as she was taking off her make-up.


“Sev was talking today and said something about how Reg doesn’t have to worry about something anymore, but Reg kicked him before he could say what. Do you know anything about it?”

“Yes.” She said. I shifted my eyes waiting for her to elaborate. She didn’t she just continued on doing what she was.

“Care to share?” I asked.

“Sorry, he’s my cousin I couldn’t tell you, it’s obvious he doesn’t want you to know.” She ran a hand through her hair and made a face at the mirror. What could she possibly find repulsive? She could grab a job with witch weekly any day she wanted.

“Yeah,” Narcey said with a sigh, “His like, well he’s like our little BROTHER!” Her eyes got big at the end.

“What?” I sat up on my bed.

“Just that he’s like our little- Ow Bella!” Bella had thrown a hand towel at her.

“Shhh!” Bella went to her bed and lied down. “Lets all just go to sleep we have to get on the train early tomorrow.” That conversation was over…

When I woke up the next morning Bella was sitting on the edge of my bed.

“I never properly thank you for your gift. It is beautiful. Here this is your gift.” She handed me a box. It was a bigger box that was skinny and long. I was betting on clothes.

“It’s from Sissy and me. That’s why it looks a tad expensive. It really can’t be more then what you gave her and me for our present. Now go on open it.” I ripped of the paper and recognized the clothing store. It was from one of the dress robe stores. I opened up the top and looked at a folded dress. I pulled it out and couldn’t see any wrinkles. Must have a charm or something. It was beautiful. It was made of green velvet or something and had a thin layer of white lace for sleeves. There was a chocker that matched lying in the box.

“Bella, it beautiful.” I said and swirled it around holding to my body.

“Yes it is. Wear it on Christmas won’t you?”

“Yeah, of course.” I swished it around some more before packing it away along with my other things.

The train ride home was interesting, to say the least. Regulus kept on kicking or jabbing his elbow into Severus or anyone else who tried to talk about what I didn’t know. After awhile I started guessing they had made it into a game.

“You know, Regulus you never should have been afraid of-.” Bella picked her feet up quickly and Regulus stubbed his toe against the seat

“OW!” He screeched rubbing his foot. He glared at Bella. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“Neither is trying to kick me.” She shot back then started laughing again.

I looked a Regulus and decided to ask. “What is it? Come on tell me please. I promise I won’t laugh.” He shook his head.

“It was just a silly little thing. It doesn’t mean anything. I wasn’t thinking straight so just forget about it.” He looked around the compartment and made his eyes into slits. “I wish everyone else would.”

When the train stopped everyone was still having a go at Regulus. He was very thankful to see his parents. I walked off the platform and met my parents by the door. They rolled their eyes and walked me to the bus stop. They handed me keys and just then informed me they were going on a vacation to France. When they were gone I caught myself muttering to myself.

“Hi guys! I had a great time at Hogwarts, the beginning was rocky though, and most of the kids still hate me but I’ve got some really good mates. Oh yeah mum do you mind if I go to my friends house for Christmas? Oh yea there is an interesting story. Well he’s a very nice wizard and I thought it was a friend thing but it turns out he likes me. I know awesome right? I can go thanks!” The thanks dripped of sarcasm and I started laughing after I said it. I was talking to myself like a nutter that escaped the asylum.

I got on the night bus and held on tight. It was insane how the driver ever got lesions. He stopped about a block away from my house to let another passenger off and I just got off then.

I dragged my trunk behind me. Still wearing my uniform, but had decided back on the train to take off my robe.

“Well if it isn’t little Ms. Tate?” I jumped startled with surprise.

“Well if it isn’t old Mr. Aligner?” I replied.

“So where’ve you been? When I got back from Germany you were gone, and you know your parents, they’ve never liked me. So fess up where’ve you been?” I turned to face him. He looked older then I remembered. Still skinny as a stick though.


“No seriously.” I motioned for him to fallow me. He ran up and we started walking together.

“I’ll prove it when we get back.” Shane shook his head not believing me but fallowed me all the same. Shane looked around 17, and that fit him fine ‘cause he still acted like he was 15. He had made a fake key to get into our house a couple years ago, and used it to let us in.

He flung himself at the couch and laid lazily on it. “So, gonna tell me know?” He asked. I put down my trunk and closed the door. I took out my wand. “Holy shit! You did go to Hogwarts! Never thought I’d see the day! Congrats kid! We should celebrate, hmmm…. Sacrifice three or 10 children?” I laughed. Shane was an old vampire, one of the oldest I think, he was also the first vegetarian, and he only loved to joke about it. The older you get the more years you can fake. You can always go younger then how old you are but you can’t go any older, and I’ve seen Shane go over two hundred years. He always says if he was to go any older it would freak himself out.

“Hmm... I think only seven we don’t want to be fat do we?” He laughed and sat up. He crossed his legs and started pretending to be a ‘girl.’ Which meant talking in a higher voice and saying ‘like’ a lot.

“Like so like did you like meat any totally hot guys.” He curled a piece of eye length, brown hair and pretended to chew gum.

“Yes actually, and stop doing that your getting far too good.” He pouted for a second and then urged me on.

“Wait you have? Oh please share won’t you?”

“I have a boyfriend if you must know. His name is Regulus.” He grinned.

“Ohhhh woo Regulus. Do you play kissy face? Smoochy Smoochy!” I picked up a pillow and threw it at him. He caught it and laughed a little bit more but stopped teasing. I sat down on a chair next to him.

“So, what have you been up to?” I thought for a moment, “besides the obvious I mean.” I could just tell he was going to go rambling on about breathing eating walking and sleeping. He loves to tease.

He glared. It didn’t fit his face but what ever. “Just the obvious. Being disapproved upon by your parents you know. Oh I stopped a criminal mastermind!” I raised an eyebrow.

“By that do you mean you told yourself not to do it anymore?” He sighed.

“Yes. I’m sorry but it’s not my fault if these stupid muggles can’t make a descent security system! I didn’t do anything too drastic this time.” He said an excuse of why he tormented muggles.

“And you wonder why muggles don’t like you.” He grunted and walked into the kitchen. I fallowed.

“So Scarlet, may I ask if you’ve got any better with your terrible people skills?”

“I have a couple of friends if that’s what you mean.”

“Yes that’s exactly what I meant. Are any of them willing to go out with a good looking vampire?”

“Yes, however now we just have to find one…” He glared and raised his hand.

“Oh pick me!”

“Oh yes Shane, unfortunately they’ve all got boyfriends. Sorry.”

“Witch tease. You said they were free,” He opened my fridge like it was his own and stuck his head in pulling out some drinks. He tossed me one and walked back into my living room.

“Kind of Ironic isn’t? Vampires having a living room?”

“Shane, You know very well were alive.”

“I can be dead if I want to!” He’s always been like that, pouty and wanting his way. We talked for the rest of the night about my Hogwarts adventure and his German Adventure. He had said he wanted to punch in Potters pretty little face, and wanted to have a little ‘talk’ with Regulus. I had complemented him on his self control, in Germany when some kids stole his car.

I fell asleep in the chair mid sentence, not that it really mattered we were so tired we probably couldn’t understand each other and making up the other half of the conversation. This was the best I could have ever wanted this year.

Song: It’s sad….. Dirty little secret by all American rejects….. Yea but it really helped me come up with Regulus’ secret.
A/n: Just so you know Scarlet didn’t have any friends before she went to Hogwarts you’ll find out what I mean in a bit. Shane is related to her but just disowned from her family.

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