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Collide by Hermione_Jane_Malfoy
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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Chapter Six

Hermione woke up in the morning to the sound of tapping. She looked around the room and her eyes landed on her window, where an owl was. Hermione walked over to her window and opened it for the owl to come through. She gave it a treat and took the letter.

Dear Ms. Granger,

As a finalist in Hogwarts' singing competition, you will need to meet after lunch today in the Great Hall.We will be starting rehearsal for the first round of the competition.

The constestants are as following:


Hermione Granger(7th Year)
Harry Potter(7th Year)
Ginny Weasley(6th Year)


Alyssa Yearsley(6th Year)
Justin Finch-Fletchley(7th Year)
Ryan Lane(6th Year)


Andrea Jenkins(7th Year)
Anthony Goldstein(7th Year)
Elly Branstone(5th Year)


Daphne Greengrass(6th Year)
Draco Malfoy(7th Year)
Blaise Zabini(7th Year)


Albus Dumbledore

After reading the letter, Hermione went to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the day. She put make-up on, nothing fancy just natural. Since it was Saturday and they didn't have class, Hermione put on dark wash bermuda shorts with a white tank top that had pink stars all over it. She grabbed her notebook and a self-ink quill and went down the stairs to the common room. She began working on a song she had started during the summer. So far, she had:

You don't know me
So stop acting like you do
Leave me alone
I'm not talking to you

I'm gonna go out with my girls
Not gonna reply to your letters
Sod off
I'm not dealin' with you tonight



I'm not into you anymore
Stop talking to me in the halls
Don't say 'Let's hang out'
Just leave me alone
You're old news


She decided to take a break and get some breakfast, so she went into the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal and coffee. When she walked back into the common room and saw Draco sitting on the couch strumming away at a giutar.

"Hey,I didn't know you played guitar."Hermione told him.

He looked up and smiled a real smile and said,"Yeah,I started when I was 13."

"Cool.So I was thinking, and I think that she should try to get along this year,you know,since we have to share this common room."she said.

"Okay.So let's play 20 questions."

"Sure,"Hermione started.,"You start."

"Full name?"Draco said.

"Hermione Jane Granger.Yours?"she told him.

"Just Draco Malfoy.When's your birthday?"

"September 19th.And you."

"June 6th.So,what's your favorite color?"Draco asked Hermione.

"Hmm...I like purple and blue.Yours,I suspect,is green?"Hermione answered.

"Right you are.Who was your first kiss?"he said,smirking.

"Oh,Merlin,"she said."Okay, don't laugh."

"I won't,"he reassured him.

"Fine,it was Neville Longbottom."Hermione muttered.

At this,Draco burst into laughter.

"Hey!"Hermione said,frowning at the blonde."You said you wouldn't laugh,besides it was a,who was your first kiss?"

He smirked a proud smirk,then answered,"Daphne Greengrass."

"Okay,"Draco continued."Who do you think is the hottest guy in scho--"

Knock!Knock!Knock!Hermione got up and answered the door,thankful that she wouldn't have to answer that question--yet.

" 'Mione,open up!"a voice called.

"Yeah!Come on."another called.

Hermione walked over to the portrait and opened it to see her two friends,Andrea Jenkins and Ginny Weasley.

"Wow.This place is beautiful.Andrea said as she looked around.

"I know,"said Hermione."Wait until you see my bedroom.It's gorgeous."

"Probably is.Look at this place."Ginny said.

"Do you guys want anything to drink?"Hermione asked her friends.

"Sure.Can I have a butterbeer?"Andrea asked.

"Yeah.And you,Gin?"Hermione asked.

"Can I have a butterbeer,too,please?"asked Ginny.

"Sure.You guys can go ahead and go upstairs.I'll be up in a minute."said Hermione.

"Thanks,'Mione!"the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor said together and went upstairs.

Hermione went into the kitchen and got three butterbeers.Then she went upstairs,but stopped when she heard:


She turned and looked at Draco.

"Yeah?"she asked.

"We'll finish our game of twenty questions later,then?"he asked.

"Sure,"she said,and with a small smile towards him,she turned and went upstairs.

Hermione walked into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

"Here you go,guys."said Hermione,as she handed Andrea and Ginny a butterbeer.

"So,"said Ginny."What do you think that meeting is about later?"

"Probably about the music we'll be singing or something like that."Hermione said as she took drink of butterbeer.

"Well,girls,to pass up the time until we have to be in the Great Hall,let's play Truth or Dare."Andrea said.

"Okay,you go first then,Andy."said Ginny.

"Fine,Gin,truth or dare?"asked Andrea.

"I'll start out with truth."Ginny said.

"How far have you and Harry gone?"Andrea asked.

"We have only snogged,i promise."Ginny answered."My turn.Hermione,truth or dare?"

"Umm...dare."Hermione said.

"Okay,let's see.You share a bathroom with Malfoy,do you not."asked Ginny.

"Yeah,"said Hermione.

"And you can get into his room from there,right?"

"Yes,"Hermione said nervously,afraid of what the redhead might make her do.

"Okay, so go nick a pair of his boxers."said Ginny,like it was the most normal thing ever.

"Are you insane?What if he catches me?"Hermione asked.

"We'll keep watch."Andrea told Hermione.

"Fine,"Hermione said,and went through the bathroom and into Draco's room.

His room was decorated in green and black.Hermione went over to his dresser and opened the first drawer.Inside were boxers and socks.Without looking,she grabbed a pair of boxers,closed the drawer,ran into the bathroom, closing his door behind her, and into her room.

"Here,Gin,"she said and threw the boxers into her face.

"Oh,Merlin.Those have little dragons all over them."Andrea said, and started to laugh.

"Yes,funny,now let's get down to the Great Hall before we are late."said Hermione and the three girls set off downstairs and into the hallways.

"Hey,Andy,how is it that you always get out of truth or dare?"asked Ginny.

"I have my ways,"Andrea replied.

"You little cheat!"Hermione said as they entered the Great Hall.

They sat down at the table that was there,since that house tables had been removed and replaced with a table with six chairs on either side and two at the ends. There was also a grand piano and a guitar sitting in the corner.

After about five minutes Dumbledore and a man entered and sat down.

"As you all know, you are to take part in a singing competition.The competion will be aired on the Floo Network and viewers will vote for their favorite by sending an owl with their vote.Now,we will be singing American music one week and British the next,each with different genres.This week we will start off with American country.We'll learn the songs and then next Tuesday we will sing the songs and on Wednsday the person with the fewest votes will be eliminated.We will be singing songs by Chris Cagle.So please give him a round of applause."Professor Dumbledore said.

"Thank you."Chris said."So first I'll let you all pick out the song you want to sing.So, let's all go over to the piano and I have lyrics to all the songs I've ever sang."

After he was finished talking everyone went over and looked at the music sheets.But Hermione stayed behind to ask Dumbledore something.

"Professor,Chris Cagle is a muggle.Won't he tell people about this?"she asked.

"Good question,Ms. Granger.Mr. Cagle will be put under a memory charm when he leaves and he will have no recollection of this whatsoever.Now hurry along and choose a song before all the good ones are taken."Dumbledore said.

Hermione went over to Andrea,Ginny,and Harry and chose a song.She ended up getting Everything.

After dinner,Draco entered the Heads Dorms and saw Hermione going over her lyrics.

"Do you want to finish our game?"he asked.

She put her lyrics on the table and said,"Sure.What was that last question you asked?"

"Oh,who do you think is the hottest guy in school?"he asked.

I can't tell him that I think he is.Hermione thought.

"Professor Lopez."she lied.

"He's old!"he said.

"He's twenty."she told him."Who do you think is the hottest girl in the school?"

"You."he replied.

"Yeah right,liar.Next question."said Hermione.

"What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?"he asked,giving her a small smile.

She smiled back."Nothing.You?"

"Well,I was hoping you'd accompany me to Hogsmeade for lunch and maybe some shopping,but if you don't want to,"Draco said.

"No,I do."she said."Well,good night."she said and started to walk upstairs.

"Night,"he said."Oh,and I want my boxers back."

Author Note::So there was chapter six.I hope you liked it.Reviews are appreciated,also.[ :

Professor Lopez is played by Mario Lopez.
Daphne Greengrass is played by Sara Paxton.
(Just so you know what they look like.)

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