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The Marauder's Mum by GRAWP_WANT_STORY
Chapter 1 : Mrs. Potter
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A/N For those of you who haven’t read the fifth book, here is how things are right now. James and Sirius were bored so they decided to start hexing Snape. Lily tried to stop them and was called a Mudblood by Snape. So then James got mad and told Snape to apologize and Hung Snape in the air with his ankle. So then Lily got mad at James again and walked away.

It all started that day. That one, fateful day at the lake.


“Evans! Hey, EVANS!”

Lily stalked off, back toward the lake and her friends. Back to where things made sense.

Susan smiled immediately as she sat down. “He loves you!” she sang.
Lily sighed. ”Shut up!”
He wants to ki-ss you, he’s gonna hug yoo-u!”

“Face it Lils, the boy is obsessed.” That was Aria, the smart one of the group. She was a little sarcastic, and the only person allowed to call her Lils, but Lily could relate to her most where James was concerned. Aria was mega-pretty, with black hair and coffee skin, and had a new boy stalking her every month.

Of course, she didn’t have that little problem of her liking them back.

Yes, it was true. Lily Evans, the Lily Evans, only one to tell James no Evans, was secretly in love with him.

Lily frowned, burying her face in her Transfiguration book. “Ugh.” Was all she could say.

Susan finally stopped singing.. “Don’t worry Lily, it’s really sweet. And he is getting better. He defended you against Snape!”
Lily glared at her friend. “Severus, isn’ that bad! He’s one of my best friends!”
“And James is a whole lot nicer to you than he is.” Aria added.
Lily looked up, slightly annoyed. “Whose side are you on again?”

The two girls stared at her grimly (or, in Susan’s case, tried to stare at her grimly, her mouth kept twitching into a smile) until she gave in.
“Well, you’re right, it was nice of him to defend me.” “You sound like you’re giving him a chance Lils.” Remarked Aria casually. In rare burst of spontaneity, Lily grinned. “Maybe I am.” Susan gasped and gave a small, high-pitched scream.

It was pure irony that at this moment, James decided to yell.
“Who wants to see me take off Snivelly’s pants?”
Lily stuck her head in her book again. But Aria pulled her up in time to point out a stout figure striding across grounds. “James Anthony Nathaniel Potter!” it called out. James‘s wand dropped, and so did Severus. “Mum?!”


Sirius doubled over in laughter. “Nathaniel?” James stood there, paralyzed. The short, round thing that sounded like his mother approached. “James! What do you think you’re doing? If only your father knew what you were up to! Why I oughta…” James was in shock. It was his worst nightmare come alive. You know how much your grandfather sacrificed so you could go to you fancy school?!? And---James Potter are you listening to me ?!”

Remus finally looked up from his book and calmly slapped his best friend’s face. James seemed to have finally recovered himself and gasped.
“ M-mom? What are you doing here?” “Oh, didn’t they tell you sweetie? I’ve been chosen to observe Hogwarts, it’s all part of my duties as a governor. I look at grounds, classes, stuff like that.“ “ And how it students behave.” She added, glaring pointedly at Sirius, who had finally stopped laughing.

She patted James’s head and smiled. ” Now Jamesykins, ( Sirius started laughing again) , wouldn’t you and your little friends like to show me around”. Inwardly, James celebrated. “No, ma’am,” he said in his best imitation of Peter’s polite voice, “I’m afraid that responsibility belongs to the prefects. Ow!”

Remus had stepped on James’s foot. “Yes, “he said through gritted teeth, “but don’t you want to help us. The prefects, you know, me and LILY. Just you, me , and LILY, helping your mom, for hours. LILY.”

“Ohhhh,” James said, finally getting it,” Yes, I’d love to help you and EVANS.”

James’s mum peered closely at the two boys. “James Potter.”, she said, “What are you up to?”

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The Marauder's Mum: Mrs. Potter


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