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The Power Of Love by HermyGranger
Chapter 27 : Thunderstorm
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A/N: Hey everyone!! Here I am, back on this side of the pond! I have decided I want to go to College in America though - it is an amazing country! I loved it there and I'll be sure to come back as soon as possible!
Well, I'm back with a chapter I don't particularly like and you'll soon see why ... please don't kill me, but do leave a review! Thanks!

Chapter 26



 After waiting for half an hour for Sirius to return, Rachel couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up on weak legs and went outside the common room to search for him.

It was raining heavily outside and she could hear distant thunder. Raindrops were hitting the windows so hard the glass threatened to burst any minute; the loud drumming sound echoed in the deserted corridors of the castle. Rachel searched the Great Hall, the library, the corridors, even the Owlry, but all the students were in their common rooms and she saw neither Sirius nor Regulus.

But as she walked past one of the large windows in the entrance hall that faced the Hogwarts ground, she happened to look outside and there, high on the rock by the lake, barely distinguishable through the rain, stood someone. A tall person, back to her.

Rachel immediately knew who it was.

She turned and hurried through the deserted entrance hall to the portal. The wind was pressing against it from outside and she had to summon all her strength to push it open. As it finally ripped open, the wind hit her with all its force, almost causing her to fall backwards. Leaves and dirt were being blown into the entrance hall.

She walked forwards against the wind and outside, closing the portal behind her.

Heavy rain drops hit her and it was freezing cold. The sky was completely black. Rain hit her face the minute she stepped outside and in the matter of seconds she was completely soaked. She could hear ear-deafening thunder in the distance, and every now and then lightning illuminated the grounds for seconds.

She could barely make out the person standing on the rock over the lake, but there was no doubt in her mind as to who it was. Her heart clenched as she could feel something terribly wrong was about to happen.

She started running.

The rain hit her in the face and the wind slowed her down. The swinging trees of the Forbidden Forest, the thunder, the rain and the wind were making an ear-deafening noise.

She got closer. He stood very still, his back facing her.

“Sirius!” she yelled through the noise. “SIRIUS!”

He didn’t seem to hear her.

She ran faster, cold fear in her heart. Something was terribly wrong…


She had reached him now; she stood directly behind him, dripping wet.

As he turned, lighting struck over the Forbidden Forest, illuminating the grounds and his face.

Rachel stumbled backwards, hit by the expression he wore.

He looked colder than ever before, his face completely rid of emotion. His wet hair was sticking to his forehead, his cloak was soaked, but he didn’t seem to care. He looked like someone who doesn’t know where he is or what he is doing.

“Sirius …” she whispered.

He took a step forward, staring at her with sad eyes, the only part of his face that showed any emotion.

“Rachel”, he said soundlessly, quietly, but the word rang in Rachel’s ears as if he had yelled at her.

“Sirius, what -”

He shook his head. “Don’t”, he whispered. “Don’t say anything. Please.”

She stared at him in silence.

He took a deep breath and turned again, his back to her, as he spoke. “I have to be honest with you, Rachel.”

She said nothing, just stared at the back of his head, stepping a step closer to him.

His voice sounded strained. “The truth is – my feelings for you have changed.”

The breath caught in Rachel’s throat and she gasped for air, standing dumbstruck. He was silent, as if not knowing how to go on.


He didn’t respond.

“Sirius, look at me!

He didn’t move.

“Sirius, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me what you’re trying to say!”

He turned so suddenly she gasped. He was looking directly at her, and Rachel had never seen his eyes so cold.

His next words ripped through the air like a bullet.

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

A clap of thunder shook the earth and lightning flashed across the sky. And in the brief second that his face was illuminated, she saw the look of cold determination in his otherwise blank eyes.

And her world collapsed around her.



How Rachel had got back into the castle she did noit know. All she could remember was the rain splashing against her face, mixing with the salty tears on her cheeks and the feeling of iron chains tightening painfully around her heart. Falling and picking herself up again. Running. Running.

She had collapsed in some corridor on the way to the Gryffindor tower, not able to keep going, where she lay shaking until James found her. He picked her up and carried her back to the Gryffindor tower, and then up into his dormitory where he dried her clothes with a spell, forced some hot liquid down her throat and then tucked her into his bed.

She let it happen, too weak to move a muscle or utter a word. Lying in the warm bed with James sitting beside her, she still felt icy cold and alone, but her mind refused to think straight thoughts. She just lay there, eyes closed, drifting somewhere in between being awake and asleep, her body concentrating on the pain that was clawing at her insides.

Some time later she was dimly aware of hushed voices in the room, but neither did she have the strength to open her eyes, nor did she care. She lay for hours, unable to sleep, until finally the pain overwhelmed her and she slipped into unconsciousness.



When she awoke she was in the hospital wing. Her head hurt like it was about to explode, her throat was sore, her insides cold and hot at the same time and her body bruised all over.

Yet it was nothing compared to how she felt.

She kept remembering what he had said in the thunderstorm, the cold edge in his voice, the determination in his eyes, the way she had suddenly felt she didn’t know him at all anymore.

My feelings for you have changed …

His voice resounded inside her head like someone was screaming at her. She turned her head into the pillow, her throat aching as sobs forced their way up through her dry and sore throat, her body trembling with coldness while her head was burning up.

I don’t think we should see each other anymore.

She chocked on a sob, wrapping her arms around herself, feeling her heart break and fearing her chest would explode.

How could this have happened? Why had this happened? Everything had been fine … everything had been good …

How could things change so suddenly? How could life be so cruel?

She had believed they would have a future. That nothing could tear them apart. That they were meant to be, even.

She had believed he loved her.


She didn’t know how much time she spent like this, legs cramped to her chest, her body shaking, occasional sobs burning her throat, reliving each moment they had shared.

The incredible moment when Sirius had confessed his feelings for her in front of the entire class … she closed her eyes, remembering the warmth in his mesmerizing eyes, the way she had felt when he had stood there and looked at her, saying the words she had always wanted to hear –


You say I hurt you, but please know

I never wanted to.

The truth is that, since months ago

I’ve been in love with you.


She shuddered as a tear rolled down her cheek. Had he ever meant it?


I can’t change your feelings though.

But I just hope you see,

I’ll always love you and I know

that we are meant to be.


She whimpered in agony. Pearls of sweat were rolling down her forehead, mixing with the tears on her cheeks. Her breath was coming in short little gasps as memories continued to flood her.


Their first Hogsmeade weekend … 

Sirius handed over the money to the witch by the counter and then handed her the box with a smile.

“Here you are, love, I hope they make you happy.”


The way he had always insisted on paying for everything …

“At least let me pay for it!” she whined.

“Absolutely not”, he said resolutely. “This is a date and as the guy, I am supposed to pay for everything.”


“And as the girl”, he continued, “you are not supposed to make objections when the guy wants to pamper you.”

She opened and closed her mouth, then stood on her tiptoes and hugged him.

He smiled at her, his eyes sparkling. “Give me a kiss and we’re even.”


The feeling of his lips touching hers … his arms around her … her hands sliding through his soft black hair …

“Don’t worry”, he whispered into her ear. “I would never leave you.”

She had believed him. And he had betrayed her trust.


My feelings for you have changed.


“I’m not a freak, I just care about certain things.”

“Am I included in certain things?”

She pretended to think. “Well, I’m not so sure …”

He swooped down and kissed her deeply.

“I am”, he whispered into her ear.


I don’t think we should see each other anymore.


Don’t worry. I would never leave you.




Rachel was awakened from an uneasy sleep by the opening of the door and the Hogwarts nurse hurrying over to her.

“How are you feeling, dear?” she asked, feeling Rachel’s head and frowning. “Oh Merlin, you’re burning up!”

Rachel didn’t respond, just stared at her with dead eyes, remembering the last time she had been in the hospital wing …


She felt his other hand on her forehead, brushing her hair out of her face and her lips curved into a small smile.

“Sleep, Rachel”, he whispered.

She held on to his hand tightly, afraid if she let go, he would leave.

“Stay…” she murmured.

“Don’t worry… I’ll be here. I’m not leaving you.”


Spasms shook Rachel’s body and she gasped for air, remembering the feel of his hand entwined with hers; the warmth in his eyes.


The nurse had brought her some potion and was forcing it down her throat.

“Poor girl”, she muttered.

Rachel forced herself to look at her and opened her mouth. Her lips were dry and cracky and it took her several seconds before she managed to make a sound. When she did, it hurt like hell and her voice sounded raspy.

“Why … why am I here?”

The nurse smiled at her comfortingly. “You caught pneumonia, sweetheart. What were you thinking, going outside during that horrible thunderstorm? Of course you got sick. But don’t worry – with the help of this potion all will be better in no time. In the meantime, just stay here, okay?”

Rachel tried to keep her eyes open, but didn’t manage. They closed and she was forced to relive further memories … memories of the happiest months of her life.


Finally they had reached the top of the hill and Sirius came to a halt, letting go of her hand when she stood beside him.

“There”, he said proudly.

Rachel held her breath. The sky over the castle was coloured in all different shades of red, mixed with streaks of pale pink, the sinking sun a big, red ball, filled with gold. Rachel watched in amazement as the sun slowly disappeared behind the hills, pouring liquid fire over the grounds, the sky’s colours continuing to change as the sun sank lower.

 “Wow”, she breathed, unconsciously stepping closer to Sirius who, lost in the amazing colours of nature himself, absentmindedly wrapped an arm around her.


“So we’re friends now?” he asked, his grey eyes sparkling.     

Her smile broadened, eyes sparkling back. “Yeah. Friends.”


“I’ve been having weird, umm, feelings for quite a while now. Don’t get me wrong, I think our friendship is amazing, best thing that’s happened to me in a long while, but …well lately I’ve started thinking about … well, us. Because, I keep picturing us as … not friends, but something more.”


“The truth is …” he continued, “I have tried being friends, but it wouldn’t work.”


Rachel trashed around in the bed wildly, sweat and tears running down her face.

She had lost him … he didn’t want her anymore …

What had she done wrong? He didn’t want her anymore. He was bored with her. She had lost him.

Forever …


I’ll always love you and I know

that we are meant to be.


Meant to be … but still he had gotten fed up with her.


“I know you are probably still upset about everything, but I … the truth is, I have had feelings for you for a long time. I tried to ignore them, but it wouldn’t work. I can’t be just friends with you, Rach, I …”


His mesmerizing eyes captured hers, made her feel like she was floating … he smiled and warmth spread through her body …


My feelings for you have changed.


“Don’t worry… I’ll be here. I’m not leaving you.”


I don’t think we should see each other anymore.






A/N: I am so sorry everyone! But this story will go on and there will be happier days again!
Sadly enough I won't be able to update for a while (again) since I am leaving for the north sea on Tuesday (YAY!). After some consideration I have decided not to take my laptop with me, since the annual summer holiday at the coast is a time I prefer to be screen free. Therefore, the next update will be coming in a month's time.
Thank you for not being mad at me!

Once again - everyone who lives in the United States, consider yourselves lucky! I wish I'd live there!


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The Power Of Love: Thunderstorm


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