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Lies Told To Me by CrystalRain11
Chapter 2 : The Sword of Truth
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“Draco Malfoy!” Hermione shouted at her parents. “You have got to be kidding me! No, no, no! Never in a million years will I even agree to step foot in the same….building as him again!” Without another word Hermione ran up to her room and slammed her door.

Hermione knew she wasn’t one to get angry in fact the only two people she’d ever gotten mad at were Ron and Malfoy. She was mad at Ron because he could be a git at times but nothing that wasn’t meaningless petty things. Draco, though, she hated him for real reasons. He was scum. He’d tried to kill Dumbledore after all. He was a Death Eater.

She angrily pulled parchment from a drawer and moved her ink and quill to her desk. She had to write Ron, or Harry or someone. Someone who would know who Malfoy was and would be as disgusted as her. She buried herself in the letter and making sure her letters didn’t come out as scribbles from her shaking hand.

Hermione had never told her parents everything about her adventures at Hogwarts, in fact she’d simply gotten to okay to go to the Weasley’s, or to the world cup, or to Grimmald place and then she was gone having more adventures. Her parents had only really heard about Ron and Harry and about the facts of Voldemort. Her parents were as worried as she about Harry and the fact that he was off alone fighting Voldemort. Her parents did not know Draco Malfoy, or Colin Creavey or anyone else in the school. They didn’t know about the Sorcerer’s Stone or the polyjuice potion, or even about the Chamber of Secrets. In reality her parents knew little about the magical world that there daughter knew so well.

Hermione sighed as she realized she was angry at her parents. They had lied to her and she was unprepared to take that in. She had been unprepared to take in the fact that she was a pureblood. But most of all, she’d been unprepared to learn that she was to marry Draco Malfoy. No matter what happened she would not do that, not matter what she had to do, she would never marry him.

There came a knock at her window. She looked up from her letter. A snowy white owl perched on the outside sill hooting happily. She threw open the window.

“Hedwig!” She shouted happily as the bird dropped a letter on her bed and hurried over to the empty cage and nibbled the left over bird food in the tray. She opened the letter and began to read.

Dear Hermione,
It has been a long time since we written each other, or even seen each other. Ron told me about your owl, I hope he gets better soon. I’m doing well. I found one of the Horcruxes. I’m working on figuring out how to destroy it. Soon there will only be three left. I hope you are well. Unfortunately the ministry will not give pardon for using under age magic for you and Ron. But hey you two turn 18 before me don’t you? I’m planning on heading for the burrow for your birthdays. I hope you can make it. Ron says that he hates not being in the action, I bet you feel the same way. Anyways I kinda need to go. Please send mail with Hedwig, she doesn’t mind delivering letters for you for a little while. I hope your doing well and hope to hear from you soon.

Harry Potter.

Hermione sighed and threw the letter aside. Hedwig hooted at her.

“Sorry girl…I’m just a little overwhelmed, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” A knock sounded from the door and Hermione turned to face it. She stood and looked at it, as if almost scared.

“Hairminee, you pareents ask me to give this.” It was there servant girl, Emily. “Shall I set things by deoar?” Hermione loved Emily’s mismatched English. Emily could master every language expect theirs. She’d even managed to teach Hermione French. Hermione opened the door and smiled at the girl with her perfect brown hair that went to her mid-torso.

“I’ll take it Emily. You don’t mix the and door together, it’s the door not deoar…you’ll get it.”

“The deoar….the doar….the doar…I’m very unsure miss. Theank you.” Emily handed Hermione a long thin package, attached to which was a quickly written note in her father’s, or who she’d thought was her father, handwriting. “You parents have left for teeth reork.”

“Thank you Emily. I will be down later for tea…I would like to perfect my French.”

“Yes mad’am.” Emily left with out another word.

Hermione threw the bundle on her bed. Only minutes later and her parents had gone back to work. They cared so much! So much! So much it hurt her. She sat down at her desk and lifted the quill again to finish the letter to Harry and then the one to Ron.

Draco Malfoy handed the binoculars to his fellow Death Eater. He sat in a nearby chair.

“Why does the master want her?” Draco’s friend asked looking himself. “She lives like a pureblood only as a muggle.”

“Yes, she does. But we are not meant to question the masters motives just do his will. Remember?” Draco said coldly as he takes a sip of a large glass of black liquid.

“Did you mother tell you?” The Death Eater asked.

“Of course she did.” Draco sighed but took the binoculars back and watched the girl with the frizzy ginger hair carefully.

“Will you still do it?” Draco say her let the white owl fly out of the window. She looked out the window with a look of despair, hopeless sadness. Draco sneered handing the binoculars back to take another sip of the black drink.

“Of course I will. The dark lord gave another chance and I intend to take it. I shall do a better job than my father.” The other death Eater watch the girl then smiled at Draco.

“The little idiot is on the move, just as we thought, her parents were to easy to control.”

Draco sneered as he placed on the mask and pulled his hood up. He downed the glass and picked up his black wand.

“She’s playing right into our hands, this will be far to easy. Let’s go!” Together the two masked Death Eaters left the small windowed room.

Hermione opened the note attached to the package Emily had left with her. At least she wasn’t bored anymore. She could say that. She sat back on her bed her frizzy hair falling to itch her shoulders. Some times she thought it was far to long and that she should cut it, but Ron liked it long. She smiled at the day he told her that. She had so many found memories with Ron and Harry. Now she felt like the left out one. She closed her eyes and then focused on reading the letter.


I know this is hard and must be quite a shock to you. But you must know that it was all I could at the time to protect you. My wife was caught up in a massive Death Eater Scandal. But then I hope you do not know what I mean but Death Eaters…the point is she had made an unbreakable vow with the Malfoy’s for their son and your marriage… but things went wrong, it was worded in just a way that our end must be held but not hers. I will tell you will not die if you do not marry the Malfoy boy but simple that is bound by magical law to happen. I am dreadful sorry that things have turned out this way, and that I could not have taken care of you, but with the Potter’s death I know that I am the next target and I must protect you. I hope one day we will meet and be able to become family even if we can not be together now. You already look like your mother.

I give three things to your parents that I trust they will give to you. A locket, in which has the Ravenclaw inscription, my brother gave to my wife the day before died. A black dagger that has been in the family for years and should stay in which. I am sure you will find that is has unique properties. And a sword. It is the sword of truth and was your mother’s it has the power to bind people to their word and detect lies. In time you will learn how to use it.

I wish you luck my daughter, and if we never meet I hope you succeed in life.

With Dearest wishes,

Your True Father

Hermione unwrapped the package. It was indeed a sword, and at the top were the locket and the black dagger. Hermione closed her eyes then looked out her window. She was determined now. She grabbed a duffle bag from the closet. She loaded clothes into it and then her magic supplies and then the sword and dagger. She wore the locket from her father and put her wand in her pocket. She opened her bedroom door and snuck down the stairs so Emily would not hear her. The door was opened and closed without a sound. Then Hermione Granger had run away in the first time of her life.

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